My current work in progress:

Roscalie Cardigan by Alice Starmore, knit from Jamieson’s Shetland SpindriftΒ  on a US 3 needle

Delurking Day

I was reminded by reading Chris’ blog that today is delurking day. So please feel free to delurk and leave a comment today!

To entice you to do so, I’ll ask the random number generator to choose a comment at random tomorrow afternoon (January 13) at 4:00pm, and I will send that commenter a WendyKnits sock kit. Heck, maybe I’ll send out a few.

Now that we have that covered, here is the view from my office window at about 7:30 this morning.


I thought it was a particularly cool picture, with the sunlight reflecting off the building.

In other climate-related news, I noticed that the hallways in my condo seemed a bit cooler yesterday, so I set a thermometer out there for a couple of hours. The hallway temperature was only about 74 degrees! I was able to get the temperature inside my condo down to about 66 degrees yesterday afternoon by having the window open. We’ll see if this is a fluke or if the condo board actually lowered the temperature in the common areas. I’m probably not the only person who has complained to them about it.

We are supposed to get some chilly weather later this week so this may be the week that I actually turn my heat on. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in this story!

Meanwhile, here is a close-up of the Hanging Garden Stole:


And a peek at Miss Lucy as she preens. πŸ™‚



  1. Happy De-Lurking Monday!

    Lovely lace and wonderful Lucy.

  2. Your shawl is lovely! I really enjoy your blog and Lucy πŸ™‚

    Lauras last blog post..Crazy time!

  3. Love the stole! Stay warm in the upcomming cold snap.

  4. Jeanne Ramella says:

    While I have made some comments, I am generally a lurker! Tell Miss Lucy that see always looks good and shouldn’t feel the urge to preen:)

  5. Delurking to say “hi!” πŸ™‚

    Sleepycats last blog post..So true

  6. Well not my first comment, but I am a lurker 99.99% of the time. πŸ˜‰ Still read everyday and love the blog. Plus I am a firm believer that sock yarn doesn’t count!!!

  7. So beautiful…wish I had the patience…*sigh*

    Emilys last blog post..The Torch Has Been Passed…

  8. Hi! I guess I’ll delurk too. I’ve been reading your blog daily for a couple of years — for your knitting skills and Lucy’s adventures. I have five of my own cats to look at, but I always enjoy looking at kitties.

  9. OK, I’ll delurk and say hi!

    Emilys last blog post..Goals for 2009

  10. While I’m sick and tired of the extremely cold weather that we here in Saskatchewan, Canada are having, I don’t envy you the heat in the building either. I, too, am at an age where I overheat easily. At least in the cold we can bundle up or stay inside.

    Susans last blog post..eau de canine?

  11. Delurking to say hi to you and Lucy! Thanks so much for your blog, I’ve been reading for years and always enjoy it. πŸ™‚

  12. That stole is amazing!! I don’t think I have the time for something like that now, but maybe in the future…

  13. Uh…here in the Pittsburgh area we will be having 2 mornings of Zero or below and Friday will have the whopping high of Nine. Or less…earlier today they’d said 12. That’s moving the prognostication in the wrong direction! Good thing I have a kitty and handknits.

    Nancys last blog post..Beginnings

  14. I always enjoy “lurking”. We will be below zero here for the rest of the week if you’d like to come for a visit! Happy Monday!

  15. claybustinprincess says:

    Temps here will be between -1 and 10 for the next few days with possible blizzard conditions coming off Lake Michigan. Enjoy the heat wave while it lasts! I’m going to put a rocker in front of the ol’ corn stove, throw in another bucket and knit!

  16. I could not resist the allure of a Wendy Knits sock kit. I appreciate the upclose photo of your Hanging Garden Stole. Lucy is a cutie as usual.

    Roseanns last blog post..Fuscia Lace Rib Watch Cap

  17. hi–here I am delurking. I really enjoy seeing all of your knits and I love that you update it so much. So thank you!

  18. Wow – – I live in a frigid house and constantly fight with hubby via the temp guage ($$$ to heat the joint you know) that it is mind blowing to me that it is hot enough in your condo to have the windows open!! YIKES!

    Hugs and kisses to the lovely Lucy.

  19. Deluking from sunny LA where we are in the 80’s today. Glorious weather while most of country is bundled up is one of the reasons I never regret moving from New England.

    Allisons last blog post..My Mission

  20. Delurking to say Hello and I love the stole!

    Jennys last blog post..It’s Saturday, and I should be in Phoenix

  21. I love your cat and your knitting. Keep up the good work!

    Katies last blog post..Winter wonderland

  22. I’ve stayed in the upper floors of hotels where the heat reached intolerable levels in the winter – you have my sympathy on that one. At our office, temperature varies by time of day. On cold days it’s frigid first thing in the morning. Then it’s gaspingly hot by noonish, and the boss, who is surrounded by west- and south-facing glass turns on the a/c and by 3 p.m., we’re all grabbing for our jackets again. It can’t be healthy. It’s certainly not pleasant!

  23. Heather R says:

    Thanks for offering up the giveaway!

  24. Just wanted to delurk and say how much I love reading your blog, and seeing what Lucy’s up to.

    Heathers last blog post..Caveat emptor

  25. DeLurking and participating.
    Thank you!


    Jamies last blog post..AssHattery Abounds

  26. delurking from Duxbury MA Greetings!

  27. Right now I’d be extremely happy to be somewhere that cool! We’re looking at 38C (100f) tomorrow and 40C (104f) for Thursday!

    Donnas last blog post..Tangled Yoke

  28. Alex Fagelson says:

    Happy delurking day. Is there a celebration that Lucy is prepping for?

  29. De lurking day too funny -always enjoy your postsand your knitting and of course your kitty-keep it up!

  30. I’m only a semi-lurker since I comment every once in a while! We’re under a blizzard warning here in northeastern Iowa and my work closed down, so have had a wonderful afternoon knitting and watching the snow pile up. Thank you for a wonderful blog and all the photos of your girl, Lucy!

  31. I’d be complaining too about the temp in the hall! I keep my thermostat on 65 in the winter. I love having the weight of blankets on me when I sleep. That and the warmth of a good kitty.

    Kays last blog post..First Finished Object of 2009

  32. I love the pictures of Miss Lucy; she is a beauty. She makes me wish I had one just like her.

  33. happy delurking day!

    I enjoy reading your adventures in lace. I’ve tried some lace but even the simplest patterns really kick my butt so I have much practicing to do.

    lunerays last blog post..Stupid house

  34. Delurking because I LOVE your sock patterns. Hmm, maybe I should de-lurk on my OWN blog; haven’t posted in a while…

    yarnmules last blog post..Alternative Knitting

  35. You’re already at work at 7:30 a.m.? I’m not exactly a delurker, since I post comments from time to time, but I’d like to be included in the drawing for the sock kit!

  36. Forgot to say that when I lived in some high-rise student housing in Boston (27th floor), don’t think we ever turned our individual heat on in the apartment!

  37. Kate/Massachusetts says:

    Hanging gardens is gorgeous and color-coodinates with the Princess! Is that intentional? πŸ˜€

  38. Happy de-lurking day~
    I figured I would de-lurk again since the last time I did was when you offered the lace book…
    and free yarn is always welcome (especially when I can’t afford to buy any and my birthday is Wednesday πŸ˜‰

  39. I’ve been a lurker on your blog for months…love to see the pictures of your cat.

  40. I’ve never left a comment and I read and enjoy your blog every week. Thanks for the encouragement to delurk myself.:)

  41. since you asked, here I am, delurking! Thanks for sharing your day, and especially your knitting, with us!

    Rose Reds last blog post..My personal sock club 2009

  42. Jacquelyn says:

    Hello, I last popped out some years ago. Since then I went to live in Scotland for alsmot 3 years (land of my birth) but now back living in Australia. ATM on holiday awaiting a hot 30 degree C day in a tent at Tidal River, (in National Park). Almost too hot to knit but I get a row or two in from time ot time. However, now to the beach.

  43. I’m not really a lurker, ’cause I do comment, but I’ll comment anyway! And not that I don’t already have a FEW of your patterns, but by no means all, and certainly not KITS! ::ears prick up::
    Besides which, I’m just in the process of deciding which pattern of yours to knit up, in which ‘yarnie’s’ yarn, for the Spring Fling! Ah, decisions, decisions….

    Cathy-Cates last blog post..A Taste of Saturday Skies and Baby Knits

  44. Well, heck, I (p)lurk every day – so if I de(p)lurk does that mean I don’t sign on? And then there’s the whole Karma issue…

    Anyhow, I’m sort of gabby here so can’t say I’m de-lurking . And now I’ll go into Plurk so I can de-lurk plurk πŸ˜€ Yeah, it’s been THAT sort of day…

  45. I had no idea! Happy Delurking Day!

    Tina M.s last blog post..Warm Ewe Up Question #3

  46. Glad you are getting more comfortable temps in your home. I hope Lucy isn’t cold now; cozy cushion to the rescue.

    Brendas last blog post..StraTEEgy for 2009

  47. Love the pics, stole and kat!! Luv.m.

  48. Not a lurker, but ALWAYS looking for sock knitting opportunities!

  49. Delurking to say that’s a beautiful sunshiney view, but I could not imagine being at my office at 7:30 a.m. You are a good woman :).
    Always love the Lucy pics.

  50. Also delurking here =). I love reading your knitting adventures and seeing Lucy’s pictures!!

    Mels last blog post..Just Thankful, Really

  51. I’m not a compete lurker, but I’ll comment today anyway. Your Hanging Garden is lovely. And Lucy is, as always, beautiful.

    Visionsisters last blog post..The Perfect Start

  52. Delurking here!! Love the shawl……love the kitty better =)

  53. You certainly know how to lure us out of lurkdom. I am a loyal lurker.

  54. Hi Wendy!
    This is my first comment but I’ve been lurking way over a year now! I’ve made several of your sock patterns and I love them. You’ve converted me to toe-up! Thanks for sharing yourself!

    Lisas last blog post..Lothlorien Cat

  55. Love the furry rat story! My cat’s current favorite is a piece of carpet remnant, go figure. :-p Hope it doesn’t get too cold this week!

  56. Thanks for letting me know about Delurking Day! I had no idea there was such a thing… or that “delurking” was really a word. I’m a regular lurker here. I’m a sucker for photos of your adorable cat. πŸ™‚

    Courtneys last blog post..Project round-up

  57. I’ve actually commented before but mostly, I lurk.

    I think Lucy wants me to be a winner- just ask her.

  58. Delurking! I love the blog and your patterns!

    Alyssas last blog post..Experimenting Naturally

  59. Still loves to see me some Lucy! That shawl is go-jous.

  60. I love your patterns! I have most of them on my wish list at Loopy.

    Qutecowgirls last blog post..Let it Snow

  61. well, not really a lurker… let’s just say I’m a less than frequent commenter *grin* but I’d love a Wendy Knits sock kit πŸ™‚

    mias last blog post..In an effort to pretend Monday wasn’t coming

  62. Happy delurking day!

  63. Hmmm… a sock-kit would be perfect to stave off the cold snap coming my way. Estimate temperatures in Green Bay tomorrow: High 4 degrees and low of -8 degrees (and that’s NOT including wind chill) πŸ˜‰
    What better way to avoid going outside?

  64. Yes, it’s definitely going to be cold in VA this week! Maybe that will make the 20th less of a madhouse in DC. Do you get the day off?

    Perfect knitting weather, I must say – and perfect lurking weather too!


  65. HAppy delurking Monday!!!

  66. Delurking to say hello and love the blog!

    Nells last blog post..The Big Winner(s)

  67. I am an occasional lurker and an occasional commenter. I have enjoyed all your posts, especially the lace, since adding you to my google reader list.

    Lizs last blog post..2-at-a-time Socks #2

  68. Lucy’s getting ready for the cold weather and the return of the heat. I hope she’s not disappointed!

  69. Lurking is so much fun!
    I switch on my pc and wait to see if there’s a red mark on my bloglines button – there is… Then I head over to all my favourite knitters’ sites to see what they’re up to. I feel I know everyone – but like the least popular girl in school – no one knows me!

  70. Delurking. πŸ™‚
    I live just a little north of you in Maryland. We haven’t turned on our heat yet, either. We haven’t used our heat in about 4 years since our neighbors seem to like to blast theirs. It never gets below about 66 in here.

  71. I’ve never heard of delurking day before. Seems kinda silly, but then, lots of things are.

    Whitneys last blog post..And I still knit

  72. Happy Delurking Day! Thanks for taking so much time keeping up your blog πŸ™‚

  73. Love your toe up sock patterns. I hate to do that “K” stitch.

  74. I was just thinking last night that I should be delurking and tell you how much I enjoy your blog and Lucy — she makes me smile. Your shawl is beautiful! I used that pattern to make a wedding shawl for my daughter. Stay warm!

  75. I’ve also actually commented before, although lurking is much faster!
    I’ve been wanting to try sock knitting and who better to learn from πŸ™‚

  76. My bi-annual delurking. I read everyday and post seldom. The stole is lovely.

  77. Susan Duffield says:

    this is a delurk, but it is the first time I have been able to leave a comment without having to fill in a puzzle, which then tosses me out anyway. You do take very good pictures of your w-i-p and they are really inspiring. I understand about the heat thing. Susan

  78. I read every day but comment seldom, so here’s my delurk! I always enjoy seeing your projects, and of course Lucy.

  79. Even though I’ve commented before, I admit that I have been lurking for a while due to time constraints. Thank you for having a “delurking” contest. I have to also tell you that Lucy is absolutely adorable!

    Jens last blog post..Siren Song

  80. Delurking is fun!

    Laura N.s last blog post..Let’s go back in time

  81. Agh! Don’t make me delurk! I… well…. I have nothing interesting to say. I just come here to worship Lucy.

  82. Delurking to say, I love your blog both for the beautiful sock pictures, but mostly for the lace projects. I’m in awe of anyone who knits lace so quickly.

    geekch1cks last blog post..Happy Birthday, Baby

  83. Delurking to say you and I are completely opposite on the temperature front – I can happily bask in 110 degree weather, but if it drops below 75, my heater is on full. I’ve been reading in disbelief as you continue to leave your heat off and windows open.

  84. You got me.
    Peace and Yarn,

  85. Ok, I delurked (is that even a word?) Where’s my reward? LOL
    Love Lucy, she is so entertaining.

  86. Delurking – yay! Hugs to Lucy, and good luck with the heating situation – my hub’s workplace was turned up to 75 today, and it was way too hot!

    Ellies last blog post..BSJ v2.0 is about 50% done, and I’m already planning my next attack!

  87. nice morning shot – could almost be what i see in downtown here in honolulu – looks like a beginning of a nice day! as always miss lucy always makes me jealous of her life….

    debbies last blog post..sissy cupcake

  88. Delurking to say that I read your blog every day. Love what you knit. Love Lucy.

  89. Coming out of lurkdom in hopes of winning a sock kit! Love the pretty stole! πŸ˜€

    Smellyanns last blog post..FREE Redbox Rental, 1/12/09 Only

  90. Hi there! You and your “I may turn on the heat later”. Bah! I am so jealous!

    IHeartBobRosss last blog post..01.10.2009

  91. I am delurking…..Love reading your blogs and seeing the pictures of your impressive projects. Lucy is entertaining as well.

  92. Delurking to say I really enjoy your blog !!

  93. Julia in KW says:

    Delurking to say that your blog got me started (several years ago) reading knitting blogs…thank you so much for helping me find another way to fill my time while I am knitting…like I’m not already doing something I consider productive – it’s now also educational (or entertaining – often both!)

  94. Delurking here! Lovely shawl, lovely Lucy!

    Beckis last blog post..Calling all Latinists…

  95. *comes out from under the blankets* Hi!

    I have nothing interesting to say. :o)

  96. Here I am de-lurking, too. You and Lucy are a joyous part of my day at afternoon coffee break. Fluffy, Gus, Felicity and Rasselas send their special cat greetings to Lucy. Rasselas loves his pompoms, that he has trained us to throw for him. Felicity loves her “Feather Bird” – feathers on a string attached to a whippy stick. Fluffy and Gus are too mature to admit what they love except lying on my chest and purring. Thank you for sharing your knitting life and Lucy with us.

  97. I love the shawl. So pretty. As is Miss Lucy.

  98. delurking day eh? well cheers to that and happy delurking to everyone.

    CatiePs last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Kelowna edition

  99. I love Lucy and your shawl–both are lovely.


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