My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



This morning when I shoved my money in the Coke machine for my morning caffeine, it spat out two cans of Diet Coke. Don’t you just love getting a twofer?

Of course, there are times when I shove my money in the machine, it swallows it, and sullenly refuses to give me my soda, so I’m thinking it all evens out in the end.

But I am all about the twofer. (Remember that, it will come up later in this blog post.)

Here is my new sock-in-progress:


I am calling this design “Bluebell Socks” because the stitch pattern is called Bluebell Rib. Creative of me, no?

It’s another relatively simple design, like the Honeycomb Socks. And the pattern repeat is the same number of stitches and rounds as the honeycomb pattern. Which leads me to the second twofer of this post. I’m going to combine the Honeycomb Socks and the Bluebell Socks into one pattern and call if “Twofer Socks” — two patterns for the price of one. Because the two stitch patterns have identically sized charts, you can use the same pattern and plug in the chart you want to use.

Lucky Lucy Giveaway

I invoked the power of the Random Number Generator and in its wisdom, it has selected Diane to receive the skein of Tempted Good Grrl sock yarn in the Lucky Lucy colorway. Thanks again to Stacy for donating this skein for the giveaway. And thank you to everyone who left a comment.

Lucy Sez


“When I read that I thought for a moment that Momma was gonna give me away!”


  1. Lucy, your momma would never give you away.
    I like that–twofer socks!

    southparknitter (aka Timmie!)s last blog post..Looks like it workedโ€ฆ

  2. I agree with Timmie she would never give you away. I guess Timmie said it all. I like the two-fer socks idea also. Can’t wait for them to be available.

    Anas last blog post..Spring Fling BFL

  3. Love the sock pattern! I just cast on for my first Wendy Knits sock! the Seaweed socks! Love it!

    Natalies last blog post..Episode 24: Are you Soak worthy?

  4. I used the bluebell rib on a pair of socks and loved the way they turned out.

  5. Oh no Lucy! She’d never let you go! The bluebell socks are very pretty, and Twofers are always a good thing. =D

    Elinors last blog post..Good Fortune

  6. I love the Bluebell Rib, so I’ll be anxious to try your new pattern.

  7. I like the Bluebell Rib too, I can’t wait to try it.

    Lucy, you are very safe. Your Momma will hurt anyone that would take you away from her.

  8. Love the new sock pattern! Lucy, I would take you in a minute (as would many other Wendy fans) !! Congrats to Diane! Luv.m.

  9. Alex Fagelson says:

    Lucy, no sane Ragdoll devotee would give you away.

  10. I think that the Twofer Socks sound great. Congrats to Diane!

    Bevsyarncrazys last blog post..It’s here!!!

  11. Lucy…momma wouldn’t give you away.

    Diane – confetti confetti- Whoot!

    Elysbeths last blog post..And the…

  12. Fear Not Lucy. Your Wendy loves you like I love my Nahnee. You have a warm and loving forever home.
    Wendy~~~ ready to buy the pattern at the first hint of it’s release ( jumping up and down)
    P.S. How is that refresh button injury coming along ?? LOL

    Joy S Blums last blog post..A bit of an interruption.. Spring Fling

  13. Lucy dear your momma would never give you away. But if she does, I hope my number is drawn on the random number generator. However, I’m not holding my breath for this particular giveaway. You are one sweet kitty!

    Kim B.s last blog post..Pi Shawl

  14. Lucy, you can come visit anytime you want. The critter gang says you would probably like it best in the winter…there’s a nice, warm wood stove that you can lounge in front of all day. They also want to say that summer is nice, too…sunny ledges, the porch & in the gardens are also good places to while away the days.

    Thank you to the “random number generator”…it will be so much fun to decide just what socks to knit!

    Dianes last blog post..New Beginnings

  15. Congratulations Diane!

    I am loving the yarn for the bluebell socks – really intense color makes me happy!

    Megan S.s last blog post..It’s been a while, I know…

  16. Great looking sock, and the “twofer” is a lovely idea.

    Congratulations Diane!

    Inas last blog post..Reverse garter stitch

  17. I’ll bet that gave Lucy a scare. I can’t wait for the new patterns.

  18. LOVE the new sock pattern. I can’t wait until it’s released.. and a two-fer, even! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mandas last blog post..WIP Wednesday

  19. Unfortunately I more often get the “Onefer” where I am positive that I’ve put 2 socks in the washing machine but only one comes out and I can’t find the other one anywhere. And it is always my favourite pair. I swear the machine is eating them – even though I put them in the garment bag.

  20. Love the idea of the “twofer” and look forward to your offering of the pattern! Thanks for all your efforts in providing us with beautiful patterns.

    Darlenes last blog post..IT’S SUNNY – FINALLY!!!

  21. Congratulations, Diane! Thanks for another great contest, Wendy.

  22. Hooray for extra coke! ๐Ÿ™‚ Wouldn’t it be awesome if you gave your money to buy yarn and you suddenly received double your purchase? ๐Ÿ™‚

    LittleWits last blog more day

  23. You are on a creative roll! The twofer idea is inspired. And the bluebells look great.

    pdxknitteratis last blog post..Knit-picky

  24. Theresa in Italy says:

    Lucy, silly kitty—your Momma would NEVER give you away!

    Congratulations to Diane! Love the idea of a twofer pattern. I was already lined up for the Honeycomb Socks all by their lonesomes; this will just make it twice as much fun. Great idea. Thanks, Wendy!

  25. We had a soda machine that gave you a soda and your money back. Sadly, they took it away.
    Giveaway? May I play?
    Ima liken those socks.

    miss sandras last blog post..In Our New England Town

  26. I stopped drinking soda almost 2 months ago, but the idea of a cold delicious diet coke sounds so tempting! Definitely a good thing to get a twofer of (also gifted yarn is better in twos).

    Seanna Leas last blog post..1 dress rehearsal, ah ah ah

  27. awww Lucy, Mom would never give you away ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I love knitting the bluebell pattern – its one of those soothing ones.

    Teyanis last blog post..It’s like riding a bicycle, I tell you..

  28. I wonder why no one else has thought to do this type of patterning? I think there should be an entire book of Plug-It-In patterns!! (and no, Socks A La Carte does not count. there were too many variables besides patterns….)

    Cheers on the bluebell socks!

    Pandorasslaves last blog post..Twisty Twisty

  29. The Honeycomb Socks certainly do look sweet … I’m reaching through my monitor right now and giving them squeeze while no one is looking (except Miss Lucy, who seems to recognize me though I seldom do this little trick … Hi Lucy, scootch on over here so I can give your ears a scratch while I’m at it.)

    If I were God, Wendy, I would give you a two-fer weekend … two weekends packed into one but with no one but you being the wiser.

    Warmest to you and Lucy,

  30. Jennifer says:

    you popped into my head today–saw something in the paper about how diet coke could cut down on kidney stones (think that’s what it was). Then again, it was probably in a study conducted by coke!

  31. Love the twofer socks!

  32. Love the new sock and the idea of a twofer pattern. Hey, with this economy it is a great idea!
    I finally was able to find time to visit the bookstore and buy your new book. I love the patterns and the photos are wonderful. I am looking forward to using up a lot of my sock yarn stash!

  33. anne marie in philly says:

    steven and meredith say: “cousin lucy, your momma would NEVER give you away! you are her link to sanity in an insane world! she would not even have a blog without you! so fear not, cousin! meow!”

  34. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Oh, Lucy, your Momma adores you. She’d never give you away, you don’t have to worry for one second.

    The new socks are lovely–anxious for the pattern!

  35. Wendy – I had to laugh when I found your blog… My name is Wendy too – I knit too – just learning socks, afghans have been my speciality – baby sweaters too.
    AND I have Lucy’s baby twin sister (Lizzy) – who hasn’t quite grown into her full glory yet, but seeing Lucy, we can hardly wait!!!!
    I’m slow at learning these socks – I am need to pack it all up and come visit my twin sister (Wendy) and Lizzy’s twin sister (Lucy)!!!

  36. Love the two-fer pattern idea, and congrats to Diane

    Aunt Kathys last blog post..Friday- May Day, May Day