My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


It’s Q&A Day!

Thank you for all the blog-i-versary wishes. I feel loved. πŸ˜€

There was a question, both here and over on Aimee’s blog where she posted her review of my upcoming book — are all the patterns in the book new, or are they available elsewhere?

The book has a total of 23 patterns. There are three plain “template” patterns (each with one of the three heels I like best for toe-up socks). They are basically the same as my generic patterns that you can get on my website.

But the 20 “real” patterns in the book have not been available for sale or free anywhere. It’s all new stuff. πŸ™‚

About my current sock-in-progress,Marlene asked:

How did you came up with the pattern for the butterfly?

I did a google image search for butterflies and spend a very happy fifteen minutes looking at some lovely butterfly photos. Then I took graph paper and pencil and did a chart using knits and purls. I added to yarn-overs and decreases and presto! A lace butterfly.


It’s not always this simple. I often find that what looks good on paper often doesn’t work when I start to knit it. But this chart was the exception. I made one stitch adjustment on the chart (and that was actually before I started knitting) and then knit it as written.

As far as progress goes, I’m working on the heel.


In other news, Lucy celebrated the blog-i-versary last night with a shot of catnip.


“I can’t find my fuzzy rat! Can you tell me where my fuzzy rat is? Kthnxbai.”

Me? I had a shot of Scotch whisky.

Okay, two shots.


  1. Seven years! I am in awe of your persistence.
    The new socks are pretty, too.

  2. omgosh those socks are amazing! so cute and different … rock on sister πŸ™‚

    katkoes last blog post..Baby Chromosome Stitch Markers – Free Shipping – from baby sweater unknown

  3. I don’t know, but I keep seeing those butterfly socks in purple!

    Idas last blog post..Mean Girls, Mean Girls, Watcha Gonna Do? Mean Girls, Mean Girls

  4. You’re so prolific! I think you must doodle a lot in all of those meetings of yours πŸ˜€

    Mos last blog post..The Price of Reading

  5. I love the butterfly socks!! I will have to see if I can figure out enough to do them for myself (woohoo, first pattern to purchase) eventually….

    When you buy patterns for socks and things (since I never have) does it include different sizes? I have found that a lot of patterns are for “women’s medium” but as a newer knitter I dont’ know how to modify (or where to look to get instructions to do modifications) sizes so that I can make a women’s SMALL…

    Any information on where to find this kind of thing???

    Pamelas last blog post..Ever Wonder…

  6. I love that sock. I will buy that pattern for reals. I have a butterfly obsession. I forgive them for being bugs though. It might be lovely in a shawl ….

    Lucy is being a LOLCat in that picture.

    Abbys last blog post..Much knitting.

  7. Love, love, LOVE the butterfly socks! So pretty! Lucy reminds me of the people who can’t find the reading glasses perched atop their head!

  8. The butterflies are looking great! So how would they look in orange and black, like Monarchs? πŸ™‚
    I’d choose the Sheep Dip over catnip as well.

    Lorettes last blog post..Free Yarn!

  9. I happen to adore butterflies!

    Definitely on the “knit for me” list! And the pink – very sweet. Just like Lucy πŸ˜‰

    Megan S.s last blog post..Megan, This Is Your Conscience Calling..

  10. Melissa says:

    That sock is super-cute! Will it be availabe at Loopy Ewe? I can hardly wait for your book; I’ve *strongly* hinted to the hubby that it would make a great surprise gift. πŸ™‚

  11. I can’t wait for the book, even though I’m still on that first pair…

    BTW…you can have scotch, or you can have whiskey — but you can’t have scotch whiskey. Whisky is Scotch, whiskey is Irish. Ask me how I remember this (it involved me deeply offending an Irishman!)

    yarnpiggys last blog post..Cowl Fail

  12. Heather says:

    I truly can’t wait to get my hands on your book. From you, I learned that I love toe-up, short-row heel socks. It will be nice to have it all in a book instead of my printouts from your site!

    Can’t we buy it earlier? *whine*

  13. Hey Wendy,

    Do you still spin? Do you use a wheel or a spindle?

    madonnaearths last blog post..April goals

  14. Love those butterflies, and what a pretty color of pink. Looks like spring!

  15. Kate Hesser says:

    Those socks are beautiful! I am going to purchase the pattern as soon as it is available at the Loopy Ewe!

  16. The socks are so pretty. Lucy looks like a happy little fur ball.

  17. Patricia says:

    Did you see what Vogue Knitting said “Why should you purchase another sock book? Because the maestro has spoken.” 10,000 congratulations!!!

  18. Love the butterfly socks!!!

  19. I love your butterfly socks! Could you please share your technique for getting such smooth & round toes on your Toe-Up socks?


  20. I pre-ordered the book and can’t wait! I will finally bite the bullet and try to learn your 2-circs method, though your instructions for plain old toe up have been my bible these last few years.

  21. Linda in Dallas says:

    So…maybe you have answered this in the past seven years…what do you do with all the items you have knitted? I’m assuming you keep some for yourself and some for your book photos and subsequent book tour, but you can only wear two socks at a time. What happens to all the rest of it?

  22. Maureen says:

    Really a lovely invented butterfly pattern. I’m another waiting for the book.

    And I think Lucy is looking at the LOLcats too much.

  23. Maureen says:

    Interesting. I’ve always been given the same little purple bug avatar on my comments. I assumed they’d be added randomly.

  24. Lucy looks like she is having a ball. πŸ˜€

    LittleWits last blog post..Shenanigans

  25. Catnip and scotch you go girls!

    Timmie Bs last blog post..ENOUGH ALREADY!

  26. I LOVE butterflies, and the colorway of the yarn is perfect! =^_^= Hey Lucy girl!

  27. Love that butterfly sock. I’m continually amazed at the variety of ideas you have come up with for socks. I’m counting down the days until your sock book is at our local bookstore.
    I’m wondering what the equivalent of catnip is for humans in terms of the strange way most cats act under the influence. Our kitty gets extremely playful, then stalks our two dogs with her eyes glowing with anger, a few minutes later she is mellow, lying around staring at the ceiling, followed by a quick nap and then an extended bout of bathing. After that she is back to her dignified little self, while the dogs watch her warily for a few hours! (Don’t worry, we closely monitor her infrequent catnip moments so neither dogs or cat get hurt.)

  28. Will you make the butterfly socks pattern available? I have a friend who loves butterflies and I would like to knit her a pair.

    Bobbies last blog post..Albuquerque, NM

  29. Lovely butterfly socks and congrats on the blogoversary!

  30. Dr. Jackie says:

    Love the new patterns. Assuming Amazon delivers my pre-ordered copy of your book…will you autograph it at the Fling??

  31. Can’t wait until my book arrives, just a couple weeks now.

    Aunt Kathys last blog post..Friday- Favorites

  32. Lucy looks like she enjoyed the nip πŸ™‚

    Melissas last blog post..Will My Head ‘Splode?

  33. Wow, seven years! (Or, um, seven years and a day — seems I’m a day late.) Congrats! Give the princess Lucy seven chin scratches in your honor from me.