My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Needle Necessities

This comment from Al on my last blog post made me smile:

Wendy – we laypersons have to know, how did you get so many size zero needles? Do you use all of them from time to time? I never know how Roseann keeps track of all her needles, except that she has so many projects ongoing.

Al is Roseann‘s husband, by the way. I believe he has reasons for wanting to know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well . . . I have a gazillion size zero needles because that’s the size I use for most of my socks. I will often have more than one sock project going on at the same time. Stil, that’s not a very good reason for having so many, is it?

I still have every size 0 needle I’ve ever owned, apart from those that have fallen apart. And there have been a lot of different types and brands of needles created over the years. And of course I had to have them all.

Can you imagine my consternation if I had a burning need for that one perfect needle and it wasn’t in my Tower o’ Needles? The horror!

Anyway . . .

I did actually do a bit of knitting on the True Love Stole. Here it is:


And a close-up:


And here is something lovely:


Stitch markers from Blue Ridge Notions. Aren’t they pretty? They are amethyst & mother of pearl, with one pretty blue & white porcelain bead making up the set. These markers will fit up to a size 7 needle and are beautifully made. Best of all, they are very reasonably priced. They’d make a great gift for a knitter . . .

Lucy thinks salmon treats are a better gift.



  1. Those are GORGEOUS stitch markers! I find it difficult to find markers with the smaller ring, and those fit the bill!
    .-= Jess´s last blog ..Skate Bag =-.

  2. Lucy, I do agree with you.. salmon treats ARE better gifts!!!
    Sissela the forrestcat.

  3. I’m thinking back to your fire alarm scare and wondering if the Tower O’ Needles didn’t cross your mind as a necessity to evacuate, along with Miss Lucy? Maybe you need to fit it with rails or skids so they’d be safe, too.
    .-= LizAnderson´s last blog ..Hit Me With Your Best Shot! =-.

  4. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having to have them all. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    .-= Lorette´s last blog ..The Next Big Thing =-.

  5. Don’t laugh, but I keep my needles in a fly fisherman’s fold up kit…works great for the number of needles that I have. Each size has its own plastic envelope that fits in the 2-ring binder. I, too, have a lot of size 1’s and what I call 1 1/2’s…Can never have too many!

  6. Okay – I’ll admit it – I just don’t get it. Obviously I’m missing something, but why do people like fancy stitch markers? Some of the ones I have seen I wouldn’t even remotely consider because of the potential for snagging whatever you might be knitting.

    BTW – I haven’t tried it, but it ocurred to me that those decorative cardboard wine boxes used for gifting would make an ideal place to store straight needles. Although many of them have wine themes – grapes, glasses, casks and the like – I’ve also seen some that are more generic.

  7. With holidays around the corner, I’ve been looking for a good toe-up sock pattern for men, one that is not too lacey. Also need an XL size. Any suggestions? Are you hiding any patterns like this in that tower ‘o’ needles?

  8. Entrelac stitch markers are also very nice They are small (fits up to a size 6) and they are beautiful as well. Norma asked why we use them. I use them for their beauty. If I am knitting a sock, why not look at something beautiful every round? They do not snag or I would never use them. They are functional and a thing of beauty.

  9. I use the soft flexible purple and green rings from Clover. They work well, but I do lose tons of them around the house, car, etc.. The type Wendy showed would be easier to see on the carpet, I think.

  10. Al appreciates your reply and gently pointed out to me that my needles could be more organized. I have some mini-towers of yarn, but no towers devoted to needles, just needles on most end tables. Looks like I will be getting a needle tower of my own for Christmas.

    Your True Love Stole is very pretty and efficient with the edging nicely squared away as you knit, that’s my kind of stole.
    .-= Roseann´s last blog ..Handgefaerbte Socks =-.

  11. Denise in Kent, WA says:

    Every time I see a stole as gorgeous as your True Love Stole, I want desperately to make it – then remember that I don’t like wearing stoles. Sigh. I supposed I could always turn it into a square… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. I love having multiple sets of the same needles, because I find that I lose a needle on the train just often enough to appreciate having multiple sets.

    Umm, and sometimes I have multiple sets, because I cannot be bothered to wait until I get home to start a new project. The needles are bought and cast on happens on the way home!
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..Arr! =-.

  13. Wendy,
    It seems that progress on the True Love stole is going more slowly than on your last two shawls. Is that because you aren’t finding as much time to knit? Or is it because it is a difficult pattern? It is so VERY beautiful! I’m hoping it isn’t super difficult.

  14. Theresa in Italy says:

    Those are really lovely stitch markers! I don’t have as many stitch markers as I have needles, at least not yet, but I don’t think you can ever have too many of either. You never know.

  15. I was starting to accumulate multiple sets of sock needles, too. I started carrying an emergency knitting kit in the car: DPNS in size 1 and 0, and a gauge checker in a ziploc bag. That way if I pick up a skein of sock yarn, I won’t spaz out before I get home and get to my needles.

  16. I see you showing off your collection of beautiful stitch markers. But when it actually gets right down to the knitting…don’t you always use the purple and green squishy little rings?