My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Deep Thoughts

I was talking with a sock knitting friend yesterday (Hi, Sharon!) and she mentioned that she usually knits her socks top down because she has a high instep and adjusting the heel flap going top down is easily done. Is there a way to adjust the heel flap going toe-up to accommodate a high instep?

This is something I hadn’t thought of before, but hey! Why not?

I pulled out my generic toe-up slipstitch heel pattern (pdf link) and started winkling it. Here’s what I came up with.

I’m basing this on the generic sock pattern I linked to up there. It has 58 (66, 74, 82) stitches around — so you would be working with 29 (33, 37, 41) sole stitches before you start the gusset. If you have more or fewer stitches, you need to adjust to accommodate, like I do in my patterns based on 56 (64, 72, 80) stitches around — I add one stitch in the center of the round after the last gusset increase, then decrease 1 stitch after the heel is complete.

You will start your gusset increases 1/2″ sooner than you do for my regular slipstitch heel pattern (i.e., you will be knitting an extra half-inch of gusset).

Create the Gusset:

Round 1: Work across the instep stitches in your pattern. Sole stitches: K1, M1, knit across to the last stitch, M1, K1.

Round 2: Work across the instep stitches in your pattern. Sole stitches: Knit all stitches.

Repeat Rounds 1 and 2 until you have 55 (61, 67, 73) stitches total sole stitches.

Turn the Heel:

You will now work back and forth on the sole stitches (now the heel stitches) and will not knit the instep stitches while turning the heel. Turn heel as follows:

Row 1: (RS) K37 (41, 44, 48), KFB, K1, W&T
Row 2: P 22 (24, 26, 28), PFB, P1, W&T
Row 3: K 20 (22, 24, 26), KFB, K1, W&T
Row 4: P 18 (20, 22, 24), PFB, P1, W&T
Row 5: K 16 (18, 20, 22), KFB, K1, W&T
Row 6: P 14 (16, 18, 20), PFB, P1, W&T
Row 7: K 12 (14, 16, 18), KFB, K1, W&T
Row 8: P 10 (12, 14, 16), PFB, P1, W&T

You now have 63 (69, 75, 81) heel stitches, having just completed a wrong-side row. On the right side, knit to the end of the heel stitches, knitting each wrap together with the stitch it wraps. Work across instep stitches.

Heel flap: Work back and forth on the heel stitches:

Row 1 (RS): K 45 (50, 55, 60) (knitting each wrap together with the stitch it wraps), SSK, turn
Row 2: SL 1, P 27 (31, 35, 39), P2Tog, turn
Row 3: [SL 1, K 1] 14 (16, 18, 20) times, SSK, turn

Repeat Rows 2-3 until all side stitches have been worked, end having worked Row 2. Turn your work and knit across. You once again have 29 (33, 37, 41) stitches.

This adjustment gives you 6 extra gusset stitches, and the heel flap is worked for 6 rows longer than usual. This will give you about an extra half inch in the height of the heel, unless my math skills suck even more than I think they do.

Speaking of math skills sucking, I have not tested out the numbers I’ve given you here, just worked them out on (virtual) paper. So proceed at your own risk.

About That Shop

Several of you left comments about the shop that is illegally selling my pattern, voicing the opinion that it is unnecessarily “mean” of me to post the name of the shop in my blog.

Well, I’ve emailed them, and I’ve phoned them several times during their normal business hours (as posted on their website). They have not responded to email, and no one has yet picked up the phone, and there is no answering machine. The phone just rings and rings. I find that awfully strange.

In my opinion, I’ve expended enough time and energy trying to contact them and I think no, I am not being “mean” telling you who they are. I have no responsibility to them, and many of you have asked me who they are. I’m not asking or expecting anyone to “do anything” about the situation, apart from avoiding shopping there if you so desire.

Bur I’ll decide what to do when the time comes.

New Sock Book

Thank you for all your kind words about my upcoming book. April 14 does seem like a long time to wait, but think how long I’ve been waiting. I completed the manuscript at the end of February last year. It takes a long time to make a pretty book. πŸ™‚

As for as book signings, etc., I’ll keep you posted on all developments.

Lucy Sez:


“Will you be my Valentine?”


  1. Lucy I would LOVE 2 B your valentine – as would many others who read you Mom’s blog! Am anxiously awaiting your Mom’s book – have signed up for early delivery from Amazon! luv.m.

  2. First comment! The store shouldn’t do what they don’t want someone to talk about. Don’t they usually like free advertising?

  3. Lucy – not only would I like to be your Valentine; but I would also like to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hope that Saturday is a PURRFECT DAY for you.

  4. MRRRRRRROW! You certainly can be my valentine, baby!
    Love, Ozzie

  5. “Mean”? Hardly.
    It’s pretty hard to feel sympathetic toward anyone who would pirate another person’s free downloadable pattern and then turn around and sell it for profit. Even if someone was completely clueless about copyright issues, their internal moral compass should be pointing at “WRONG” . It doesn’t take a genius to know that this is unethical (putting it mildly), and it’s stealing. Would I want to do business with someone like that? No. And that’s why I think it’s a public service to post the name of the shop on your blog.

  6. Well, I want to know what shop it is. If they’re doing this with your patterns, they’re probably doing it with others. One LYS here used to make photocopies of patterns that were legitimately for sale and then sell those for full price. I quit doing business with them until the shop changed hands.

  7. I’d love to be your valentine too, Lucy! Will you be mine?

    A happy birthday to a sweetheart of a cat!

    Yup, books take longer than babies! Can’t wait to see your new book.

  8. You know, I don’t think it is at all mean because they are ripping you off. If they want to play that way, then they need to pay the piper, so to speak. I am anxiously awaiting the release of your book. Oh, and of course I would luv to be your valentine, Lucy.

  9. Dear Lucy (and Wendy) – We would LOVE to have you as our Valentine!

    And please tell your momma she isn’t mean if she ends up publicizing the name of the shop that’s selling her pattern (although I’m sure they’ll say they’re” merely providing it as a suggestion” when they’re cornered). If you want to play, you should be prepared to pay.

  10. I think that if that shop dosen’t want negative publicity, then they shouldn’t be doing illegal things. How is it “mean” to put an unethical place` of business on blast for their behavior? Me thinks that the owner and some of her staff are afoot and trying to cause dissension.

  11. Of course it isn’t mean. And I would like the name of the shop because all yarn comes with karma, and I don’t need any bad karma for my knitting. I think karma floats free in the atmosphere and can soak in to what it touches, similar to cigarette smoke, so yes please, when it is time, please post the shop’s name.
    Happy Valentine’s Day Lucy

  12. Alex Fagelson says:

    The master patterns in Cat Brodhi’s “New Pathways” book accounts for both high and low arches, even in her toe-up patterns. Your friend should check it out.

  13. Yes, I’ll be Lucy’s Valentine. As far as I’m concerned, there is no such thing as “excessive” sentimentality where cats are involved.

  14. anne marie in philly says:

    steven and meredith say: “cousin lucy, you are our valentine EVERY day! and we wish you the meowiest birthday evah!”

  15. Lucy! Happy ValentineΒ΄s Day! says Sissela, a norwegian forrestcat , ad her Mom.

  16. Lucy – Sasha, Chantilly, Mattie and I would love to be your Valentine!!!
    My sister has a high instep and I find if I just start increase about 2″ up the foot and just on the instep stitches it works fine.


    Cats last blog post..The $14.00 Bowl of Sopa (Soup)

  17. Mean? NOT! I used to work in a yarn shop and it was amazing the unethical (not to speak of illegal) things people would ask the owner to do when it came to patterns. Fortunately, she has integrity and was above board. I won’t shop places that treat a pattern designer as you have been mis-treated.

    Miss Lucy — Happy Valentine’s Day. And your birthday, too? I hope it is extra special.

    Kim B.s last blog post..Now You See It…Now You Don’t

  18. Happy Valentines Day to you and Lucy.

    About the shop — Before you publish their name, it might be a good idea to talk to an attorney. A nice little cease and desist letter with the threat of a lawsuit if the sales continue might be all it takes to get the shop to stop infringing on your copyright. And, of course, you can always ask for reimbursement for the sale of the patterns. Plus it sends the message to others that you won’t tolerate violation of your copyrights. Good luck.

  19. I join the chorus of voices saying that Wendy should identify the store IFthey don’t cease and desist in using her free patterns as a part of their kit for sale. No splitting mo-hairs that they are only charging for the wool – and the pattern is a “freebie” – that would be “cya” to the highest degree. tsk tsk and shame on them. As a fellow creatrix (though not of patterns) I support artists / writers /poets / musicians / creators of knowledge getting the final say on how their work is distributed – and who profits from it.

    Miss Lucy, my cats would be honored to be your valentine! Hocus, Pocus, Abra, and Shaazzaam send their furry feline love!

    Susan Hurrells last blog post..TT 27 – The Lecture List

  20. Karen in Baltimore says:

    It’s absolutely NOT mean to publish the name of the shop! Simply put, the shop owner is stealing. You’ve done the work, and this individual is taking the profit. I certainly wouldn’t want to do business with anyone so unethical.

  21. I am impatient to order your book. Like european I can pre-order it from For the moment I have no socks book, because I want yours. I really enjoy your free pattern and I am sur there one in your book will as good as the free.

    Ptinutzs last blog post..Pendant qu’on tricote des cadeaux

  22. Wendy, I don’t think it’s mean at all. It’s just desserts for the shop stealing your work. Maybe it will make them think twice before trying that stunt again.

    I’d love to be Lucy’s valentine! I guess that entails some major catnip purchases!

  23. Purrrrr….rub…rub…. I’d love to be your Valentine!

    Nancys last blog post..The Varmint said What???

  24. I agree wholeheartedly with you regarding the shop using your pattern. I recently gave a friend copies of two patterns she admired. I repurchased the patterns because a copyright is especially important to independent designers.

  25. I don’t think you’re mean in calling out to a shop that is illegally selling your pattern. Just a week or two ago, I called out on my blog to a designer who had published a pattern awfully similar to another pattern in a book by a different designer.

    I think it shows a lack of creativity to sell a pattern that you are not authorized to sell. I guess they just can’t find anyone who wants to design patterns to sell in their shop (which would be better business).

    By the way, to Lucy: <3

    Carolines last blog post..The Purple Shawl

  26. Let me get this right–someone is stealing your work and you are supposed to be nice to them. No way, especially after they have not responded to your cease and desist request.

  27. I met a woman who knits but cannot knit a sweater because she cannot imagine the sweater in a different colour than the one photographed in the pattern. (The ‘u’ in colour is there because I am Canadian. It is spelled correctly here.) I was gob-smacked. (Which may be spelled incorrectly.) It never occurred to me that she couldn’t make the transition of colour, never mind texture and drape! I value designers much more now that I know that about her vision. (She is hearing person. She listens. Me, I am not so good at that. ) Designers need credit for their work. I am all for standing up for yourself in the way you choose to do so. (Also because I find standing up for myself effectively difficult most days. It is good for the self respect, standing up for oneself is. )

  28. I concur — it’s hardly mean to name the shop that is violating your copyright which against the law. They should be lucky you aren’t suing their asses.

  29. You are not being mean. You are protecting your own rights.

    kmkats last blog post..Tissues: the real story.

  30. I don’t agree with those who think you are “mean” to name the shop which is ILLEGALLY selling your pattern!! You have done everything you can to let them know they are breaking the law.

    I always knit my socks cuff down. Do you think I could use your toe-up pattern and start the chart at the top? Thanks by the way for the Waterfall pattern!

    Shirleys last blog post..Quilted Wallhanging

  31. Heck no, you are not being mean! I think you are being quite kind going to the effort of contacting them and giving the shop a chance to explain and/or correct things. Other knitters will want to know so that we do not give our business to such a place and other designers will want to know for their own protection.

  32. PICAdrienne says:

    Lucy, our Tazzy is too crabby to be your Valentine, and Mr. Mischief has some brain damage, so you don’t want him, but we love you.

    As for the yarn shop, they have been advised, and if they cannot have the courtesy of returning your email, they deserve whatever happens. I have heard of a community that is using shunning to get rid of gangs, and it is working. Shunning would probably be appropriate in this case as well.

  33. I think you should disclose the name of the shop. I know you will do what ever you think best but still. I think: no patterns, no yarn sales, no yarn sales the shop goes out of business. If they make money and get the credit why not you??????
    I went to a LYS here last weekend and saw exactly that: a free online pattern sold as part of a kit. I called the owner over to the shelf and told her right then and there: “you know this is illegal, copyright violation, even if the pattern is FREE” . She said she did not know……I now realize that I was so mad I don’t even remember what pattern it was! I know its free but for the life of me I can not remember the pattern. I am going to have to go back to the store and browse around and find said kit, if she has it I will notify the pattern owner. Why is it that people do not realize that we are ALL together in it? Benefit for one should be benefit for the other.
    Sock pattern: I will stick with toe ups, thanks πŸ˜€

    Laritzas last blog post..A sock instead of dinner

  34. I think anytime anyone is doing something illegal they SHOULD be out-ed!!! I would certainly love to know who they are!
    It seems like you’re feeling better this week!! I’m glad!
    I cannot wait for your book to come out!! I’ve had it on my Amazon wish list for months!!! I’ll have it in my hot little hands the minute it comes out!!
    Oh, yeah, and thanks for the new pattern!! You’re so generous!! I can’t wait to knit them!

    Shama Ds last blog post..My Friend, Kim

  35. I’m a long time reader, first time commenter and a lawyer. Of course, Wendy is not being mean to name the lys that has stolen her intellectual property. That is a mild response. Kathy commented earlier that Wendy could have a lawyer write a cease and desist letter and sue to make them disgorge their ill gotten profits. That is all true and Wendy could also get an injunction preventing them from doing it in the future, but their profits are probably small enough that there is no financial benefit to Wendy in doing that and who knows if they have any money to pay damages. Legal action is probably not practical. So, calling them out publicly is fair and if some people boycott them and tell them why, maybe they will change their ways. I agree that you don’t have to be a lawyer or know anything about copyrights to know that this is wrong. I would not deal with this shop.

  36. Hi Wendy ,you have every right to POST the name of that shop. What they are doing is unethical. Its unfortunate that the same thing happens in the Art world with paintings, Music industry, Designs and patents, and Literary works. Enough is enough, I do have a problem with people selling anyone’s copyrighted material for their own financial gain. Some people have no morals and this is a perfect example that they don’t think they would ever get caught. In short they are Cheaters!!!!! And they are sending the wrong message to their customers. I would like to know who they are. They feel no shame in selling material that doesn’t belong to them, they should feel no shame in being identified.

  37. Mean, hardly. They are violating your copyright. Your about as mean as Lucy. Out them

    Suzanns last blog post..From Hate To Respect

  38. Susan Voegtly says:

    Dear Wendy, I think that you are a woman of incredible patience. I don’t know how you stood that long waiting to see your book! I hope that when you got to hold it, it was a huge thrill. I think you’ve been incredibly patient with the illegal actions of the shop. Enough is enough. Best wishes on your book!!!

  39. I’m wondering what a high instep is, in terms of actual numbers. I knit my heel flaps to 3″, which usually is a comfortable height o accommodate my tall feet. I’ve knit a couple pairs of your toe up socks per the pattern (3″ shorter than foot length) and they’ve been quite comfy. I’d hope not many folks have taller insteps than myself…makes for interesting shoe shopping!

  40. Wendy, I went ahead and ordered the book that is now printed and pre-ordered the book that is coming soon. I’ve got my first pair of toe-up socks on the needles (I’m knitting 2 at a time on circulars), so I’ll be happy to try your patterns. Mainly, though, I figured that the best way to get back at a shop that is illegally selling your patterns is to purchase your books! Fie on them! (Now, call your attorney and make ’em pay!) πŸ˜‰ Hugs and good knitting to you!

    Judith Brodnickis last blog post..25 Things from my Stash

  41. I have a hard time understanding why a business would not even answer there phone. Emails can be overlooked or ignored. Just does not seem like a good business practice. Tell Lucy I will be her Valentine!!!!

  42. While I can imagine a variety of (negative) adjectives to describe you, were you to post the shop’s name (being a devil’s advocate), “mean” makes no sense. You involved i a business interaction. “Mean” implies a social interaction so it just doesn’t make sense!

    And I think that posting the name of the shop is one of a long list of appropriate responses, and one of the more mild responses at that!

    Colleens last blog post..Almost there!

  43. Aaaww, Lucy, of course I’ll be your Valentine! How could I resist those baby blues πŸ™‚

    JoAnns last blog post..Old and New

  44. Ann in Montreal says:

    Lucy, Grand Duke Arthur the Carnivorous and I will happily be your Valentine.

    In times past when unscrupulous people broke laws they were put on public display in the stocks. Now their names are revealed on blogs. If you do opt to out the culprits I will hurl virtual fish heads at them.

  45. Thank you for taking the time to work out the toe-up pattern for those of us with high arches. I’ll have to try that sometime.

    Scratches Lucy’s head instead of my own. It’s not legal or ethical to sell a copywrited pattern you’ve posted for free on your website. Why should someone have an issue with you identifying the store that continues to rip off both the designer and their customers after you’ve told them to stop? Boggles. You’ve been more than fair.

  46. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    I don’t think it would be mean at all. They’re breaking the law and should be outed! I, too, would like to know who they are.

    I’ll bet everyone wants to be Lucy’s valentine!

  47. As said above by everyone that has commented, Wendy, you have absolutely every right to post the LYS’s name on your blog, in Plurk, Twitter and everywhere else. Your previous action in emailing them should have been enough. But these people are unscrupulous, and they deserve to lie in the bed that they made.

    Pandorasslaves last blog post..Two Things of Note

  48. Theresa in Italy says:

    Oh yes, Lucy, I’d love to be your valentine. Right, I’ll take a number….

    For the record, I don’t think you’re being mean; if you ask me you’ve been more than fair; you’ve given this LYS every chance to respond (even trying to reach them by phone) and explain themselves and/or apologize; the fact remains that they are stealing from you. Would any of those readers who’ve complained that you are being mean stand by if someone snatched their purse?

  49. It’s not “mean” to protect your legal rights, to defend yourself and your property. This LYS is stealing from you, no different than if they broke into your home and went off with your wallet. Do what you feel is right.
    And thanks so much for giving us something to look forward to in 8 weeks. So many in the US really dread the middle of April, for very taxing reasons!

    Petunias last blog post..Living on the Edge

  50. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Lucy. Of course you’re not mean! A copyright is intended to protect you the author/owner of the document. Why should someone else make a profit off of your work. It belongs to you. Those same people wouldn’t be too happy if someone broke into their home and stole something of theirs.

  51. Are you trying to call the yarn shop from a telephone which would identify you on the shop’s caller ID? Just sayin’…maybe try another phone, or have somebody else call them (and then hand the phone to you).

    HOWEVER, as lovely as all this ethereal (phone, email) communication is…ya just can’t beat a good old-fashioned cease and desist letter. Hard copy. Oh, and make that a *registered* letter. If you’re not an actual lawyer yourself, you must trip over them daily at work. S’rsly.

    Lucy, you are my Valentine every day, when I see your lovely self on my refrigerator door with the x’s and o’s you wrote…okay you wrote them to Marl & Del, technically, but I loves you too. Happy Birthday, sweet face. xoxoxo

  52. Frankly, I think you should go ahead and publish the store’s identity. What they did is unlawful and you should not feel guilty about exposing that fact.
    And thank you for the high instep info. Always learn so much from you! Can’t wait for your the publication of your book. Sally

  53. Hooray for Knitter’s Maths. πŸ˜€

    LittleWits last blog post..It’s almost Friday!

  54. I think that you have every right to expect the yarn shop to respond to your e-mail asap and as for me I would like to know that my LYS was charging me for a pattern that I could get for free on the web. Not only are they taking advantage of your pattern but they are taking advantage of their customers I would not want to shop in a store with that kind of customer service.

    BreannaSs last blog post..Inspiration in Winter

  55. Danielle from SW MO says:

    My son and I have High Arches/insteps and the pattern that works best for us is your “Toe Up with a Difference” pattern. The unique way you worked the gusset increases into the bottom of the foot instead of the top adds enough extra room for our arches and makes for a very comfortable sock that fits perfectly! It also works really well for my husband who has flat feet as well.

    Miss Lucy…My boys and I would LOVE to be included as your Valentines esp Bligh who continues to have a crush on you despite being “fixed” πŸ™‚

  56. Please come to the Brooklyn Public Library on your book tour. I can give you a contact name.Ask the Mason-Dixon knitters how their visit was.

  57. I think you should say or disclose the name of the shop. Too many times thing get swept under the carpet. If we act in all honesty then we have nothing to be ashamed of.

    Of course, I’ll be Lucy’s valentine, although Ticky might get jealous.

  58. I remember reading on Ravelry a thread started by someone who discovered that her free patterns were being sold by an eBay seller. Who apparently had more than one eBay user id and so the whole thing was like a game of Whack-a-Mole.
    Toby says that although he is very close friends with a cute little calico cat, he thinks Lucy would be a lovely valentine. He sends his photo to her below:

    CarolineFs last blog post..Aloha from Molokai

  59. I don’t think it’s mean to give the name of the shop on your blog. It’s unnecessarily mean of the shop owner to package your pattern in a kit without your permission–not to mention slightly illegal and a violation of your rights. Name away.
    Lucy–Izzy, Debit and I love you but we will be celebrating Singles Awareness Day Saturday. I’m the Grinch who stole Valentine’s day.

  60. Poopoo to the folks who think you’d be mean to post the name of the shop! You have every right to do that; they’re trying to profit off your talent. Glad you’re rallying from your flu, Happy Valentine’s!

    Melanie J.s last blog post..Zen

  61. Wendy, I love Lucy! Sadly I am very allergic to cats;Happily, you share Lucy in cyberspace. May i suggest that you send the shop a “cease and desist” letter before naming the shop in your blog. Your book “Wendy Knits” goes perfect w/a cup of tea in the afternoon.

  62. Oh, Lucy, you beautiful kitty, you stole our hearts some time ago. Of course we’ll be your valentine!

    Barbara-Kays last blog post..Slogging through knitting

  63. Please tell me who in their right mind would turn that beauty down when she asks so sweetly?
    Of course, I’ll be your Valentine, Lucy!
    (I pre-ordered my Toe-up Sock book yesteday!)
    Happy V-Day!

    Knitnanas last blog post..Update…and an Alert!

  64. Copyrights are only as good as the enforcement. Publish the thieves names – that’s what they are!

    Joannes last blog post..Yes, She Does

  65. First, Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    Now, I have to ask. Does your new book discuss how to “winkle” sock patterns for a better fit? I’ve been meaning to sit down and try some adjustments myself, but if that is included in the book…great! Even if it isn’t, I’m still looking forward to receiving my copy…already pre-ordered, of course!

  66. Book signing – – – did you say BOOK SIGNING???!!! Oh my gosh, what I would do to meet you in person and have you sign my book!!!!! I’ll probably be all shy and clam up – – but I’ll be happy and in awe. Would be awesome if Lucy was there to but I know that would be not fun for Lucy at all. Have a good weekend Wendy.

    You mean? C’mon . . . ridiculous.

    oh, quick question, I just purchased a scale to weight yarn. How does one go about splitting a hank of yarn into two separate even weight cakes of yarn? I envision myself putting the hank on swift and then starting the ball winder and then guessing about half way that I’m done, and then you remove the cake from the ball winder to weigh it – – but behold, the cake won’t go back on the ball winder without a major struggle and then it is now a mess – – what do you do?

  67. I don’t think it’s “mean” of you at all. These people are stealing from you. If they’re not going to respond, and you don’t feel like suing them, spreading the word through your very well-read blog will do the trick!

  68. I know it’s redundant to say so, but it’s not mean to out a store that’s stealing your pattern. It’s also disingenuous of anyone to argue that it might be OK because they’re not charging for the pattern, just the yarn; the kit would be worthless without a pattern inside it, so the pattern is part of what makes the kit something people will pay for — therefore, they’re making money from your copyrighted work. Good luck.

    Jocelyns last blog post..Award

  69. Mean? No Way!! Out them! Off with their heads! Miserable thieves.

  70. I usually do socks top down because my bind off when doing them toe up either ends up way too tight or way too loose. I can never seem to get it just right but I have no problems with my cast on fitting correctly when doing top down.

    Katrinas last blog post..Back to Normal

  71. April 14 is a *great* day for a book release. It will make the perfect birthday gift for ME! LOL

    Annettes last blog post..Joyful Summer

  72. Lucy, you’d be the cutest, fluffiest Valentine ever. Catnip hearts to you!

    No, Wendy, I don’t think it’s mean of you to call the shop out. I’ve read your blog for many moons, and and I know you are not a snarky type and this isn’t something you’d do lightly. Plain put, the shop is in the wrong, and if they don’t have the decency to respond to you, they get what they deserve. Kharma, no?

    Susan Schroeders last blog post..Balls!

  73. I have been reading your blog for about as long as I have been reading blogs, and I have admired your work and your generosity in sharing your skills and patterns. You clearly have put a lot of work into your patterns, and you deserve to get credit (and remuneration) for them. It is wrong for that LYS to sell your patterns without compensation, and I am glad you’re posting the name so that I can vote with my dollars and not shop there.

    I have been hesitant about trying toe up socks (top down socks work fine, and so inertia has set in), but I will buy your book when I can and give them a try.

  74. Why is it “mean” of you to publish the name of the shop that’s violating copyright by selling copies of your pattern and not paying you for them?

    If everyone buried the truth, even when it’s unattractive, think of what our lives would be like. You’re simply planning to state a fact: the name of the store which did this is X. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. Facts can’t be mean.

    Remember, “well-behaved women rarely make history.”

    Erikas last blog post..Christo would be proud

  75. Oh, Wendy. If you absolutely have to name the store, go ahead. Could you possibly be called anything worse than “odious”??

    Pattis last blog post..US Government Says "Let the Book Burning Commence!"

  76. Re: mean. Nope, it’s not mean.

    Re: Valentine. Piggy normally hates Valentine’s Day, but cannot possibly say no to Lucy.

    yarnpiggys last blog post..Happy Paraskavedekatriaphobia Day

  77. Copyright law clearly states that you can only make a copy of copyrighted material for “personal” use. To profit from a pattern that is not your own is stealing…and that is what said yarn shop owner is doing when she packages your pattern with the yarn she is selling.

    On the other hand, we consumers have a certain responsibility to pattern creators. If you recognize a pattern, especially one available on the internet as a freebie, for sale, you should nicely point out to the shop owner that this is a copyright violation AND contact the pattern creator (if possible via e-mail) and identify the shop and its owner.
    Too often, we don’t “want to get involved” which allows type of plagarism/stealing to continue. I’ve seen it in counted cross-stitch and in quilting, as well as in knitting. And, as one commenter pointed out, pursuing these things legally is just too expensive in most cases.

  78. Definitely out the shop! I find it interesting that people are saying it would be “mean” to let the (blog) world know who has created/sanctioned this wrongdoing. Gee, telling the truth and lettting the wrongdoer deal with the consequences? What a novel concept. I htink you have shown admirable restraint thus far.

  79. Gail Lucille says:

    Hi Wendy:
    Just had to comment after reading all the Deep Thoughts from all your blog friends, as me, myself, & I feel….I would love to find out who the LYS is, and find out when your going to go VISIT the store to see your FREE pattern in the illegal sleeve protectors being SOLD to people….Shame on that Yarn Store. (If you could go)
    You know, it would be a riot to watch the look on the LYS face when they see you walk through their door…I can-Not believe that they did not know they were doing something illegal….I think they just thought that they would get away with it, and guess what? It’s NOT gonna happen…Right? Let us know the Yarn store’s name..& P.S, Lucy we would love to be Your Valentine..You Pretty Ragdoll You…
    Gail Lucille.

  80. I don’t think you’re being mean at all – they’re breaking the law. They’re lucky you’re not suing them! Happy Valentine’s Day πŸ˜€

  81. I haven’t read the posts, (so don’t know if this has already been suggested) but I do not think it is “mean” to post the store’s name, I do however, think you should consider that, “Any publicity, is good publicity.” Having said that, you seem to have done just about everything else possible…
    Do you know any big burly knitters in the store’s area that can go flex their muscles, perhaps?

    Creativehandss last blog post..Let me make this perfectly clear.

  82. Marianne Y says:

    Congratulations on the publication of your book, Wendy! I can’t wait until it is available locally!

    That is wicked of that shop to do that. If they wanted to do that, they should have asked you, and worked out some sort of royalty arrangement. I think mentioning their name, when you see fit, would be fine.

    Thank you for the waterfall pattern! It is lovely! πŸ™‚

  83. No, not mean at all! The only mean thing about this whole thing is that shop selling your patterns. Let us know what shop it is. I’m sure none of us wishes them any ill will, but you have a loyal following. I, for one, would choose not to shop there. I am flabbergasted that they would do such a thing. Bad karma, very bad karma. I live in Maryland and want to be sure it is not one of the shops I frequent.
    Lucy, you are the best Valentine ever. Sweet kitty!! We love reading about your exploits. What is your momma doing to celebrate this special day with you?

  84. Thanks for the high instep adjustment. Just in time as I was about to start a pair of socks for someone with a high instep! And thanks for the waterfall pattern.
    I agree you’ve been very patient with these folks, and also suspect they have Caller ID. If you do reach them, perhaps knowing how many of your readers would not buy from them might get their attention.

    Inas last blog post..Danish tie-shawl progress

  85. Thank you so much for doing the ‘tweeking’ of the instep for those of us with high arches……since me and math usually equal a disaster that can only be righted by a glass of wine and a good cry – you’ve saved me the madness of it – LOL!

    Lucy – SWAK!

    farm-witchs last blog post..Roses in the Snow

  86. Mean is them making money off your free pattern. You telling them not to do it, and calling them out if they keep doing it is not mean. It’s smart. It’s fair. Unlike what they are doing.

    Evelyns last blog post..I think I’m in love!

  87. Wendy, I support you completely and hope you will name the shop. I will not buy anything from them ever again. A copywrite should be honored.

    On the good news side, I have your new book on pre-order with amazon and I am looking forward to getting it when it is published.

    Thank you for all your free patterns and enjoyable words on knitting.

  88. Sheesh Wendy – I know you don’t write this blog just for me, but I’ve been looking for that toe-up sock pattern to use for Knitting Purls Toe-Up KAL! All I had to do is click on it and print it out!! hee hee – plus, I could use a little higher instep myself. You rock! Much thanks yet again!

    Danieles last blog post..FLS KAL and Boy Blankie

  89. Glad you’re feeling better and have resources for frustration. You’re being typically gracious by allowing the stupid store to recognize their mistake and reply something like, “We failed to tell you that all proceeds from this kit are going to the local kitty shelter”.
    Thanks for the amended pattern. I’ll probably try it although my problamatically high arches are happy in your regular recipe.

    Angies last blog post..Comfort and Joy

  90. two questions–are you going to include an insert with the book with these new changes? will these new instructions be included with future printings? thank you for the free patterns & best wishes.

  91. Thank you for your math on this, Wendy. This is exactly the problem I had with toe up socks and my high arch and reasonably narrow ankles. I will give this a try.

    Angelunas last blog post..The Ice Storm Cometh, and Leaveth Soon I Hope

  92. I don’t think it’s mean at all. I’d be glad to boycott some store that is “doing wrong” with the free patterns. On the other hand, consider that you’d be giving them publicity.