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Lurkers of the World, Unite!

First of all, a heartfelt thanks to everyone who came out of lurkdom to say hello. I love “meeting” people who read my blog, and I love seeing old friends who’ve commented in the past, be it once or many times. You are always welcome to drop in and say hello. No need to feel shy — we are all friends here, connected by a common thread, be it knitting, or kitties, or both! Or whatever reason you stop by. πŸ™‚ If you prefer to lurk and never comment, well, that’s okay too!

I will confess that I am guilty of lurking myself. It’s so easy to be a lurker when you read blogs in a blog reader. I use Google Reader. I used to use Bloglines, but last fall, Dani turned me on to Google Reader and I haven’t looked back. (By the way, Dani’s ill, poor baby, with strep, and feeling lousy. Pop over to her blog and give her some love.)

Anyhow . . . yeah, I read in Google Reader all the blogs on my list that publish a full entry rather than an excerpt. Nine times out of ten, I’ve not been able to go to blogs hosted at blogspot, so I’m afraid I almost never leave comments there. But I can read the blog posts in my reader.

But I’ll try to do better. Some days I’ve just got too much going on to take the time to comment, but on the days that my pace is less frantic, well, I try to leave some comments here and there.

Y’all asked a number of questions in your comments to yesterday’s post. I think the most frequent question was how the Inauguration will affect my day.

Next week I have Monday off from work (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a federal holiday) and federal offices in the Washington DC area are closed on Tuesday for Inauguration Day. So I get a four-day weekend. Not too shabby, eh?

A goodly number of roads in Washington DC will be closed down on Inauguration Day. Here is a Google Map that shows the closures for the parade. (My office is smack dab in the middle of that.) A number of highways and bridges will be closed to all but emergency vehicles, so the only way to get downtown will be via public transportation, which is supposed to be overloaded.

The news media has been doing their best to whip everyone in this area into a frenzy. No cellphone service due to overloading! Grocery stores will run out of bread and milk! Don’t leave your homes! Stay away from your vehicles! Treat this the same way you would a natural disaster, like a hurricane! (That last piece of advice was sent in an email alert to residents of Arlington County, VA.)

Will I go downtown for the Inauguration? The answer is a resounding NO. Since I slog into the city every day for work, the last thing I want to do on a day off is slog into the city. Watching it on television is fine for me, thanks.

So, I’m off from work on Monday and Tuesday, I will go to work on Wednesday (assuming I can get there and the city hasn’t imploded from the sheer number of people there Tuesday), then on Thursday I’m going to Minneapolis for a couple of days, for the opening of the Bohus exhibit at the American Scandinavian Institute.

So it’ll be an odd week.

Speaking of Minneapolis . . .

The temperature here is supposed to drop a bit over the next few days. That means highs during the day right at freezing or a bit below, and lows in the teens. That will be the coldest we’ve seen so far this season, and slightly colder than usual for this area.Β  It doesn’t get really cold here. So I’m wondering how the Minneapolis temperatures will affect me. I see that it’s really cold there right now, and by the end of next week, when I am going there, I think it’s supposed to be a bit warmer, but still a heck of a lot colder than I’m used to here.

Good thing I own a very warm coat . . .

Oh, and the sunrise picture I posted yesterday that I took at 7:30 am? I’d been at the office for an hour and a half when I took it. Yeah, I go in to work really early. That’s one of the perqs of where I work — you can pretty much make your own hours, as long as you work the required number per week. I go in to work so early because of traffic. Even when I get on the train (at 5:15am) there are a lot of people there. But I do get a seat. Getting up and going to work that early sucks, but I leave work pretty early in the afternoon, which is a good thing.

Oh yeah, the contest. πŸ™‚

I asked the random number generator to choose 6 comments to receive sock kits. It chose comment numbers 207, 287, 400, 599, 638, and 850. These comments belong to:

207 – linda-kay
287 –Β  Cindy K
400 Jeanne
599 – greta
638 – Sarah O G
850 – chandra

Congratulations to the winners! If you are one of these folks, please go to my pattern listings at The Loopy Ewe and pick a pattern you want. (It’s okay to pick one out of stock.) Use the “contact me” form here to email and tell me the pattern you’d like and let me know your mailing address. I’ll make up a kit and send it to you. πŸ™‚

Again, thank you to everyone who left a comment!

Lucy sez:


“I liked the comments that talked about how pretty I am.”


  1. Sarah-Dianne says:

    Congrats to all the wjnners!

  2. Lucy, you’re so pretty! πŸ™‚

    Cyds last blog post..Duel at High Noon

  3. technikat says:

    Good thing you’re not going to Minnesota this week. In Chicago on Th. our expected high is to be -2 deg. F.

    Pretty Lucy can’t get enough praise!

  4. Congratulations to all of you lurkers. That was way nice of you to do Wendy. Yes the weather is getting very cold and I hope it is not that cold for you when you go away. Hope you have a great trip. Take care. Hugs to Lucy.

  5. i live just north of minneapolis – it was -18 when my alarm went of @ 430 this morning. next week, they who predict the weather (right…..) promise that it will be warmer. and hey, a little chilliness makes all those bohus’ even more beautiful, warm, and inviting!

    m.s last blog post..Brrr…..

  6. I envy your warmth & can see from the map why all federal employees in DC have Inauguration Day off (at least I’m assuming they do. I’m retired now but they had every Inauguration Day off for the 25years I worked as a fed. This plus the fact that they also get the day off if there is a couple inches of snow whilst those of us in the Midwest have to slog to work through a foot of snow with temps hovering around zero & public transit that gets less & less reliable each year, esp in icy weather.) I am one of the 10 or 20 people in the Chicago area NOT going to DC for the Inauguration. I have to say that I am super excited about Barack Obama being president but will sorely miss having him as a senator. He was by far the most responsive senator we’ve ever had. I am on a bunch of liberal email lists & always sending robo-emails to my reps. Obama responded to each one with a thoughtful response not only outlining his position but why he took that position. Durbin is also a great senator (& he was the only one to refuse to accept his salary during the furlough [& non-payment] of federal employees back during Clinton’s term but I doubt that Burris will be one tenth the senator either of them have been. He’s just not very bright & in it only for the glory (& pay).

  7. Sorry I missed de-lurking day! Living in Alexandria and working in DC I wholeheartedly concur with your Inaugural Day decision!

  8. I love Google Reader. Have you tried the Next button? I use that and am able to see each post in it’s natural state . It makes it much easier for me to comment. Enjoy your four day weekend! I don’t know if mine will be three or four. There’s been no mention of it but since our office is 2 blocks from the White House I have a feeling it will be closed. Not sure what they’re going to do with us telecommuters.

    LittleWits last blog post..Muttering Monday

  9. Congratulations winners!!!!!

    Man, DC for the Inauguration sounds like Eastern North Carolina when it snows! I, for one, am hoping for a full report as to if you have to turn the heat on in Minnesota!

    BTW – want me to bitch slap Google Reader? If it works for me, it should most definitely work for our Wendy! I love Google Reader, but having it not work correctly is rather distressing! Take that, Google Reader! Hmph!

    Megan S.s last blog post..So what else is new??

  10. Having just returned from Minnesota (the day we left the windchill was -45), I can tell you that it’s never a good idea to talk while outside: close your mouth and breath through your nose as soon as you leave shelter. Minimize exposed skin. And take lots of your favorite moisturizer. All of which I’d put up with to see the Bohus exhibit. Will there be pictures?

    Tees last blog post..a little hitch

  11. Yes, it’s cold in Minneapolis, but common sense rules. Wear your gloves, and a hat. Boots if you’re going to walk outside. Bring extra clothes just incase. When it’s really cold (like right now) don’t plan on that hike down to see the frozen Minnehaha Falls…..You’ll be fine, we’re very nice here…..

  12. I bet there’ll be better snacks and beverages at your house than at the inauguration. Doubt they’ll be serving Wild Side Salmon.
    I think all municipal-government-type jobs should have the day off…yeh…that works for me!

    miss sandras last blog post..I Can’t Find My Buttons

  13. Brrrr. I *just* got off the phone with a colleague in Minneapolis. It’s -37 (and here I thought the news channels were exaggerating)! Sounds like a good place for thrummed mittens AND socks!

  14. Oh, Minneapolis! I just happened to see the temp there when I was checking local weather this afternoon (local being Taos NM). Ahem. Unless my eyes have gone totally whacko, it said it was at that time -13 degrees F. in the Twin Cities. I really, really, for your sake, hope I was wrong, or that there’s a warm front due in the Cities around the time you get there. Something that approximates 5 above or so, anyway!

  15. And Lucy you are very pretty.

  16. Congratulations to all of the winning lurkers!

    Wendy, you’ve mentioned that you carry a camera in your purse, I’m shopping for a “purse” camera since my digital SLR is too heavy and bulky to lug around daily. I’ve tested a few cameras so far, my favorite being the Nikon L-18 for many reasons but mainly because it’s got a blind woman’s size LCD screen!
    I was wondering which one you use?

  17. I live in Minneapolis–and this week, I take no pride in that fact. Thursday morning -20 temp; however, into the +20’s for the weekend, so you can break out the shorts. Hope you enjoy the exhibit; find some cozy dinner spot, too.

  18. congrats to all the winners…. i myself dont wear socks ever…..on the occasion that i do i only wear ankle socks……is there a pattern that is just ankle socks…….and can it be crocheted to wear in shoes or is knitted socks the way to go for sock and shoes… new to this yarn thing….will be taking a knitting class at local library i hope to finally be able to cast on the stitches and keep them on the needle hahahahah

  19. Dear Lucy, you are an absolutely gorgeous kitty!

    I must admit to being jealous of your federal holiday plus inauguration day 4 days off. As a private sector employee I am used to having an entirely sparse menu of days off but still get so very (unbecomingly) jealous. I just cannot wait until I can retire and have every day off! It doesn’t help the husband retired in June 1999 from teaching.

    Congrats to the lucky folks who get a personalized Wendy Knits sock kit. I am jealous of you too πŸ™‚

  20. Hee, I didn’t see yesterday’s entry in time to leave a comment!

    Regarding Google Readeer, if you use Firefox, there’s a “Better GReader” plugin that includes options for previewing a blog post inline (either automatically or with one click). It works fairly well.

    I can’t wait for the Bohus events too. But it’s currently way too cold here!

    limedragon :-: Harriets last blog post..Chunk Love

  21. At the school where I work we had to call the main office today because the air conditioner wouldn’t come on! It was “cold” outside (think 50’s), but the building was just too hot. I can’t comprehend the temps. y’all are talking about. I guess I am beginning to understand why I see so many wool and cashmere yarns on-line.

  22. Oh yay! Congratulations to everyone! so very lucky!

    I had no idea that’s where you lived. I’m actually quite close… and I have a trip there soon. hehe

    Lucy – you are always pretty. πŸ˜› You always make me smile, too! I can’t see my babies while I’m at college, so it’s nice to see you.

  23. Re: winter temperatures – friends who have lived in both north and south tell me – they swear! – that the humidity that allegedly makes our high temperatures fell hotter also makes our low temperatures feel lower … so maybe Minneapolis won’t be …. who am I trying to kid??? Wear lots of layers! I would love to see that exhibit.

  24. I will be in a meeting up your way this weekend. I hope you can pray for a little warm weather while I’m there! It is much colder than SC! πŸ™‚

    Pats last blog post..Survival Tips for Student Teachers

  25. I noticed a few readers from my posting on your site on my statcounter.. Maybe it was you! Always looking for new commenters! Make sure to give out a “WOOT” for me on inauguration day. Wish I could be there!

    Lizs last blog post..Back Spasms lead to a day off

  26. I had a momentary little thrill there when I saw “Sarah” but then realized that it was another lucky Sarah. Congrats to all the winners.

    And as a fellow Federal worker in Baltimore, I can say we’re pretty sore about not getting the day off. Actually, some of our agency’s workers, who are in DC, do get the day. Grrr…

    Sarah Rs last blog post..I’m Drowning in Comments!

  27. Congratulations to all the winners! Lucy, you are a vision!

  28. We’ve got to drive through the DC Metro area on Tuesday (we’re heading South) and I’m not looking forward to it. We will leave Baltimore County around noon, and probably get our butts stuck somewhere around Greenbelt at 12:50. We’ll sit in traffic for hours. HOURS.

  29. Good thing about your warm coat. Wear your warmest hat, scarf, mittens, and socks, too πŸ™‚

    kmkats last blog post..Manic Monday, wherein manic = horrific.

  30. I use Google Reader too, and am too lazy to go to the actual blogs a lot of the time. I’m trying to get better at it, because I know it’s nice if people comment on my blog, but…some days it doesn’t work out. And honestly, on a popular blog like yours with so many comments, I usually assume that you don’t need a millionth commenter telling you how pretty your shawl/sweater/whatever is, so I tend to confine my efforts to the smaller blogs. I’ll try to be better about that, too. πŸ™‚

    Clumsy Knitters last blog post..Book Review: Color Knitting Techniques

  31. I love Google Reader, too, but even better is their “next” feature. You put it on your browser toolbar, and just click it. It brings you the next blog post in your reader, in full page (not the short reader version, but the actual site). When you’ve read everything, it tells you that you’ve come to the end of the internet. πŸ˜‰

    Info here:

    Lucy’s looking extra cute today!

    pdxknitteratis last blog post..Knitting around in circles

  32. I’m in a north suburb of Minneapolis, and echo the cold meme. It was -15 when I went to work, and -2 when I went home. Everyone who braves the outdoors looks like our closets exploded onto us.

    melissas last blog post..Accordion Player

  33. And who takes care of the pretty lady while you are in Minneapolis????

  34. Don’t worry, Wendy. My car has heated seats and you won’t be outdoors long enough to get cold. Still, good thing you have a warm coat.

  35. I use Google Reader as well and love it. If’n you ever feel the need to add another blog to your list, come check mine out.

    Cristi-Laels last blog post..I Might Need An Intervention…

  36. BunnyQueen says:

    As someone living in Minneapolis, I can strongly recommend wool. Lots and lots of wool. πŸ™‚ Seriously, today I wore wool gauntlets (Dashing made in Cascade 220) and a pair of felted mittens along with wool socks (fingering weight wool). Other than that, I had on jeans and a regular sweater and coat, scarf and hat (non were wool). I was fine waiting for the bus for 10 to 15 minutes. If I were going to be out longer I would have dug and found the wool hat and scarf as well as a heavier sweater. The local station says it should be in the single digits to the teens over the weekend. πŸ™‚

  37. If you’re headed to Minneapolis, get a pair of Ugg boots (good sporting goods and outdoors stores have them) and a pair of Yak Traks, a kind of amateur’s crampon for walking securely in ice and snow. Seriously, a fall on the ice is not a joke, and if they make you feel like you’re old, you’d feel a lot older with a shiny new titanium hip and a walker.

    I’m headed the other way, to the inauguration, at the invitation of a generous friend, including an inaugural ball, a silly number of dinner parties, and lots of hiking.

  38. If I were you, when I go to Minnesota I would take those wool sweaters you rarely wear so they can get some use. Somehow I think you might actually turn on the heat in your MN hotel room, too.

  39. Hee hee – have you been following our temps?! When I got up this morning, it was -18F, windchill -35F. Um, yeah, I decided it would be a great day to work from home… Your sweater collection will get a workout while you’re here.

  40. I didn’t de-lurk yesterday, but thought I’d send you a quick comment today just to say how much I enjoy the blog and Lucy. A quick smooch to her from all of us here–the kitties and me. Kate (named for Kate Moss because she was skin and bones when I found her) , the mama and grandma of the lot, decided to have a litter under my front porch and by the time I caught everyone and got them spayed and neutered there were two generations and 12 cats total. Six black and six tabbies. We live just outside Springfield, MO and also have two dogs. The cats make fun of the dogs’ behavior behind their backs, but are polite enough not to ridicule them openly.

  41. remember to bring your big winter coat with you to Minneapolis. It’s been stupid cold lately.

    ikistis last blog post..things to do…

  42. Congrats to all the winners. Boo I wasn’t one. I thought Lucy was gonna put in a good word for me, oh well. Next time I guess

    Aunt Kathys last blog post..Monday- Mangled Maddness & A Makeover

  43. Yes, I live 3 hours’ drive southeast of Mpls, and we were subzero all day today. Bleah. January. Hope it warms up for you! But it’ll be warm at the Swedish Institute! Plus you’ve got good genes!

    I’m desolated to tell you that I won’t see you there after all. There’s a work function that weekend — and I’ve missed the last two. So I kind of need to go. BUT… turns out that I will see you at the Loopy Spring Fling in April! Which will probably be less crowded and more time to actually ‘meet’! Even though it’s not my neck of the woods. So, good news, bad news.

    (And P.S…..I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I’ve apparently now joined you in the Loopy Legend ranks….but I love ‘my’ colorway! It’s out of stock already though, I guess other people liked it too. I really didn’t buy it all up myself, though it was tempting — so me!

    Cathy-Cates last blog post..A Taste of Saturday Skies and Baby Knits

  44. I live near Chicago, but going to Minneapolis taught me how cold wind could be! I think it was because the air seemed a bit drier. (shrugs) If your coat is a wool one, the wind might rip straight through it. One good thing is that in some areas they have alternatives to going outside with pedestrian tunnels, so if that might be something worth checking out.

    AnnFs last blog post..Good Cooking Article

  45. Brrrr..I’m north of Detroit and it’s cold enough here…I saw the Minn forecast on the news..YIKES. I guess I’m a Lurker…I goto the many sites I enjoy reading each day but don’t always comment…just visit..I promise I’ll be better this year.
    Stay Warm

    KnittySues last blog post..

  46. In the winter I love looking at the temps of little towns in the north of Minnesota. Makes whatever weather I’m suffering through so much easier to suffer. πŸ™‚

    camelamas last blog post.."Oh oh oh I want this" Etsy Smile

  47. Wendy…don’t forget the toilet paper, too! You are so right about the news frenzy around the inauguration. Might as well call in Chicken Little to do the reporting. As a fellow DC commuter (early birder, too), I will also have the 4 day weekend which is nice considering I drive 50 miles each way by car. I work for a non-profit, but we follow the fed schedule. On the plus side, my beautiful DIL will be marching in the parade with her Naval Reserve unit so I’ll be watching on TV for her.

  48. Elizabeth says:

    Hi! I read every day and missed de-lurking day yesterday, so I’m popping in with a wave today. Lucy and the Hanging Garden stole are both lovely and beg to be touched! Good luck when you head to MN and be sure to wear layers. I’m in Northern ME and it’s really cold up here, too. Namaste!

  49. It would be nice if Google Reader had a little window for comments, no? Not that that extra click is so hard, but still…

    I lived in DC for 10 years and recently moved away, so I’m a bit homesick during these festivities–though I know if I were there, I would be hunkering down. As my best friend who still lives there says “It’s going to be worse the two inches of snow in Virginia!”

    Still, I feel like I’m in exile, living outside the beltway πŸ™

    Sprockets last blog post..Making Progress

  50. I lived in D.C. for 20 years a long time ago, and when I saw the Map you put up, the reaction I had was “O! M! G!”

    Good Luck, Mr. Obama.

  51. That’s crazy how many roads will be closed! I never even gave a thought to all the details and intricacies that go into planning for high profile events like that!

    I also get to work extremely early to beat traffic… and so I can get home and have time to do anything in the afternoons. I really really enjoy it.

    Lanis last blog post..Backyard Distractions

  52. Good for you that you’ll have such a nice long weekend! Stay warm!!

    Congratulations to all the lucky winners!!! πŸ™‚

  53. Hey – another delurker here who had no idea you were so close! I work right on Pennsylvania Avenue – while we’re closed on I-Day, our company has a huge party so we’ve been cleaning up and packing away clutter for weeks now. Ugh. It’s like the worst of moving, without the payoff of a new home at the end. The payoff for me will be a four-day knitting weekend, though!

    Tell Lucy that today’s picture is the prettiest yet!

  54. aww, no fair, I want inauguration day off! Sneak listening to it while editing websites is gonna suck. Oh, and I’m delurking one day late πŸ™‚

    Melanie J.s last blog post..Oh, there you are, depression…..

  55. And Miss Lucy IS a beautiful girl…
    So now I know why I haven’t heard from you in a bit over in my corner of the world on blogspot. πŸ™
    I miss you!
    And I don’t blame you a bit for staying home to watch the inauguration on TV. If I didn’t have to work, I’d be doing that, too!

    Knitnanas last blog post..Surprise!

  56. Our office (Georgetown waterfront area) was going to be open on the 20th (it’s still open on the 19th) – until every single member of the support staff pointed out that they weren’t going to be there, and the three workhorse attorneys (I work for two of them) wouldn’t be in, either. So they closed.

    And I’m taking the 19th off, too, because I’m just *not* going to deal with the Metro after Friday evening!!

    CraftyGryphons last blog post..Surprise Rabbiting

  57. congrats winning ladies! oh for a 4 day weekend!

    turtles last blog post..a quickie pimp …

  58. Lucky you, staying home for the inauguration — my poor hubby has to be at work at Walter Reed that day, and with all the craziness has decided the best thing is to just sleep on a coworker’s office the night before. I’m sorry he has to deal with all the traffic insanity, but I am glad that there are so many people who are going to work to make sure the inauguration goes off safely and smoothly. But even though I live in the Annapolis area, I’m not going, either; much as it would be fun to be part of an event this historic, I’m not a huge fan of standing out in the cold for many hours freezing my tuchus off.

    And speaking of freezing one’s tuchus off, my husband grew up 300 miles north of Minneapolis, just on the U.S. side of the border, and his brother still lives there. It’s because weather just like this that he left at age 18 for warmer climes and has never looked back. Bundle up, and stay as warm as you can! Here’s hoping the worst of the cold weather has broken by the time you get there.

    And of course Miss Lucy receives compliments. She’s a beauty, and she knows it! Clearly, she has as difficult a life as my kitty Emily does. πŸ™‚

  59. I can’t believe you are trekking to my frozen tundra! The opening of the Bohus should be great. Let me know if you need lifts to/from the airport or dinner reccomendations!

    – Christina

  60. Gingy in comment 28, if you’ve got to drive past DC on Tuesday from Baltimore, have you considered taking 97 down to 50 and then picking up 301 south off 50? That way you bypass the entire city, and only have a few miles of possible craziness on 50 to deal with.

  61. I was looking at the different weather forecasts this morning and I found myself wishing just a little that I lived in the DC area. It is pretty difficult for this runner at least to convince herself to go out when it is below freezing for her morning run. Thank goodness for the gym and the treadmill even if it is not the same.

    Seanna Leas last blog post..a quick bright break

  62. You need special Minnesota survival genes to live in Minnesota in the winter. I love living here but winter does get long. Love your blog and Lucy is a sweetie. Enjoy the bohus exhibit – and Minnesota- we’ll warm it up a little for you when you come. Predictions are for above average for next week!

    Anns last blog post..Let’s Talk About UFO’s

  63. I missed de-lurking day. I don’t comment everyday, but I should comment more frequently than I do.

  64. Congrats to the winners! I’ve always enjoyed lurking and commenting, I switch back and forth between the two, LOL.

    Lucy’s still the prettiest kitty! >^_^<

    Annas last blog post..The vines; they are a climbin’!

  65. Nosey Kat says:

    Hi Lucy,
    I’m Nosey. I’m a 20 yr old white cat with 2 black dots on my back. I’ll try to find a picture and send it. Anyway…. my lady knits, well, she thinks she knits. How this thing works is… she knits and I unknit. I sneak in the den during the night a slip a few stitches off the needle then mess up the yarn slightly. She hasn’t figured it out yet. She just wonders why nothing turns out right with this knitting thing. I know, I know. It’s just my way of keeping control. I gotta go, here she comes.


  66. Okay, it’s supposed to be 20-30 degrees warmer by the end of next week (which means mid teens to possibly do I hope 30???) Can I suggest wool? Hat, scarf, mittens and SOCKS!!!! The good news is that downtown is connected by a lot of skyways, so if things are scheduled right, you may not even have to go outside. PERK-PLUS!!!! hey, request a rental car that has heated seats. I’ve always wanted those.

    Have a great time!
    ~One of the blogspoters!~

    shellys last blog post..I’m Back, part 2

  67. YIPPPEEE! Thanks Wendy! ….and about going downtown on Tuesday – my DH works in Annandale M-W & he’s not going NEAR NoVa until Wednesday afternoon. Watching on TV sounds perfect!

    Cindy Ks last blog post..The Awaiting Fiber-Feast…..Yum

  68. Congratulations to the winners!

    I too live in Alexandria and commute into DC everyday, but MLK Day or Inauguration Day are not days off for my company. I do plan to work part of the day on Monday and take a day of leave on Tuesday. I have no plan whatsoever to come into DC, it would be crazy to do so with roads into DC closed to private passenger vehicles. I threatened today if I got one more email on the Inauguration Day road closures I was going to the airport and get out of town! Wendy have a nice 4 day weekend!

  69. haha lucy is such a ham! πŸ˜‰ lucky you with your four day weekend! i’ll be working from home on tuesday…better than driving to the office!

  70. Oops – I missed delurking day!! Hi Wendy and Lucy! Love ya’ll! Thanks for teaching me to make socks! I’m not scared, and I make socks ALL the time, now!

  71. I’m absolutely with you on the inauguration stay-at-home decision. I’m not budging from my house to go into the city when the crowding is going to be hideous and there is no way I’d get a better view than I would at home in my comfortable chair.

    bibliotecarias last blog post..thinking about crafts

  72. I didn’t realize you lived in DC! Of course, I haven’t been able (yet) to go through your archives. We visited back in August for a week and absolutely loved it. We’ll definitely be back for another vacation and have considered moving there. What a great city! I could live in the National Gallery and Smithsonian Museums!

    Also, I finally got around to ordering your book and can’t wait to get it!!!

    Marys last blog post..Week in review