My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


All Blocked and Ready to Party

When I got up this morning, I noticed that Miss Lucy had placed one of her toys on the Stacy Shawl as it lay blocking.


I’m not sure what the meaning of this is — perhaps Lucy was staking her claim to the shawl?

Anyway, I released the shawl from its bondage today.


Gwendolyn looks very pretty wearing it, I think.




And a side view:


A close-up of the bottom edge:


Some Q&A . . .

Several of you asked how I came up with the name for my True Love Stole. The name came out of a private joke. And that’s all I have to say about that (I am apparently channeling Forrest Gump here).

Alexandra commented:

Wendy, I am so impressed by how fast you knit. It just took you 5 days, plus you were working on other things! Wow, that is fast knitting. I so wish I could knit that fast. Any secrets to how you get done so fast? Do you like knit night and day! I know that you talk about working so wow! do you work everyday and still get these projects done so fast? What’s the secret!!!

Yes, I have a “real” job — one that takes me away from home at least 11 hours each day.ย  It’s quite the nuisance, let me tell you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yes, I knit the Stacy Shawl in 5 days. But 2 of those days were days off from work (I was off Friday for a dentist appointment, so got some good knitting time in then, as well as on Saturday). And it is a very fast knit.

I don’t really have a secret for fast knitting, except to knit every day, even if it’s only for a few minutes. And knit during “stolen moments” — when you waiting in line for something, on hold on the phone, commuting on the subway, etc. On weekdays I knit for a few minutes before I leave for work in the morning, on the subway to and sometimes from work, during my lunch break, and for a couple of hours in the evening. It adds up!

Josie asked:

Could you describe the process you go thru when designing a triangular shawl?

I wouldn’t know where to begin. It’s different every time!

But I will tell you it involves a lot of playing around with charts on an excel spreadsheet.

In other news, I’m knitting something pink.


Lucy sez:




  1. Lucy sez: “THIS is what prey looks like. The other thing — fuzzy, yes, that’s close, but not quite. No meat on it.”
    .-= HissyStitch´s last blog ..Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival: at least I didn’t come home with a goat… =-.

  2. Wendy, why must you tease and taunt me with all this prettiness?!?!?! ๐Ÿ˜›
    .-= Karen´s last blog .. =-.

  3. I’m reading the blog and enjoying it, thinking I can do this one, I love the way it hangs on Gwendolyn, then I am tempted by another: Pink no less, gosh, I will have to buy both patterns ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lucy has anounced this as her pick, so I must make it as well, when will the pattern be ready…;))

  4. linda-kay says:

    Oh man, such pink prettiness – just when I found out that my son’s new girlfriend loves the color pink! Being a red or burgundy kind of person – the stash was full of those shades – no pinks, but that pink looks like it would be a winner! Especially lace, my favorite. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Love the offering from Lucy!! I can’t believe how pretty the little peak of pink is….you drive us crazy witht he hints-good thing you knit fast so we don’t suffer long!
    .-= Cindy in FL´s last blog ..Tourists =-.

  6. Kathy Sue says:

    I really like the shape of the Stacy Shawl. Still likke the little pattern at the point, too.

    That is a great pink. What yarn?

  7. Miss Lucy has extremely good taste!
    .-= Nancy´s last blog ..Retreat progress =-.

  8. Having the right tools makes a big difference in speed. Also all the daily practice. If it were a piano, you would be a virtuoso!
    Love the simple pattern. It looks “warmer,” for the oncoming winter. brrr…….

  9. I really like the amount of solid stitching setting off the lacy parts of the Stacy shawl. Great contrast!
    .-= Barbara-Kay´s last blog ..Put on some cheerful color for autumn =-.

  10. Doesn’t Gwendolyn overheat modeling shawls while wearing a sweater?

  11. Liz in KY says:

    Aww, Lucy brought the shawl a present – how sweet!!! (ahh, the perils of blocking on the carpet with kitties around…)

    The finished Stacy Shawl is beautiful!

  12. I think one Wendy day is roughly equal to one Eli week. So five weeks for a shawl, pretty good in my world!
    .-= Eli´s last blog ..My Summer Vacation =-.

  13. margieinmaryland says:

    the shawl coordinates nicely with Lucy….

  14. Wow. Really lovely. No wonder Lucy has claimed that shawl.

    But the visual image of you, stretched out in a dentist chair, speed knitting with nitrous and doing it perfectly…that is one I will put in my heart of hearts as a goal to accomplish!

  15. I love the shawl and Kauni project underneath! That must be from before I started following you. Please share the link!
    .-= Liz´s last blog ..2nd Pair Done =-.

  16. I am going to leave the designing to you and reap the benefits. Be it shawls or quilts kitties always want to share!!

  17. Robin Diebold says:

    I have to tell you that every shawl you do becomes my new favorite. I change my mind when I see the new one. I like the true love shawl and the Stacy shawl the best so far. Hmmm could that be that they are the newest? Although your pink creation is interesting. You do beautiful work I enjoy reading your blog.

  18. Lucy stakes her claim. It is her color, after all. Love the pink lace! There is never enough pink. The Stacy Shawl is inspiring – I will aim for 5 days!
    .-= Michele In Maine´s last blog ..Crazy Blue Daisies Project Bag Set =-.

  19. Love, love, love the border! It’s all beautiful, but the border is so lovely and understated and WOW!

  20. The Stacy Shawl is beautiful and the True Love Stole looks like it could become a cherished family heirloom. We are so lucky that you write this blog, and that you have such a talent for knitting.

    I periodically show my co-worker your pictures and say, “Look! She finished this in TWO DAYS!!!” or something to that effect. My co-worker once asked, “What is she–some kind of knitting savant or something?” I think the answer to that is yes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. what did you do to the edges to make them so noteworthy? it is very pretty i’m just not sure what i’m looking at
    .-= HAEdwards´s last blog ..New guy and Knitting =-.

  22. Pam from Kansas says:

    This might be my favorite shawl yet! Tell Lucy that we want it too but neither is getting it……so sad.

  23. Mary-Ethel Bradley says:

    Oct. 6/09 Tuesday:
    What yarn and colour name is the pink delectable ?
    That pink is gorgeous : like strawberry ice cream.