My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


We Have Winners!


Behold the bag of loverly WendyKnits Sunrise sock yarn sent to me by the very generous Beth at Lorna’s Laces. There are eight skeins there, so four lucky winners, since it takes two skeins for a pair of socks.

The random number generator drew three names from the blog comments, and one from the Plurk contest I ran in parallel. (My Plurk-buds sometimes get an extra chance in my contests!) The winners are:

Linda Rich

and Plurker PlainJane.

Check your email — I’ve emailed each of you.

And thanks again to Beth at Lorna’s Laces for creating this lovely colorway and for sending me the bag of yarn for the giveaway!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I’ve completed the first Muriel Sock.


And a close-up:


Love love love this yarn and colorway. It occurs to me that if I wanted to eat Cheetos while knitting these socks, no one would be the wiser. 😉

We are having a quiet day chez WendyKnits — just hanging out and chilling.

Lucy would like you to know that she still loves her sheepskin in the warmer months — particularly when the a/c is on!



  1. Congrats to the winners!!!! Wendy love the sock!!


    Cats last blog post..I am back sort of…

  2. I don’t normally like solid orange on anything wearable, but that’s a great color! Now that you mentioned the Cheetos comparison I may have to get some of that colorway and make a pair of manly-patterned socks for a friend of mine who sometimes lives on those orange puffy sticks. 🙂

    Sherris last blog post..Sharks In Venice: a.k.a. “Stephen Baldwin pretends he has a career”

  3. Congrats winners! I love that sock. So pretty!! Enjoy your quiet day… 🙂

    Mandas last blog post..Episode 33 – Ramble, Ramble

  4. Congrats to the winners! Maybe next time for me. Love the sock!

    Pats last blog post..Useful Information In and Out of the Classroom 5/22/09

  5. Muriel is lovely, and I love Chee-tos! Lucy is lovely, too.

    pdxknitteratis last blog post..Ishbel exorcism

  6. Congrats to the winners! I love the sock too and, yes, you could eat cheetos while knitting that colorway.

    southparknitters last blog post..On the go

  7. YAY winners! And your comment about cheetos cracked me up, just last night I was knitting and eating cheetos and I decided to dye some orange yarn for the very same reason!

    Jadieladys last blog post..Knitting knitting I love knitting

  8. Mmmm, cheetos. I haven’t eaten those things in ages (baby carrots, aka faux cheetos, I have eaten in quantity).

    I love the rusty orange color of the yarn you are using!

    Seanna Leas last blog post..and now to hydrate!

  9. I just want to congratulate all the winners. I hope you make something lovely out of your yarn.

  10. Congratulations to the winners!

  11. I’m not usually a fan of orange, but lately I have seen several shades of orange that I really love. Those socks are one of them. I have been knitting a sweater in some orange yarn from my stash that I think of as a sort of “Dreamsicle” shade of orange, and I’m really loving it. Do our color tastes change from time to time?

  12. Congrats to the 4 winners.

    Wendy I love these socks

    Funny about the Cheetos comment… I fed those to my grandson just a few minutes ago, he said these are good Nana they are made with cheese. Yummy

    Aunt Kathys last blog post..Saturday- A-MAZE-ING Day

  13. Congrats to the winner! And beautiful Muriel sock!

    dragonfly7673s last blog post..Socks & short condo update

  14. Patricia says:

    This Muriel is VERY nice. Looking forward to the pattern.

  15. hope you are having a great holiday weekend!!!!!!!!! I followed your advice and read to the end of the sentence and in fact, my dumbed-down (patternless) Serpentine socks are within hours of completion, 1/2 way thru the ribbing on the leg. I started them on Friday at the LYS Friday afternoon knitting group. You are a knitting genius! This is soooo easy and sooo fast!!!!!!!! I will finish the 2nd one in short order and then attempt the actual Serpentine sock with lace pattern. Thank you once again for the paving the way! I’d buy you a beer, but you are 3000 miles from here. Any chance your book tour includes Northern California? You’ve got a lot of fans here…..

  16. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

    Muriel is gorgeous. 🙂

    yarnpiggys last blog post..Something else entirely

  17. Hurray for the winners! Muriel is sooo pretty!

  18. bring relatively new to the blog I’m curious, Is that a person standing on a table modeling the lovely sock or have you acquired a mannequin display leg for this purpose?

  19. Thank you so much Wendy! I am so excited that I actually won! The Sunrise socks are absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to make a pair of my own. Although up to now I have not yet attempted toe-up socks…but I’m sure I can muddle my way through!

  20. Muriel Correa says:

    The sock is beautiful Wendy! You are a knitting genius, I just hope one day I’ll be able to knit this beautiful sock that you so generously named after me. I really do feel so special!!! Thanks! And I must say it again, the color is PURRFECT!!!! (Did you see what I did there? hehehe) Give Lucy big hugs…

  21. What could be better than Cheetos and knitting? Two of my favorite things in life. Kind of reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when George combines his girlfriend with sandwiches and tv… haha. : )

    Congrats to the sock yarn winners – what a beautiful colorway!

    The Left-Handed Crafters last blog post..Yarn shopping shouldn’t be this difficult

  22. Congrats to the winners!

    Eat crisps with chopsticks, your fingers stay clean. : )

    Elysbeths last blog post..Closed for Repairs

  23. Muriel is a real beauty, and so is that Lorna’s Laces Sock yarn. I am sure the winners feel very, very lucky!

    Warm wishes from cool upstate NY,

  24. The Muriel sock is gorgeous. I must keep an eye out for that one to be obtainable. Gosh I hope I didn’t miss the part of some post where you said it wouldn’t be.

    Ronnis last blog post..Busy busy busy