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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Born to Knit!

A lot of you know my friend Johanne’s blog, Born to Knit. By the way, you seriously have to visit today because she has posted photos of her little boy in knitted armor and the level of teh cute will make you keel over in a faint.

Anyhow, what you may not know is that Johanne has been designing some knitting patterns. Up until now she’s only been selling them in her native Sweden. But because one of her friends might have nagged her incessantly (and I’m not saying who), she has released 4 patterns (so far) for sale in the U.S, available from The Loopy Ewe.

Her patterns are here.

In celebration of my having harangued her into starting to distribute her patterns in the United States, I’m doing a giveaway: a kit to knit Johanne’s lovely Signe mittens.


The kit includes the pattern, and Cherry Tree Hill merino yarn in black and cream.

Would you like it? Leave a comment to this blog entry be 4:00pm EST on Thursday, January 29. I’ll choose a commenter at random to receive the kit.

Meanwhile back at the ranch . . .

I decided to dig into my new Mini Mochi sock yarn and start a sock.


Incidentally, this yarn went up for sale at The Loopy Ewe last night as well — the category is here. It may well be sold out at this point, but I’m pretty sure that Sheri has more on the way. I’m using color #108, by the way.

This is a very interesting yarn — it stripes like Noro but is softer, and when knitted up has a halo. It’s 80% wool and 20% nylon, but it’s hard to believe there’s that much nylon content in it. It’s a single ply that looks like an Icelandic Lopi — very “un-spun” in places, but I’ve found it to be quite strong. I guess that’s the nylon talking, eh?

Because of it’s single-ply-ness and un-spun-ness it takes a bit of getting used to, particularly if you are used to knitting socks from something with a firm twist. At first I had trouble splitting it, but as I knit, I became more accustomed to the yarn and am now working merrily along.

I’m doing a very simple lace pattern that I sketched up. But more on that tomorrow!

Meanwhile, look at this cute little profile:



  1. Pretty mittens! Cute kid! Lovely cat! Pick me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Marlenes last blog post..Tomato Basil Soup

  2. The Signe mittens are really nice – so please put my name in to win the kit. I’m really glad “someone” encouraged Johanne to sell her patterns over here. (Great profile Lucy!)

  3. Yay! It’s so nice to see such talented people sharing their work with others. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Molly/nerdclub2000s last blog post..

  4. I love the sock! It is looking beautiful. As is Miss Lucy! And I can’t believe I’m the first one to comment!

    Edna Tanners last blog post..Another contest

  5. I have minimochi in my stash…just arrived yesterday.

    kim in oregons last blog post..Springtime in London Socks!

  6. The mitten is beautiful.
    I look forward to working with the Mochi.

    Jamies last blog post..Makin’ Monkeys

  7. You keep finding more ways to expand my knitting. Thanks for the connections!

  8. That knitted armour is adorable!

    (oh. dear. As if my Noro sock yarn cravings weren’t bad enough on their own!!)

  9. The mittens and the socks are simply beautiful. Thanks for encouraging Johanne to sell her patterns.

  10. Alex Fagelson says:

    Oh, please harangue Johanne some more, espeially for her boy’s sweater pattern.

  11. Those mittens are BEAUTIFUL…very striking…thanks for bringing them to our attention.

  12. Ooh! Me! Me! Pick me! Gorgeous mitten!

    Love the sock, too. Such a delightful halo!

    toni in floridas last blog post..Cupcakeโ€™s long fetching mitts

  13. Yeah for new patterns, and yeah for contests!!!

    Ann-Marie MacKays last blog post..I won!!!

  14. Wow, the mittens are spectacular! I do believe I’ll be purchasing some of her patterns either way!

  15. Want. Seriously!

  16. Stephanie says:

    I would like to win please ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Oh what a lovely mitten!
    Johanne is so talented and we are lucky Loopy Ewe is selling her patterns.

  18. Glad to hear that you are back safe! Oh how I wish I could have gone with you to the Bohus exhibition instead of saving my trip for Houston in Feb. x.x I would LOVE the kit if karma deems necessary!

    Annastasias last blog post..A bit hectic….

  19. Those mittens are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

    Sligos last blog post..Laminaria, yarn candy

  20. that is a seriously lovely mitten, and i would like to win the kit…i may go get the pattern even if i don’t win!

  21. Adorable! I love the whole knight ensemble.

  22. Beautiful mittens. And beautiful socks. And such a beautiful profile!

  23. Oh, those mittens are so gorgeous I can’t believe it! Thanks for the giveaway…

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  24. Love the mittens!

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  26. awesome design! thank you for sharing, that kit would rock ๐Ÿ™‚

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  27. WOW! Those mittens are beautiful…you’re so good to us ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Shannon H. says:

    Ooooh. Pretty mittens!

    I’m loving your MiniMochi socks. I’m going to have to find some soon for myself, as my sock yarn stash is dwindling.

  29. I love your socks, glad to hear the yarn is softer then Noro. I love the mittens and it is so nice that her patterns are at TLE. I hope she will have many more. Thanks for encouraging her.

  30. I am looking forward to the Signe pattern availability in English. I know I could track it down in the original language and use available charts – I would too if I hadn’t read that the pattern is likely to be out soon for the North American market.

  31. Pick me pick me!!! I love mittens!

    I can’t wait to get me some MiniMochi!

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  32. Beautiful mittens! Thanks for sharing.

  33. Beautiful mitten!

  34. Please add me for the give away. I love your blog and patterns.

  35. The mittens are beautiful – I’d love to be in with a chance to win. :0) And the colour of your sock is gorgeous. :0)

    Lindas last blog post..Super Secret Santa, SEX and FOs

  36. I saw the pattern yesterday at TLE and added to my wish list. i’d love to win the kit. And love that mini mochi color!

  37. Pretty Mittens… in a kit! Gimme ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Pets for Lucy!

  38. Love the mittens! And, since my ancestry is Swedish, they would fit right in with my genealogy! Good reason, right?

    Darlenes last blog post..Ramblings

  39. I do very much like the mittens!

    Debbies last blog post..Warm Ewe Up Winter Yarn Swap Bi-Weekly Blog Question #3

  40. wow I love those mittens! Way to go in the persuading = )

    Qutecowgirls last blog post..The last

  41. I can’t explain to you how badly I would love that kit. Mind you, I live in Miami, it doesn’t get cold here very often, but when it does, I freeze. Now, since it doesn’t get could here very often, I don’t have mittens because I’m going to use it a whole 3 times a year and it’ll sit in a drawer somewhere for the rest of the time. It didn’t seem worth it to me until recently when I started this new job where the power that be keep the a/c at below freezing temps. Then there’s also the fact that I would like to experiment with colorwork in knitting. All these reasons seem like good reasons why *I* should win that kit. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lissettes last blog post..What would you turn this into?

  42. how beautiful… I love mittens!

  43. I love the look of her patterns so much! Congrats on getting her to release them to North America!

  44. Those mittens are pretty! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    Pats last blog post..

  45. I’m glad I don’t only comment when you have a giveaway! Oh by the way, Coraline video games went on sale today… if you’re into that sort of thing.

  46. Alison E. says:

    Those gloves look amazing! Put me in the drawing!

  47. Beautiful sock and a beautiful pattern from Johanne. So nice of you to help her get published on this side of the pond :^)

  48. Eileen Bunn says:

    I love the mittens…..please???????

  49. I noticed her things last night at the Sneak Up and was sorely tempted. However, thoughts of the new IPod and the recent Wollmeise purchases made me resist. Next time!

  50. I’d love to try these mittens! I appreciate your review of the Mini Mochi; I ordered some last night!

  51. I would love a kit to those beautiful mittens. That yarn you are working on the new socks looks almost furry. I find I find Noro to be very itchy how about the Mini Mochi? I look forward to seeing the finished sock!! Lucy is such a sweety!! As always

  52. The mochi sock yarn is DIVINE!!! I love how the color is working out!

    Nathalies last blog post..A Night of Excitement

  53. Put me on the list for the kit, please. Also, I was pleased with the great entry re: Minneapolis. You were very gracious considering the weather this past weekend.

  54. Beautiful mittens. Thank you for the giveaway!

  55. Please enter me to win the beautiful mitten kit. We were passing the mini mochi around at knit group this morning and it’s hard to believe how soft it is. The colors are bright and gorgeous too.

  56. Thanks for pointing me to yet another designer that I’m going to have to add to my stash. I would love to try my hand at those mittens. I’ll be interested to see how your socks with the Mini Mochi turn out – I can’t wait to try it myself.

  57. Lovely pattern for the mitten. Would love to enter the contest.

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  58. The mittens are beautiful!

    Thank you for the chance to win a kit.

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  59. I love those mittens. The hat is just as wonderful. Thank you for giving us the chance to see such wonderful and creative works.

  60. I ordered my Mini Mochi last night, thank you very much! It looks yummy. I also looked at those patterns but couldn’t decide on one. Thanks for the chance, Wendy!

    Joyces last blog post..Another Christmas come and gone…

  61. You are wonderful! Sign me up for the random numbers. I’d love to make those mittens.

  62. Ooo. Those mittens are really pretty. Not that I need another project… ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Lovely pattern – and the kitty’s cute too! I hope I win…

  64. Your sock is beautiful! Thanks for convincing your friend to share her patterns in the U.S. You know, Lucy doesn’t really have a bad side-she looks beautiful from all angles.

  65. Those are stunning mittens! I live in a place where you have to adore mittens, so I’d love to knit these!

    Sarahs last blog post..Addiction

  66. I so LOVE those mittens, they make me brave enough to try colorwork ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. Oh wow, the patterns are beautiful! Especially the matching hat! *plots*

  68. oooo….to knit another mitten set. those look amazing.

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  69. I saw those mittens at the Loopy Ewe last night, and I immediately put them on my wishlist, they’re so beautiful! Could you please put my name in the drawing? Thank you!

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  70. BunnyQueen says:

    *drool* Those are gorgeous mittens. And… *sob*… I just recently misplaced my red and black mittens. I refuse to call them “lost” since that implies they may not be found. They are simply somewhere in the disaster I call home. Probably right next to my missing prescription sunglasses. *sigh*

  71. Yes, yes! Please harangue Johanne some more and enter me in the giveaway. Thanks for another great one.

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  74. Please put my name in for the mitten kit. I ordered some of the Mini Mochi, so was very interested in your “take” on the yarn!

  75. Oh, pick me! Pick me! The mittens are gorgeous.

  76. marie-france says:

    oh I’d love to win this kit Wendy

  77. Thanks for letting us know about those beautiful mitten patterns. Yum.

  78. I’m a newby to color work but I’d love to give it a try. That pattern would look great in a wide range of colors.

  79. I’d love to win that mitten pattern… I’m the only one in my family without hand-knit mittens (I’m so generous – I make for everyone but myself)

  80. Thanks for prodding Johanne to design English versions of her gorgeous patterns ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. I’ll be buying that pattern if I don’t win. And the cute cat sock one too!

  82. I’d love the mittens kit. I’m having a very bad day which is looking to be a very bad week so I’m not expecting to win it, but what the hell. I can always buy it, right?

  83. Elizabeth says:

    I have been wanting to try some colorwork and these mittens would be perfect. (Assuming I can pull myself away from lace, of course.)

  84. Wow, I love that mitten!

  85. Can’t wait to see the finished socks. The Mini Mochi sock yarn looks great. Love the mittens! Thanks for letting us know about them.

  86. Susan Scott says:

    I would love to be entered in the pool of candidates to win the mitten kit. Thank you for your generousity!


  87. Wow, what a lovely pair of mittens <3 (And I love the matching hat pattern, too!) I’m glad you got your friend to sell her designs here ๐Ÿ˜€

    Also completely coveting that Mochi yarn–I just might have to get some myself ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Love the latest sock! I will have to try to find some of that yarn. Love the mitten pattern, too.

    Sallies last blog post..Current knitting

  89. Waiting for my mochi! I can’t wait to see what you do with yours when it’s all said and done – which I bet is tomorrow as DC will shut down due to snow. Both inches of it ๐Ÿ˜€

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  90. Johanne’s little boy is darling, and her mittens are absolutely stunning. The best shot, of course, is the last one.

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  91. Alice in Richmond says:

    Of course I love the mittens and have to leave a comment! Glad you had fun times in Minnesota.

  92. What darling mittens…sign me up! Also, that sock yarn looks so lovely it almost makes me want to knit socks…almost. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Clumsy Knitters last blog post..Wrong Place, Wrong Time…Again

  93. Julia in KW says:

    Would love the mitten kit and really enjoyed perusing her blog…some lovely work and what a cutie pie (oops! Sorry, fearsome knight, I mean!)

  94. nice mittens, i just had put the matching hat in my cart this morning! so nice when yuo can look and see something cool , especially if you know the artist! (and your firnds son is adorable as is his knit gear!)

    turtles last blog post..A Lopi reunion! (and some pimping)

  95. De-lurking to say: love those mittens!

  96. I added Johanne to my blogroll after you mentioned her the last time. Nice designs! Thanks for the tip.

  97. Love those mittens! Pick me!!

  98. I love the little knight! He is adorable! And I would love to win a mitten kit, for some reason other people always lay claim to my handknits and I am in desperate need of new mittens.

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  99. Robin Pearce says:

    She’s as cute as ever! I love the mittens!

  100. Looove the mittens. Pick me!!