My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Grey Tuesday

Bad news: It has been a grey rainy day.

Good news: It has not been a grey icy day.

Lucy is currently basking under a lamp:


In the interests of entertaining you, behold a photo of a gift from a friend (thanks, Anne Marie in Philly!)


These cute buttons are from The cool thing about them, apart from being very pretty, is that they are made from reclaimed and recycled clay. You can read all about that in the website linked to above. It looks like she’s not quite started selling these buttons online yet, but you can bookmark the site for future reference.

And now we move on the the Q&A portion of this blog post . . .

I’ve been asked a few times if I’ve turned the heat on yet. I have not. New Year’s Eve was a red-letter day, because by opening the window for a while on a very cold and windy day, I managed to get the inside temperature down below 70 degrees. But when the daytime temperature is in the 40s outside, it is in the low 70s inside without my having to turn on the heat. A peak at the 10-day forecast shows me that we’ve got a few days during that period where it is not supposed to get out of the 30s, so I live in hope of getting the inside temperature down below 70 again.

It’s funny, I don’t remember having this problem last winter. I wonder if the condo association has jacked up the heat in the common areas this year? It sure feels like it out in the hallways.

Another question has to do with my references to unbloggable work I’m doing. Sorry, but it remains unbloggable — no eventual reveal on the blog. Sometimes I find that I have to work on things in my spare time that are not bloggable.

But that will come to an end this week — at least in full-time mode. I ought to be able to pick up the Hanging Garden Stole in a couple of days, and I’m very much looking forward to that.

And after the Hanging Garden Stole, I’ll likely do something lacy with the lovely green yarn and beads I posted the photo of a couple of days ago.

And now, the totally random portion of this blog post.

I listen to music on an iPod on my commute, and I have it set on shuffle. Here, in order, are the songs I heard on my morning commute.

  1. Let My Love Open the Door — Pete Townshend
  2. Jools and Jim — Pete Townshend
  3. Clouds — Judy Collins
  4. Little Miss Dangerous — Ted Nugent
  5. Sheena is a Punk Rocker — The Ramones
  6. Hot Blooded — Foreigner
  7. Breaking Us in Two — Joe Jackson
  8. Mary Anne With the Shaky Hands — The Who
  9. Suddenly You Love Me — The Tremeloes
  10. A Kind of Hush — Herman’s Hermits
  11. Rock the Casbah — The Clash
  12. Rio — Duran Duran
  13. White City Fighting — Pete Townshend
  14. Radar Love — Golden Earring

Let me tell you, going from “Clouds” to “Little Miss Dangerous” will wake one up.


  1. You are very lucky to have a nice warm apartment, and NO heating bill!

  2. The transition from “A Kind of Hush” to “Rock the Casbah” would be mildly surprising…

  3. Props to you for saving energy by using heat from the rest of your building! My mom lived on the top floor of a seniors’ apartment building in central Minnesota and even in January at minus-17F the heat rising from below kept the place in the comfy 70s. She, of course, wanted it at 80F, so her heat was on. I went around in a cami, not a sweater.

    Belly rubs to Lucy!

    CatBookMoms last blog post..Time to Give

  4. I’d like to bask in the sun. A lamp wouldn’t be enough.

  5. I love the reclaim clay buttons! Reclaim clay is so fun to work with and I love it’s extra earthy quality. that and it is recycling or sorts. Whats not to love!

  6. Lucky you no heating bill. We are on another storm warning. Yikes, this winter has been awful. Five days without electricity due to ice storm. Two major snow storms, etc, etc. Good grey knitting days if you can see!Love the green yarn and the buttons are beautiful. Have fun knitting with your goodies. Hi to Lucy.

  7. I love that picture of Lucy!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yep…we’re having similar weather here, too…gray and rainy, but no snow or ice. Thank goodness!!

    Happy New Year!!

    Neuroknitters last blog post..Introducing

  8. Snow and Ice most of the day tomorrow so you KNOW I’m looking forward to the 37 miles each way. Congrats on having such a nice snug place to live – I hope the a/c doesn’t use what the heat doesn’t insofar as energy consumption & cost…

    I just love Lucy’s photo – looks like she wants us to kiss and admire each little toesie! Nights like this I miss my Perry Penelope so much ๐Ÿ™ If the weather is negotiable Thursday night and Saturday I may check out the cats at the shelter…

  9. It just warms my heart to see a playlist so full of things I love. I figure anyone THAT into the ouvre of Pete Townshend AND writes sock patterns has to be one fine person. My happiest moments are knitting and listening to my son bang out Who songs on his guitar.

    Thanks for sharing the buttons–they are cool! Unlike your apartment. Gee, I am in Texas and it has gotten considerably below 70 in my abode this winter!

    Sunas last blog post..Baby Surprise Jacket Almost Done

  10. No heating bill, but what about your condo fees!?!

  11. anne marie in philly says:

    oooooh, a shout-out! thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hi Wendy. Where did you get your table top swift?

    Hugs and Kisses to Lucy.

  13. nice playlist! i’m worried for tomorrow after a cold and rainy day…i hope it doesn’t freeze overnight!

  14. cute buttons!
    in pittsburgh, i had to turn up the heat. it’s been awful. my feet turned purple!

  15. Well, at least this old fogie recognized the Herman’s Hermits number. I must fess up that I didn’t recognize any of the other titles. I do love music, just a different era, it would appear.

  16. That’s fairly amazing that your home is still so warm. I wouldn’t mind not having a heating bill. ๐Ÿ™‚

    LittleWits last blog post..FO – Thrum Mittens

  17. Your list is over 25% Who-related! Great taste in music! And now I’m humming “A Kind of Hushhhhhhhh”……..

    jannas last blog post..Happy New Year!

  18. That so fun the receive knitting certificates! Sometimes I end up feeling so guilty for buying more things for my knitting when I have so much yarn and so many needles already ๐Ÿ™‚

    Emilees last blog post..Where is my camera?

  19. My husband keeps calling The Tremeloes, The Tree Moles.

    Sarahs last blog post..Floating Away

  20. I don’t even know how you can stand to live in such a warm environment! I would be constantly getting sick. My mom and I keep the house at a perfect and cool 65.

  21. Liz in IN says:

    ‘Little Is Enough’. Just sayin’….

  22. That’s a great post. It’s really interesting to see what other people listen to on their iPods. I don’t think I’d admit my music taste to anyone. Let’s just say that I’m a Fanilow. Hope the weather clears up for you.

    Jennifers last blog post..I Need Your Help!

  23. I used to have a floor lamp that was sold as a ‘Better Light, Better Sight’ model, long before compact fluorescents. It had some serious wattage, and usually sat with the curve of it’s stem over the edge of the sofa or loveseat, for whatever handwork I was doing. I think one of my cats at the time took up permanent residence on the arm of that sofa for the winter.

  24. Bad news – – – it IS a grey icy day here in upstate NY.
    Love the buttons.

  25. I love your eclectic musical taste. Pete Townshend keeping company with Peter Noone!

  26. I wish I could leave the heat off. My extremities get pretty cold even if the temperature is over 65, leading to me touching someone else’s hand and having them go, “Gah!”

    We could trade for the winter. Our condo is a nice balmy 65!

    Seanna Leas last blog post..[10 on Tues] 2009 dreams

  27. I miss the days when I could count on heat from other parts of the building keeping my own utility costs down! Good for you, Wendy!!

    Knitnanas last blog post..Diversions…

  28. Is it telling that I wouldn’t recognize half those songs?

    Cindy in Happy Valleys last blog post..I’m back ….

  29. Wendy-Are you a closet Noonatic? I adore Herman’s Hermits.

    Lorraines last blog post..2009 Will Be Fine

  30. Ahhh, no grey ice is a bonus?? Did you watch vh1’s top heavy metal hits too?

    shellys last blog post..Gone, but Never Forgotten

  31. Donna in Alexandria says:

    My son and his wife live on the 12th floor of a condo in the West End and they haven’t turned on heat for the past 2 winters. The halls always seem overly warm to me and they usually have the sliding door open a couple of inches. No sweaters needed in their place. I wonder if you are in the same condo.

  32. A Kind of Hush-great tune! I’ll have to get that from iTunes!

    Marjis last blog post..T’was the Night Before School Resumes. . .

  33. those recyclable buttons look fantastic, i’ll definitely have to bookmark the site!

    non-bloggable stuff is sometimes a necessary part of life. ^_~

    I love my ipod. Very necessary for commuting!

    Annas last blog post..Forecast calls for knitting

  34. I love seeing what people have their ipods! I’m stealing your idea (with full credit to you and a link to this post) and showing what I had on my Party Shuffle today.

    Marys last blog post..Party Shuffle

  35. I love Lucy’s pose. It looks like she is modeling the latest in furry gloves.
    My family envies your heat, as we are keeping our thermostat at 66 while we all wear sweaters or sweatshirts in the house.
    I don’t understand the why of your buildings heat being turned up so high. Won’t it cost you all more in common charges? Someone’s paying for all that extra electricity or oil or whatever is being up.
    Great songs on the i-pod. My son just gave me his old one and I’m loving it. My husband downloads books on c.d. from the library so I can listen to them more easily. It is much easier to find where you left off in the story. There is nothing better than knitting while listening to a good actor reading a funny story! Currently I’m listening to ’44 Scotland Street’. It is a hoot.

  36. Yay, another Joe Jackson fan! Don’t see many.

    We used to live in an apartment building, and we had the windows open most of the winter. I miss that sometimes. Now we have a expensive-to-heat house, and the only time it’s really hot is if the heat and the oven are on, and the house is full of people.

  37. Thank you Wendy for your lovely plug for my Nature Buttons! And thank you Annmarie for sharing them with Wendy. Thank you to the bloggers who posted such kind words about my buttons…I just love making them and it feels good when others appreciate them as well.

    Wet, grey and dank here in East Norriton, but up in Ticonderoga (aka Adirondack Nature Buttons) it was minus 2 at night and snowy…beautiful. We watched Lake George freeze over while we were there.

    Absolutely LOVE Lucy and that gorgeous green wool! What a wonderful blog site!


  38. NewJerseyLaura says:

    Love those songs! Radar Love!

  39. Look at Lucy’s paws!!! They seem really big for such a lady.

    Susies last blog post..Kate and Conan

  40. I know just about all of your playlist well — but still wished the little button that says, “Listen to the post” at the bottom of the post, actually PLAYED snips of the songs! That would have been a blast — it’s quite eclectic, one to the next!

    Stay warm (I know, not a problem in your place, despite Lucy’s protests otherwise).

    Cathy-Cates last blog post..Diamonds and Emeralds

  41. I dream of heat like that. I’m not kidding. I dream it. We keep our house at 61 F. It’s -5 F right now. I just look out the window and watch people shovel while I’m dream on being a no-heating-bill warm house. My life must be boring.

    That being said, I’m a horrible woman. I hear you talk about “unbloggable” posts. Most of the blogs mean that to be gift items. My mind jumps to the naughtier knit items that I’ve seen around the net! Forgive me for my mind is too cold to think of anything but warming activities.