My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


New Sock

As soon as I completed Catriona, I cast for another sock project:


This is being knit in ShibuiKnits Sock in the Wasabi colorway and I’m going to call it “Flora” because the lace is in sort of a floral pattern.


Did you notice the needles?


They are Hiya Hiya stainless steel circulars, my new favorite sock knitting needles.

When the Knitpicks metal circulars came out, I fell in love with them for knitting socks on two circs. However, I’ve discovered that they don’t stand up to use very well. I can get two pairs of socks out of each needle before the join starts to loosen and I start snagging my yarn in it. (I’m talking about the “regular” needles, not the Options.) And with the number of socks I knit, I was throwing away needles at an alarming rate. They are certainly inexpensive, but false economy, I think, considering their short life.

Or maybe it’s just me and I’m really hard on my needles!

I’m so pleased you like the Catriona Knee Socks. The pattern will be at The Loopy Ewe soon.

Lucy sez


“Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . “


  1. Pretty! I like the flowery pattern!

  2. I’ll be watching the Loopy Ewe for that pattern!

  3. Pretty pattern! I have the 9-inch bamboo circulars and they seem quite hardy. =:8

    Kimberly from SBLs last blog post..Lustfully Obsessing

  4. I love Hiya Hiya circulars!!! I’ve bought several 40″ circulars from Loopy Ewe which I’ve used for Magic Loop sock-knitting and they are great!!

    Cathys last blog post..scarf done; sock progress

  5. Lovely socks! I just discovered the Hiya Hiya’s for magic loop right now! I agree, just awesome and will slowly be replacing my others ๐Ÿ™‚

    Zondas last blog post..YPF-Baba what?

  6. Pretty sock, as always!
    I agree with you about the Knitpicks circulars–I have had about 3 pairs replaced and just broke another pair in the middle of my sock….ugh

  7. NewJerseyLaura says:

    I have had same results with knitpicks needles, including options cables. They will replace them, though. And I do love, love those super flexible knitpicks cables. Are the hiya-hiya cable compare? Are the points as sharp as knitpicks?

  8. Green! There’s hope- spring will be here soon. The color and lace pattern work well together.

    Lucy still loves her fleece, eh?

  9. I haven’t tried those needles yet, but then again, I do my socks on dbl points. I believe there will be an interchangeable set coming out soon. Maybe I read it on your blog…lol.

  10. I’ve quit using Knit Picks circs for socks. I’ve had my interchangeables pop loose at join to but I don’t use them as much as my size 1’s. I’ve gone back to my beloved Addis. Loving the new sock. Glad to see your knitting adventures again.

    Timmie Bs last blog post..A trip to the farm

  11. I love the new socks and the COLOR ! Gorgeous! And I LOVE the kitty pic…. Kitties in this pose are too too too adorable! luvm.

  12. Very pretty sock and colorway! I have Hiya Hiya dpns and love them. I’ve stopped buying KnitPicks circulars. My Options keep falling apart and I’m so disappointed.

    Karen in Toledos last blog post..This Too Shall Pass

  13. I hear you on the knitpicks needles. I have the harmony fixed needles and the cable pulled out of one of the needles after only a couple pairs of socks. I called and complained and they sent me a new one, but I’ve been reluctant to pick that particular sock to work on cuz I don’t really want to see how long it takes before it happens again. I’ve been considering trying those new square circular needles for my socks. I kind of want to read some reviews before I commit, tho. I have HiyaHiya’s on my TLE wishlist as well.

  14. Just to present a different viewpoint…….I have made many, many pairs of socks on my Knit Picks needles — both metal and wood — as well as lace shawls. I use the ‘regular’ needles (not Options) and mostly size 0 to size 2.50. They are my very favorites and I have never had any problem with them whatsoever. Does that make me lucky or what??

    Lucy, you are such a wonderful girl! I have a beauty that looks just like you — only smaller — and she is going on 21 years old!

  15. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the Knitpicks needles, which is funny, since I’ve been using mine for about a year and they are fine ::knocks on wood:: I’ve probably knit around 20 socks on my size 2, and I’m only now just starting to worry about the join coming loose. Anyway, I’ll probably try the HiyaHiyas eventually since I’ve heard such good things about them!

    Allisons last blog post..Oscar night knitting

  16. Can wait to get a copy of the new sock pattern, I’ll be watching. You’ve been a busy lady!

  17. I love the way that yarn is striping. ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re making me want to wind up my ShiBui and get to work.

    LittleWits last blog post..under attack

  18. I <3s my hiyahiya needles. i’m hard on just about everything, still treating things as if i were a destroying three year old hurricane machine. ask my power-cables to my laptops how they’re holding up… (one died, i’m nervous that the other one will not outlive this laptop)
    I <3s these socks too! i love shibui and the wasabi makes me smile.

  19. I love hiya hiyas for socks or my old standby Addis. Options are just too pointed for me. I didn’t have any problems with the fixed size needles. But the cable on the interchangeable needles gave out a few times. It was the excessive pointedness that made me go back to Addi and hiya hiya needles
    The new sock looks very pretty.

    Suzanns last blog post..From Hate To Respect

  20. Those needles look amazing! I love your new sock, by the by. It does look really floral! Lucy looks super comfy! She loves that sheepskin!
    I’ve not done a lot of socks, but the ones I have done, I’ve really enjoyed. I’ve always wanted to know your favorite needle size to work with. Like what gauge your socks are usually in. Best of Luck!

    PMOYSs last blog post..In a Rush!

  21. I have one set of fixed metal circs from KP that I adore – and they’re bright and shiny and smooth as the day I bought them over a year ago. Since then? Every set I order has something wrong with them. I’m going to try your Hiya Hiyas b/c I tried their bamboos and loved them!
    Thanks for the tip!

    Knitnanas last blog post..Things to Knit, Bags to Sew, Cats to Enjoy…Anny’s to Celebrate!

  22. Kit in Ohio says:

    I have one set of Hiya Hiya dpns and want to get more. I want to try the circs, too. I just bought 2 pairs of Knit Picks lace circs and like them so far, but I’m knocking on wood for those.

  23. I feel so much better now! I break needles at an alarming rate, bamboo, swallow casein, birch, double points, circulars, I break them all! I thought it was just me. Now I realize that other people also wear their needles out!
    Right now, I’m using Addis and Bryspun double points, hoping I don’t break any more until the socks I’m making are done!
    (And maybe the fact that I have about 6 pair at a time going doesn’t help….)

  24. i thought that I was the only one that had problems with the knitpicks fixed circulars. I can put up with the loose joins but eventually, the cords break off the needles…I must try the hiya-hiyas now. btw, flora is lovely.

    alltangledups last blog post..Warm hands

  25. Danielle from SW MO says:

    So far my KP fixed circs are holding up to fairly hard use esp my size 1’s which are my most ofton used size. However I have had 1 set of cable joins come completely apart and another come loose on my Options needles Grrrrr…..
    I have considered ordering some Hiya Hiyas to try them out but love the flexibility of the KP cable, how does the Hiya Hiya’s cabl;e compair?

  26. I will have to check out those circs. I have a number of KP fixed circs and also the Options set, but the join isn’t as flawless as it might be, and the cable join does sometimes fail (usually at the most alarming moment).

    Did you knit a pair of the autumnal coloured knee highs, or just one “theoretical” sock…to test the pattern? I can’t wear knee-highs, myself. But the beauty of it is, one can always use a lovely knee-high pattern to knit shorter socks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Any word on how Hiya’s are holding up? Have you knit lots of socks with them?

  28. I am using Kollage square circulars , 40″ Magic Loop size 1’s, and am very happy with them. This is the first pair using these needles, so I can’t report on durability, but the cable is amazingly flexible and I love the square tips.

  29. I’m doing my first pair of socks on two circs, and I’m trying to decide if it’s working for me or not. I’m using quite inexpensive needles and the join is driving me nuts… so I may try to find my Addis for sock #2. (I swear, my circular needles band together and break out of my house on alternate full moons.)

    CraftyGryphons last blog post..Yarn, Fun – and a Contest!

  30. My favorite needles to knit my socks are my KnitPick’s circs. I’ve made probably about 6 pairs of socks with them without in problems whatsoever. Knocks on wood. I will be checking my joins – – If I need to replace needles, I will try the Hiya Hiya. Are the tips as sharp as KnitPicks?

  31. Its not you with the KnitPicks needles! I have had over a dozen cables fail. Although they replace them, I’m tired of the hassle. I’d rather have quality to start!

    Joannes last blog post..Yes, She Does

  32. I use the KnitPicks needles too. The thing for me is the metal becomes worn down. and it’s difficult to slid the stitches. Is there a way to restore the metal?

    Kriss last blog post..FO: Felted Clogs

  33. You are the master ninja sock knitter! Do you ever sleep, girl? I wish I were as speedy as you with the sock knitting/designing! Beautiful socks, BTW.
    Re the knitpicks….my options cables have come loose (not from the needles, but from the joining to the little metal screwing part) but I do like the pointy tips. Usually I stick with my addis for knitting socks with two circs. Options seem to work fine in larger gauge knitting.
    Blogless Mary Lou

  34. What length Hiya Hiya circular needle do you use? 9″ or 16″? Lovely sock!

  35. Dr. Jackie says:

    I love the points on my Knitpicks…what I’ve been doing lately is when I get a new circular is I put a very, very tiny dab of superglue at the join…just enough to seep into the join between the cable and the needle. Voila…no more loose cables.

    Also, just so people know…Knitpicks will replace those ones that come apart. Go to the “contact us” on their website. They replaced my 24″ and 32″ cables from my Options, which came apart (mid project I might add) before I discovered the superglue trick. They were very nice about it.

  36. Theresa in Italy says:

    Thanks for the tip on the HiyaHiya needles. I’ll check them out. So far my KnitPicks are holding up (and I also love the pointy tips) but it’s always good to have backup. Lovely new sock, and I’ll be watching The Loopy Ewe for Catriona to come up.

  37. I’ve never used the Knit Picks needles, but I love my HiyaHiyas to pieces (those and my Addis are the only metal needles I like to use). Despite loving my Hiyas, I still don’t have a pair of them for socks. For socks, I almost exclusively use the Clover dpns.

    Seanna Leas last blog post..a little gliding and some body bar

  38. I too love the Hiya Hiya’s (and it’s fun to say!) also as I recall they were relatively inexpensive, I think I got a 000 24″ for about $7.00. I was doing a beaded necklace project, and they were nice and pointy too.

  39. So glad to hear I’m not the only one whose Knit Picks circs get “rough” at the join after a few pairs of socks. Very frustrating! Thanks for the tip about the Hiya Hiya’s!

  40. I’ve had a couple of Knit Picks circular tips come loose from the cables, but two drops of super glue make the problem go away! Really, that’s all it’s taken to make mine perfect again. I had one size 8 Harmony wood tip come out of its metal socket, too, and the super glue fixed it posthaste.

    The only real problem I’ve had with my Options set is stepping on the screwed-on end button attached to the cable of my “Sahara” sweater-in-progress…..hurt my foot a lot and snapped the threaded section of the metal joiner right in half. My own stupid fault, of course.

  41. I’ve had no problems with Knitpicks. I use the circulars (both metal and wooden) for socks in the smaller sizes, and the Options sets for other knitting. I love them! I wonder if it’s certain batches which fail? I’m especially pleased with the wooden circulars, I used to have a problem with wooden needles breaking if I was manipulating stitches.
    I’ve not tried the HiyaHiya circulars yet, but do like their dpns – very strong but lightweight.

    dawns last blog post..NaKniSweMoDo #3

  42. Don’t bother with the Kollage circulars. The cable is WAY too flexible, imho, if you want to do magic loop. I returned mine. I love their straight needles but they should revamp the cable on the circs . Sally

  43. Loving that colorway!

    I haven’t tried the Hiya Hiya circulars, but I have to say that right now, the Hiya Hiya dpns are my favorites. So light, pointy enough, and – have I mentioned – so light! My primary complaint about dpns is that they tend to slip out of my stitches, as I knit on the loose side, but the Hiyas are so light that they do not freaking budge, and I LOVE THEM. Now I’ll keep an eye out for the circulars, and maybe give two-circs a try again.

  44. Nothing against ya, but it has gotta be you.
    I have used the same 32″ size 0 (2.omm) knit pick needles for dozens of pairs of socks.
    I never have tried the Hiya ones though. I don’t think anyone carries those areound here.

  45. I’ve never had a problem with a fixed KP needle! I do have options cables come loose on a regular basis, but I’m used to it and watch for them to start getting wobbly. I have been planning to try the Hiya Hiya needles next time I order from Sherry though.

    Sarah-potterknitters last blog post..Riding Lesson