My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A Simple Sock

Because the Midnight Lace Stole is large enough now to be a bit unwieldy, I started a sock for the commute.

This is the lovely Kid Hollow Farm sock yarn I bought over the weekend, in the “Foggy Mountain” colorway. I’m doing a very simple sock because it doesn’t need a pattern to compete with the colorway. It’s just stockinette with a seed stitch placed at equal intervals to add a little interest. I love how this yarn is working up. I’m using my usual 2mm (U.S. size 0) needle and getting a nice firm fabric at 8st/inch. I have a feeling this sock will wear very well.

I am at the point on the Midnight Lace Stole where I am doing short rows at the end of the first side.

The short rows give the bottom edge a slant — very cool, no? After the short-rowing is done, I’ll knit the edging on, and that will be fun because there are more beads involved.

The Thirteenth Tale

I finished reading The Thirteenth Tale last week before going away for the weekend. I found it quite entertaining and even managed to guess part of the last plot twist.

Who’d like to read it next?

Leave a comment to this post by tomorrow (November 13) at 4:00pm EST, and I’ll randomly draw a winner who will receive my copy.

Lucy Sez

“Yes, she has the window open. No, I don’t want to talk about it.”


  1. I’m giving up on giveaways.

  2. That’s so pretty!

    Cyds last blog post..Still haven’t taken pix of my socks…

  3. This was a GREAT book – I just sent my copy off with someone else to read!

    Aimees last blog

  4. I would try it, thanks for letting me try

    Sarah O Gs last blog post..Day 11… Nothing to see here…

  5. Love the sock and the stole. And I would love to read that book!

    Ednas last blog post..Yes, I’m still knitting

  6. Lucy just isn’t going to win this battle, is she?

    Love the sock colorway! Sometimes we need a simple project to let the mind rest.

  7. Ooh a new book–I”m in.

  8. I finished reading the book over the weekend, but it was a library copy – I’d love to have my own! And I guessed part of the final plot as well, although I can’t believe it took me so long to figure it out!

  9. Love the green sock and the beads. I’m looking forward to seeing the Midnight Lace Stole finished. Would love to read The Thirteenth Tale.

  10. Love the sock and the stole – can’t wait to see both finished – would love to read a good book – it’s been a while πŸ™‚

    Karens last blog post..

  11. Well, a book is not yarn but it would be nice to win one anyway!
    Tell Lucy I sympathize, we finally broke down and turned on the heat a couple weeks ago — then it got warm again! Our two kitties were thankful for the edge to be taken off the cold anyway.

  12. That one is actually on my Book List. I can’t wait to see your stole when it’s done!

    Angelas last blog post..Absent Minded

  13. I’d love a chance to read the book next! Thanks for all the recent giveaways. You are so generous!!
    P.S. I am learning to knit my first toe-up sock using one of your free patterns. πŸ™‚

    Cathys last blog post..Toe-up progress

  14. I love the sock color and the stole is looking great!!
    woot, for random drawings πŸ˜‰

  15. The color of your sock is striking. I love just about anything in green. I have heard of The Thirteenth Tale and would love to read the book.
    And, by the way, I am with you on the open window.

  16. That sock looks really nice. I would love to read the book.

    Sallies last blog post..What’s new

  17. ooh, the stole is gorgeous! and the book looks like a very interesting read

  18. Love the new sock. Sometimes a yarn says simple is best. This is lovely. I really enjoyed The Tenth Gift, on your recommendation. So I would like to read The Thirteenth Gift, too. Thanks for sharing.

    Sandra Ds last blog post..Brasstown Autumn

  19. Am loving the sock yarn, as I suspected I would. πŸ™‚

    yarnpiggys last blog post..It was a dark and stormy day…

  20. I love the shawl. I”ll never turn down a book to read, esp. one I”ve yet to see.

    Hang in there Miss Lucy, she’ll break soon.

    Bettys last blog post..On plurk and other things

  21. Emily Caler says:

    PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!!! pretty puleeeeezzz????

  22. Put me down for the book “contest”, please. I’d feel very sorry for Lucy, having to rough it in your cold condo, if I didn’t know that she has two (2) Cozy Cushions. πŸ™‚

  23. Would love to read the book. I just read the blurb from Amazon and it sounds great. I love to read new authors.

  24. I’d love to read The Thirteenth Tale next. By an open window. Without the heat on. In my beach bungalow in Hawaii. If I tried that here in Wisconsin, I’d get snowed on.

    You are inspiring me to knit some lace.

    Stop it. I need to finish a sweater and another graduation afghan.

  25. count me in for the book, it sounds like an interesting read.

  26. I would love the book. It looks like a great read.

  27. I had not heard of this book, but now I’m intrigued! Yes, please enter me. I’d love to read it.

    That sock yarn looks wonderful!

    Jennifers last blog post..Robin Hood Jacket #2

  28. Love the sock! Will you ever enlighten us on how you “Cook up” your socks? Or was that in a post I missed at some point?
    For a book, I just finished Paula, by Isabel Allende. It was beautiful, as are all her books. I would strongly recommend any of them. She’s a lovely writer.

    Danas last blog post..Ahh…change

  29. Wendy Mathiesen says:

    I can read, I can read!

  30. I really like the colorway of your sock. AM making one with lavender malabrigo is yummie

  31. I’d love to read the book. It sounds very interesting.

    Mary the Digital Knitters last blog post..The Dangers of Puppy Ownership

  32. Thank you Wendy for offering up another book for recycling πŸ™‚

    The stole is look beautiful! By chance are you going to be coming to the Madrona Fiber Festival here in Washington next February? I was hoping you might be a special guest to promote your new book!

  33. The book would be lovely thanks if my number is called. Looking foward to seeing more detail on the shawl shaping.



    Beverleys last blog post..Yes I am still here…!

  34. wow another drawing so soon? count me in! it’s always a nice thing to pass along books, my friends have passed books to me i never thought i would like (like Silence of the Lambs) and i would have never picked out for myself.

    Huntley Edwardss last blog post..My Super Hot Soldier

  35. Of course I’d like to read the book! Question on your sock gauge. When you get to the cuff ribbing, do you change needle sizes or adjust the number of stitches at all or just continue on whatever you have for the ankle?

  36. The sock is very nice. I like plain socks when working a colorway that needs to be shown. If the random number generator lands on my number, go again. I already have The Thirteenth Tale in my to-read pile which is much smaller than my to-knit pile

  37. I love both of the colorways you are using right now. I have the book already too. πŸ™‚

  38. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Although I haven’t read it yet, I have that book, too. Glad to know that you enjoyed it–I’ll have to dig out my copy and get started!

    I love your new sock–the colorway is beautiful and I love the pattern. I enjoy making simple socks.

    Lucy must be spending lots of time in her Mom’s lap for warmth!

  39. I’d love to read “The Thirteenth Tale.”

    How many stitches do you end up with around the cuff of your socks?

    Marions last blog post..What a Relief!

  40. I’d love to read it. Thanks!

  41. would like a good book….winters comin!

  42. I love the colors of your new sock, and I would love an opportunity to read the book. πŸ™‚

    Deineras last blog post..As it always should have been.

  43. I would love a new book to read!

    The lace is turning out beautiful, can’t wait to see it finished.

    Sharis last blog post..No doubt about it…..

  44. I like Lucy! She always has a snarky comment for us.

  45. I’m always up for a good read.

    The shawl is really pretty

  46. Linda from Kansas says:

    put me in for the book.
    the sock & stole are great!

    linda from kansas

  47. I could use a good read…I need a knitting break!!
    Socks are looking nice!

    MzMars last blog post..Old Forge!

  48. Would love to read the book-always looking for a new author. Love the changing pictures of Lucy and of course the knitting.

  49. Don’t enter me in the contest. I already have the book. I just wanted to say that I loved reading this particular book. It’s one of my favorites.

    Does Lucy need a sweater?

    Beadknitters last blog post..Contest

  50. Poor Lucy! She wouldn’t be any happier with me–I like it cool too. Thank you, Wendy.

  51. PLEASE pick me – I need something to read when I go to my in-laws.

    Sue Hs last blog post..New Uses for Office Equipment

  52. The 13th tale jsut made it on to my “need to read list” on Monday. Funny that you’d mention it today. I’d love a copy.

  53. Sandra Ball says:

    I would love to read the book, Wendy.

  54. I’d love to read it then pass it on!

  55. Lucy – Come stay with me. I’ll keep you warm!

    JillsKnits last blog post..Thanks Dad and Grandpa and….

  56. martha in mobile says:

    I would enjoy reading The 13th Tale. Please include me in the drawing. Thanks!

  57. So you have a new book coming out? Am I the last one to notice this? I feel like I’ve come late to the party! Well, congratulations! Can’t wait to see it – I still haven’t tried toe-up socks. Can’t figure out that cast-on – yet!!!

  58. Oooh! I’d love a chance to get your copy! I’ve been wanting to read that one for a while. Say “hi” to Lucy!

    Katie Js last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  59. Poor Lucy! Or at least that’s what she’d like us to think. Granted, she has all that lovely fluff….
    I too like how that sock is working up. Nice yarn!
    I was going to walk to work today (sabotaged by my daughter who needed a ride at the last minute) and realized I didn’t have a ‘walking sock’. Need!

    Cathy-Cates last blog post..Small Artist, Tiny Art

  60. Hi-Just found your blog – recomended by a college friend – Sandy in Tucson – would love to read the book – looks interesting!

  61. I’d love to read the book.

  62. Add me to the book drawing please!

  63. Beautiful sock yarn! Book sounds like just the type of story I’d like right now, my fingers are crossed!

  64. I love a good yarn – literary or ovine!

  65. I am trying so hard to join the sock knitting crowd, but have ripped back the first cuff of the first sock umpteen times because of dropped stitches. Darned tiny yarn! But I persevere.

    Yes, the book could calm me.

  66. The Thirteenth Tale is next on my reading list. Your generous offer is greatly appreciated…. I have not yet turned on the heat…and my window is also open… I am in California but it seems like much of the nation has unseasonably warm weather….

  67. I’ll throw my name in the hat. Thanks, Wendy!

    carolines last blog post..In Which All Ya’ll Keel Over

  68. I would love to adopt this book…especially after you gave it such a good recommendation!

  69. I’d love to read that book.
    That new sock yarn is beautiful.
    I don’t blame Lucy for complaining about the open window since it is mid-November. Too bad cats would never put up with wearing a sweater. Just imagine how cute she would look with a fluffy turtleneck.

  70. i’d love to read that book! I’d also like to try my hand at the stole. Right now I’m working the Shetland triangle shawl. Pretty, but boring. πŸ˜‰

  71. Carlyn Ferguson says:

    This book sounds really great. I would love to read it. If you choose me, I will read it and pass it on. Thanks a lot for considering me.

  72. Margie from Maryland says:

    oooooh a book! pick me!
    I love the muted color of the socks.
    M from M

  73. Can you suggest some resources for learning more about and/or improving short row technique? Thanks!

  74. Can you suggest some resources for learning more about and/or improving short row technique? It’s something I’d like to get better

  75. delurking to enter the book contest. I enjoy reading your blog every day.

    BreannaSs last blog post..Knitted Babes

  76. The stole is looking beautiful, Wendy!

  77. leslie - knitting therapist says:

    The book sounds very interesting.
    Miss Lucy looks properly indignant!

  78. I rather like that sock. The colorway name is very fitting. πŸ™‚

    LittleWits last blog post..WIP Wednesday – Francis

  79. Oooh I love that stole Wendy! So gorgeous! Thanks for yet another chance to win something. πŸ™‚

    Krystals last blog post..You can’t have the king neutered

  80. Pretty sock – love that colorway! I’d love to be in the book giveaway – I’m looking for a good read!

  81. I could use a good* read for Thanksgiving break! : )

    *non-text book

    Margots last blog post..big changes

  82. the book sounds great, I’d like to read it. thanks!!

  83. You have such a great eye for colour πŸ˜€ I would definitely like to be put in your book draw si vous plait! My kitties send your kitty hugs πŸ˜€

  84. 1st of all… LOVE Lucy and her saucy attitude! My kitties also love warmth. The book sounds fantastic… please pick me! Keep on knitting and blogging!

  85. The book sounds captivating!

    Cristi-Laels last blog post..Socks for Big Footed People…

  86. I liked Thirteenth Tale. Have you read Doomsday Book? It is about fifteen years old, but I had not heard of it. How did I miss a book that has time travel to the Middle Ages?

    Tans last blog post..Protesting Breast Cancer

  87. I have been reading for a long time, and I just wanted to add a comment. On the Lucy and the window issue, it’s finally getting cooler here in southern Arizona. This morning I woke to a strange weight on me under the covers, and lifted up the comforter to discover, for the first time EVER, a calico face staring up at me from my stomach. I guess it’s too chilly for my kitty here, and it was only 68 degrees inside!

  88. Always looking for a recommended good read, especially “recycled”.I live in a place where everyone passes around books. Although a lot of former reading time is now knitting and crocheting time – I can’t do both at once like you do. Maybe someday…

  89. Theresa in Italy says:

    Since the only things I have more of in the house than sock yarn skeins are books, sure, why not? Throw my name in the hat, please! Poor Lucy. We finally gave in and turned the heat on over here, you’re welcome to come over!

  90. I’m coveting the new sock-in-progress…and the book. πŸ™‚

    Mickis last blog post..Hallowe’en

  91. Your shawl is shaping up very nicely and I can’t wait to see it finished. I love the new sock and agree that a simple pattern shows the yarn off best. πŸ™‚

  92. You gave a great link. Just read a tiny piece on amazon and I just have to read it now. It’s on my wish list.

    adas last blog post..For My Son

  93. Yes, I would like to try The Thirteenth Tale. Please enter me! Yummy socks.

  94. Oooh, a new novel. I’d like to take my chance at it πŸ™‚

  95. Lovely sock! The colors in the midnight stole are so pretty. Jewel tones….. and the beading is going good too. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    I haven’t read the book yet, so count me in! πŸ˜‰

    Hey Lucy!!

    Danieles last blog post..Three Projects for Weekend Knitting…

  96. Your shawl looks nice, you’re shawls are always beautiful- like you!

  97. Sign me up! That sounds like a great read.

  98. I too use size 0 needle for most of my socks because I learned from you.

  99. The shawl is coming along well. Love the sock color!

  100. NewJerseyLaura says:

    You have esp! I was working up a s(p)ock for the Ravelry November challenge (the option of using a Wendy pattern, of course πŸ™‚ ) , but needed a “guy no-lace” version. I am using the new Shaeffer Sarah colorway, so need something simple to show off the gorgeous colors. I have been fooling around knitting up this and that to test – but was really wanting to use one of your designs in keeping with the Wendy Pattern Requirement, And today I see your new sock. Perfect! I’ll use your really cool s(p)ock construction with this new idea you posted. I think the top needle is a k one row, k3, k5/p1 x 5, k3? Thank you.