My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Happy Odd Day

Today is Odd Day, one of only six this century that will feature three consecutive odd numbers.

I dunno, I sort of feel that every day is Odd Day. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am still knitting along on the Rick-Rack Sock.


Again, not a lot of progress as my time seems to swallowed up by a lot of non-knitting tasks these days. And very annoying it is, too!

And tonight I’ll be setting this up:


My new printer.

Lucy Sez:


“Dibs on the box!”


  1. Hopefully, it’ll be a breeze setting up that new printer. I can’t wait to see the completed Rick Rack socks

    Anas last blog post..Stuff

  2. Lorien says:

    I like the idea of knitting one odd sock on Odd Day!

  3. Some days are odder than others.

    Elysbeths last blog post..Closed for Repairs

  4. Oh yay! I hope Lucy has fun with the box. It looks like your sock is shaping up just fine!

    PMOYSs last blog post..Sometimes you feel like a nut!

  5. Good luck with the printer — I have an earlier version of the same one and it’s behaved well for me!

  6. mary mcmahon says:

    Wendy, just thought you might like to know that your new book was the non-fiction featured book at the
    Groesbeck branch of the cincinnati library last time I was in. Congratulations. mary in cincinnati

  7. It won’t be odd day here until July 5 ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Nothing says “Happy kitteh” like a nice new box. Unless it is a nice new brown paper bag.

    kmkats last blog post..An FO for Amy.

  9. Love the sock…I gotta haz some of that yarn!!! Don’t kitties just love boxes and bags and milk rings. Now if I could just find some “freebie” toys to entertain the dog…

    southparknitters last blog post..Looks like it workedโ€ฆ

  10. ok, how much of a geek am i, when i sat here and figured the first 2 odd days, then figured out the 4th & 5th & 6th one? today was the 3rd of this century, lol

  11. Canon printers rock!!!

  12. Theresa in Italy says:

    Yeah, I think every day is odd day around here, too. Nothing odd about that sock, though—it’s beautiful!

  13. Darn wish I had read this before midnite so I could have marked the day properly ! (whatever that would be). Love stuff like this.
    closet math nerd ๐Ÿ™‚

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)s last blog post..double take

  14. Our kitty loves the boxes. We’re going to have to keep her in another room while everything is being moved, because she will either get skittish and dash under all of our feet or she will try to be on or in every box while we’re trying to move them around.

    Seanna Leas last blog post..Come to our call!

  15. OH! New printer!! I love when we get new computer stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The socks are looking great, as always!

    Danieles last blog post..WIPs, Stitch Markers and Lilacs

  16. I was going to say we have to wait until July for Odd Day, but Donna beat me to it!

    Mandellas last blog post..Another FO

  17. Love the socks…gorgeous as always! I think that looks like a prefect box for Lucy! have a great weekend.

    Kim B.s last blog post..Pi Shawl

  18. I have the MP 600 version of your new printer and I just love it!! Good luck with yours. Love the new sock and the yarn is yummy!! Got to have me some of that!! Lucy will love the box!

  19. Lucy’s comment cracked me up. Internet shopping and having packages delivered is already so much fun that adding boxes for the cats *almost* feels like overkill.