My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.




Yep, the Tilli Tomas Elsie yarn is 33% milk protein. I’m afraid I know nothing about fiber made from milk protein, nor have I ever had or knit with any before. To me the yarn looks like a silk wool blend.

I did find an interesting article about milk fiber, here.

And no, I did not think it was a coincidence that this yarn is called Elsie!


Yep, the 10-day forecast shows thunderstorms for the next ten days (today is just all-over grey and rainy). That’s typical for this area. It can be hot and sunny all day, but more often than not you can count on a late afternoon-early evening thunderstorm to roll through. We’ve been lucky so far this spring in that it hasn’t been too hot, but I’m sure we’ll be hitting 90 and beyond all too soon. I am not looking forward to that. Not a fan of hot weather.


I’m knitting along and hope to be starting on Chart F tonight or tomorrow. Woo!


I’ve used up two 370-yard skeins and have just started the third skein.

What Lucy likes to do on rainy days:



  1. I just adore the colors in your Girasole…can’t wait to see it blocked!

  2. You are the fastest knitter I’ve ever seen. I still haven’t started chart E yet and I’ve been knitting since March 24! I’m in awe. I can’t wait to see your Girasole when it’s done (which will be in no time at the current rate!)

    boutrosbabes last blog post..Fleece Processing Part I

  3. That’s what Izzy Kizzy Cat does on rainy days too and sunny days and cloudy days. I think she just likes to sleep. My prediction was that you’d finish Girasole by weekend–are you going to make it?

    southparknitter (aka Timmie!)s last blog post..On the go

  4. … milk? Milk. …MILK?…. Okay, add “milk protein” to the list of things-I-should-mention-in-Blocking-Report. Every time I think my knitting world can’t get stranger, it does!

    CraftyGyrphons last blog post..A quiet bit of knitting.

  5. Frances says:

    How does the milk protein yarn smell, if at all? I am interested in hearing how it feels when you knit it.

  6. Bethany says:

    Spring? This is summer. I am an advocate of designating seasons by the local climate, not the calendar.
    By the way, I would think that the milk protein would dissolve when washed, but if it’s being sold, I guess they’ve found some way of processing it so it doesn’t. You learn something new every day.

  7. The Girasole looks great! And seriously, we’re not fooled. That’s Lucy’s favorite thing to do, rain OR shine.

    Sheri at The Loopy Ewes last blog post..Loopy Loves No-Cal Treats … and a CONTEST!

  8. At which point did you start the second skein? I’m still on my first, and still on chart C, but I am not a fast knitter. Elsie is a lovely color. The Rowan yarn w/ milk protein smells a bit like yogurt. Louisiana weather is much the same as yours, except we’re missing the thunderstorms, right now we need the rain. All the moisture is suspended in the air (aka humidity). We were in Colonial Williamsburg last July, and I’ve never been hotter, so I’m sure DC is even worse—all that concrete doesn’t help. I’m with Lucy — thank goodness for a/c.

  9. I knew it..I just knew I was a cat in another life and came back as a human…sleeping with the rain falling..theres nothing better..well maybe the wonderful afternoon sun spot on the back of the couch…or on the writing tables at the post office…many a day I could curl up there and sleep the afternoon away…

  10. Milk fiber will not melt when washed, but it will melt at relatively low temperatures. I recall that it is somewhere in the 120 degree range.

  11. Lynne E. says:

    How on earth do you knit so fast?

    I have a question about the Girasole pattern. You mentioned before that you were up to the maximum stitch count, but you seemed to have the entire border left to knit. How is it possible to knit a circular item from the center out, without having to increase at regular intervals as you move outward? Is the border lace pattern so stretchy that you can just block the border ferociously and get a circular piece?

  12. Suzanne says:

    Yarn from milk protein is interesting. I just bought yarn that is made of 100% sugar cane…it feels like a silk/bamboo mix. It’s gorgeous! Love the Girasole…putting it on my rav queue.

  13. Girasole will be lovely! What kind of join do you use for a new ball when knitting lace?

  14. Hi Wendy,
    Have not commented in a while. Received your new book today. I am looking forward to knitting a few pairs of socks from it. Trying to clean my schedule to attend your classes at Loop in Philly.

  15. Milk? Really? I dunno — I’m having issues with fuel, cat litter, and now fiber being made from food.

    Reading the descriptions on their website was good for a few laughs, anyway:

    “It contains eighteen amino-acids, that are beneficial to human health.”
    — Yes, but only if they’re eaten, and even then they have to be in a digestible form.

    “The fabrics made of these fibers nourish and take care of skin in a very efficient manner by keeping away allergies and even wrinkles.”
    — Horsefeathers. Amino acids bound up in huge, protein-like fibers are not going to be absorbed by the skin.

    Hissy Stitchs last blog post..Knitting at 30,000 feet

  16. That photo of Lucy just made my blood pressure drop about 20 points. Thanks, Lucy!

  17. That was an interesting article, although I’m not sure I believe all of the claims about the health properties of milk fiber. Thanks for the link-I saved their home page, as I’m sure there are many other interesting articles about yarns on the site. Your Girasole is lovely–I am still waiting for my yarn, having waited until the last possible day to order and get the LE discount. I’m hoping it arrives by tomorrow morning’s mail so that I can start over the weekend! I don’t think I’ll be catching up with you though!

  18. Michele In Maine says:

    A snooze in the sun or a snooze under a skylight with the rain pounding – it’s a toss-up.

    Girasole is gorgeous – love the color. I’m with you on the 90+ weather – I have no use for it at all.

  19. I’m definitely looking forward to some lazy sleeping weather! Maybe I’ll get a bit of that when the rain pulls through up here.

    Seanna Leas last blog friends are the best

  20. You are jamming on the Girasole! I can usually knit pretty fast if the tv content is not too engaging. C’mon… you’re watching The Weather Channel, aren’t you??? 🙂

    Danieles last blog post..Malabrigo!

  21. mwknitter says:

    Hmmmm, sounds a lot like bamboo to mean – naturally antibiotic & absorbent. I’ve knit with milk needles (casein) &, in fact, they are my favorites wish they were easier to get in the small sizes I like for socks (it’s almost impossible to find them smaller than a US 2 – the Australian shop I bought mine from went out of business & I can’t find anyone else who carries the Ivore needles.)

  22. mwknitter says:

    to ME, of course, – gotta remember to check spelling BEFORE I hit submit.