My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


About Those Avatars . . . and Other Random Thoughts

Several of you have commented on the cute little avatars that now show up next to people’s names in the comments and asked how to get them.

According to my awesome web guru Daisy, they are actually built into WordPress, but are generated by the Gravatar service. Do you know about Gravatar?

If you sign up for an account there and upload an avatar for yourself, it will display beside your name when you leave comments on sites that are gravatar-enabled.

If you don’t have a gravatar, my blog assigns one to you. There are a few different “styles” of them — I can select a style from within WordPress.

I love WordPress. πŸ™‚

I Have Died and Gone to Geeky Heaven

Because Neil Gaiman himself posted a tweet on Twitter with a link to my YouTube video of the Coraline ad. (See Thursdays’ blog post.)

My Little Dell Laptop is Happy


The KOARC gave her a memory upgrade!

Possibly the Most Obnoxious Product Packaging Ever


‘Nuff said.

What You Don’t Want to See on Your Saturday Afternoon Stroll


And an hour later:


I’ve Been Lazy and did Little Knitting


As Lucy looks on in disgust.

But We Did Pick a Winner for the Sally Melville Book

The random number generator chose Lorien.

Congratulations Lorien, and thanks to all who left a comment.

Lucy is pleased.



  1. I obviously need to learn more about what’s available with my WordPress.

    Idas last blog post..On Herman and Toilet Paper

  2. Gravatars have been around for so long!!

  3. Thanks for the gravatar info – I’ve always absently wondered but hadn’t done anything about it until this post. πŸ™‚

    Chriss last blog post..Now with 100% more tasty feet!

  4. Although, obviously, my gravatar hasn’t been propogated yet. Soon. Soon. πŸ˜€

    Chriss last blog post..Now with 100% more tasty feet!

  5. Okay, what was it that looks like a parade, but is labeled as a demonstration and needs riot police at a rate of about 2 per 5 feet ot roadway?

    Cindy (maxfun)s last blog post..Springtime color

  6. Love the gravatars. Going to check them out now.

    Angelas last blog post..THE BABY IS 14 TODAY!!!

  7. I’ve just signed up for a gravatar…we’ll see if it works. Although I really like the ones I was assigned, too. πŸ™‚

    What is the demonstration about?

    yarnpiggys last blog post..Are you a Pre-Process Knitter?

  8. I just want to see what kind of Avatar I get. By the way, does Lucy attend your big signings? Just wondering, you know.

  9. Actually, I meant does Lucy attend your book signings. (It’s been a long week.)

  10. Cool! Thanks for the info. You inspired me to pull out my camera and create a gravatar and upload it. Let’s see if it worked.

  11. Boo. It didn’t show up with my comment. I wonder why?

  12. Oh my gosh I am so in LOVE with WordPress. How do you do that blurb at the top… where you had the “almost spring” and now your current work in progress? Is that a custom field, or a top widget, or what? I like it!

    I guess I never knew you were a “Lucy” fan… is that why Lucy’s name is what it is? I agree that is one obnoxious looking box! How in the world do you put that away? OTOH, I think I must go buy one! Lucy marathons are totally the best for knitting by.

    Hope you’re having a great Sunday!

    (Now off to update my Gravatar…)

    TrishD in MDs last blog post..Crabby

  13. Totally cool that Neil Gaiman saw your post. I’ve been a fan since his first Griffin & Sabine book. And that Coraline movie? I may never look at buttons the same again!

  14. Well, you’ve been busy! I love gravatars but am suddenly struck with fear that I’ve got them turned off on at least one of my blogs … I’ve got to go look!

    –Debs last blog post..Review: Fiber Gathering

  15. Weird. I went to Gravatar to sign up and was told that my email address is already in use. Identity theft of a gravatar? (I contacted them and asked that they investigate.)

    I love that Neil Gaiman linked to your video. Such a small, interconnected world we (are coming to) live in!

    kmkats last blog post..The Katβ„’ is angered.

  16. Maybe all those people are lining up for your book. I’m starting a countdown.

  17. linda-kay says:

    Congrats to Lorien!

    Thanks for the Gravatar info, now I can see if my Gravatar is the same one as before!

  18. I love “I Love Lucy!” So much! I want the complete series so bad… Have fun laughing your head off! πŸ™‚

  19. linda-kay says:

    I think I’ll go back to lurking!!!!!

  20. Who knew it could be so hard to pick a avitar…

  21. Margie from Maryland says:

    Thanks for the Gravatar info – I picked one already.

  22. WordPress is full of amazing things. I got my gravatar set up a few weeks ago. along with commentluv~

    PMOYSs last blog post..Irish and Proud! Sewing Post + Cat

  23. Danielle from SW MO says:

    I like the little pics that show up with our comments πŸ™‚
    Lucy seems to be in rare to normal form today! The boys (Bligh and Nutball) sebd head butts, and purrs to her

  24. Gravatars, eh? Hmmmm, wonder what will show up for me here??

    Still LOVING the socks….must get back to knitting…soon!

    Anastasias last blog post..R1P3 – Not doing so great!

  25. I told Neil about your video — I was a little afraid you’d be irritated. I’m glad you’re not. πŸ™‚

  26. So cool. I shall have to look into that gravatar site.

  27. Congratulations, Lorien! Thank you, Wendy and Lucy, for the contest. I can’t wait to see my gravatar–hope it’s skinnier than me!

  28. Nice choice of gravatars! I kind of wish I didn’t have my flower avatar — I’m curious about what monster I’d be.

    I too am curious about the demonstration (but slightly too lazy to spend any significant energy Googling it). The riot gear looks scary though (of course, after the RNC being in St. Paul, there was a lot of riot gear about, and a lot of demonstrations).

    Cathy-Cates last blog post..First Green

  29. Linda from Kansas says:

    I am not nearly savvy enough to know about Gravatar but I like the little avatars.
    The demonstration photos brought back memories of the Viet Nam war protests in D.C. back in the 60’s. (No, I was never part of them – too chicken). Things really don’t change, do they? Only your demonstrators were probably of every age rather than college students in their hippie clothes. πŸ™‚

  30. Wonder if I did the Gravatar thing-y right? We’ll soon see! Thanks for the linky, and Miss Lucy looks lovely today…

    Knitnanas last blog post..Another One Bites The Dust…

  31. Avatar test! Oh this is fun — a new toy.

  32. traceymae says:

    Lucy sez- if your not knitting ,perhaps you could go in the kitchen and roast a chicken !@~!?

  33. By NG himself?? Fangirl *squeeeee*! (Now I’m wondering if someone pointed it to him via YouTube, or if he reads your blog regularly…)

    CraftyGryphons last blog post..Bookstores are dangerous, they have knitting books.

  34. Thanks for the info on Gravatar. Always nice to have some other new toy online, like we need more!

    And I have to ask: Does Lucy ever NOT look absolutely gorgeous? That cat can pose better than any cat I’ve ever seen, and I’ve had cats all my life!

  35. Ahhhh, now I get it…the gravatar thing!

    MAJOR cool about the Neil Gamon notice. Wow!!!

    Rennas last blog post..Pepper Saga-Part Deux

  36. Woot! Gravatars are awesome. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    Angies last blog post..Vintage McCall’s Sewing Pattern – 7233 – Misses’ Blouses – size 12 – Complete, Uncut, Factory Folded

  37. Ha! I saw the NG tweet after I’d read your blog & thought hey, that’s from Wendy! Nice work.

    Natalies last blog post..Moo

  38. This is freaking me out! My name is Lorien too, and I usually just lurk on your blog — I feel like all the clever things get said before I get a chance to say them so I just stay in my little corner. I’ve met a couple others with the same name, but I figured that I was the only knitting Lorien. Congratulations to my name doppelganger, and thanks to you Wendy for being so entertaining and educational. You’re awesome!


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