My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Just Another Stinking Monday

I see that most of us agree that Daylight Saving time is evil.

On the plus side, I did manage to get all my clocks switched over to DST. Unfortunately, those clocks I have that I acquired prior to 2007 that automatically switch over will be have to be adjusted, because the switch-over date has changed since they were manufactured.

It is as I said: evil.

The kneesock is nearly done now:


All that remains is 24 rounds of ribbing,

There was a question in the comments asking why my sudden interest in knee-socks.

And I can’t come up with a clever answer. I guess I’m just interested in working out the increases for kneesocks. Call it a form of entertainment, if you will.

It may be a stinking Monday, but things aren’t all bad. I’ve got some lovely new Schaefer sock yarns to play with:


And I’m winding my pretty green laceweight:


Yes, it amuses me to take photos of my swift in motion. πŸ™‚

It amuses Lucy to pretend she is a 12-pack of soda:



  1. I hate DST with a bloody, all-consuming passion. I wish I could just not have to follow it! Every morning from now till fall will be miserable–I am so not a morning person! Sigh.

    mehitabels last blog post..This is February

  2. It must be the season. I am also figuring out the increases for knee-hi’s.


  3. I can spot the Fresca!!! YUM!
    That Schaefer is also pretty yummy-lookin’!

    PlazaJens last blog post..My Plague, It Has A First Name…..

  4. How do you avoid having the knee socks fall down? No matter how well-fitted mine are, and how firmly-knitted, they always seem to like to slide a bit!

  5. Most of the time I consider Ben Franklin to have been pretty darn brilliant. When it comes to DST? Hmmm… not so much. I hate it too.

    Karen in Toledos last blog post..This Too Shall Pass

  6. As it’s years since I had a decent night’s sleep (thanks to 3 kids) DST doesn’t really bother me, in fact I’m quite glad it’s now darker in the mornings because I stand a chance of not waking up with the sun!

  7. Bethany says:

    According to the freekibble website you mentioned a while back, “Lucy” is the most popular name for a female cat in America. I wonder if there’s a site for Lucys that belong to knitting Wendys?

  8. NewJerseyLaura says:

    I am jealous of your swifting skills! How do you keep your balls from getting too tight when you high-speed wind?

  9. Love the yarns! If you didn’t knit so fast, I’d be surprised at you making those knee highs. They look extremely tall from here.

    Love the flying swift, too!

    madonnaearths last blog post..I need to try this

  10. How odd that you bring up knee socks. I have two skeins of Socks That Rock Heavyweight that I’m using to make your Red Brick Road sock pattern with. Why two skeins? for turning them into knee socks, of course. I’ve never done that so I’m planning on trying to figure out the leg shaping when I get there.

  11. Hmmmm – those don’t look like DC w/lime 12 packs….. You need some variety, huh? Maybe Lucy would like to be a 12 pack of beer?….

    Great looking kneesocks!

    JoAnns last blog post..Do Not Disturb

  12. When I first read this post, I read that you managed to get all of your socks (not clocks) switched over to DST. Then I thought you said that all that was left on your socks was 24 pounds (not rounds) of ribbing and I thought “man, she must really hate ribbing”. Obviously, DST is no friend of mine either.

  13. Lynne E. says:

    Do you have any plans for making your Nanner sock pattern available for sale or otherwise? There’s a beautiful photo of a pair in “Turtlegirl’s Bloggy Thing” today. I’ve always liked the pattern, and been sorry that you only made it available to Plurk-ers.

  14. You’re so right it is a stinking Monday!Love your socks.

  15. Ah but what a lovely 12 pack of soda she makes, LOL

    Aunt Kathys last blog post..Monday- Prizes Abound

  16. Julie The Purple Chick says:

    The six pack in the middle must be “Mountain MEW”?

  17. I think my big triumph was actually remembering to update the time on the thermostat – if I’d woken to cold this morning, it would probably have been the last straw and I’d still be in bed.

    Chriss last blog post..*insert annual whining about springing ahead for Daylight Savings*

  18. The Schafer Heather is wonderful to knit with and I love the colors you got.

    Hollys last blog post..Spinner’s Delight

  19. Cynthia A says:

    Nice swift shot! I usually never get to see my swift in super-speed, as I am usually watching the ball end of the yarn for tangles. For NewJerseyLaura – I always rewind my balls at least once (usually twice), as it loosens it up tremendously and I don’t have to worry about stretched out yarn. I try to remember to wind in the opposite direction each time (esp. with handspun) as I don’t want to affect the yarn twist with repeated windings.

  20. Cynthia A says:

    Oh yeah, I would really like the pattern for the Nanner socks too! If not, perhaps you could come up with some “Tweet” socks for your Twitter followers? πŸ˜‰

  21. Gillian says:

    If you manually adjust your auto-adjust clocks, will they not then adjust again when they are programmed to? Just curious. I don’t own any of that type.

  22. Aussie Rosemary says:

    I loathe and detest DST. We in oz should should be going back to normal time but our government has decided to extend it until the end of April.Already the sun doesn’t rise until 7.15 – no consideration for early morning people!

  23. Whatever sparked the interest in knee socks , I am thrilled!!! I love knee socks and intend to make this my summer of knee socks. I agree, DST sucks but I do enjoy feeling like I still have some daytime to enjoy after work; time for a cocktail, dinner and knitting.

  24. The kneesock looks fantastic. I”d love to have a pair to wear, but lack the fortitude necessary to stick with a stitch pattern that long. Can I yarn-nap the Lola?

    Tabbys last blog post..Dishwasher Drama

  25. Is it too late to vote on DST? I swear, I missed yesterday’s post because I was totally screwed up by the time change…yeah, so, DST sucks.

    Looking forward to seeing the new sock yarn knit up — have any plans for it yet?

    yarnpiggys last blog post..Seriously?

  26. Yes. DST is 666. Evil. All the way. πŸ˜‰

    Normas last blog post..My BlackBerry Saga — It’s A Long Story — You’ve Been Warned.

  27. Oh, don’t blame Franklin for DST — he was only joking when he proposed it (see the oh-so-authoritative Wikipedia: It was instituted in the U.S. during the first World War as a way of saving energy and incidentally allowing people to work in their Victory gardens in the evening hours. It was repealed soon after, but re-instituted in the 20’s.

    Personally, I could do without the clock changes, and would rather just stay on DST for longer evening light all year.

    Hissy Stitchs last blog post..Teeny Preemie Hats

  28. And it amuses me to picture you taking pictures of your swift in action! Amusement all around here…. what more could one ask for?

    Cathy-Cates last blog post..Gothlet Gauntlets

  29. It is amuses my two cats to be apart of the carpet, then when you walk by and they think you can’t see them to swipe at you. It amuses them to become the banana boxes that are currently sitting in are living room full of our possessions. They think that if they act like boxes we won’t notice them and they can attack us from the top of the piles. I think the socks yarns look lovely and I know what it is like to just start knitting something and not have a reason why. Go for it. Looks great by the way!!!

  30. My oldest cat Slinkie thinks that Lucy is a celebrity, hehe. He doesn’t realize that him and his brother are often caught on camera and posted on my blog. Shhhh don’t tell him he might get a big ego.

    LeenieBeenies last blog post..I’m Soooo Lazy!!!

  31. Blah! I think I told you this last year, but I do not agree with you (yes, I can disagree with you) that daylight savings is evil! I love coming home and still having daylight!!! You can take the pooch for a nice walk before dinner – – what is evil about that?

    Georgeous Schaffer yarn by the way – – I made my first pair of socks with Anne – – I absolutely love them – – now I’m on the hunt for Schaffer Anne Yarn!!!

    Have a good day Wendy. As always, smooches to darling Lucy.

  32. patchworkhen says:

    I absolutely LOVE DST!

  33. I’m glad to see that Lucy celebrated National Napping Day! (The first Monday after DST when everybody–even cats–drag themselves out of bed.)

    Marys last blog post..E is for

  34. Great looking knee socks!

    Not only DST, but now DST on a different schedule so I have to change most of my electronics manually. Even the ones that have “automatic” DST switching. πŸ™

    Since animals don’t understand DST, just their internal clocks, I always feel for the farmers and their animals.

    Inas last blog post..Danish tie shawl revisited

  35. “National Napping Day” — who knew? (Obviously not me!) But I’m very glad to know about it. And I celebrated anyway — took an after-work nap reading “Dewey” (the book about the library cat). No mention of knitting…. but I know of a yarn store that has a resident cat named (wait for it) — “Bordhi”.

  36. BuckfastBee says:

    Oh, Wendy,
    why do you speak of “another stinking monday”?
    You’ve no serious illness (AFAIK), we’re amidst in a crisis, and you have a job, shelter and food, yarn to play with, HRH Miss Lucy to care for, your newest book is on its way, and spring is coming up – life is wonderful, do you remember? πŸ˜‰

  37. I love looking at swifts (almost as much as I would like one, though it is low man on my yarn-related purchases list). I wind my balls by hand and usually on the train. It’s time consuming, but at least I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time like I do when I’m home.

    Seanna Leas last blog post..Seen: around Watchmen

  38. Ruth Martin says:

    Your new president seems a sensible man – what if we got up a petition to him to at least put DST back to its former dates (April to October)? The mornings are just too darned dark now, especially way up here north of the 49th parallel (hello from Ottawa!), and who needs longer evenings to watch the snow/freezing rain fall?

  39. yep, DST is evil. screws up my internal clock and sleep for a week every single d*mned time.

    hooray for kneesocks. love wearing ’em and have been trying to knit some for years (sadly). it’s the increases that do my head in!

    when our cats sit like that, we say they ‘have their wheels’ on.

  40. Thank you for the Angelika link. My lovely swift’s small screw broke into two pieces! But, Angelika came to the rescue sending a replacement in 2 days! Yeah!

  41. Being easily amused is a plus!

    Julias last blog post..Breathing Room

  42. Hi Wendy!

    I love your blog, especially Lucy’s comments. They just fit her so well. Anyway, my New Year’s Resolution was to teach myself to knit, and I have done that, but nothing very complicated and with only one set of needles. My question to you, since you seem to be a master sock knitter, is, is there a pattern that is easy and only uses two regular knitting needles, not circulars (which I have not used yet) or DPNs (which I have also not used yet!)? Every pattern I have looked at seems too complicated for a beginner, but I really want to make some socks!!! I would really appreciate your help…