My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A New Day

A new day. And a day where a couple of things actually went right. This has so not been the norm lately, so we are pleased.

I have a bit of time freed up for knitting, so I started a new sock.


This is my own design, being knit from The Sanguine Gryphon’s Eidos sock yarn in the “Crito” colorway. I purchased the yarn at The Loopy Ewe a while back.

I love The Sanguine Gryphon’s sock yarn — her colorways are just amazing. And my favorite of her sock yarns is the Eidos base — it’s 100% merino wool and it has a lovely firm twist so it shows patterning beautifully.

I’ve learned that most of my favorite sock yarns have a 100% merino base with a firm twist — ShibuiKnits Sock, Tempted Good Grrl, Claudia Handpainted, Fleece Artist Merino, Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, et cetera.

While sock yarns with the addition of bamboo, tencel, cashmere, and other fibers are lovely, I think there’s nothing like good old merino with a firm twist. πŸ™‚

What are your favorites?

Meanwhile, Lucy had a relaxing day at home.



  1. Colinette Jitterbug makes me happy. BTW that is an excellent picture of Miss von Ragdoll.

  2. Love the color of your new sock – even though it’s only a teaser view. I have some Eidos in my stash, but haven’t knit with it yet – more inspiration to see yours.
    I’m knitting with Tempted Glam Grrl with the silver strand in it, and find it very durable. They seem like they’ll be socks that will wear very well (once I get the mate done…) Actually, they’re Nanner socks! Double the pleasure!

  3. I think my two favorites are Claudia Handpainted and Zen String (I love her fiber too). Then of course I also like STR (mainly for the colorways) and Shibui

    Knitguys last blog post..Fleece!!

  4. I tend to like some of the same ones you’ve named. I also love Dream in Color Smooshy which I think makes a very nice fabric. I really liked the fabric made from Fleece Artist Merino. My favorite colorways are from CTH or at least they’re the ones I tend to buy.

    Timmie Bs last blog post..A trip to the farm

  5. I have to admit that I love my handspun sock yarns the best.

    Cheekyredheads last blog post..What I’ve been doing

  6. I love your new sock pattern and I am looking forward to your new book, just 2 more months. I wore STR socks to work today and I do like the springiness of their yarn. I’ve heard they have it specially spun. I made my sister a pair of socks from Cascade Heritage and she says they are very soft and now she wants more. Reading your blog has converted me from the more commercial sock yarns to my current hand-dyed collection, though Al tends to lump them all together as clutter on the dining room table.

    Roseanns last blog post..Justin’s Top-Down Raglan Sweater Completed

  7. My current socks are Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, and I’m loving the yarn. I’m also very fond of Hazel Knits Artisan sock – not quite as twisty, but not splitty, either. I have yet to knit my skein of Socks that Rock, but I have a feeling I’m going to like it too.

  8. Sounds like we have similar tastes in sock yarns. πŸ™‚ Besides the ones you mentioned, I also enjoy knitting with Koigu KPPPM/KPM. =:8

    Kimberly from SBLs last blog post..Mumble, Mumble

  9. I love the 100% merino with tight twist too – and preferably not too rough – they just knit so pretty!

  10. Miss Lucy looks very relaxed. I’m envious.

    Elysbeths last blog post..Unutterably Rude.

  11. My favorite at the moment is Regia, because I love how it knits up and wears over time. The only pair I made with Cherry Tree Supersock wore holes unbelieveably fast. Koigu was wunderful to knit with but I am not sure how they are holding up (gift). I have some STR medium that is in my stash and coming up soon…

    Lizs last blog post..Happy Valentine’s Day

  12. Sport or dk weight yarn for socks, merino with a firm twist for springy knits. (I just can’t seem to get excited about the really skinny stuff.) My favorite so far has been Yarntini hand-dyed. Love that stuff. Mirasol Hacho is a close second.

    pdxknitteratis last blog post..Keep your eyes on the prize…

  13. I agree with Liz, I like the European commercial sock yarns because they are well nigh indestructible. I know they’re not fashionable but beautiful soft merino socks developing holes make me weep

  14. Love your new sock pattern. The color of the yarn is yummy too.

    Kim B.s last blog post..Stratton 08/02/98 to 02/12/09

  15. Once again, beautiful pattern work.
    My favorite sock yarn….I’m still experimenting to see what it is I like. Time will tell!!

    shellys last blog post..There’s always a way to annoy teenagers.

  16. I don’t have a favorite per se. I really need to knit some more socks so I can have a favorite. πŸ™‚

    LittleWits last blog post..WIP Vivian

  17. Firmly twisted yarns are so great for detail work. I love Wollmeise for that and Claudia’s Handpaints. My handspun yarns are lovely and soft but I haven’t been able to get that hard twist yet – think I’m probably chicken!

  18. Margie from Maryland says:

    Love that sock in that colorway and that pattern!

  19. Well, I’m still working on my first-ever pair of socks, but I’m enjoying the Koigu KPM. πŸ™‚

    yarnpiggys last blog post..Piggy needs to read more

  20. I love firm twisted sock yarn. Nice to knit and even nicer to wear. Another one if Fearless Fibers, tight twist sock yarn.
    I prefer good old merino myself. I have knitted with tencel and merino, once. And back to plain merino.

  21. Besides my own πŸ™‚ I love Numma Numma, Tempted, and Perfect Day Yarns.

  22. Gosh. That yarn and pattern are just delicious! Looks gorgeous…glad to hear things are on the up and up for you! Hugs to you and Lucy

  23. Barbara Kukuchek says:

    I wear my hand knitted socks almost every day during the cool months. I walk extensively during my regular work day as a fifth grade teacher (our campus is 1/4 mile from one end to the other. I also walk once or twice a week for exercise. I have found that Regia, Opal, and Tofutsies wear like iron and don’t felt on the soles, so I like them for these practical reasons. For the joy of knitting and the aesthetics I love Koigu, Jitterbug, Pagewood Farm, Socks That Rock and just about any hand-dyed or hand painted yarn.

  24. I think so far my favorites are Creatively Dyed (Calypso is my fave of her lines), DIC Smooshy, ShiBuiKnits Sock, and Fleece Artist. All yummy stuff!

  25. Not having experienced most every other popular yarn people have mentioned so far, I’m putting a Shout Out for Hazel Knits.

    What little I’ve seen firsthand is just a beautiful array of colors, and the one I knit up was such a joy to work with!

    If this was the only viable sock yarn left on earth, I would die a happy sock knitter.

    ajdurys last blog post..OMG, I SO Want Kids!:

  26. My favourites all seem to be the 100% merino, but I do like the feel of some of the other “mixed” yarns. I love Fleece Artist and some of the interesting yarn from Lime and Violet. Love the sock toe you have going!

  27. Theresa in Italy says:

    I love your new sock pattern!

    My favorite yarns to knit socks for myself with are also 100% merino, especially if they’ve got a tight twist. They feel so good in the hands and make such cushy socks! Of your favorites, I like all I’ve tried so far. But if I’m knitting for someone who is either a) male or b) not likely to look carefully at the washing instructions, I use one of the wool/nylon blends. Less heartache that way.

  28. Danielle from SW MO says:

    My favorite sock yarn thus far is Knitivity for the colors and wearability, I have yet to have to repair holes in socks made from his yarns πŸ™‚ However I do happen to love the springy sqooshyness of a 100% merino yarn from CTH and Claudia Handpaints for the way they surround my feet in soft goodness , as well as for the feel when knitting!

  29. I agree with your thoughts on sock yarn. I’m knitting with Claudia Handpainted for the first time and it’s great. A firm twist really is important. Looking forward to your upcoming book…you have helped me become a toe-up convert!

  30. I absolutely agree. I get tempted by blends but always come back to my old faves.

    Sue J.s last blog post..I Have What?!?

  31. I’m a fan of a tightly twisted 100% merino yarn myself, although I do love Wollmeise’s colors. That said, I probably have more CTH than anything else in my stash, and my sockyarn stash is not exactly small.

    Eves last blog post..Tuesday stuff

  32. NewJerseyLaura says:

    Never met a sock yarn that I don’t like…

  33. I really like all the ones you mentioned. I guess I am going to say I like variety. I have a stash of sock yarn that I have yet to knit many of the yarn types in it. I am a fan of color so I am going to say my current favorite is Claudia’s Hand Painted… But I just got some Malabrigo in Archangel colorway and I am in love… it is not knitted yet!

  34. Kris with a K says:

    My top fave is Claudia’s Handpainted, but a close second is ArtYarns…nice and tight, and cables are amazing with it.

    A little fuzzier, but SO SO soft is Sweet Georgia’s.

    Vesper is a great one for Jaywalkers, esp if you like her very strong striping.

  35. Socks That Rock!!! – I have probably made 25 pairs already and love, love the yarn. Also really like the Koigus. I prefer the dk or sport weight as it seems the sock weight yarns like Cherry Hill or Regia are too thin and don’t hold up. I am also really tired of any self-patterning yarns and love all the new patterns you have.

  36. Love the colour of the new sock. I have just about made up my mind to start toe-up next time, which will likely be later in March. I have a sock left to finish, and two scarves to knit, plus I am still studying and working. I also have a rug to hook, so I don’t have a lot of free time.
    I like the feel of Opal on my feet. I have only done one bamboo pair, and, while they look nice, it is not my favourite to wear. I definitely don’t like cotton socks. They don’t have the “give” that other yarns have.
    I agree with Roam about being tired of self-patterning yarns, but I do like the socks that I have in those yarns. I also have some left to knit up, so I’d better continue to like it for a while yet!

  37. LOVE the color!

    Susies last blog post..Handwarmers

  38. I love my Trekking socks. I made them a fair amount of time ago and they have gotten a pretty large amount of usage without any pilling or apparent aging to the socks. While I like other sock yarns, I’ve mostly used them for other people or non-sock purposes. I know I love how they knit up, but I’m not sure how well they wear.

    Seanna Leas last blog post..making progress

  39. I love the new sock! I don’t have a favorite sock yarn, since I’ve only made .75 pair (finished the first, and about 1/2 done with the 2nd). This pair is just made with some cheap Heart and Sole. It seems okay, but I have nothing to compare it to. I own a whole lot of self-patterning yarn (Opal, Red Heart, Berocco, Austermann, probably others). I bought some Dream in Color Smooshy because you mentioned it on your blog at some point, and I wanted so do something with a pattern in it. Must pick a pattern, now. And finish the first pair of socks. πŸ™‚

  40. I’m glad things are looking up! What an interesting colorway. I really like that about the Sanguine Gryphon – their colors are very unique, and I like that.

    It’s remotely Gump-ish. You never know what they are going to dye up!

    Megan S.s last blog post..Knit On!

  41. Well, don’t beat me from the building, but I really like Knit Picks yarn and it wasn’t as splitty as I thought it would be. DIC smooshy makes some great textured socks and I love the feel of Oceanwind Knits, very soft. Those are my top three.

  42. OH! orangey goodness!! I’m more purpley lately…. I was especially happy with a Trekking skein I used not too long ago, but I’m mostly a KnitPicks girl.

    Danieles last blog post..Colory Goodness

  43. I couldn’t agree more about twist. I love lacy intricate patterns and a good twist just shows off my work better!!!

  44. It’s so hard to have a favorite. right now I’m working with CHP in the Argyle colorway (very dark purple) and I LOVE it. but next I have some shibui, which I will probably love just as much if not more, and then after that .. oh you get the picture… I’m so fickle.

  45. right now i have on a pair knit from fearless fiber tight twist, which i like very much. i also like sundara’s sock yarn, and nature’s palette.
    i’m knitting with dream in color smooshy for the first time. i will withhold judgment until the socks are done, worn and washed. it does knit up nicely.

  46. I love knitting with Hand Maiden and Fleece Artist. I’ve knitted so
    many socks in the last fourteen years, I really couldn’t say which ones
    are my favorite. However, I could tell you which ones I didn’t like
    that I bought over the internet, but I wouldn’t do that. I haven’t tried
    a lot of the sock yarns that were mentioned because I’m not well
    and trying to use up my stash. Would like to try the edios yarn.

  47. Definitely my favorite right now is Casbah by Hand Maiden. Such soft soft fabric! For a contrast, I also like Jitterbug by Colinette – a nice tight merino. Makes a great springy sock!

  48. Couldn’t agree with you more than on merino with a tight twist. Love Wollmeise and Fleece Artist. A good handspun. STR Lightweight.

    I’ve never understood the advantage of all the “soft” sock yarns. Cashmere socks? Afraid I’d wear them out in a heartbeat.

    Angelunas last blog post..The Ice Storm Cometh, and Leaveth Soon I Hope

  49. I don’t have experience with a lot of different sock yarns, but my favorites so far are Shibui Knits, Cherry Tree Hill, HazelKnits, Dream In Color. Most of the yarns I’ve bought since I started knitting have been 100% merino lace or fingering weight.

    madonnaearths last blog post..

  50. I just got my first skein of Eidos in the mail last week and I’m in love.