My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Shortly after arriving home last Friday evening I cast off the final few stitches of Sandvik. Within 5 minutes of that happy event, it was on my ironing board, having the living crap steamed out of it.

Then I spread it out on the floor for an bird’s eye shot.


The yarn is an alpaca/shetland blend laceweight handpainted by the always delightful (not to mention talented) Carol of Black Bunny Fibers. I used a US size 3 (3.25mm) needle and under 1000 yards to knit a shawl that when lightly steam-blocked, measures approximately 26″ down the center back, and has a 64″ wingspan.


This is a Faroese style shawl, which means it has extra shaping in the shoulders that helps it stay put when you wear it.


It has a Celtic-braid-looking thingie down the center back, flanked by an all-over diamond pattern.


Over the weekend, I coerced one of the workshop attendees to model Sandvik for a photo shoot. This is Vicki:


Vicki did her best to convince me to write a shawl book, to no avail. But let me tell you, she can be very wheedlesome! Even though I flatly refused to consider a shawl book, she obligingly did a “wingspan” shot, too.


Expect the pattern for Sandvik soon, very soon.

Speaking of patterns, you can now buy a hardcopy of the pattern for The Exonumist’s Shawl over at the Loopy Ewe, here.

Just sayin’.

Lucy Sez:


“Where did she put my pink blankie? Is it here?”


  1. That is one gorgeous shawl! And Vicki looks amazing in it! She’s right ya know, you really *should* do a shawl book…
    .-= betzi´s last blog ..On the Not-so-Fine Art of Putting Yourself Out There =-.

  2. I agree with Vicki, it would be a good thing to publish a shawl book. I’ll try my best to convince you to do so in a few weeks over margaritas and maybe some coconuts ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..All Spun Up and What’s Next =-.

  3. You know I think that is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! I really like the fact that it has the shaping around the shoulders too.
    Lucy’s getting kinda nosey isn’t she? LOL
    .-= Muriel´s last blog ..Another Obsession =-.

  4. Beautiful…but I think Lucy was checkin out the dude in the photo….

  5. Oh…..I’m in love!
    .-= Sidra Vitale´s last blog ..sidravitale so many things to do, so little time. =-.

  6. That came out great! I love the Celtic influence going down the back.
    .-= Andrea´s last blog .. =-.

  7. It’s absolutely beautiful and I like the shaping. I’m most in love with the celtic braid thingie!

  8. …and I can say that in person it is even more stunning!! The color! The texture! The drape! Little wonder Miss Lucy tried to claim it. Keep a firm paw on it, Lucy. There were many admirers this weekend that would love to call it theirs!

  9. The shawl is stunning. I love the back center section. And Vicki looks beautiful in it. How did she ever let it go??
    .-= Sonja Poor´s last blog ..The Sound of Settling * =-.

  10. Sonja…we pried it out of her fingers!! ๐Ÿ™‚ With her pale pink top, it was a perfect ensemble. It was almost as if Wendy had made it for her. ‘Jes saying!

  11. That is stunning!

  12. Dr. Jackie says:

    Gorgeous as always! I’ve made it to row 126 of Order to Chaos….much happier once I switched to a 40″ needle. ๐Ÿ™‚ Mine’s the “big blue blob” at this point. I anticipate the edging taking a very long time… I’ll send pictures.

  13. Pam aka inlovewithalpaca says:

    I have to agree as well, Your shawls are beautiful and I would buy the book in a second.

  14. *::chants::* Must do shawl book, must do shawl book!!!

    I would love a shawl book too, but I can understand that you don’t want to do it. Oh, well.

    Sandvik is very pretty! Lovely job, especially that seed stitch border. ;-P
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Idle Hands… =-.

  15. A beautiful shawl on a stunning model.

  16. Love it! You really should consider doing a lace book, maybe you and Anne Hanson and Jason Flood should collaborate – just sayin’. Anyway, you have another shawl pattern I’ll be stalking.
    I’m working on my “Order to Chaos” shawl in DIC-Cloud Jungle, just starting chart C, I know I need to take some pics and post them.

  17. It’s gorgeous, Wendy! You’ve inspired me to try my hand at designing a lace shawl. I hope it ends up as beautiful as yours!
    .-= Knitter´s last blog ..Knitting, knitting, knitting… =-.

  18. The shawl is gorgeous- another winner- From pink blob to pink swan!
    I bet you didn’t have to coerce too much Vicki to model it!

  19. Beautiful. I am waiting for the book. I am Very aptient by the way so take your time. You will come around.

  20. Love it! Absolutely gorgeous!

  21. I would like to hear your justification for NOT writing a shawl book! You already have three winners to grace a book so why not pace yourself and have one available next year or so….! (So said by a totally ignorant publishing-world idiot but she knows what she likes in a book!) BTW-the Sandvik is a beauty!
    .-= Cindy in FL´s last blog ..He’s Back……… =-.

  22. Wendy, very nice shawl! I think I’m going to have to get that pattern ๐Ÿ˜‰ Will you have it up on Ravelry?

    The Inquisitor.

  23. anne marie in philly says:

    vicki looks positively LOVERLY in your shawl! 3 cheers for black bunny fibers!

    (full disclosure – carol does not pay me to say good things about her yarn; it speaks for itself!)

  24. My favorite part is the center back. The rest of it could have been all stockinette and it woud have been beautifual with that center.

  25. Wheedle harder Vicki! Wheedle Wheedle.
    .-= Elysbeth´s last blog ..Taking it all =-.

  26. I love it. I can’t wait to make mine. I love Faroese shaping because it helps shawls stay put. My last two prayer shawls were Faroese style.
    .-= southparknitter´s last blog ..On the go =-.

  27. Sandvik is beautiful – does the sweet kittie come with the pattern? I agree with Vicki – you should write a shawl book – I’ve been waiting, too, and will still. Pretty pleeeeeeez

  28. You say that’s an alpaca and kitty hair shawl, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    .-= Hissy Stitch´s last blog ..Around the Bend =-.

  29. NewJerseyLaura says:

    Wow! Beautiful :), Love the color. And very impressive that it was knit so quickly on a size 3 needle.

  30. She is loverly! Wonderful invention those built-in shoulder huggers on a Faroese shawl.

    Have you thought about writing a shawl book??
    .-= Alice in Richmond´s last blog ..8.5.09 Touch and Sew =-.

  31. This is so beautiful, the shawl, the kitty and the idea of a book!

  32. You’ve knit a beautiful shawl in Sandvik. Well done!

    I love the picture of Lucy on her tippy-toes, looking for her pink blankie.
    .-= Barbara-Kay´s last blog ..A New Venture =-.

  33. I like this shawl very much, and am looking forward to the pattern! Just another 5″ on the wedding gift in progress and I will even be allowed to work on it. You really should write a shawl book, you’re already at least halfway there.
    .-= Eli´s last blog ..Smash/Up =-.

  34. That is INCREDIBLY gorgeous.
    Digit sends nose-kisses your direction. And growls, because he’s like that, you know. xo
    .-= Rachael´s last blog ..Deleted Scenes =-.

  35. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    That shawl is gorgeous! It’s my favorite color. Can’t wait for the pattern!

  36. Stunning! Absolutely Stunning!
    .-= Connie´s last blog ..Socks – Complete! =-.

  37. So very pretty! Sandvik is the one for me…that is, AFTER I finish the 3 projects on needles at the moment! LOL I love the pink color…methinks I’ll imitate it in my colorway choice.

    By the way, not knowing what’s all involved, why not consider a shawl book? (As if you had nothing else to do, right?)

  38. Helen Wyld says:

    Please write a shawl book – you know you want to and we all want you to.
    I detect a hint that you could be persuaded!!!

  39. Let me add my two cents: yes, yes, yes to shawl book! Please?!?!?!
    .-= Sue Johnson´s last blog ..And So It Goes =-.

  40. Vicki_j_sanders says:

    I told you everyone would love to see a shawl book. I mean it takes time for brilliance like this to come to pass. Wendyknits is one in a million and of course so is Lucy.

  41. Robin Fremer says:

    This is a shawl I would wear! Waiting eagerly for the pattern- Why not a shawl book? Wendyites everywhere would buy it and love it!! I think you like to tease us with one at a time- think of the pleasure we would have snuggled up with a book of patterns, perusing the pics and fondling possible yarn choices!

  42. So pretty! I’ve never tried a Faroese style shawl before, but I like the idea of one that stays put, so I will definitely make one at some point. Maybe you should make a mini version for Miss Lucy…

  43. That is absolutely gorgeous! I look forward to the pattern becoming available. I’ve been knitting socks from your Toes Up book and doubt I will ever knit them from the cuff down again. I am trying to persuade women from the knitting group I attend to give them a try. Nothing like a reformed cuff down, DPN sock kniiter, is there? ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Knitty´s last blog .. =-.

  44. I love that color! Beautiful work.
    .-= Michele In Maine´s last blog ..Pink Circles Accessory Case =-.

  45. traceymae says:

    a shawl book !!!
    by miss Wendy !!???
    thats a FABULOUS IDEA !!!

  46. Gretcheng says:

    Ooh, very lovely! I do like a Faroese style shawl. They are the best for actually wearing, as opposed to constantly fiddling with! I have knit one full size and several shawlettes, but none with an all-over pattern like this. I think I see this pattern in my future, because I have a lot of Possum Lace in the stash bag…

  47. Vicky looks like she was made for that shawl–beautiful! And I love the braid-thingie down the back–very nice pattern, Wendy.

  48. I love the shaping around the shoulders. I have a shawl (stole shaped), which I hardly ever use because I can’t seem to keep it on while working on the computer. I’ll have to check out this pattern or another one like it.
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..aaiiieee! oh, and some new socks =-.

  49. It’s a gorgeous shawl! I love that colour.
    Do you mind me asking why you’ve named it Sandvik? I’m just curious, because it’s a place (and a furniture producer) from my home parts here in Norway.
    .-= Guro´s last blog ..Now we match =-.

  50. Very, very pretty. Beautiful work.

  51. That’s gorgeous! I hate the regular triangular shawls, as they just don’t stay on my shoulders, but the Faroese-style shawls are fantastic. I love your design, especially the celtic-braid-like pattern down the center back. It goes beautifully with the overall diamond pattern. Your designs are consistently exceptional.

  52. I have a skein of yarn I bought on vacation with 1100 yards to it. I do believe when you make this pattern available, this is what that yarn wants to be!

  53. Another beauty. I’m getting in line to make purchase! Wonder how many are in front of me?

  54. Hmn, did you ever write an entry about how you steam-block a shawl with an iron? I just knitted my first shawl (first lace ever, actually) and I’ve never blocked anything before in my life… I am extremely dubious that this thing will have the final dimensions the pattern claims, as well, but blocking tips or a tutorial would be greatly appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Wow! It was a fabulous weekend! You’re absolutely awesome – I learned so much! Sending you a huge “THANK YOU”

    I’m with Vicki on the shawl book….as you already know! Off to order the pattern for this shawl……can’t wait to start it!

  56. i’m not usually one for shawls, but i do like the look of this, esp. the shaping to keep it on one’s shoulders. very cool.