My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Sock, She Grows


Before you start thinking “Wow! She sure made a lot of progress since yesterday” I’ll tell you that I actually started this sock last week and then had to set it aside for a few days to work on something on deadline. I just picked it up again last night, right before starting the heel turn.

But it’s coming along and looking okay, I think. I’m going to call the design “Catriona” because the lace panel up the front has a Celtic look, I think, and I happen to like the name Catriona.

(Also, I just finished reading the novel Raven Black by Ann Cleeves and there was a murder victim named Catriona in the story.)

I started the center lace panel while I was still doing the toe increases.


You know. Just to be different.

I’ve decided to make this a kneesock. I’ve started the increases up the back of the leg, as you might be able to see in this photo.


I was unsure about this colorway with this pattern when I first started — would it be too much variegation? But I think it works. Hard to tell from a photo, but it real life, the lace pattern shows up nicely.

Thanks for weighing in with your favorite sock yarns yesterday. It seems as though a lot of you like the same yarns I do. So many sock yarns, so little time . . .

In closing, Lucy is gonna be so mad at me when she sees I’ve posted this photo . . .



  1. I love the lace pattern in the toe. I also think the lace pattern shows up well.

    Timmie Bs last blog post..A trip to the farm

  2. The new sock is beautiful.
    That photo certainly shows a different view of Lucy!

  3. The sock looks great. My only concern is whether toes may pop through with the lace pattern starting so close.

  4. Lucy is beautiful from any angle. Love your new sock – the color is gorgeous, really looks good with your pattern.

  5. madonnaearth says:

    I would only worry if she asks, “Does this tail make my butt look big? lol

  6. Ha, ha, ha! At least Miss Lucy has a cute little furry bottom!

    The new sock is fab!

  7. I have a sister in law who hates her picture taken from the same angle. But like you, we do it anyway…lol…nice socks btw…I do have one small request, could you add if the sock patterns you are working on are easy or difficult or somewhere in between.

  8. Ooh, me likey the sock. Love the orange.

    Sprockets last blog post..Brighter

  9. She’s got such a CUTE little bum! I think we all love her from any angle.

  10. I received my Bohus booklet in the mail last night. Thanks for the info…I’m enjoying it. When I saw your picture towards the back, I had to take a look at your archives to see your Bohus again. It would be hard to pick between the two designs, but I would have to go with a cardigan – issues with heat. One very interesting note about the quality was that the button holes had to line up. Something I never thought about.

  11. nice britches!

  12. Lucy has to catch up on her blog-reading…she’s a little behind.

    (rim shot)

    Catriona looks beautiful! I love that colorway.

    juless last blog post..Well, shoot.

  13. I really like the pattern on the toe!! Considering that I have 700 yards of handspun that I’ve decided to use for knee-high socks… K. You rock. Perhaps more than you did an hour ago.

    Megan S.s last blog post..Knit On!

  14. not even up for sale yet and I have it in my queue πŸ™‚ (at least mentally)

    Karens last blog post..At Long Last……

  15. Lucy always finds a cute way to “bring up the rear” today.


  16. and the bigger she gets, the more I love her!

    shellys last blog post..Happy Birthday Baby!!!!

  17. I love furry harem pants!

  18. Ooooh, fluffy kitty butt. That’s as good as my fluffy corgi butts, well, not MY fluffy butt, but my 3 corgis.

  19. Is Lucy ever really mad at you?

  20. I really like the lace pattern you are doing and it shows up nicely in the picture. The colour is yummy too. Ah the south end of Lucy…still pretty though that dark tail and all!!

  21. That is seriously the furriest cat butt I have ever seen.

  22. So what I really want to know is how was the book by Anne Cleeves? I love mysteries, more so cozies or police procedurals but not so much psychological thrillers. I was wondering how you would classify it?

    Lucy actually looks poised to attack something on the floor. My kitty Lady Jane wiggles her butt just before she pounces.

    Ariadnes last blog post..It’s Not Just a Job . . .

  23. Does this photo make my butt look big?

    Love the sock pattern and I think the yarn is working out very nicely.
    That’s great that you chose such an unsual name for the sock also. I like it.

    JoAnns last blog post..This is Getting Old

  24. Looks like a fun knit. Love the colors.

    Tonias last blog post..From the Mouths of Babes

  25. I like the sock- the pattern stands out and looks sharp!

    Lucy’s looking good as always.

  26. I really like the color of that yarn and that photo of Lucy… you are brave.

    Aunt Kathys last blog post..Wednesday- Contest Day #18- Wanna WIN???

  27. Lucy Butt! I give my doggies a hard time about seeing their butts when they try to beat me to the door for treats. The sock pattern is really pretty, too

    paulas last blog post..Miscellaneous Stuff

  28. But Lucy has such a cute kitty tushy! lol

    Kays last blog post..TGIF

  29. Your sock is looking great! πŸ™‚

    LittleWits last blog post..Gutters – Before

  30. The sock is spectacular! Also love the color. If you publish the pattern, I’ll be brave and knit a pair!

  31. I love that fuzzy kitty butts like that are sometimes called “bloomers”. Lucy has lovely bloomers and she looks totally snuggable from any angle. I think the sock is wonderful and can’t wait for the pattern to come out.

    Eves last blog post..Real world vs. the other real world

  32. Don’t worry, Lucy. The blue chair does NOT make your butt look big.

    kmkats last blog post..Knitting. Kittehs.

  33. Lucy dear, we all adore your furry little rear!

    Nunts last blog post..Orders and something for me too… / Tilauksia ja jotain pientΓ€ itsellenikin…

  34. Theresa in Italy says:

    Ah, so the lace starts while the toe increases are still going on. Somehow that makes it look more sweet and demure, at least to me. Very nice.

    Lucy’s got lovely bloomers!

  35. Fluffy ‘tocks!!!

  36. Great sock pattern – as always!

    Lucy is so photogenic. When I take pictures of my cat all we usually get are “bummy” shots πŸ™

  37. That sock is lovely!
    And the photo of Lucy reminds me of an LOLCat I saw with the caption “You’ll be hearing from mah lawyer.”

  38. I also read Raven Black. It wasn’t what I was expecting but so enjoyed it! Now I am looking for some of her other work.

    The socks is lovely. Orange is such a great color now as winter drags on and we search for spring.

  39. “Does this couch make my butt look fat?”

  40. MRRRROW! That’s Ozzie’s fav view of Lucy yet! πŸ˜‰
    Love the sock – the orange is just SO happy!

  41. Someone once referred to my kitty’s fluffy behind as “cataloons.” Makes you just want to reach out and grab it. Of course, that leads to a bite on the hand from the offended cat…. πŸ™‚

  42. Oh Lucy, you must feel so violated. But, just so you know, your butt does not look big at all. You are quite shapely and slim and such a beautiful coat.

    As for Wendy, that lace pattern shows up very nicely in the photograph … so very pretty. I think this might be my favorite yet.

    Have a great day!


    fireflys last blog post..Progress, progress …

  43. This is going to be one great sock! and I’m really glad it’s a knee-high.

  44. Lucy looks great from ANY angle. I love the increases matching with the lace pattern. very organic. Did you plan it that way? I’m so impressed.

  45. You don’t see too many hand knit knee high socks (at least I don’t) these days. The color is so vibrant, can’t wait to see it all done up.
    Lucy is such a diva – just wait till she finds out what you did. You’re in trouble now ha – ha! I truly enjoy all the photos you post of her, she seems like such a character!

  46. I love knee socks and am thrilled to see you making one. I am going to try this pattern once you complete it. As always, thank you for the inspiration you give me. A love rub to Lucy.

  47. What a cute little butt!!! I’m so excited about this knee sock! Loving the pattern. πŸ™‚

    Danieles last blog post..Colory Goodness

  48. The pattern is absolutely beautiful.
    This may be be a stupid question, but approximately how much yarn do you need for a pair of knee-highs?
    I am currently working on my very 1st pair of socks right now so I have no idea the usual yardage for different kinds of socks.

  49. Yves St. Laurent’s “Paris” and Hermes’ “Caleche” are both a bit heady and lovely for cool weather, lightly applied. For summer, the old standby, Nina Ricci’s “L’Air du Temps.”

  50. Lucy! We think you are so cute even your tail &hind legs.! Mia (Mom) & Sissela (a furry Norwegian forrestcat)

  51. It’s a Lucy moon!

    lorrwills last blog post..National Wear Red Day Dress