My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.




Shortly after taking the photos of my new sock-in-progress Catriona yesterday, I ripped it back to the heel because I wasn’t satisfied with the increases on the leg.

I’ve finally learned to listen to the little voice in my head that tells me something is not right and I need to rip back and change it or I will never be happy.


(Conversely, I do ignore the little voice in my head that tells me to push under the train the annoying woman who invariably shoves her way in front of me on the platform because she has to be the first person on the train. Trust me — this takes tremendous willpower.)

To get back to knitting, I started the leg increases too soon. Because this is a lace pattern and quite stretchy, there’s no need for increases until a bit further up the leg. so that’s where they are now.

There was a question in the comments asking what I thought of Raven Black by Ann Cleeves. Well, I enjoyed it. It’s a murder mystery (or as it says in the description a “taut, atmospheric thriller”) set in the Shetland Isles.

While not the best mystery I’ve read, it was far from the worst. A very entertaining read, with a cast of nicely-developed characters, more so than a lot of mysteries I’ve read.

The book is the first of the “Shetland Island Quartet.” I have a copy of the second book (White Nights) which I will be reading soon, and apparently the other two books of the quartet are not yet available.

Okay, who wants my copy of Raven Black? Leave a comment to this entry by noon EST this Sunday (February 22) and I will call upon the Random Number Generator to pick a recipient.

Just for Fun

I’ve been looking for a new perfume. I’ve got a couple of old standards that I will never stop using, but I like a little variety, you know? My two favorite perfumes of all time are Guerlain’s Shalimar and Cacherel’s Anais, Anais. I am also very fond of Opium, but it’s too heavy for me sometimes.

Anyone have any perfume recommendations based on my loving those three?

Oh, I do have a few samples at home . . .


Lucy sez:


“I dare not turn my back on her . . . “


  1. I’m not very well-versed in perfumes. I only have a couple and it takes me a long time to get through them. Most of the time I wear Givenchy L’Interdit — the one he created for Audrey Hepburn. It is a soft fragrance.

  2. I love mysteries! Can’t help with the perfume. I love Anais, Anais.

    Timmie Bs last blog post..A trip to the farm

  3. Why, pray tell, is this book not available for the Kindle? Come on, publishers

  4. When I was a teenager I had a part time job at McDonalds. Although I lived with my parents and had shelter and meals, anything else I wanted I had to pay for myself. I hated it then, but greatly appreciate that now. I remember saving and saving for that bottle of Anais Anais and was so happy when I bought it.

    And so sad when it broke when I moved to college.

    I am not much of a perfume person anymore, but I do have my mother’s bottle of Chanel 05 on my dresser. She’s been gone 11 years now and I wear a little dot on special occasions so I can feel like she’s there too.

    So my vote is Chanel 05 – a little dab will do ya!

    Mos last blog post..W.T.F. Swap received!

  5. I’d love to read it – thanks for the chance!

    melanies last blog post..poem of the week

  6. Sorry, no help with the perfume – I’m allergic to something that’s in some of them.

    Socks are pretty, though!

    Leandras last blog post..the cure to the knitting blues

  7. Hmm, I could use a new book for my upcoming trip to Italy. 🙂 I haven’t worn perfume for years due to allergies, but thinking of Anais, Anais brings back memories – I might have to try it again.

    Tammy/DarthKnitters last blog post..Plugging Along

  8. Oh, Wendy, Wendy, you have turned me into a sockaholic!! You make such lovely socks! If it weren’t for my determination to finish a lace shawl I’m currently working on, I’d start a sock right now. :::forehead smack::: What am I saying?!? What’s stopping me??? Anyway, I love reading and would love to win the book!

    AmyRs last blog post..Fearless Knitting and Crocheting

  9. I would love the book 🙂 Also, my mum wears both Opium and Shalimar, and likes Coco Chanel and Chanel #5 as well. Might be worth looking into. I like Clinique Happy, but that’s a lot lighter than your favorites.

    Christinas last blog post..Madness? This is not madness!

  10. Sounds interesting; I do like mysteries, though I go in spurts with them. Loved all the Cadfael mysteries

    claires last blog post..Between raindrops

  11. Not much of a perfume wearer anymore but I do like Lancome’s Magic Noir and the Oscar de la Renta signature perfume. I’d love to be able to wear Chanel No 5 because it’s my mother’s scent but alas, it smells like dog markings on me. Can I have the book, please, oh great random number generator?

  12. I’d like to win the book. You could throw a couple of sample fragrances in too?

  13. I’m in for the book, sounds like a fun read. My stand by for perfume is anything from Bath & Body Works – I’m so out dated!

    Angelas last blog post..No Begging Allowed

  14. Cecilia Hale says:

    Okay – your perfume questionnaire got me out of a long lurkdom . . .
    If you like Shalimar you might like Calvin Klein Obsession. I’m very picky and Shalimar and Obsession are the only perfumes I like – but I will check out Anais Anais!
    Love your blog and read it every day (usually while knitting and with my cat trying to sit on the laptop and the knitting).

  15. Kenneth Cole “Black” for her. I love it. It is my signature fragrance.

  16. Marion, on Long Island, NY says:

    Wendy, I would love your copy of the book. I am fast running out of the books of the series I am reading. My bad boys Billy and Neil send love to Lucy.

  17. Wendy,
    If you like Shalimar, you may also like Oscar and Lauder’s White Linen.

  18. I smelled Estee Lauder’s “Knowing” as a sample in a magazine way back in the late 80’s, and that’s all I’ve worn since. I haven’t been wearing any fragrance lately because a close friend gets migraines, but whenever I smell a perfume that I absolutely adore on someone else, it always turns out to be “Knowing.” Not too heavy, but not too flowery, either.

    Lisas last blog post..Score of the Century!

  19. I have been wearing obsession forever and I love it!

    I am also a fan of CKone for summer – very crisp and fresh.

  20. Joyce Riedesel says:

    First off, thanks for reigniting my sock mojo with the Waterfall Socks. I am loving the pattern and the Mini Mochi in Autumn Rainbow. My all time favorite smell is philosophy’s Amazing Grace – sort of mysterious and never over powering.

  21. I encourage you to check out the perfumes by Creed. They tend to be complex and layered like the ones you listed. (my personal scent is spring flower, but I like several of theirs.) They sell them at Bellacara in Old Town or Neiman Marcus. Good luck!

  22. I love Caleche by Hermes. It’s been around a long time but is not widely popular.

  23. I’m always up for a good read, so throw my name in the hat. Please.
    I’m relieved to know that I’m not the only one with an evil little voice…

    The kneesocks are intriguing me now, and I can’t wait to see the whole thang.
    Perfume? I’m on my last bottle of Clinique Happy and I like all the Clinique perfumes. Good luck in your search.

  24. I am also an Anais Anais fan — love it! But it certainly is getting hard to find. I certainly hope — eh gads — I won’t have to try something new!

  25. Love those Brit mystery stories!

    I am a “one kind of perfume only person” and that would be White Linen by Estee Lauder.

  26. Hi, I’m currently loving the new Lancome perfume Magnifique, and my other favourite is Alien by Thierry Mugler – I always get compliments when I wear that.

    Reading-wise, I’ve just started The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff – its great! Really gripping.

    Hope you find your new perfume soon x

    Suzannes last blog post..Must tell you!

  27. I’m always looking for a good mystery. Have you read Elizabeth George? They’re best read sequentially, I think. But I also think they are the most literary of the mystery genre. Excellent books.
    As for perfume. Shalimar brought back long ago memories. My college roommate wore that one. Have you tried Liz Claiborne? Not expensive and not heavy. I don’t like perfume that your whole office has to share! Lighter is better in my book!

  28. I love Shalimar, too! I have a very old bottle of it that still has a wonderful scent.

    Have you tried Navy? Pirate-Husband gave me a bottle for one occasion or another, and I found that I liked it almost as much as Shalimar.

    Pirates last blog post..In Which the Pirate Struggles.

  29. Log onto QVC and try Tova’s original scent. It is heavenly. She also
    has one called “Mind, Body, & Spirit”. People are raving about that
    on also.Your
    sock looks good too.

  30. Count me in, please. I love mysteries. My fragrance of choice is Oscar de la Renta.

  31. I’m in. Always looking for a good read. BTW, that sock is gorgeous! 🙂

  32. BunnyQueen says:

    You are to be commended for your restraint in dealing with stupid and pushy people. My current moment of pride when it comes to the little voices is not listening to them when they tell me to go find the person (and I know who it is) who surrendered a rabbit to the shelter *6 months* after he had been diagnosed with a tooth root infection. Thankfully, he is doing much better, but I am still furious with the callousness he has been shown. (stepping off soapbox and heading out to the bus now….)

  33. The new sock is looking good!

    I’m a fan of mysteries, so I’d love the book. : )

    Can’t help much with perfume, as I tend to use Clinique’s lighter scents; Wrappings is too “thick” for me, if you want to try that one…

    limedragon :-: Harriets last blog post..Socks with a Surprise

  34. Mysteries, mmmm. A dead body always spices things up…

    kmkats last blog post..Middle-aged woman. One year ago. Capchas.

  35. Hi Wendy–I’d love to have a chance to check out a new (for me) author! Re the perfumes–I love Cashmere Mist and have recently discovered and enjoy DG Light Blue. I haven’t worn this one in awhile, but I also like Clinique’s Aromatics Elixir. I used to wear Opium all the time, but it fell out of my price range for a few years! There was a time when it was my go-to perfume–my cat even smelled like it from being curled up with me at night!

  36. I love Burberry Touch and Chanel No. 5. I’ve just bought some Dolce and Gabbana the original red one which is quite heavy but D&G Light Blue is very nice too, lighter and fresher for daytime wear.

    Lindas last blog post..I’m Back!

  37. I, too, am a fan of the woodsy, spicy fragrances. My new favorite in that genre is Elle, also by Yves Saint Laurent. Love it, love it, love it.

  38. I used to wear Shalimar but now I’m hooked on Ombre Rose. You might like it. I love the color of the sock!

    Katherines last blog post..Doing It My Way

  39. In addition to ignorning the voice that screams “Push, push!” I’ve now also learned to ignore the voice that says, “It would be ok to just suggest to that person that he could at least wait for the people to get off the train before he tries to get on.” Turns out that isn’t ok either — unless one is up for the verbal assult that follows. Sigh. Luckily I always have a pair of socks-in-progress with me — very good for calming raw nerves. Hmmm. Maybe I should have suggested that he take up knitting to help with his anger management issues 🙂

  40. Ah, Shalimar! That’s my favorite! It was my mom’s also and so brings back good memories. I also like Estee’s Dazzling – a little lighter than Sahlimar but still very nice.

  41. Please enter me in the contest for the book! (I’m no help on the issue of perfume – they all make me sneeze, and I’m glad I work in a fragrance-free workplace.)

    Allisons last blog post..A meme

  42. I swear by Philoscopy Grace or Baby Grace. I love them both. The body lotion scent will even last all day.
    Who wouldn’t like a nice mystery novel?

  43. Bridget Rickard says:

    Oh, I have to toss in my favorites: Tommy Girl is my everyday fav. It is lighter than the ones you seem to prefer. I also use CK One and Clinique’s Happy. LOL…A bunch of people mentioned scents that remind them of their mothers, in that case it would be White Shoulders. Can’t wear it myself but reminds me of Mum.

  44. A new mystery? Had to jump in. Alas, I have no suggestions for you on the perfume front. But I am loving those socks, both the pattern and the colorway — can’t wait to see them finished!

    Jocelyns last blog post..Still knitting

  45. I love how your sock is turning out and haven’t dared to attempt a knee sock thus far. Based on your current favorite fragrances, I think you might like Estee Lauder’s Beautiful, Coco by Chanel, or Fendi. Please let us posted!

    Roseanns last blog post..Blue Streak Plying

  46. I have been wearing Chanel No 5 forever. My older sister says I started wearing it when her boyfriend bought her a huge bottle of it when she was in high school I was 10. I used to sneak into her room and put some (a lot) on. She hates it now, but I still wear it.

  47. I also love Anais Anais, although I can’t seem to find it any more. Perhaps they don’t even make it. In my search for it, I found another perfume by Cacherel called Noa. If you like Anais, Anais, you will love it. (also difficult to find — perhaps I have a talent for choosing discontinued scents?) I also like Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan and I’ve lately fallen in love with Kenzo Flower (which surprises me, since I’m not a big “floral” person). Good luck!

  48. Maria Katechis says:

    My favorite is Joy by Jean Patou. Expensive, but I’m worth it, aren’t I?

  49. I’m not an expert on perfume. The only perfume I own is Obsession, so that dates me a bit. My daughter has something from Victoria Secret that is nice.


    Janes last blog post..A Snuggy Built for Two

  50. Kristi ~ Ohio says:

    I love your newest sock and the colorway. As for perfume…I like Amazing Grace by Philosophy.

  51. oh, I had forgotten how much I like Anais Anais; haven’t been able to find it in a long time. But gave up wearing it anyway, too many friends in choir who were sensitive to any scent, couldn’t sing. Glad to hear it still exists. Also, regretfully not in line for a book. I’m running a used book sale and trying to reduce the number in my house (because I’ll inevitably buy more at the sale).

    Judiths last blog post..Epiphany 5: Ordination

  52. I second White Linen. The socks are beauteous!

  53. I remember having some Anais, Anais and I really liked it. My favorite for years has been Lauren by Ralph Lauren. His newer one Romance is nice also. They lean more to the fresh floral scent. The book sound interesting. I am in.

  54. Love the socks!!! I wear Clinque Happy and when I can afford it, love Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison, not the regular Poison, too strong, not my scent, but love Hypnotic Poison!!! And for a cheap cologne I buy Tabu, for everyday work…….

  55. Sorry, posted this on the wrong day. Again:
    Yves St. Laurent’s “Paris” and Hermes’ “Caleche” are both a bit heady and lovely for cool weather, lightly applied. For summer, the old standby, Nina Ricci’s “L’Air du Temps.”

  56. If you like Opium but a little lighter try Gucci Envy or Armani Code 2 of my new favorites

  57. I like Jo Malone, Blue Aguava and a good mystery! Count me in.

  58. I love the color of the sock. I am no help in the perfume area, my favorite used to be Tresor but lately all I have is Philosphy perfume.

  59. Well, now I want to go to the mall and sample all these different fragrances! But I already have a headache so I don’t think that’s gonna work out… however, knitting this evening may help it go away…feet up, neck wrap heated and applied, doggie at my side (don’t worry, Tim likes cats). Throw my number in the generator for the book. Haven’t taken the time for a good read in a while!

  60. Bellodgia by Caron. It’s a single floral note and that note is carnation. Additional notes include rose, jasmine, violet, lily of the valley, sandalwood, vanilla and musk.

    I’m not a perfume person… lot’s of allergies especially when my eyes tear up because the other person poured on a gallon of perfume!
    However… Bellodgia is not that way at all.
    It’s nice and spicy sweet and doesn’t “knock bystanders over the head” with it’s scent.
    Here’s a blog entry about it

  61. Wendy, My favorite perfume in Philosophy Amazing Grace or Falling in Love. Can’t wait to see the finished sock.

  62. I love your new sock!!
    The book sounds interesting! I love mysteries!!
    Perfumes: I too love Opium!! But I also wear Estee Lauder Pleasures Delight and Estee Lauder Sensuous. They’re both wonderful!!
    BTW, I got my henna and used it earlier this week. It was quite an interesting experience. I left it in for about 5 hours. It’s still pretty brassy, but I still like it!! Thanks for the suggestion!!

    Shama Ds last blog post..My Friend, Kim

  63. I totally understand your need to restrain yourself, although we have no train here, you wouldn’t even want to get me started on the car drivers rudeness…I have three children (two who are two & under) and the number of times I have had a driver nearly run me down…I wouldn’t want them to have to wait the 5 extra seconds it might take for me to safely get across the crosswalk…anyhow…I am off to shovel the 15+cm (aka 6+ inches) of snow just dumped in my driveway & paths by another winter storm…(stumbling off she mumbles & grumbles..stupid snow plow with probably by just as I finish up).

    Shelleys last blog post..Happy Birthday White Juan.

  64. Please include me in the drawing for the book. I love a good mystery. I have nothing to offer on perfumes. I received a “gift” of Charlie early in my marriage and it permanently destroyed my desire to wear a fragrance!

  65. I love a good mystery. And like so many others, I am allergic to perfume. When I was younger I used to wear White Shoulders and loved it. That was a long time ago.

    Sallies last blog post..New Family Member

  66. My favorite perfume for years has been Estee Lauder’s “Beautiful.” I never tire of it and get a lot of compliments and people asking what it is.

    Kim B.s last blog post..Stratton 08/02/98 to 02/12/09

  67. Sounds like an interesting book, especially if it’s set in Scotland!

    Carolyn Ells last blog post..I’m putting it in writing for prosperity.

  68. Hunt Edwards says:

    What a pretty color! Most oranges turn really clay brown. Put me in for the book drawing! And good luck with the perfume!

  69. Have you tried Guerlain’s Vol de Nuit? Very sophisticated 1930s…

  70. Karen Wong says:

    I love those socks!

    Need a new perfume adventure? Try “Light Blue” from Dolce & Gabbana–light, refreshing, citrusy. Lucy might like it, although maybe her taste is more “blue fin tuna” than Dolce…

  71. I recommend checking out Ormonde Jayne perfumes. It’s a small boutique perfumier based here in London UK, but it ships internationally and you’d get a great deal with the exchange rate at the moment. It does a sampler of generous phials of each of its perfumes so you can wear them for a couple of days and really get to know them. They’re old-fashioned fragrances in the sense that they really have those top, middle and base notes scents are supposed to have but modern ones rarely do. They’re not overpowering but do last on the skin all day. I love and wear often Ta’if, Orris Noir (which you might like based on the Shalimar preference) and Tolu – my all time favourite. (I have no affiliation beyond being a very satisfied customer.)

  72. NeonGolden says:

    I would love the book.

    I fear I will be no help as far as the perfume goes…The stuff I like very well may not have anything in common with your faves. (I wear Calvin Klein Euphoria, Christian Dior Midnight Poison, or Amor Amor. Who makes that last one escapes me.) Good luck!

  73. I am with you on your favorites, an fully agree with the Knowing recommendation. So, I think we have the same taste in perfume.

    Hence, I will definitely share one that hasn’t already; it’s Angel by Thierry Mugler. OMG. One or two sniffs and I have never looked back…for about two years. I buy the lotion and blend it with unscented Aveno lotion to avoid migraines. Yum!

  74. Random Number Generator – please, please pick my number!

    Love that sock color!

  75. Please enter me in the dwg for Raven Black. Thank you.

  76. I really enjoy when you blog about your pattern making progress. Makes me feel better about having to completely frog the first the ninja turtle sweater I tried to make for my elder grandson (coming up on age 5). Once I’m happy with the first one, I’ll make a smaller one for his brother (age 3+).

    I rarely wear perfume, but when I do it is a light floral based on clover and lilies called Rain. It is available online from TerraNova ( Good luck.

  77. Can’t really help with the perfume question because the most I ever use is Bath and Body Works Wild Honesuckle body spray, but I AM an avid mystery reader and would love to have a copy of ‘Raven Black’.

    Candis last blog post..Still raining

  78. I love a good mystery too. Thanks for the opportunity. Sorry, no perfume recommendations from me – I’m allergic.

  79. I would be thrilled to win a good mystery book—especially one set in the Shetland Isles. I never fail to get a compliment when I wear the fragrance First by Van Cleef and Arpels (I’ve only been able to find it at Saks). You could dab some on while you wait for the train : You may be able to use a mug I saw at Barnes & Noble —Shakespeare’s insults—could be useful at work too.

  80. Please enter me in the drawing for Raven Black. Also, feel free to tell the lady pushing in front of you that a teacher says she’s acting like a first grader.

    Ariadnes last blog post..It’s Not Just a Job . . .

  81. Oh, don’t push her under the train – help her be first by pushing her onto the train. Sometimes folks just need a little “help”.

    Susies last blog post..What I wish was on my DVR…

  82. I love Opium – mostly in the wintertime, but when that’s a little bit “heavy,” I wear Red Door.

    And please add me to the number generator! 🙂

    Kims last blog post..Holy Cow! Fire at School!

  83. I don’t know those perfumes, but I will say that I love Clinique “Happy.” It’s light and fresh. I also like Tommy Girl, and maybe that reflects my age (26.)

  84. I was wondering about yesterday’s sock pic; it looked a little loose but I was *not* going to challenge the sock goddess! I love the color and patterning on the sock.

    I used to wear Opium, but don’t wear any fragrance now, so I’m no help there…

    pdxknitteratis last blog post..We be chillin’…

  85. Lovely sock pattern! I’m enjoying seeing your progress.

    Sorry, I have no perfume suggestions.

    Inas last blog post..Knit socks — who me?

  86. My current favorite “get it in the department store” scent — Envy Me by Gucci. It is light, not overwhelming and nice for daytime.

  87. How about Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy…….

    not heavy….just right ….

  88. Can’t help with the perfume. Strong scents make me ill. I usually only wear White Tea and Ginger Lotion from Bath and Body Works, or Jergens – Shea Butter. But.. I’d love to try for the book.

  89. NewJerseyLaura says:

    Love the sock color. And ready for a new mystery. Still trying to make enough comments to be a stalker.

  90. I would love to try a new mystery author. Have you read any of the Elizabeth Peters mysteries set in Egypt of the Victorian era? Great fun, and the author earned her Ph.D. in Egyptology at the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute.
    On the perfume front, I would dearly love to find a website that would say, if you love perfume a, then perfumes d, r, and t are for you. I’ve loved L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci for years, and sadly they’ve cheapened their formula and it just doesn’t smell the same any more. I just want the original back, but, failing that, something like it. I loved to use their best body creme before bed. After a couple of days of it, I’d get a lovely whiff of it when I slip on my nightgown. Why must companies cheapen their products rather than raise the price? Sigh.

  91. I can’t wear perfume often due to the nature of my job, but I’m a big BPAL fan. Antique Lace is my favorite scent.

  92. I’m interested in the book!
    Oh, I tend to love the smell of orchid anything. I still haven’t found a good perfume for it though.

    PMOYSs last blog post..In a Rush!

  93. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    I’ve worn Angel since it was first introduced in the early 90s. It’s still my favorite, although I also love Guerlain’s L’Heure Bleu.

    Your new socks are beautiful!

  94. I love mysteries (right after knitting of course 🙂 Good luck with the perfume search. I tend to not wear any as many of my friends are allergic to the muskier scents that I prefer. Jeanne

  95. Running out of things to read here!
    Oh, as for scents, your tastes are very similar to mine! (Shalimar is up on my all time favorites list) Let me recommend that you sashay up to the perfume counter and try Boucheron by Boucheron, or Jaipur Saphire by Boucheron. They are positively luxurious scents! I’m also quite fond of Cashmere by Donna Karan….of couse, anything with Cashmere in it has to be great! ;=)

    Jos last blog post..Merry Christmas to all…

  96. I would love to take the book off your hands 🙂 Also, when I used to buy perfume, I liked Xia Xiang. I don’t wear anything anymore, everything seems to cause migranes for me.

  97. Margie from Maryland says:

    I second (or third or fourth) the suggestion of Chanel no. 5

    I loooooove mystery series!

  98. I love that sock! Very Nice!
    You may want to check out Bellodgia by Caron – it’s been around a long time, but I just love it! Another to try is Pleasures by Estee Lauder…. yummy.
    I’d love a chance at the drawing!

  99. How cool is that! I have been wanting to read that!

  100. soory the website was wrong. Trying again

    Kims last blog post..Catching Up