My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



My new work in progress is being knit from Handmaiden Mini Maiden yarn, in the “Periwinkle” colorway. It’s a single ply wool/silk blend, fingering weight, with approximately 550 yards per 100 gram skein.

I bought two skeins of this somewhere along the way and rediscovered it in my stash room recently.

Here’s what I’m knitting from it:


It’s a shawl, and it’s another different shape. It’s based on a hexagonal shawl, where the shaping is done in 6 wedges that form a circle. I didn’t want to do another circular shawl, so I am doing fewer wedges and knitting back and forth instead of in the round. I didn’t want to do a half circle — I wanted it a bit bigger than that. So I decided on 4 wedges.

Here is a close-up of one wedge:


So far, I am loving this. The yarn is fabulous. I am particularly fond of wool/silk blends and this one is a keeper. I’m knitting it on a US size 6 (4mm) needle and love the look of it.

The pattern is my own, winkled together out of my fevered brain. I created a wedge chart in Excel and just started dropping yarnovers and decreases into it. I’ve revised it a couple of times so far as I knit, and may continue to do so.

Because it is 4 out of 6 wedges that make up a circle, it’s a Two-Thirds Shawl.

And that may become the final name of the pattern.

Meanwhile, Lucy is just lounging around. Ah, the life of a cat!



  1. Oh fer heaven’s sake…I was just congratulating myself this morning on having gone a WHOLE MONTH without buying any yarn, and now I find out that one of my favorite yarn companies has a yarn in my favorite color?!??! And it looks so beeeutiful knit up….(which, of course, is by and large attributable to your lovely skills!) Sigh.

  2. Those wedges sound complicated to me, but look lovely. Periwinkle – that sure is a nice color.

  3. I wonder if a Vulcan mind meld would let me understand how your mind works ๐Ÿ™‚ (that said, it could be dangerous or just incredibly silly, hehe)
    .-= Karen´s last blog .. =-.

  4. Cats really do have the life of all lives. But then, its hard being a goddess.

    Love the color of the shawl, its one of those striking colors that will look beautiful with anything black.
    .-= Rebekah´s last blog ..Favorite Projects =-.

  5. I am swooning! You have found the secret to get me to leave a blog comment from my iPhone!

  6. I have been thinking of something similar. For shoulder-staying-ness, but not-quite-square-ness. Without being Faroese-ish.

    You know what I mean!

    I have a couple design thoughts, but they’re back in the dusty nooks of my not-yet-so-fevered brain. (Good thing I’m not being charged by the hyphen here.) Someday, they will work themselves out! In the meantime, I will look on with interest at your Two-Thirds Shawl!
    .-= Cathy-Cate´s last blog ..Rainy Day Artwork =-.

  7. The shawl is beautiful. That is one of the prettiest blues I’ve seen in a long time.
    .-= Ida´s last blog ..Designers and Yarn Shops =-.

  8. Can I order my copy now? LOL! Sounds like it’s going to be fabulous, and I love the shape already!

  9. I’ve been contemplating trying a wool/silk blend (Newbie Nitter here)~ that looks just YUMMY! Love anything periwinkle :)))

  10. Have you tried the silk blends that MacIntosh Yarns has? They are great too and you can buy them at Loopy Ewe or at her website at

    I just can’t believe how fast you knit.

  11. Yarn lust! What a beautiful blue color. I love silk-wool blends too! I’ll put this one on the wish list.

    Life of a cat indeed-

  12. That is a gorgeous color! When you are shaping the wedges, is it similar to yarn over raglan increases? I’ve always been curious.

    (Heaven forbid I knit one and find out!)
    .-= Megan S.´s last blog ..Well That Was Fun! =-.

  13. Kathy Sue says:

    Well, another pattern to buy! I wish I had the patience to invent designs. But I am glad that there are those (such as you) who do, and willingly pay for the best of them. Knit on, as they say.

  14. Way cool! I love the idea and the name. I’ll be admiring as I watch the progress. Does Lucy need a new blankie??

  15. I love the idea of a wedge shawl…a little more coverage for a cool day. The yarn is lovely. I do like the way the pattern is knitting for you. Two-Thirds Shawl sounds like a perfect name!

  16. I love this shawl! I’ve just learned to knit lace and this one is going into my “must make soon”. I’m looking forward to seeing it evolve.

  17. Much too pretty to be christened ” 2/3 Shawl”.

    Perhaps, “Diamonds are Forever”? Or, if you’re feeling cozier, the Wodge Shawl. When I lived in the UK we used to say ‘wodge’ for a wedge of cheese.


  18. You are a shawl knitting machine!

    I love the pattern so far and the color too.

  19. Beautiful! Very cool construction.

    Mini Maiden is one of my favorite yarns – the single ply gives great stitch definition, and it’s sooooo soft.

  20. Great idea-it should fit on the shoulders very well. Love the color and what I can see of the pattern!
    .-= Cindy in FL´s last blog ..Back to Retirement! =-.

  21. Lovely color. The shape sounds similar to the 4Generation Shawl in Spinoff last year(?) – it is a wonderful shape to stay on. can’t wait to see the finished shawl!

  22. Been a while since I’ve been able to visit your blog. These shawls are gorgeous!

    So I can’t help but ask: When does the shawl book come out?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Ah, periwinkle, there is no better color anywhere! And in mini maiden too – yummy!!!
    .-= Michele In Maine´s last blog ..Knitting Chickens Project Bag Set =-.