My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Rick-Rack It Is

The voting has been somewhat close but since Rick-Rack is in the lead as I write this, the name of the new sock design is now Rick-Rack Socks. The fact that I voted for Rick-Rack has no bearing on this outcome whatsoever.

And I have turned the heel on the first Rick-Rack sock.


And lookie here!


More Numma Numma yarn. 😀 This is the “Gumbo and Greens” colorway. Words cannot adequately express my love for this colorway.

In Other News

Remember a while back when I said I had no interest in getting a Kindle?


Yeah, I have a Kindle. I’ve had it for a week now.  A couple of weeks ago I got to play with one and decided it would be a very handy thing to have for travel. And since I have a lot of travel coming up this summer and autumn, I bought one. I’m using it for my lunchtime reading as well.

I find the display quite easy on the eyes — no glare to speak of. You can adjust the text size if the default is too large or too small for you. I fiddled with that a bit and decided the default is just right for me.

It has a rudimentary web browser built in, which is nice. And no monthly connectivity fees, which is even nicer.

My one complaint about it is that there are a lot of books that I wish had Kindle versions available that don’t. And I expect are very unlikely to have anytime soon. For example, the novels of Iris Murdoch. I do own all 26 of them in hardcopy, but I’d love to have electronic versions as well. Same for the novels of Barbara Pym.

Of course now that I’ve bought a Kindle 2, Amazon has announced a newer version — the Kindle DX, which will be available this summer. No, I don’t think I’ll ditch the one I have for the newer version. One drawback of the new one is that it is considerably larger than the current version. But if Amazon comes out with one with a touchscreen and a more robust web browser? Yep, I’ll be all over that!

Lucy Sez:


“Oh boy! Dinner!”


  1. I’m liking Rick-Rack a lot. Now, you’ve got me wanting a kindle. You’re such an enabler!! 🙂

    Anas last blog post..Jury Duty and a Dead Computer

  2. I am amazed that Lucy isn’t bothered by her water being by her food. One of the little issues that my ragdoll Linus has is he spills his water if it is anywhere near his food bowl. I have to keep it at least 3 feet away. I got tired of constantly cleaning up spilled water.

  3. I want a Kindle just for that reason – travel! I have read two of Pym’s books at your insistence and they were fantastic. I need to get my hands on the rest of them. I bought these two at a used bookstore in Tucson!!

  4. RedfordPhyl says:

    I’ve been using the Kindle reader on my iPod touch, and love it. The only thing keeping me from the Kindle is the lack of touchscreen. When they release one with it, I’m buying one. Hate the buttons and blink of the current ones.

  5. I got to haz me some of that yarn! TLE is out so will put it on my wish list.

    southparknitters last blog post..Looks like it worked…

  6. A few yrs ago Oprah had her BIG giveaway show on and I got the reader she recommended…since then the darn thing has gone obsolete…big surprise…and you couldnt get a book for it anywhere…I have been drooling all over this Kindle for awhile now…I hope you enjoy yours…ps…love the sock and the name…

  7. I love the rick-rack! It’s got kind of an old-school ripple-afghan vibe.

    Sidra Vitales last blog post..sidravitale adagio black tea sampler: Assam Melody. I like it.

  8. Heh – the Twitter tag for the DX is #dud. I think it’s good it finally has .pdf format as a native format, but other than that – crazy price tag! No thanks – I’ll stick to my Hanlin V3 reader for $225.

  9. DH really wants a Kindle. A Kindle 2, to be specific. No DX for him. Your post is just one more nudge to him actually getting one!

    pdxknitteratis last blog post..Weekend at Menucha

  10. Temptress!

    Elysbeths last blog post..Closed for Repairs

  11. patricia says:

    Do you use a crane for those aerial shots of Lucy?

    Nice sock- would have voted for rick rack but don’t remember seeing the name on the list!

  12. I was about to buy one also this week but then I saw the new one. So I’m going to wait. I just brought a new cell phone this week (cheap cheap) and I know why it cost so little. It was because a new version will be out this summer.

    Oh well. I love your socks I’m still working on my first pair from your designs.

  13. Rebecca says:

    love the new socks!

    my love for my Kindle 2 got even greater when I realized that i could load word documents and PDFs. especially nice for knitting patterns!!! no more paper to drag on the subway!!!

  14. dorinda says:

    I’ve had a kindle for a year and yes travel is great and two people can have all their books on one device. Husband and I can share (he carries the Kindle and I my knitting…I can always knit if he wants the Kindle). The best feature is the ease in downloading a chapter in seconds any time you want to see if you want the book.

  15. Lulynn says:

    I like the name for the socks, even though I voted differently. The name does fit! when will the pattern be available? Gotta Kindle. I have been reading reviews for one and now am convinced I need one.

  16. Yes, that’s my problem with things like Kindle – someone has to decide, and if you’re a reader who takes odd fits to read all of someone who has passed out of fashion, you’re back to hard copy. But you seem happy with both at your disposal. I’d skirted around Murdoch for years, finally gook the plunge a few years ago and read them all in order up until the last four. I found them engrossing but exhausting – all the twists and turns and self-delusion. But maybe this summer will be the time to finish the list – thanks for reminding me.
    (Nice socks, nice yarn.)

  17. I have a Kindle 2 and love it – it can read to me while I knit, or I can just read and knit, or I can just read. I’d love more knitting books available on Kindle, but there is not a lot at this time. I got mine for traveling on the back of DH’s Harley because sometimes items get too big to knit on back there.

  18. Wow, an Iris Murdoch fan! A Severed Head was one of my favorite books (sounds ghoulish, doesn’t it, to those who’ve never read it) back in my twenties. Now I guess I’ll have to look into this Barbara Pym person — a rival for my knitting time?

  19. Did you compare with the Sony Reader. I am torn between a Kindle and the Sony Reader, I was wondering what you thought of the two.

    Millys last blog post..Spring Flowers

  20. I’ve got a Kindle, too, and it’s perfect for reading and knitting at the same time! The lack of books is a little annoying, but if you shop for books at Amazon on your computer, there’s a little thingie that tells you if it’s available on Kindle, and if it’s not you can click it and request that the publisher make a Kindle version. So make lots of requests! Someone PLEASE request all of the Daisy Dalrymple mysteries by Carola Dunn. For some obscure reason, only number 15 of the series is available as a Kindle book.

    I also found that it’s much easier to shop Amazon on my computer than on the Kindle, but I can use my computer to buy the books and have them beamed to my Kindle.

    Hissy Stitchs last blog post.."When Pigs Fly" Flu Fact Check

  21. I’m so jealous, I’ve wanted a Kindle for a long time too, a friend of mine has one, I thought about mugging her and taking it. LOL Oh well, right now I have to settle for the iPod Touch version, but it was free. Sigh. P.S.

    Beths last blog post..Thought for the day

  22. I’m waiting for the touchscreen as well–I wish I could put my collection of knitting books on a Kindle. How awesome would it be to have all the information and patterns at my fingertips!

  23. I lucked out and recently got a brand new Kindle 1 still in the box and I love it! I didn’t want one at first, but my back is definitely better for it!

    Astabeths last blog post..Uneven Spinning and Other Things

  24. I too love my kindle and am not at all attracted by the new version. Bigger and almost $500. Two things I do not need! I hear that apple might be working on its own version–that I might have to get b/c you know they would do it right.

    I do use it for knitting patterns–send myself the pdfs of patterns I downloaded!

    Sprockets last blog post..Across the finish line

  25. JulieM says:

    Rick Rack is a great name for the socks — not the one I voted for but a great name nonetheless! I can see the rick rack in the pattern. I’m waiting for the Kindle to get color display before I buy one. What are the chances of that happening in the near future, do you think? The touchscreen would be a wonderful update as well.

  26. I’m looking forward to getting a DX for the simple reason that I can use a USB cable to get *.pdf files (knitting patterns, cross-stitch patterns, crochet patterns) on it for ease-of-carrying-around and keeping track. The only reason I didn’t get the earlier version was the fee-per-upload for *.pdf files (which has since changed, but…).

    I, of course, blew most of my craft budget last weekend at a the going-out-of-business sale at Scarlet Thread. So I’m hoping I can convince my Fund Co-mingler that the Kindle is actually part of the *book* budget, not the *yarn* budget…

    … love the socks, too! Go, Rick-Rack!

    CraftyGryphons last blog post..Found: Knitting VIDEO podcast!

  27. I’ve been avoiding the Kindle, because I don’t need any more tech. I should reload a ebook reader on my Treo and make it do the job.

    Seanna Leas last blog post..cro-shay! (butter)

  28. Congrats, Wendy. You will love the Kindle. Don’t be bummed about the Kindle DX. It is aimed more for students who can use it for reading textbooks and for those who want their newspaper fix. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next Kindle version is one with color or one with more of a touchscreen approach. I’m holding out contentedly with my original Kindle for that version.

    Booklassie Dees last blog post..A Harvest of Amigurumi Fun

  29. Bonnie H. says:

    I really like the name of the socks. Brings back memories of some of my childhood clothing and the Barbie doll clothes my big sister made for my dolls decorated with rick-rack. I still have the doll clothes and the Barbies!

    I have a Kindle 2. It came out right around my birthday so my sweet husband got one for me. I am enjoying it. I haven’t tried out all the features yet like sending myself a .pdf, but I’ve got time to play with it. I don’t really see the need to have a color screen. I’ve had a little trouble reading in public (waiting for my car at the car wash, etc.) because people see it and start asking me all about it. The Kindle will by no means replace hard copy books for me, as I already have a large “to be read” shelf, but it is a wonderful addition.

    I’ll have to check out the authors you mentioned. I have a growing list.

  30. cecilia says:

    I am interested in the Kindle for my husband. One of the women in my bookgroup has one and lately none of the books we have read are available. And we read classics—-go figure. Keep us in the loop with your feelings about the Kindle. cecilia

  31. I love love love my Kindle, and it’s about time you got one! I’m not tempted by the DX. The size of the Kindle 2 is perfect for me. (Although if I were in college, having textbooks on the DX would be a temptation.)

    Sheri at The Loopy Ewes last blog post..There Was Shopping, Too!

  32. Isn’t Kindle cool? I just downloaded the app for my iphone. I’ve only tried out the free books so far – but there are so many possibilities! And instant download when you’re bored. Love it (and didn’t really think I would!)

    mias last blog post..And hey… how ’bout that view?

  33. Heather says:

    The academic library where I work purchased the Kindle for evaluation purposes. We lent it out to patrons and staff, and asked them to fill out a short survey of their experience. I am now writing up the results of the survey. My opinion was that: I did not like the lack of a touch screen; the price was too high; and the blip that happens when the page is turned was very disruptive to my train of thought. The blip was my biggest problem. Sony has an e-book reader that has a touch screen, but it does not have the wireless connectivity. Books have to be loaded via a USB cable. However, Sony does have a deal with Google Books which expands the number of titles they can offer. IMO, the best option is an iTouch for about $250 and then download the Kindle app. You can save yourself about $100 (that’s more money for yarn!) and there is no annoying blip when you turn the page. I am also a little suspicious of Amazon’s refusal to publish any sales figures for the Kindle. The word Kindle was mentioned only once in their last 10-k which is odd if this is such a big deal for them. Why not just tell people how many devices have been sold? Why the secrecy, unless they really haven’t been selling that many. In that case, as a consumer, I’d worry about paying $350 for a reader that could be discontinued due to lack of sales, as other e-book readers have been in the past. Does anyone remember the RocketBook? 🙂

  34. Allyson says:

    I love my Kindle 2 I have been reading mostly classics lately and many of them are free on Kindle. How cool is the dictionary? I don’t know what I’ll do when they finally come out with the color one.

    There is a Rav group that was recently talking about saving .pdf knitting patterns on their Kindles.

  35. I love my Kindle! I’ve had mine for over a year (yep, Kindle 1) so don’t have the better screen definition of the 2 but it works great. And mine doesn’t read to me either (which would be nice when I get involved in a book and have to do something else). I don’t put knitting patterns on it yet but do have a couple of cookbooks downloaded that I use every once in a while.

    I am also re-reading a lot of the classics. Jane Austen and Dickens with some Poe thrown in for variety!

  36. I got a Kindle 2 on the release day, back at the end of February, after spending years thinking I’d never be interested in e-books. I think that you and I both did it right, waiting until the technology was fairly mature. We didn’t have to suffer through all the early steps.

    I have nearly 400 books (from Amazon and Baen) and I would estimate that I have paper copies of at least half of them. I’m surprised by how many older books are available, even if they’re somewhat haphazardly entered. I intend to shed a lot of the printed versions because I’m woefully short on shelf space. For example, all six huge volumes of the Outlander series are going to my cousin, giving me back almost a foot of shelf space.

    The listed post here is the one I wrote shortly after getting my Kindle 2.

  37. No, it isn’t. I don’t know what went wrong, but I’ll try to fix it.

    Mary the Digital Knitters last blog post..Trying Again

  38. Iris Murdoch and Barbra Pym are my VERY FAVORITES. If they are not there, there is no point in buying one. I’ll bet you like Margaret Drabble and LP Hartley, too.

    Joannas last blog post..An aromatic day

  39. Are you going to put your blog on Kindle?