My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The State of Things

Thank you so much for your response to yesterday’s post about the HELPSudan project.

Today? Not too much going on.

I had a hard time getting Little Loopy out of bed.


Rather, getting him off the bed.

Then he pestered Lucy for a while.


And I caught him wrassling with Teddy.


Lucy sez:

“Little Loopy can stay as long as he doesn’t get in my way too much.”



  1. Too cute…a little excitement wouldn’t hurt…..

  2. That Little Loopy is a stinker!

    Marions last blog post..Merry Christmas

  3. Looks like Little Loopy had a few secrets to share with Lucy today. I’m glad Lucy is going to let him stay!

    Sheri at The Loopy Ewes last blog post..Good News, Bad News

  4. You have beautiful roomies

  5. MAUDLIN ALERT: When I see Lucy all dreamy like that, that’s when I miss my dear departed kitteh the most. I used to love when she’d be curled up like that, wash herself a bit, and then just stare off into space, experiencing the joy of being her…

    Carols last blog post..Another knitter is born

  6. Loopy looks like he’s having fun 😀

    LittleWits last blog post..FO – Grandma Gert’s socks

  7. Love the cattitude – my boy, Lord Admiral Hortio Nelson, Viscount aka Mister has assumed a similar “strike a pose” look on his fleece Miami Dolphins blanket.

    HBs last blog post..Catching Up…

  8. Little Loopy is so stinkin’ cute! Lucy is so sweet to let him encroach on her living quarters! ^_^

    Annas last blog post..Scarf love

  9. Debra in NC says:

    Wendy, please give Lucy an extra special hug from me. I lost one of my kitties yesterday……I found out that she had lung cancer which had already spread into 3 sinuses, plus she had an enlarged heart and a serious murmur. We decided to let her leave peacefully and with dignity. I stayed with her through the end………….and miss her terribly, even though I know it was the right thing to do.

  10. Loopy is cuuuute, and has quite an attitude. He’s not as cute as Lucy, though.

    pdxknitteratis last blog post..Here’s Pippi

  11. Little Loopy can come live with me if Lucy decides he has to leave. I always have room for strays!

    Eryka Jacksons last blog post..What I learned in Knitting School Today

  12. Looks like the Santa Effect is over at your house! Wishing you and yours a great New Year. N

  13. I love the little sheep stuffy. My kitty wouldn’t have been so nice. She would have shown Little Loopy who is boss!

    Seanna Leas last blog post..yeah, footsball!

  14. Little Loopy is the best 🙂

    Karens last blog post..

  15. Loopy seems to be enjoying his holidays!

    Jennifers last blog post..Sweater in November?

  16. I love that you take photos of Little Loopy and Lucy and the other non-human members of your household. May the new year bring lots of happiness and yarn to your home!

    kmkats last blog post..2008: the year in pictures.

  17. Somebody been dipping into the eggnog or New Year’s champagne a bit early? /:) JK, very cute…Happy New Year! ooo, just gave me an idea for my B&N gift card from Xmas…a copy of Wendy Knits! (only b/c I know the card will burn a hole in my pocket before your sock book comes out … ) Really looking forward to the 2nd one, since my sock work up until now has been cuff down…Hugs to you, Lucy, and the KOARC.

    Melanie J.s last blog post..And on the 8th day…..

  18. Happy New Year, my dear Wendy! I see you are up to great things again! Proud to know you!

  19. Thank you for a wonderful year of blogging! And I love Lucy.
    Happy New Year!