My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Lucy Sez


“Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I’m on the lookout for Santa!”


  1. Merry Christmas to you too precious little girl – hope you, your Momma and Daddy all have a wonderful holiday and that Santa brings you lots of milk rings and other fun treats.

    Danis last blog post..Yet another catch up post

  2. Dear Miss Lucy,
    Happy Hoildays to you and your family.
    From the Cheeky family

    Cheekyredheads last blog post..My favorite prayer – Happy Solstice

  3. Dear Princess Lucy,
    I send you, your momma and papa all sorts of good holiday wishes. And I hope your momma turns the heat on as appropriate and gives you all the wild salmon treats your little heart desires.

  4. Merry christmas, mele kalikimaka , happy yule, etc to both you girls!

  5. Merry Christmas, Lucy! I hope your momma knit you a very large Christmas stocking for Santa to fill with salmon!

  6. Happy holidays to you too! Saru-chan (our kitty) says hi!

    Seanna Leas last blog, oh my, how happy am I

  7. Merry Christmas to you too, Lucy. I hope you and Wendy have a joyous (and restfull) Holiday. I hope Santa brings you lots of tuna and turkey ๐Ÿ™‚

    JoAnns last blog post..Merry Christmas Eve

  8. Merry Christmas, Miss Lucy. You’ve been a good girl, so I’m sure Santa will be very generous. I have it on good authority, though, that you’ll also be getting a gift after Christmas.

  9. When you catch Santa, I hope she lets you play with her sleigh bells. Merry Christmas to you and your family from Izzy Bizzy Kizzy, Debit D Dog and me

  10. oldcinderella says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  11. I see she takes her job very seriously!

    martis last blog post..Beret V2.0

  12. Dear Sweet Lucy — I know Santa will come visit a good girl like you. I hope he bring you some of your favorite toys and treats. Merry Christmas to you, your mommy and daddy. Make sure to help mommy knit while she is off work. Hugs, Kim

    Kim B.s last blog post..It’s a pair!

  13. Merry Christmas!

  14. Merry Christmas Lucy and Wendy

    Karolines last blog post..Ornaments

  15. Merry Christmas, Lucy, to you and your people!

  16. Ragdolls Merry and Pippin say “Merry Christmas to you and your family too!”

  17. Merry Christmas Lucy and watch out or he might make off with the cookies!

    Julie Es last blog post..Sunday

  18. Wishing Lucy and Wendy a great Christmas celebration, too.

    Cindys last blog post..Christmas Vacation!

  19. Merry Christmas, Wendy!

    Caroles last blog post..Let It Be Christmas

  20. Feliz Navidad!! Merry Christmas for you and your family!!

    Alexs last blog post..Navidad

  21. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Lots of knitting for you and yours.

    Michelles last blog post..My God, it’s full of Finished Objects!

  22. I wondered what it would take to get Lucy awake and alert! Santa watch, eh?

  23. Merry Happy to all down there in DC from all up here in NYC!

  24. Merry Christmas! I hope yours is peaceful and joyous!

  25. Merry Christmas, Lucy dear! Be sure to give your mom a Christmas cuddle from all of us ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Merry Christmas to you and yours Lucy

  27. Mia Ekstedt says:

    God Jul /Merry Christmas Lucy says Sissela (a Norwegian forrestcat) from Sweden!!!

  28. Happy Christmas, Lucy, and to Wendy and the KoaRC, too!!

    CraftyGryphons last blog post..The Night Before…

  29. Merry Christmas! have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

    Barbs last blog post..Happy Holidays!

  30. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    Sylvies last blog post..Saturday.

  31. Merry Christmas, Lucy! Stay warm and cozy. ๐Ÿ™‚ And please pass on my wishes for a happy Christmas to Wendy.

    yarnpiggys last blog post..FO: Christmas Cowl 2 (oh, and Snowmageddon Round 3)

  32. Lucy looks positively angelic in that photo.
    Merry Christmas!

  33. Merry Christmas and hugs to you and Lucy!

    Sheri at The Loopy Ewes last blog post..Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

  34. Merry Christmas to you and yours ๐Ÿ™‚

    TheSockKnitters last blog post..Ice A-61

  35. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    Marions last blog post..Bad Blogger

  36. anne marie in philly says:

    steven and meredith say: “cousin lucy, we hope santa paws brings you everything your heart desires! meow!”

    God jul to you and the KOARC!

  37. Merry Christmas Miss Lucy!

    May Santa Momma turn on the heat! And may the other Santa bring baby chicks. Or wildside salmon.

  38. Margie from Maryland says:

    Merry Christmas to you and to your mommy and daddy!
    Love the Kauni cardigan in the background.

  39. Gizmo sez “Merry Christmas from our house to your!”

  40. Merry Christmas to you!

  41. Merry Christmas to you and all your readers!

    Suzanns last blog post..Merry Christmas

  42. Merry Christmas, Lucy! My princess Phoebe is blissed out on her heated kitty bed, having already sampled her Christmas present – an extra huge bag of Wildside Salmon treats! (The “training size” treat bag for dogs [not the regular dog size, those are ginormous cubes] – usually less expensive than the cat-oriented bags, and the same size cubes!)

  43. Merry Christmas, Lucy, and to your Momma and Daddy, too!
    From Harley and Dolly, their “cousins,” Simon and Schuster, and even from Blackie, the dog

    jannas last blog post..Home Alone

  44. Wendy, Merry Christmas to you and Lucy from D’Argo and me.

    Bess – Texas Knitters last blog post..Grateful for a warm sunny 70 degree day in December

  45. I hope Santa was good to her!

    Wendys last blog post..Go With The Flow

  46. Merry Christmas to you and Lucy, hope Santa got her something nice ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sylvies last blog post..What I’ve been up to

  47. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Merry Christmas, Lucy, and to your Momma and Daddy, too! Hope Santa brings you lots of Wildside Salmon.

  48. Happy Xmas Lucy and Wendy!

    Standtalls last blog post..Interview Thursday: Rev. Lisa of Black Women, Blow The Trumpet

  49. Ha. I’m new to your blog and I have a Lucy cat, too. She’s enjoying my Christmas yarn almost as much as I am.

    Merry Christmas from my Lu to yours.

  50. happy holidays!

  51. Merry Christmas Lucy, and to your momma and daddy! I hope hope Santa brought you lots of treats.
    Wendy, I hope that you are having a nice vacation. I have to go back to work on Monday, but I have been off all week!.

  52. Happy Holidays Wendy. I think this year I am going to take on the challenge of knitting socks.

    Eryka Jacksons last blog post..Knitsy! Question of the Week: Craft Shows

  53. Did Lucy see Santa?

  54. Merry Christmas!