My current work in progress:

Sundew,by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softyak DK, using 3.25mm and 4mm needles.

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Cue Judy Collins . . .

There was a pretty sky this morning. Here it is at 6:41 a.m.


And 12 minutes later, at 6:53 a.m.


Here at 7:13 a.m.


And another 7:13 a.m. shot.


Can you tell that blog fodder is still thin on the ground?

But stop the presses! I finished the second Aimee Sock.


As soon as I finalize the pattern I’ll send it on over to The Loopy Ewe, along with the Cables and Ribs Sock pattern.

Or is that Ribs and Cables?

Here’s what I’ll be casting on with tonight:


That’s the Tempted Good Grrl sock yarn in the Lucky Lucy colorway. I set my camera on the table in front of the ball and pressed the shutter. I love how the photo came out — it almost looks like the yarn has a bit of an aura.

Lucy sez:


My chair!”

It Is Monday

. . . and blog fodder is thin on the ground today.

But I’m plugging away on the second Aimee sock

Andrea asked:

Where the toe ends and the design begins, there is a ridge where the stockinette stitch reverses.  Is there any way to avoid that?  It looks like it might be uncomfortable in a shoe.

Yep, that is simply the transition from stockinette to reverse stockinette — it looks 3-D because the sock is slightly too large for the model foot. And it is unblocked.  Here it is on my dainty hoof:


I can’t imagine that it would bother anyone in the shoe. If you can wear lace socks in a shoe, this would not be an issue.

Since I’ll be done with my second Aimee sock soon, I’m thinking about what’s next. This yarn is calling to me:


This is Tempted yarn, dyed by the lovely and talented Stacy in a colorway for me. It’s called “Lucky Lucy” and Stacy was inspired by Lucy’s St. Patrick’s Day photos.

It’s great to have talented friends!

Meanwhile, Lucy is wondering why anyone would want to wear a sock toe as a hat.


A Tale of Two Socks

It was the best of socks, it was the worst of socks.

Actually, there’s no “worst” — all socks were behaving just fine, thank you.

We did a photo-shoot for the Rib and Cable socks.


The KOARC wore them on Saturday and pronounced them nice and comfy.


The pattern will be available for sale soon — I’ll keep you posted.

And I finished the first Aimee sock.


This pattern, too will be available when I finish it.


Thanks to everyone who voted for Gale Zucker at “Name Your Dream Assignment.” She has made it into the next round of voting!

Lucy’s dream assignment is this:


She is working to perfect her lounging around technique.

We Interrupt This Blog For a Special Announcement!

I don’t usually blog on Fridays, but I have an important announcement.

Gale Zucker, photographer extraordinaire, is in the running for a Microsoft contest that would enable her to take photos of Heifer International projects and families.I think y’all kn ow that Heifer International is an organization near and dear to my heart, so how fabulous would this be?

Today is the last day you can vote for her. Vote for Gail here!

Thanks to Mason-Dixon Kay for the heads-up on this!

It’s Q&A Day!

Thank you for all the blog-i-versary wishes. I feel loved. 😀

There was a question, both here and over on Aimee’s blog where she posted her review of my upcoming book — are all the patterns in the book new, or are they available elsewhere?

The book has a total of 23 patterns. There are three plain “template” patterns (each with one of the three heels I like best for toe-up socks). They are basically the same as my generic patterns that you can get on my website.

But the 20 “real” patterns in the book have not been available for sale or free anywhere. It’s all new stuff. 🙂

About my current sock-in-progress,Marlene asked:

How did you came up with the pattern for the butterfly?

I did a google image search for butterflies and spend a very happy fifteen minutes looking at some lovely butterfly photos. Then I took graph paper and pencil and did a chart using knits and purls. I added to yarn-overs and decreases and presto! A lace butterfly.


It’s not always this simple. I often find that what looks good on paper often doesn’t work when I start to knit it. But this chart was the exception. I made one stitch adjustment on the chart (and that was actually before I started knitting) and then knit it as written.

As far as progress goes, I’m working on the heel.


In other news, Lucy celebrated the blog-i-versary last night with a shot of catnip.


“I can’t find my fuzzy rat! Can you tell me where my fuzzy rat is? Kthnxbai.”

Me? I had a shot of Scotch whisky.

Okay, two shots.