My current work in progress:

Sundew,by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softyak DK, using 3.25mm and 4mm needles.

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It was still grey, still rainy today. And happily, still not icy. I think we dodged a bullet on that one!


Meanwhile back at the ranch . . .







Online buddies?






Comfy seat?



Little helper?





Check and double-check!

Grey Tuesday

Bad news: It has been a grey rainy day.

Good news: It has not been a grey icy day.

Lucy is currently basking under a lamp:


In the interests of entertaining you, behold a photo of a gift from a friend (thanks, Anne Marie in Philly!)


These cute buttons are from The cool thing about them, apart from being very pretty, is that they are made from reclaimed and recycled clay. You can read all about that in the website linked to above. It looks like she’s not quite started selling these buttons online yet, but you can bookmark the site for future reference.

And now we move on the the Q&A portion of this blog post . . .

I’ve been asked a few times if I’ve turned the heat on yet. I have not. New Year’s Eve was a red-letter day, because by opening the window for a while on a very cold and windy day, I managed to get the inside temperature down below 70 degrees. But when the daytime temperature is in the 40s outside, it is in the low 70s inside without my having to turn on the heat. A peak at the 10-day forecast shows me that we’ve got a few days during that period where it is not supposed to get out of the 30s, so I live in hope of getting the inside temperature down below 70 again.

It’s funny, I don’t remember having this problem last winter. I wonder if the condo association has jacked up the heat in the common areas this year? It sure feels like it out in the hallways.

Another question has to do with my references to unbloggable work I’m doing. Sorry, but it remains unbloggable — no eventual reveal on the blog. Sometimes I find that I have to work on things in my spare time that are not bloggable.

But that will come to an end this week — at least in full-time mode. I ought to be able to pick up the Hanging Garden Stole in a couple of days, and I’m very much looking forward to that.

And after the Hanging Garden Stole, I’ll likely do something lacy with the lovely green yarn and beads I posted the photo of a couple of days ago.

And now, the totally random portion of this blog post.

I listen to music on an iPod on my commute, and I have it set on shuffle. Here, in order, are the songs I heard on my morning commute.

  1. Let My Love Open the Door — Pete Townshend
  2. Jools and Jim — Pete Townshend
  3. Clouds — Judy Collins
  4. Little Miss Dangerous — Ted Nugent
  5. Sheena is a Punk Rocker — The Ramones
  6. Hot Blooded — Foreigner
  7. Breaking Us in Two — Joe Jackson
  8. Mary Anne With the Shaky Hands — The Who
  9. Suddenly You Love Me — The Tremeloes
  10. A Kind of Hush — Herman’s Hermits
  11. Rock the Casbah — The Clash
  12. Rio — Duran Duran
  13. White City Fighting — Pete Townshend
  14. Radar Love — Golden Earring

Let me tell you, going from “Clouds” to “Little Miss Dangerous” will wake one up.

Well, That Went As Well As Can Be Expected

First day back at the office today and I survived. No problems on the commute (apart from a brief delay on the trip home), I remembered my security badge and keys, and I remembered all my passwords.

And wonder of wonders, I had no voicemail messages at all. That could be explained by the very strongly worded outgoing message I left on my voicemail before leaving work for the holidays. “Don’t even think about leaving me a message, scumbag!” (Okay, it wasn’t quite that bad.) Email, however, was another story. My inbox runneth over.

But all in all, it could have been much worse.

Hey, remember this?


I’m hoping to get back to work on my Hanging Garden Stole within the week.  I’m still working on un-bloggable stuff for a while, but by the weekend I think I’ll have things enough under control that I feel comfortable splitting my time between the unbloggable and the bloggable.

In the meantime, hey, would you like a book?


For reasons I cannot fully explain, I find myself with two copies of Lace From the Attic by Nancie Wiseman. Therefore, I am giving one away.

If you’d like to be entered in the drawing to receive my second copy, leave a comment to this blog entry by Thursday, January 8, 2009 at 4:00pm EST. At that time the noble and revered random number generator will select a winner from among the comments.

Lucy sez:


“And where have you been all day?”


Well, look at that. We are 4 days into 2009 already. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year celebration!

For me, 2008 ended on a mixed note.

The good: my brother became a grandpa on December 30. (Remember the baby surprise jacket I made a few months ago? That was for his new grandson.)

The bad: on the morning of December 31, a family friend had a large tree fall on her house, which demolished about one-quarter of the house. The good news there is that neither she nor her 2 kitties were injured, but the state of the house is horrific. Work has already started on it, but it will be at least several months before it is habitable again.

I’ve been off from work since December 18, and am reluctantly returning to the office tomorrow. So today I’m getting things ready to return to “normal” life.

I’ve got my new 2009 calendar up at home.


And I’ve got another 2009 calendar ready to take to the office.


Now I’ve got to pick out a new book to take for lunchtime reading.

I’m still working on non-bloggable things, but wanted to show you a photo of one of the lovely things I got for Christmas:


This is laceweight wool that my friend Johanne gave me, along with matching beads. It’s from a shop local to her in Stockholm. Isn’t it gorgeous?

So, all is back to normal here. And Lucy is as usual overseeing everything!