My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Catriona Kneesocks

Here you go!


There was a question in the comments about how much yarn it takes to knit knee-socks. The answer is (wait for it) “it depends.”


It depends on the foot size and how tall you make ’em, of course. I’d say between 600 – 800 yards is about right.

Here’s a closeup of the toe:


And the back increases:


The pattern will be available for sale soon.


I really enjoyed reading everyone’s perfume suggestions. What fun! There were a few that were mentioned over and over, so I will be trying those out.

As much as I love perfume, I can’t stand it when I’m near someone who drowns herself (or himself) in perfume. There is a woman who works in the same building as I who comes in about the same time I do. I can smell her perfume at 20 paces (and it is not a nice scent, IMO). I will not get on the elevator with her because my eyes start watering.

My rule of thumb is if you are close enough to me to catch more than just the faintest whiff of perfume, you are too close. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Lucy . . .

Lucy would like you to see the silly mat in my kitchen.



  1. Your knee sock is gorgeous! Can’t wait for the pattern to be available. I agree with you about people who drown themselves in strong scent. I have too many allergies to be comfortable near them.

  2. What silly mat? I don’t see a silly mat. (My kitchen mat has kitties on it too). Agreed about the perfume and men are as bad. My boss wears a nice aftershave but puts way too much of it on. Those of us who are choral singers know that perfumes, hairsprays, even strongly scented shampoos are a no-no.

  3. oh, the socks are lovely. Wonder how they’d be in Wollmeise?

  4. The sock is gorgeous!

    I’ve been wondering where to get a leg-form. Are they easy to find?

    athenagreys last blog post..Where does the process of weaving begin?

  5. Love, love the toe! Why do we normally wait to start the pattern when that looks so great?

    Joyces last blog post..Another Christmas come and gone…

  6. It’s as if Lucy is staring at the mat! The pattern is beautiful.
    Even though I am late to the perfume party I will still offer up these suggestions. I like Fresh particularly in the scent of Cannabis Rose. I also like Lovely from the Sarah Jessica Parker collection.

    In my office there is a woman who wears a scented lotion that we refer to as Rancid. I am very tolerant but I have to agree with this sentiment. You know if she has been in your work area. She is the kind of person who if she doesn’t like a scent will not hesitate to talk to say something. Someone has kindly spoken to her about Rancid and she will stop using it but she also said, “I stocked up and want to use it up.” Eek.

  7. Am I too late for the perfume suggestions?? I use products from The Thymes. It’s a woman developed / owned company and I love their fragrances! They are different – hard to describe – but unusual. People comment all the time on the fragrances I wear. They also don’t seem to have that cloying heaviness of a lot of perfumes. If you Google The Thymes, you’ll find their site.

    Robins last blog post..Overdose

  8. Those socks are gorgeous! It’s enough to make me want to learn how to knit socks.

  9. Those are awesome!!

    Deineras last blog post..Minor Irritations

  10. The knee socks are awesome. I love how you worked the increase in the back of the sock. Very neatly done.
    As far as perfume goes. I love Shalmar. I realize as I get older my sense of smell is not as sharp as it once was. I have downgraded from Shalmar perfume to cologne or toilet water. The last thing I want is to send people off or O2 after being near me.

    suzannws last blog post..From Hate To Respect

  11. Agree on the overuse of scent. When #2 son started wearing it back in middle school I had to warn him against overuse. Once I explained about others’ possible allergies and/or sensitivities, I am proud to say that he took my advice to heart. He even went so far as to have the same talk later with a buddy who had begun to overuse his scent.

    kmkats last blog post..The job. Kathy needs. Candy bars.

  12. I’m so glad to read your comments about the Overly Perfumed (or Cologned – I know several men at the office in this state). Almost every perfume either sets off my allergies or gives me headaches so the most scent I can handle is, say, Irish Spring soap. I can’t STAND people who wear so much perfume that the rest of us are forced to smell them all day. I keep think of Pigpen from the Peanuts cartoon – remember his cloud of dust that followed him around? Yeah, there are the Perfumed Pigpens too who leave a trail of smell (stink) everywhere they go.

    The kneesock is beautiful Wendy! Kneesocks make me think back to junior high and using rubber bands to hold them up ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. I agree with the perfume comment…My daughter and I (both smell sensitive) got on an airplane (small) and the two men in the seats in front of us were overloaded with cologne to cover a drunk from the night before..nothing is worse than that…
    Also the size of the persons calf would make a big difference in the amount of yarn needed for knee hi’s


    The pattern I had picked for my knee-highs has been kicked to the curb and your pattern is in control of the yarn now.

    Megan S.s last blog post..Knit On!

  15. Can’t wait for that pattern!

    Also seconding the Thymes suggestion, they are a great company.

  16. We call the application fo too much fragrance, marination. More guilty at this are very young men and older men, IMO. I believe it is inexperience in the younger teen types and with the the older guys, I have no idea. Maybe it makes them think they are younger. In either event, if it makes your eyes water, it is toooo much.

  17. Oh yes, and the sockies are beautiful. They might make your eyes water, but with pleasure.

  18. I love those knee socks! Best perfume tested recently was Prada Milano. Not too strong, not powdery and not musky. I also like Hermes de Mervilles (or something like that) and Marc Jacobs. Sephora is heaven for testing new perfumes!

  19. I like the silly kitchen mat. Lately I sneeze at even the liquid soap my kids shower with, strong scents are killing me.

    Aunt Kathys last blog post..Sunday- Contest Day #22- A Deal… Some Assembly Required

  20. The sock is amazing!
    And for those of us and there are many who have scent allergies THANKS for not overdoing any perfume.

  21. Those socks look great! ๐Ÿ™‚

    LittleWits last blog post..The puck drops here.

  22. Oooh I can’t wait for this pattern. I love knee socks. It’s absolutely gorgeous!
    And that cat mat is AWESOME.

    PMOYSs last blog post..In a Rush!

  23. Oh there is one thing worse then the airplane comment IMO…
    Ever been enjoying a meal at a favorite resturant and in walks an over marinated perfume diva and THEN sits at the table next to you! Gag.

  24. NewJerseyLaura says:


  25. Love the knee socks! I agree about the perfume. I do not want to smell you a mile away. I do the spray and walk into the mist method as not to get too much on. I don’t think that I have ever offended anyone yet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Tonias last blog post..Addi Lace Needles

  26. Your knee socks came out just great plus they are exactly in the colour I love ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. anne marie in philly says:

    I too am chemically sensitive. the only scent I wear is pure vanilla oil. yes, I smell like a cookie, but I don’t bathe in it AND I don’t offend anyone else. my co-workers actually like it! check out herbalist delight in baltimore (my provider).

    steven and meredith say: “cousin lucy, that is one silly flat cat mat!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Wendy- I think the mat is cool- not silly at all.

    Back in the day, I used to wear Lauren by Ralph Lauren. It was a MAN MAGNET- guys would ask me what it was and buy it for their wives and girlfriends.

    Alas, they changed it- and now I wear Lemon Sugar. I always had a theory that people who wear too much are hiding something.

    Lorraines last blog post..Animals

  29. Love the toe and back interest both. I don’t think that mat’s silly.

  30. I love the knee socks and the colorway. I know how you feel about the perfume. I worked with a lady many years ago, and I knew when she was coming to the office from before she got there. The scent was Jungle Gardina, it not bad if use in moderation. My favorite is Channel No5.

  31. My Aunt met Estee Lauder herself and rule of thumb is only a person close enough to kiss you should know you are wearing perfume at all.

  32. Dee (MeezieMom) says:

    I know I’m late for the perfume comments, but here I go, anyway. I am very sensitive to fragrances – **very**. But, for some unexplained reason, decades ago, I went into I. Magnin in San Francisco and looked for a perfume. The lady there, on hearing of my sensitivities, suggested something from Caron. I smelled a few and fell, hard, for Tabac Blond. It’s a fragrance from 1919, not floral, not too heavy. I loved it. Then I stopped using perfumes. Migraines. No contest.

    Last year, I looked for Caron’s Tabac Blond – no luck outside eBay and ridiculous prices. Still, if you ever find it, buy some, then TELL ME ASAP!!! You’ll have to experience it – woody, “leathery”, fabulous.

  33. Very pretty finished results … I like the back of the leg increases very much, the “V” is kind of sexy for some reason.

    Uuugghhh … I cannot abide strong perfumes on other people, much less on myself. I do enjoy just catching a faint scent when I hug a friend or loved one but other than that it seems incredibly intrusive to have someone else’s perfume assaulting my nose and getting inside my body without my permission.

    I hope you find something that tickles your fancy.

    Warm wishes,

    fireflys last blog post..Progress, progress โ€ฆ

  34. I love knee socks but have never knitted a pair that stayed up. Did you have a strategy for making your design actually stay up? Did you knit elastic into the cuff? I have considered binding off with i-cord and making it long so I’d have ties. I have sewed elastic into socks (but I know elastic eventually gives out and I’ll have to replace it, eww.

    CarolineFs last blog post..Flax!

  35. I have wanted to knit a pair of knee socks for a couple of years now, but I don’t have enough yarn for a pair. Obviously this means it is time to buy more sock yarn!

    Seanna Leas last blog post..a little gliding and some body bar

  36. Theresa in Italy says:

    The sock, she is beautiful. I especially love the toe!

    I used to work in a university department with faculty from all over the world, and some of them (all men) were notorious for overdoing the cologne. One emeritus professor used to comment that he could always tell when the Greeks were in the building.

  37. Wendy, I just love the socks. My perfume recommendation was Guerlain’s ‘ Champs- Elysees’. It’s not at all cloying. A lady on the local flower market asked me what it was as she liked the scent. I’m English but live in France….must be doing something right!

  38. Absolutely gorgeous sock!

  39. Wow, the kneesock is amazing. The color & pattern work so well together. Beautiful work.

    I’m with you on overpowering perfume or cologne. The older I get, the less I can tolerate it … the odor I mean scent, makes me sick.

    Sherrys last blog post..Mosaic Monday: Thinking about the Easter Bunny

  40. Oops, my comment got messed up. That’s what I get for trying to be fancy with striking out words. I only meant to strike out odor.

    Sherrys last blog post..Mosaic Monday: Thinking about the Easter Bunny

  41. Lovely socks! I so badly want to have a pair of kneesocks that I have knit for myself. And this looks like a nice pattern to try first. Thank you for making it available for sale. I will keep an eye out for it.

    Ronnis last blog post..Still not dead

  42. Catriona – Gorgeous (1,000) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Danieles last blog post..New Babies and Baby Knitting….