My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


It Seems a Few of You Would Like a Book . . .

JudgingΒ  from the comments anyway. πŸ˜€

Thank you for all your congratulatory comments. I’m so very pleased to have tangible proof of the printing of the book in my hot little hands. Here’s something weird — Tuesday night I dreamed that I received my box of author’s copies — and then they appeared on Wednesday. Freaky, huh?

Of course, in the dream I opened the box and all the covers were blank. Just your run-of-the-mill anxiety dream.

On to the business of the blog . . .

First up, I have the Martha Stewart craft book to give away. The Random Number Generator chose Hillary to receive my copy. Thanks to everyone who left a comment!

And on Sunday we’ll choose recipients for the copies of my sock book. you have til noon EDT on Sunday to leave a comment on yesterday’s entry to be entered into the drawing. Though judging from the number of comments on yesterday’s entry, everyone has already done so!

And I’ll be happy to sign them if you so desire.

We are in the midsts of scheduling book events — remember to check the Travel page (look up there on the menu bar) from time to time to see what we have added. Because I have that pesky day job, I am for the most part limiting my travel to weekends. And I can’t be away from home every weekend, so the events will be spread out over spring and summer and beyond.

But if anyone wants to pay my way to go to London for a book event, I’ll be happy to take the extra time off work. Really.

In sock-knitting news, I have turned the heel and am knitting up the leg on my first Ribs and Cables sock.


You will no doubt be pleased to hear that I did give Lucy the box she was asking for yesterday. She played in it for about 90 seconds and then lost interest.


“You had to tell them, didn’t you?”


  1. What is it about cats and boxes? Every one I’ve had loves them.

    Timmie Bs last blog post..ENOUGH ALREADY!

  2. Only 90 seconds? Lucy, you’re getting jaded.

  3. Congratulations Hillary!! Yay!

    Interesting dream. Freaky yes but very cool! A copy of your book would be great and having you sign it…. well, cool beyond words… a dream really! πŸ™‚ Heres hoping….

    The sock looks great! Miss Lucy looks rather perturbed with you for telling.

  4. 90 seconds, eh? Perry Penelope would have moved in for a few days while Dancer refuses to go anywhere near a box. To each, her own! The point is, you were a good momma and gave her the box! πŸ˜€

    I think you should transfer to State and travel with Hillary. Every event could turn into something worthwhile then – a Wendy Knits Book Event!

    Leslies last blog post..New Strategic Direction

  5. wait–can I get your signature *and* Teddy’s and Lucy’s????

    could I stand the excitement?!?

  6. Sunday is so long to wait! How I wish we could buy it before April 14th.

    I know you want to come out to Arizona this summer…right? πŸ˜‰

  7. Wow. That’s a lot of comments! I’ve just added myself to the list. πŸ™‚

    yarnpiggys last blog post..The cowl came back

  8. Lucy is so spoiled. A good box should last at least 2 minutes πŸ™‚ My cats favorite box was the big one the Christmas tree came in. They could sleep inside it, hide under a flap and attack – you get the picture. Unfortunately it did have to get put away. They were most disappointed.

  9. Congratulations to Hillary for winning Martha Stewart’s book! I hope to see my own name in print here for your sock book, and if I do, I’d like it autographed, pretty please. πŸ˜‰

    LOL at Lucy. Better she lost interest in a ‘free’ box, than a ‘paid for’ cat toy!

  10. And just when you least expect it…Lucy will jump out of the box she has been sleeping in all day….Love the socks…

  11. Can’t wait for the new book. Congratulations.

  12. lucy, that’s sad! congrats Hilary! Oooh, wendy, will your book be signed? grin!!

    turtles last blog post..quickie links

  13. What an exciting time! You book looks very interesting and I’ve always wanted to learn socks toe up.

    Do you have a pattern that could be used for diabetics?

  14. I”m so buying the book anyway.

    kim sheehans last blog post..Updates

  15. Wendy P. says:

    I have to admit I have not been a huge fan of toe-up socks, but I’m guessing this could be the book to change that…

  16. Of course Lucy lost interest – you were watching! She has an image to maintain.

  17. Glad you mentioned signing. I forgot to put it in my post yesterday, but for no good reason it occurred to me on the way home from work today.

  18. HeatherB says:

    90 seconds? Hmm, sounds like she needs someone to pounce. Boxes are great for hiding in for an ambush. πŸ˜‰

  19. My book is on pre-order at Amazon so I’m commenting here to offer congratulations and I’m so excited because I’ll be getting mine soon. Too bad I can’t collect an autograph in mine.
    I so enjoy the picture of the lovely Miss Lucy even though I have 8 gorgeous and handsome puddies of mine own to gaze upon. Never can get enough kitteh.

  20. Congrats to you on your new accomplishment!! I’m sure there are many more to come!!!! Hello to little Lucy….

  21. be entertained

  22. I have just learned how to knit toe up socks and love them! Can’t wait for your book.

  23. I agree with Suzie – Teddy and Lucy Too!

    Ick about the anxiety dream.

    Elysbeths last blog post..Bang Bang….

  24. Kathleen says:

    It is strange when dreams like that come to be. I’ve had that happen a few times myself. Can you feel the vibes?….they are saying hurry up and finish the sock. The more you show the more I want the pattern. You are such a tease!!!

  25. cecilia david says:

    I would love to have a signed copy of your book. I have already pre-ordered a copy of your book. cecilia

  26. Wha! I’m really tired, and had to read the blank pages comment twice before I was certain it was just a dream. Seriously!

    Ms. Two Fingers had a box to play in yesterday as well, only it was a 6×6 box.. Obviously she did not care as 20 minutes later, she was still trying to fit in. Poor thing.

  27. I hope your books fly off the shelf! πŸ˜€

    LittleWits last blog post..1 year

  28. Does the fact that my birthday is Tuesday give me an edge with the random number generator? Just asking and being a bratty youngest child. I did leave a comment yesterday.

    Congrats on your book. Motorbat likes boxes too:-)

  29. Cats and boxes are so funny! If I should be fortunate enough to win a copy of your book, I would love for you to sign it.

  30. I wouldn’t just LIKE a book; I would LOVE to have a book. And a signed copy might just send me over the edge πŸ˜€

  31. Oh, Lucy — such a fickle kitty!

    And, Wendy — be sure to sign my book before you put it in the mail…

    jannas last blog post..Back from Spring Break

  32. Wendy, will you please sign my book? I have never in my life won anything!!! And I have already pre-ordered one, to show how much I really want it. I’ll be able to cancel my order, or not, since I’ll be using it a lot and could wear one out. Still waiting patiently for sunflower socks, love them!
    Noticed that Barb has a birthday Tuesday, mine was Thursday!!!
    Lucy has a wonderful personality by the way. Also love cats.

  33. Awww, poor Lucy. Boxes are more fun than that. Have you tried closing it up a bit? Our cats LOVE hiding and then pouncing out at random times.
    I’ve finally gotten around to ordering your first book from my local book shop! I’m waiting to reserve your sock book because… well, there’s a chance to win!
    I started your Hearts for Heidi socks today and it’s the first time I’ve done a toe-up sock. I’m pretty pleased, to be completely honest! Thought I’d let you know.
    I’m going to try to see you some time before I move to Pittsburgh, so I’ll keep track of your travels. You’re my favorite sock designer! πŸ˜€ (it sounds bad, doesn’t it? Like I’m trying too hard. haha)
    Crossing my fingers for your sock book!

    PMOYSs last blog post..Three Irish Girls

  34. Well I have got my fingers crossed that we can somehow persuade you over to London, we would love to see you!

    Lotties last blog post..Turning Japanese…

  35. Of course, I’d love a copy of your book and am planning to attend the signing in Alexandria on the 18th. I’m starting my first ever socks this weekend using your generic toe up socks pattern.

    I love the rib and cables pattern because it’s the perfect sock to wear with trousers.

    My cat loves boxes but I think he must have been a knitter in a previous life because he never jumps in my yarn shipments.and is quite content to sit and watch the yarn move as I knit. But let me try to read, cook, put on my makeup, or sort the laundry…. πŸ™‚

  36. dear wendy, i think you should sign the books. better yet, get in touch with each recipient beforehand and ask them if they’d like a special incription. that way, each book would be totally unique and individual. yeah, i’d like that. (hint, hint). lucy, i don’t know why you did what you did. maybe it was that new ‘paint/book’ smell that turned you off. give it another chance. it’ll grow on you. or maybe you just need a southern exposure with lots of light.

  37. Danielle from SW MO says:

    Cats and boxes…My cats love em!! Esp my 16+lb 13yr old girl Sannybug, and get this the smaller the better! Th big boxes are great for hiding, sleeping and ambushes but the smaller ones are perfect to customize just for curling up and sleeping in! My mom has a 15 or so lb boy who loves shoe boxes to customize (he chews on them) and sleep in as well.

  38. Had a good laugh over your author’s dream-when I was teaching, I dreamed I forgot what class I was in, etc……….I guess it is a universal stressor!

    Cindys last blog post..Temporarily Out of Blogland…

  39. Tareshen says:

    Oh, I would so love a copy of your book. I’m so thrilled for you, too!!!!!

  40. I am so thrilled for you.
    Don’t worry about Lucy, that is what Human kids do too!

    Shells last blog post..Fushia Rose Drop Spindle (USD $15.00)

  41. Andrea H says:

    I really like the look of the Rib and cable sock.

    Do you have sock patterns for #4 needles? they are my needle of choice,

  42. Hey Wendy. I have your book on pre-order from Amazon for what seems like forever. I put my comment in yesterday’s blog because I was hoping to get an autographed copy!! So please, if for some reason all the planets should align and I win (ha!), please autograph my copy!!!

    Lucy’s expression is pricess!

    Have a good weekend.

  43. Wendy, I’ve already pre-ordered your book and I’m planning to bring it to the book signing (if it gets here in time!), so I’m willing to say that if by some strange chance my number is pulled, you may pull another in its stead. I just wanted to comment so I could add my congratulations on what looks like a stellar book. Lucy should be so proud of her Mama!

  44. I cannot wait to get your book, congrats!! A signed copy would be great….

  45. beautiful looking book. congratulations!

  46. dachsgirlknits says:

    Yes, I would love a book! I have yet to knit my first sock, so I’d love to have your instructions. I have sock yarn in my stash, tho πŸ™‚

  47. Theresa in Italy says:

    Funny about your dream—as I get older, this sort of dream/reality coincidence seems to occur more frequently, or maybe it’s just the good Italian wine wreaking havoc with my few remaining brain cells. Speaking of which, why stop at London? Maybe we could arrange for a book signing in Italy! (It might be only MY book, but what the hey…)

  48. At least yours plays in boxes, even if just for a minute… mine actually eats them, along with toilet paper and kleenex. I think he has a fiber deficiency. πŸ˜‰

    Danas last blog post..Knitter’s Survey

  49. congratulations, looks like a wonderful book , I’m an old time knitter and still have to teach myself to read the charts, also on your patterns I haven’t figured out the abbreviation M1, But I do love to learn and its always a delight to find something new to learn. Keep it up!

  50. juliette says:

    Don’t forget — 54 and 78.

    Ok, clapping my hands together. I’ve done my job.

  51. Our cat loves boxes, though sometimes I think she mostly likes being able to spring in and out of boxes.

    Seanna Leas last blog post..tweet, tweet, tweet

  52. Eileen Bunn says:

    Your book is totally exciting! Pick me!!!

  53. Please put my name in the hat for your sock book!

  54. Melissa Van Rossum says:

    Love you, love Lucy – please pick me for your sock book! Thanks for being such a “bright spot” in the day.

  55. I’m sure we’d love to see you here in London. Thank you for the free pattern from the book -I’ve nearly finished it and am very impressed.I see more toe up socks in my life!

    probablyjanes last blog post..Going batty in Yorkshire

  56. Loren G. says:

    You have a new book that will hit the book markets soon. That is very exciting. I will have to buy it so you can sign it at the MDS&WF like you did with your first book. I’ll never forgot the time you signed the first book. Wow, that is great!!!! Good Luck

  57. I have only just returned to knitting after a long break (which I don’t understand as I used to have knittingitis). I bought some Regia sock yarn and couldn’t get to grips with the pattern. It was hard going. I have persevered and finally sussed it out last night – hurray. Whilst looking for advice on this pattern I had come across your toe up socks pattern and promised myself that once I have knitted a couple of pairs of top down socks, I will attempt your toe up version. A copy of your new book would be very useful I suspect and even if I don’t win a copy, I will buy one anyway.

  58. Your blog is widely read and loved by knitters of all talents. You offer something for everyone and also help educate the novices and introduce new techniques to experienced knitters. Thanks for providing such a good blog, free patterns and lovely photos of Lucy to all of us. Which of your posting has gotten the most responses…the current one with the sock book giveaway? Just curious. Thanks for all of the “presents” you offer to your readers, too. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Kim B.s last blog post..This Is Spring?/New Pair of Socks

  59. thanks for all you do to spend knitting knowledge.

  60. A signed book would be a cool thing to win. But, if I don’t win, I’ll buy one!

  61. I, too, like your books! I’d love to have the new one!
    And tell Lucy she’s as cute as ever…

  62. Babyface says:

    Please put my name in for the drawing of your sock book. Thank you very
    much. Give my regards to Lucy. I think she has it made.

  63. As an obsessed toe up sock knitter, all I can say is pick me! pick me!! Pretty please?
    Hmm.. I wonder if you can be bribed with yarn?

  64. Would love to win a copy of your sock book.
    thanks Billie

  65. Congratulations on your book. Please put my name in the hat πŸ™‚

  66. Hello. I would love to win a copy of your book too. Thanks.

  67. HI. I would like to be entered to win a book too. Thank you.

  68. How long can I claim to to new at knitting? It’s an excuse to keep amassing yarns, needles and BOOKS because you never know when a problem might arise. Need to be prepared, and I just know your book would help!

  69. My kitties love boxes and wrapping paper and well paper of any kind….if I lay on the floor to read the weekend broadsheet, they both just come and plop themselves down right in the middle! It’s difficult to read around them πŸ™‚

    Tannias last blog post..Before Our Time

  70. hey, I thought I signed up for the drawing of the sock bool. I do not see my comment. Maybe it was for the Martha book. Please enter my name for this new drawing. Thank You…Jo & Guiness

  71. Wow, your new book looks fabulous. Please enter me in the contest.

    auntieannknitss last blog post..Upcycling!

  72. I love your new book just by looking at the cover!

  73. Your new book absolutely made my heart race!! I want the book!!! Wish me luck!!

  74. I am constantly having to knit socks for my mom who suffers from diabetic neuropathy in her feet. I would love to learn a new way to knit socks. Thanks!

  75. Oh I would LOVE to come home with a copy of this! Pick me please!

    Congratulations on what looks like a wonderful book!

    cyds last blog post..And now for something completely different…