My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Have you ever been in this situation: You create something and you feel pretty good about it. You think you’ve done a good job. You think it is more or less worthy.

But of course doubts start creeping in. Is it good enough? Will people laugh at it?

I’ve had approximately a year of those doubts, so of course I am over the moon, deliriously happy that so many of you have told me how much you like Socks From the Toe Up. Thank you again. So. Much.

I’m particularly pleased that so many of you have mentioned how useful you are finding the step-by-step illustration directions for the different techniques. Because that was probably the hardest part of the book to create.

I wrote up the techniques, step-by-step. Then we photographed each step of each technique. I did the knitting, and the KOARC did the photography. You can probably guess what a fiddly time-consuming process this was — multiple photos of each step to make sure we got one perfect photo for each one. Then the photos were sent to an illustrator who created the drawings, which were sent back to me for review. The illustrator did an amazing job — there were very few that needed any tweaking at all.

You are probably a bit tired of hearing me yap about the book, but I made alarmingly little knitting progress since yesterday’s post, so I’ve not much else to yap about. I spent the evening out in the company of good friends and the knitting never came out of my purse.

Still, I’m about to start the heel flap!


I’ll most likely have this sock with me when I go to Knit Happens on Saturday (April 18)Β  for the first book signing.

Knit Happens
127A N. Washington Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 836-0039

It starts at 2pm and will run to 4 or 5pm. Bring your copy of the book to be signed or buy one there. I’ll also have all the socks from the book for you to see up close and personal.

As a special treat, my buddy L-B will be joining me — she was my technical editor for this book so she has a lot to be proud of too. I believe the KOARC will be there too. So be there or be square!

Book Giveaway

The Random Number Generator chose Carol who commented on 4/14/09 at 7:11am: “I would love a copy of this book…Sprucey Lucy looks great!”

Carol receives the copy of One Ball Knits: Purses I offered up as a giveaway earlier this week. Carol, I’ve emailed you!

As always, a big thank you to everyone who left a comment.

Lucy Sez


No, I won’t be at the booksigning. I’m much happier staying home playing with my toys!


  1. Wow – You, LB, and the KOARC at the first book signing? I so wish I could be there! Have fun!

    Tammy/DarthKnitters last blog post..Unrealistic

  2. RedfordPhyl says:

    Wendy, there is only one thing wrong with your book. I’m going to have to buy a second copy. I know that my daughter is going to steal mine the minute she sees it. Ah well, she has a birthday next week, so I guess I’ll just add it to her other gifts. Now, I’m off to order a second one. Thank you for the many hours that went into a “must have” book.

  3. Looking forward to the book signing on Saturday. Can’t wait to see and consult the new book. Also taking class at Spring Fling!

  4. I read all of the tutorial bits, and suggestion parts, and pretty much everything short of all the details of each and every pattern last night. More than anything I liked the explanations you gave for the little details that were SO hard to find on the internet. I spent days doing various google searches, and hoping that I’d find some shred of hope. Printing page after page of whatever I could find and hope I could piece it together into some sort of semblance of coherency when it came time to actually knitting socks.

    I have never finished a pair of socks until I found your generic toe-up design. Then I fell in love with your Toe-up with a difference and I’ve been hooked. The best thing bout your book is the ease of readability since I’m not the most seasoned knitter, and that ALL of the techniques are in one place. No more stapled bundles of paper floating around (that ALWAYS seem to get lost when shuffling between bag to bag).

    It was a wonderful read. And I can’t wait to do some of the patterns.

    Thank you a million times over! It was definitely money well spent.

    Deineras last blog post..#Amazonfail FTMFL!!

  5. Wish I could be there I am stuck in NY. Will definitely see you in Charlotte though.


    Cats last blog post..They Say It Comes in Threes

  6. Wendy, I love your posts about the book, and I’ve really enjoyed hearing about how a huge project like that comes together. And, it’s super cool that the most favorite people in your life were able to be a part of it!

    Aponis last blog post..Close Up

  7. You are da bomb ((hugs)) – Happy “hometown” book signing on Saturday!

    Cindy K

    Cindy Ks last blog post..Spinning Pretty

  8. I bought your book today. It’s totally great. Congrats!!! Come to New Jersey and do a book signing so I can get it signed!! Congratulations on such a great job.

  9. patricia says:

    Looks like I will be ‘square’, unless I get the teletransportation thing worked out by Saturday! Best wishes for the signing!

    Lucy snubbed again!

  10. No I am not tired of you yapping about your book. Wendy you deserve to. It is by far the most useful knitting book on socks that I have, and believe me I have them all. I have read it from cover to cover. I would love to be there Saturday, wow, even L-B and the Korac, would hope they would sign it too. However it is a long trip to Virginia. Best of luck with the signing, I’m sure you will be very busy. Everything about the book is great. Have a good time on Saturday, and thanks again for doing the book.

  11. Got my copy today. The pictures are awesome! I can’t believe something that I knit could look that good (of course having an awesome pattern to knit helped).

  12. Wendy, you have a lot to be proud of in this book. It is such a nice book, one I’m sure I will be using often. Sometimes you get pattern books, sometimes you get reference books, and less often you get both in one. This is one of those books. Congratulations on such a pretty and useful book.

  13. anne marie in philly says:

    dammit, wish I could be there, but I have other plans!

    meeting L-B and the KOARC would be fun…you, I already “know”.

    have a good time, and enjoy all the fawning your adoring public dishes out! I am happy for you! πŸ™‚

  14. I’m so sorry I won’t be at Knit Happens. I still hold out hope you (and LB and KOARC) will make a trip to SoCal for a book signing. I’m sure this Saturday will be a BIG SUCCESS !! Enjoy! You’ve worked hard and created a wonderful book!

    Lucy, I don’t blame you for wanting to stay home and play with the catnip toys. My kitties would do the exact same thing!

    Sock yarn and needles are on their merry way to me as I type this ! πŸ™‚


  15. I received my first book today and I love it! I purchased another at Knit Happens today and left it for you to sign since I can’t be there on Saturday – I can’t wait to get that copy for myself. The other is a gift for a good friend who LOVES toe-up socks. She’ll adore the book as well! Thank you for producing such a wonderful resource! Have a great time on Saturday – Holly is really excited about the event!

  16. I don’t mind you yapping about the book one bit – you’ve got EVERY REASON to be very proud!!!!! THANK YOU for what you do for us knitters! YOU’RE AMAZING!

    Anastasias last blog post..So about that pizza?

  17. Hmm, everyone else in my house is gone for the weekend. Maybe I’ll drive down to DC? Maybe train would be better, more knitting time involved…

    If I promise to be nice could I carry the sock samples to where ever the after signing margaritas are being served?

    anmiryams last blog post..It’s What I Do

  18. Isabelle says:

    You, L-B, and KOARC should all be proud of your book and you should “yap” about it. No one else could have produced something so absolutely inspiring. It’s been my bedtime reading since Tuesday. Congratulations! Give Lucy a scratch behind the ears for me.

  19. Ahem! I don’t like it.

    I love it!!

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! And thanks a whole lot for fueling my sock yarn obsession. My husband and bank account thank you, too.

  20. ChristyH says:

    My book finally came to today. I really enjoyed the explanations for all of the toe up parts. The photos were great as well. You have much to be proud of.

  21. Debra in NC says:

    I emailed my local lys this morning to see if they had your new book (they frequently order books), and they not only told me that they had not ordered any copies, they tried to sell me a different book! Nope, no way would I accept anything other so I went out after work and found a copy of your book at a Barnes and Nobles. Haven’t had time to sit down with it yet, but that’s ok. It’s here for whenever I get some free time. πŸ™‚

    Debra in NC

  22. Sarah W. says:

    I understand your feelings of “is it good enough? Will others like it?” So, my answer is YES! I wish I had had your book a year ago when I first starting knitting seriously. It fills a need and it is very well done and will be used and loved. Wish I lived close enough to get it signed.

    P.S. I had never heard that sock yarn doesn’t count as stash…now I have written proof to my husband! ha ha!

  23. Will there be more Sunflower Sock patterns available @ Loopy ? They’re sold out! Wah wah wah !!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ luv.m.

  24. I’m so disappointed! I live so close, just over the border in MD, and I have too much work this weekend to make it. I hope you’ll do another book signing locally soon.

  25. Congratulations, Carol! Thanks, Wendy and Lucy, for another great contest.

    I can’t wait to get my copy of your book!

  26. Your hard work certainly paid off. Lovely book.

    Elysbeths last blog post..I gotta get busy

  27. Go ahead and bask in your glory! The book is great and all that hard work was and is worth it! I am reading and rereading the book because I so want to learn this method. Wish I wasn’t working this weekend…I would run down to my brother’s (he’s in Arlington, too) and wait patiently for your book signing. Maybe you’ll be in the Philly area??? (oh please, oh please)

  28. You gonna make it back out thisaway for a signing at all?! *covets*

  29. Got my book today and have been gobbling it up! I am trying to take the big step into sock knitting – I’ve taken a class and made a pair with cascade 220, but have a fear thing going about starting with sock yarn. All your instructions, drawings, photos, etc. have given me the “push” to get started. thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Darlenes last blog post..IT’S SUNNY – FINALLY!!!

  30. I never dreamed accomplished knitters such as yourself had doubts about their knitting. I haven’t yet gotten past that. I always doubt my knitting! πŸ˜‰

    I’ve not bought the book yet, though it’s on my wish list when my budget loosens up. I have read some great reviews about it on other knitting blogs, though! πŸ™‚

    Rennas last blog post..Contest Link, Exercising, & Missing Candy

  31. I’m on my first pair of socks, and plan to plow through a whole lot more as I try out different techniques and patterns. This new book sounds like a “must have!”

    Hissy Stitchs last blog post..The future is here

  32. Kit in Ohio says:

    Yap away, my dear. What an accomplishment! I am in awe of anyone who can write knitting books. I am hoping my LYS has your book when I go to my sock knitting group next week. I want to try toe-up socks very much.

  33. Oh stop teasing us, I’m still waiting for my book to come in the mail. Seriously though, you should be so proud of yourself. Remember the link to Britian’s got talent you put up? You had a dream and made it come true…..brag and talk up your book all you want. You’ve earned that right. Now please tell the postman to hurry up and deliver my book so I can see all the wonder patterns and instructions inside.

  34. Enjoy this joyous celebration of your creativity – you certainly earned it! Lucy will hold down the hearth (and toy) until you return from your adoring public. (I suspect she’ll also help keep you humble since Lucy knows who’s house it really is πŸ™‚

  35. Got my copy of the book today. Looks great, and at last there are directions that make sense for starting at the toe. Yeah!!!

  36. I think it’s normal that you talk a lot about your book, it’s your work, an amazing work, and you can be proud of you. I finally order it and now I am impatient to have it, more and more each time you talk about it. I will never have a signature, I do not think you plan an Eurpean tour, is not it?

    Ptinutzs last blog post..Petite rΓ©flexion sur la mayonnaise

  37. Hopefully your signing will go well! I’m hoping to find the book at my local bookstore this weekend (I’m sure the other book I want will be in stock, but they are sometimes slower about the knitting books).

    I’d be joining Lucy in the not going to signings. I love seeing authors, but crowds make me a bit cranky!

    Seanna Leas last blog post..waiting, I hate waiting

  38. The illustrations are great. Too often they seem to be an afterthought, even in books that are supposed to be instructional. That’s definitely not the case here.

    Idas last blog post..First Impressions

  39. I will be adding to my library…Wendy’s new book that I’m purchasing & the purse book that I won here!!! I am very excited & grateful πŸ™‚ Thanks Wendy!

  40. I am so tempted to just gas up the car and drive to Knit Happens. I truly am. Seeing you, LB and KOARC would be such a hoot but since you’d be busy fending off the sockarazzi I wouldn’t get more than a minute so I guess I’ll pass. Besides, my agoraphobia would probably take up too much room in the car!

    I’ll stay home and knit, using this great new sock book I got — it’s got these great illustrations & photographs and the instructions are just so clear (great technical editing!) even i can follow along πŸ™‚ Lucy’s got the right idea!

    Leslies last blog post..It’s April??!!!

  41. You worry for nothing. I can;t wait for mine to arrive, it’s on the way finally. I am in NY bummer cause I don’t want to be square

    Aunt Kathys last blog post..Thursday- Brush It Off Man, Brush it Off

  42. My copy of your book arrived on Wednesday, and I just want you to know how thrilled I am with it. I love the patterns, and the technical part is going to turn me into a toe upper very soon. Thanks for doing such a great job. I love it!

    Sue J.s last blog post..Goldens 2.0

  43. I hope you have a fabulous crowd at the book signing…every chair filled! Make sure the KOARC gets pictures for those of us who live “away”.

    Barbara-Kays last blog post..Playing with fabric

  44. I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on a book yet, but I wouldn’t have expected anything less than fabulous from you.

    Clestials last blog post..Cruel Cruel

  45. My book has not been delivered yet!! I am lusting over the comments and pictures and cannot wait for the mailman. Today better be the day…..

  46. My book came yesterday and I love it! Now, I don’t want to put any pressure on you or anything but since it takes a year to get it published, you have started working on your next one, haven’t you?

  47. My cat Max and I have a question for Lucy about the mousie she’s playing with. Is that a relatively new acquisition, and if so, where did it come from? Max had a bunch of those eyelash-y mice that he *loves* but I haven’t been able to find any like it recently. He is ever hopeful of getting some new ones like that. Thanks!

    I haven’t seen the new book yet, but from the picture of the sample socks, it looks fantastic. Now if I could only get your generic toe-up sock (the “for dummies” version) to work for me, I’ll be all set! I think my last blog post describes it. I’m certain it’s all user error, since this is only my third sock and my first toe-up version. I had to do the toe twice, but once I followed the instructions correctly, it went together fine. I’m sure the second time around with the heel will have similar results. πŸ™‚

    Enjoy the book signing. Hopefully you’ll get to the Cleveland area sometime.

  48. I am still waiting for my book to arrive, although from what I saw on Rav, I can’t wait. Congratulations!

  49. I’m not usually one to follow the written instructions – it’s the visuals that work for me. But, yesterday, I realized that I was reading the instructions on the various cast ons and working from those. Amazing.

    PS – went to B&n yesterday, and your book was on the shelf where they put them cover out, not just stuck in with all of the others. Congratulations!

    Linda Ws last blog post..Stranded Knitting

  50. Will you be attending and or signing at MDSW? πŸ˜€

    LittleWits last blog post..It’s a collar

  51. Michele In Maine says:

    My sister lives in Alexandria and I will encourage her to go to the signing.

    After that you better rest up for the Fling!

  52. Feel free to Yap away, having a book published is a BIG DEAL, and very yap-worthy in my opinion. I can’t wait to get my copy.

  53. I’m not tired of hearing about the process of writing the book! I’m delighted for you. Having worked in publishing, I know how long it takes to crank a book out, and putting yourself ‘out there’ like that *is* scary. Bravo! You earned it. Bask for a while. We’re with ya!

  54. LOVE your book, I picked up the only copy at West Edmonton Mall’s Chapters store!!!

    Barbs last blog post..New pattern

  55. Ray Janikowski says:

    I love, love, love your new book!! Thank you for writing it!!

  56. Please don’t *ever* apologize about being proud of an accomplishment! You are a phenomenal knitter and teacher; and you have no idea how much and how often you contribute to others’ lives, happiness, and to *their* pride and accomplishments.
    Ask me how I know….. Wish I could be at the signing, but, like Lucy, I’ll be home with my toys.

  57. I think it’s US that have YOU to thank (instead of vice versa) for dreaming up this wonderful book with absolutely AMAZING sock patterns. Your new book will entertain for a long time! Also, I am so excited about the KAL started on Ravelry for your book. You have made my whole summer Wendy! πŸ™‚

    Okay – must go calm myself down now……. πŸ˜‰

    Danieles last blog post..Horses, Swirls and Zig-Zags…

  58. Angie A. says:

    I just have to say that I am so sad I do not have your book yet (pre-ordered a looong time ago) but I did get to see a copy last night and it is just as amazing as I knew it would be. I didn’t want to “steal” my friend’s book so I am not-so-patiently waiting for mine to arrive. I think it should be here today, at least I am REALLY hoping it is otherwise I won’t get it til Monday and I will be even more sad.

    Hugs to you and great job on your book (the first one is amazing as well)!

  59. The UPS man just dropped off my copy of your book from B&N today…yeay! It looks great! I love the patterns, and I totally love the clothes a lot of the models are wearing, too. That green skirt facing the contents page? So very cute! πŸ™‚ I’ll have my book with me at Spring Fling next week, so hopefully you will be able to sign it for me then! Can’t wait!

    Lisas last blog post..What I Did on My Easter Vacation…

  60. Of course your work is good enough! We may not know you but we can see how much love and hard work you put into your patterns and as your fellow knitters we understand how much enjoyment you get out of sharing your work and your worry it may not be good enough. I enjoy reading your blog so much because you enjoy working on it!

    Hunts last blog post..Catamount Cables and my new home

  61. I’m so envious! Everyone take attending the book signing please take pics so the rest of us can live vicariously thru you. And congratulations again Wendy on your beautiful new book.

  62. Fabulous book! I got my pre-ordered copy this week and have really enjoyed reading the text and looking at the illustrations. I can’t wait to start my first pair of toe-ups!

  63. Finally finally got the book from Amazon and it is every bit as good as I expected. The illustrations are clear, instructions concise the only problem i have with the book is I don’t know what to make first!

  64. cecilia david says:

    I got your book today and it is GREAT. I got so much out of the the first couple of chapters. Thanks for taking the time to put all of your wisdom on paper. Have a great weekend, cecilia

  65. Yvonne in southwest Virginia says:

    I don’t think you’re talking tooooo much about the book. You have every right to be proud of it. Nothing is more frustrating than buying a book where the author assumes you know certain steps without being told, and you don’t. I’ve knit many pairs of socks but don’t know how to knit toe-up. Your book was the one I bought to learn toe-up and I appreciate being walked through every essential step! Well, well, well-done, Wendy!

  66. Just bought a copy of your book and I am so pumped! It is fantastic-congrats on such a great acheivement. I live in Kelowna BC-so you are a hit on both sides of the border to boot!I Book signings -maybe not but we haave your book and your blog-woot woot!

  67. Hi Wendy, my book was waiting for me when I got home last night. I forgot I ordered it in September! I am so happy as I am leaving for a trip tomorrow and now have not only a new book to read but so many socks to choose from. I have my Chewy Spaghetti sockyarn balled up and ready to go. By the way, I finished knitting the Diagonal Lace Pattern you had on your blog. It is so pretty. I used BellaModen yarn and it is light weight fingering and so the sock is a nice spring weight.
    Thanks again for the book, Lu

  68. My LYS wouldn’t take a pre-order, though they did take my name to call when your book came in. Well, it didn’t come in, and still didn’t come in, so after two calls and a drive-by, I took myself to B&N where I found a copy. I could not wait. But did I crack the cover? No! I will be occupied shuttling three kids to seven events today, and your book will be my special treat in between. I am looking forward to it, and have restrained myself to just stroking the cover so far.

  69. It finally came! Wendy, your book is wonderful! I want to knit them all (okay, I’m hesitant about the patterns with cables but that’s just me) right NOW! When is your next book coming out?

  70. And Wendy, I am grateful for your book – finally something organized out there about toe-up socks! I cannot wait to get it:)
    I was wondering – have you ever visited Colin blog (Knitman – He is also a great sock knitter and I think he should consider putting a book together. You both have somewhat different styles, which is why I think your books would complement each other (if he ever comes out with one – hasn’t happened yet despite my intense nagging on the subject, LOL!)
    Anyway, I am so glad you’re getting encouragement and good reviews – you deserve it all!)
    Take care,
    Joan from Ellicott City, “Merlin”
    a/k/a fsk

    Joans last blog post..Sunset

  71. I saw your book at Borders today–I have never knit a sock from the toe up, but I was sorely tempted to buy it and probably will eventually. Lovely patterns, clear instructions, reasonable price. All (but one set) of my socks so far have been basic stockinette with striped yarn, but you inspire me!

    Evelyns last blog post..Busy Day

  72. I preordered your book and it arrived today in the mail. I have been following your blog for a long time and had high hopes for this book.

    It knocked my socks off.

    It was everything I hoped for and much more. Excellent book.

  73. Katharine says:

    It was so great to meet you at Knit Happens yesterday! Thank you so much for signing my book – I am loving it so far (and my DH is too)! Sprucey Lucy looks great!

    – Katharine (like Hepburn :))

  74. madonnaearth says:

    Nope, not tired of hearing about the book. I can’t believe it took a whole year! People grow and give birth to a baby in less time!

  75. I think this book is one of the most beautifully photographed and art-edited knitting books I have run into in a long time.

    And now you tell me that the KOARC photographed all the technique parts? Wow! All that time of hanging around you rubbed off! They are very clear and nicely done.

    I am really enjoying my copy. It went with me to read on my recent trip to Chicago with family to see “Rent” — my daughters thought I was crazy, but I’m used to that!

    Cathy-Cates last blog post..Saturday Skies In Arrears

  76. Wish I could have been there, I was in the area a week too soon. I love a knit book signing ,the books looks excellent and the cake looks delish too. Although I am a slacker when it comes to sock knitting I think some new technique & coaching for toe up could be just what I need . (If I get that grant for the Heifer assignment I’ll be doing lots of travel which is when my best sock knitting occurs. Talk about win-win).

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)s last blog post..progress report

  77. I received my copy of your new book last week and as many before me have said it is absolutely wonderful! I have been a sock knitter for around 15 years and started of course in the traditional way (top down). It took me about 5 years to realize that toe up was MUCH better for me (I hated running out of or having too much yarn left). Unfortunately when I made the switch I couldn’t find much information on making toe up socks. So over time I have been gathering bits of ideas here and there in order to come up with a pattern that I have labeled ‘Socks that fit me’. Now with the use of your wonderful book, new toe-uppers will not have to search all over to find the information they need.
    Congratulations again!!!
    Any plans to come to the west coast?

  78. You did a great job on the book. It is amazing. Thank you for sharing your techniques with all of us.


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