My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


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Grey Day

It’s a grey day because I completed the second grey sock. Woo-hoo!

Here’s the pair:


I’ll get photos of them on the hoof this weekend, and will be finalizing the pattern shortly thereafter.


In the meantime, did you see that both the Flora and the Sunflower sock pattern are now available at The Loopy Ewe? When last I checked, there were still copies available of both for sale.

In my Plurk book giveaway, Karen, aka TheKnittingPatch has won the copy of my new book. Congratulations, Karen, and thanks to everyone who plurked an entry!

And finally . . .


I wonder what she’s thinking about?

The Sweet Spot

From time to time I get asked how it is that I never have a hole at the top of the heel of my socks — at the point where you start knitting in the round again.

I always pick up an extra stitch at each side of the heel on the first round after the heel, and then on the next round decrease by knitting it together with the stitch next to it.

I have found the perfect place to pick up this extra stitch, the sweet spot. When I pick it up here, the side of the heel always looks perfect with no hole.

Here is the sock after I have completed the last row across the back of the heel flap, ready to start knitting in the round again.


I’ve circled the area where you want to pick up your extra stitch: pick it up right in the middle of the stitch by inserting the tip of your needle under the “bar” in the middle of the stitch.


Pick it up and knit it, making it the last stitch on the end of the back needle. Then on the next round you will knit that last 2 stitches on the needle together. (At the other end of the back of the sock, you pick up the extra stitch in the same way, making it the first stitch on the needle, and then on the next round, knit it together with the second stitch.)

I get a perfect join every time.


I’m coming down the home stretch on these socks, but won’t finish the second one tonight as I’ve got other things to tend to. Hopefully tomorrow.

Teddy did consent to a photo op yesterday.


Charity Race: Knitters for Knockers

Knitters for Knockers is a group of dedicated Richmond, Virginia area knitters trying to raise money for Komen Race for the Cure. Last year they raised over $7,000 to fight breast cancer! The Knitters for Knockers team is ready to do it again on Saturday, May 9, 2009. Check out their page here.

They are raffling off some great prizes in support of their race, so please donate if you are able.

A Chuckle

Lucy and I settled down to watch a DVD of The Man Who Could Work Miracles yesterday. Check out the set-up screen (enlarge to read it).


I am easily amused.

Lucy enjoyed the movie.



You guys are great! I think the post where I’ve offered giveaways of my book has the highest number of comments I’ve ever gotten on a single post.

The Random Number Generator has spoken! The three recipients for the book giveaway are:



Sharon Rose

I have emailed you three — congratulations!

And of course a huge thank you to everyone who left a comment!

But Wait! There’s More!

I’m giving away one more copy of my book on Plurk. Post a reply to this Plurk conversation by 4:00pm EDT Tuesday, March 31 and I’ll pick a name at random. (You can join up if you aren’t already a member by following the first link.)

And I Do Still Knit a Little

Here is the first of the current sock project, modeled on the KOARC’s manly foot.


And a closer look:


Work has commenced on the second sock!

Charity Walk: Delaware TaTa Savers

My Plurk-buddy Janice is doing a 3-day Breast Cancer Walk in Philadelphia and is determined to raise $5000. These are tough times, but if you can possibly spare a few dollars, please consider donating to her cause. She is raffling off some fabulous prizes to people who donate. Check out the blog she set up for the event, here. I’ve donated a signed copy of my new book, along with a skein of Wollmeise. Kind of like a sock knitting kit. Just add needles. 🙂

Back at Home


Lucy is selecting a DVD.

It Seems a Few of You Would Like a Book . . .

Judging  from the comments anyway. 😀

Thank you for all your congratulatory comments. I’m so very pleased to have tangible proof of the printing of the book in my hot little hands. Here’s something weird — Tuesday night I dreamed that I received my box of author’s copies — and then they appeared on Wednesday. Freaky, huh?

Of course, in the dream I opened the box and all the covers were blank. Just your run-of-the-mill anxiety dream.

On to the business of the blog . . .

First up, I have the Martha Stewart craft book to give away. The Random Number Generator chose Hillary to receive my copy. Thanks to everyone who left a comment!

And on Sunday we’ll choose recipients for the copies of my sock book. you have til noon EDT on Sunday to leave a comment on yesterday’s entry to be entered into the drawing. Though judging from the number of comments on yesterday’s entry, everyone has already done so!

And I’ll be happy to sign them if you so desire.

We are in the midsts of scheduling book events — remember to check the Travel page (look up there on the menu bar) from time to time to see what we have added. Because I have that pesky day job, I am for the most part limiting my travel to weekends. And I can’t be away from home every weekend, so the events will be spread out over spring and summer and beyond.

But if anyone wants to pay my way to go to London for a book event, I’ll be happy to take the extra time off work. Really.

In sock-knitting news, I have turned the heel and am knitting up the leg on my first Ribs and Cables sock.


You will no doubt be pleased to hear that I did give Lucy the box she was asking for yesterday. She played in it for about 90 seconds and then lost interest.


“You had to tell them, didn’t you?”

Manly, Yes. But I Like It Too.

I’m pleased that y’all like the Ribs and Cables Sock that I’m working on right now. And as many of you pointed out: it does not necessarily have to be a guy sock. I am sizing the pattern for 4 sizes ranging from a 7 – 10-inch diameter foot, so it will cover a variety of adult sizes. And since so many of you indicated that you’d like to have the pattern, it will be available for sale when I get it done.

At this point I have the gusset increases done and am embarking on turning the heel. Excitement abounds!


When the first sock is done, or near done, I will try it on the KOARC’s manly foot, for he is the intended recipient.

Apropos of Nothing . . .

Hey, don’t let me forget these two numbers: 54 and 78. Okay, thanks.

Excitement Really Does Abound

Can you guess what is in this box?


I’ll give you a hint:


I got my copies! I got my copies!


In celebration of this event, I’ll give a couple or three of them away. Want one?

Leave a comment on this post by noon EDT on Sunday, March 29 and the random number generator will go to work once again.

Lucy Sez


“Can I have the box?”