My current work in progress:

Stornoway, designed by Alice Starmore from her book Fishermen’s Sweaters, knit in Frangipani 5-ply guernsey wool in the Aran colorway, on a 3.0mm needle.

I Can Haz Coffee Cozee

My morning cup of coffee got all dressed up!


Sorry for the blurry pic — I took it before I had any coffee. 😉

My coffee cup is wearing a Coffee Cozee. My friend Aimee makes these and sells them in her etsy shop. Isn’t mine cute?

It’s adjustable, with an elastic loop and button, so it fits pretty much any size cup.


Aimee was with me in Florida this past weekend. Aimee is also my event planner and she very kindly drove down to Florida from North Carolina the night before I arrived so she could pick me up at the airport and drive me around for the weekend. (How’s that for a great friend?) She stayed at the hotel with me — we had adjoining rooms — and showed me a stack of these cute coffee cozees she had brought along to sew the buttons on. Because I was squeeing over all the cute fabrics, she very kindly gave me my favorite one — pink and white bunnies! Now I don’t have to use those paper sleeves for my coffee.

I had a lovely time at Sip n’ Knit this past weekend. If you are in the vicinity of Maitland Florida, you must stop by. The shop is located in a building that used to be a house, so there are several different rooms to explore. There is lots of lovely, lovely yarn there, and the room where we held classes was great — large enough for me to move comfortably around to help (and pester) all the students, and comfy and well-lit. And the shop is just so darn cute!

(Speaking of event planning, we’ll start scheduling events for 2010 in November. So if you want me to come to your shop to teach, you can contact her starting next month at the addy over in the left sidebar. )

Last week I received another great knitting book to review . . .

Haiku Knits


This is Haiku Knits: 25 Serenely Beautiful Patterns Inspired by Japanese Design by Tanya Alpert. It’s hardcover, 144 pages long, and will be released on October 20, 2009.

The title says it all — the patterns are all inspired by Japanese design. Here are a few of my favorites.

This is a lovely long scarf/stole knit from Louet Sales KidLin Lace:


This cute cropped jacket is knit from Blue Heron Rayon Metallic and Habu Textiles A-60 Linen Paper:


The pattern is available in two sizes — a small/medium and a medium/large.

This long sleeve pullover is my favorite in the book:


It’s knit from Habu Textiles A-60 Linen Paper and A-20 Stainless Steel Silk. The pattern is in 3 sizes.

There is beautiful photography all through the book:




And there is a Haiku at the beginning of each of the 5 pattern sections.

Who’d like my review copy? It’s a lovely book and I am sorely tempted to keep it for myself, but it’s really not my style (I’m leaning more towards “Aging Hippie”) so I’ll pass it along to one of you.

Leave a comment on this blog post by Sunday October 18th at noon Eastern Time, and the Random Number Generator will select one of you to receive the book.

(Don’t know how to leave a comment? It you are on the main blog page, look at the end of this post  to see a link that says “x Responses” and click on that to take you to the page for this post. At the bottom of this page there will be a form for you to fill out to leave a comment.)

I have done some knitting, but I’ll save that to talk about tomorrow!


Lucy sez:


“It’s good to have Momma home!”


  1. Wow! What a great book. As usual, you are very kind to pass it along. Thank Wendy.

  2. Wow, that book looks beautifully designed!

  3. Looks a like a book that would be wonderful to have!

  4. Kitten With A Whiplash says:

    Looks like a fascinating book, please enter me. Thanks.

  5. Ooh, love the reusable coffee sleeve — who knew pink and white bunnies could be so green :-). I’m also loving the Haiku book. Nice unusual patterns — could be fun! Can’t wait to read about the knitting tomorrow!
    .-= Meredith´s last blog ..a conscious life =-.

  6. Ooh. Pretty pictures. I love pretty pictures.

    Very cute cozy, too!
    .-= Delightfully Healthy´s last blog ..Time, the Universe and Some Brussels Sprouts =-.

  7. Geez, Wendy, the book is great, but your projects at the bottom of the posting have me curious. What’s next?

  8. oh how gorgeous! I would love to be added to the drawing for the book!
    .-= Monica´s last blog ..just an update =-.

  9. Thanks for the contest, Wendy! I’d love to play. 🙂

  10. Julie Kubitsky says:

    I’d love that book! Looks exquisite!

  11. I’d like a chance at the book! It looks like a beautiful book of fun inspiration!

  12. I love the cozies – Aimee does GREAT work! The book is really neat looking and i would love to be counted in for the drawing! Thank you!

  13. What a lovely book which would make a lovely birthday present for me!

  14. Oh yeah I would love that book, but, alas I never win but you never know!

    I hope you come to CT next year. Would LOVE to meet you in person.

    Smooches to Lucy.

  15. April Phillips says:

    I agree – I love that long-sleeved pullover, too. I love the sheerness of it!

  16. Count me in too, looks like a lovely book.

  17. The book looks amazing — just my style!

  18. Thanks for a wonderful blog, and what a great give-away!

  19. Linen? paper? Stainless Steel? I’m intrigued!!!

  20. Aging hippie also, but a girl can dream!

  21. That’s a great looking book, thanks for sharing it!
    .-= Elise´s last blog ..Web Wednesday: You Lie! =-.

  22. Beautiful patterns. Another Japanese inspired book with gorgeous patterns is
    Knit Kimono: 18 Designs with Simple Shapes by Vicki Square.

  23. Jennie D. says:

    Love the bunny sleeve – and the book:-) Thanks for a great blog!

  24. Looks like a really nice book. Hope I’m the lucky number!

  25. The book looks great! Thank you for sharing it with one of us!
    .-= Walden´s last blog ..One step forward and how many back? =-.

  26. I love Japanese culture and am anxious to find out more details about the contents of this book. The textures of Habu yarns are so intriguing…. Thanks!

  27. I love haiku and the patterns look really pretty. Please include me in the random number generator.

  28. Lovely book!

  29. Yay for eastern inspired knits! Those are cute coffee cozies–I like that fabric too. Nothing like knitting and caffine!

  30. Such a cute bunny cozy! And please, nice number generator, pick me!

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    .-= cath´s last blog ..Breaking out the wool =-.

  32. I like that pull over. Count me in for the book.

  33. Karen S. in Sterling says:

    Pretty book!

    I was in Florida last weekend too. After the very cold temps today, I think I miss the 90 degree weather.

  34. what a neat idea …coffee cozy. Also, enter me for your book drawing.

  35. Thanks for the fun!
    .-= Jane´s last blog ..Scrabble Tiles and Practical Matters =-.

  36. I would love the book – it looks great. Say hi to Lucy. Thanks, Debbie

  37. Samoofish says:

    I love Japanese inspired clothing. Come-on random number generator!

  38. That coffee cozy is a lot classier than the cardboard sleeves from last Christmas that I currently use. Those are tempting. Of course, I’m trying to be better at remembering to bring my cup. Not that I’m succeeding.

    The patterns in the book are lovely!
    .-= meshaliu´s last blog ..Freaking Rain =-.

  39. Beth in Seattle says:

    Again – thanks for thinking of the fans. This looks like a wonderful book.

  40. Debra Simon says:

    I love the look of the designs in the book.

    Your coffee cozee is awfully cute too!

  41. HI Wendy

    That book would be great! Thanks for the chance to enter the draw.


  42. Please enter me for the Haiku Knits book. Thank you.

  43. I am on a Japan streak, so I would love the book. I don’t know if you would ship clear across the continent to the country north of you, but I would be gratefull.

    I am glad you are busy with your knitting and Lucy is looking gorgeous, as always.

    Thanks for keeping posting.

  44. The Haiku Knits book is gorgeous!

    Has Lucy ever tried pressed and dried catnip? My cats go crazy for it.

  45. Joan Neal says:

    Here is my submission in the form ( hopefully) of a haiku.

    evening late
    knitting yarn
    unravelling the brain

  46. I love your coffee cozee! The scarf/stole in the book is beautiful-would love to win the book!

  47. I went to florida over the summer- Those wee tiny lizards are ADORABLE! Humidity is indeed an evil wench, however.

    (Pick me pick me pick me for the awesome book o wise random number generator…)

    🙂 –Julia

  48. Greetings from sunny Colorado! Think this book is very well done..elegant simplicity.Am SO tired of the huge stitch per inch designs! Wonder how they will wear and look 3 years from now.Have long admired the Japanese knitting design books!Will think positive this Sunday! This book looks like a treasure of inspiration.JMHO’ offense meant to anyone who ennjoys the big knits,I just prefer the classic lines..have items I knie 30 years ago – that I like just as much today.

  49. I too, am leaning toward Aging Hippie, but I’d still like that book.

  50. I Stumbled across so many nice knitting blogs tonight, thanks.

  51. I think the patterns look great. I would love to see the rest of the book.

  52. Those sheep sure are cute! Count me in for the drawing too please.

  53. The WIPs-jumble colors look amazingly good together.
    .-= E. Engman´s last blog ..CRAFT IN AMERICA SERIES =-.

  54. The book looks fascinating. Thank you for offering it.

  55. bellatulips says:

    Wow. Amazing book! What a neat way to look at knitting!

  56. myra Harrell Fleming says:

    Do you Haiku?

    I am new to your email/blog and have enjoyed hearing of your travels and events! I think you are doing a great job of juggling your projects. The Haiku Knitting book is lovely and as I am a Teacher Training for Yoga, this style fits right in there for me. I would love it if I would be graced with that book…

    In Yoga clothes
    bearing buns and boobs
    Haiku knitting covers

    (that’s my effort at Haiku for you)


  57. I would like the book! It’s my birthday Saturday so …

  58. Wow, that book looks amazing. I love the jacket!

  59. Ooh, what a lovely book. I have been a big fan of Habu paper yarn since I knit jacket 36.

  60. Japanese craft books are pretty dreamy, and that looks like it definitely fits the bill. Of the pictures you showed, the pullover is my favorite too… now if only I’d look like that after knitting it!
    .-= Mia´s last blog ..Custom Mere with a Hollyhock tail =-.

  61. Judging by those pictures, this is a book I would like.

  62. Such interesting yarns…I’d like to have the book–habu you pick me?

  63. Thanks so much for the book review, my sister loves all things Japan and Habu so this looks like the perfect Christmas gift. Paper and stainless yarn? You’ve gotta love that!
    .-= Liz´s last blog ..Maryland Sheep & Wool 2009 =-.

  64. Your new shawl design and cowl look lovely. Please include me in the book giveaway. Thanks.

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  70. Oh, pretty. I have nothing else to say, really.

  71. Oooooh! This book looks wonderful. I would love to have a copy. Thanks for thinking of us Wendy.

  72. It’s not my style either, but the book is so beautiful and calming.

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  74. I was eying that book at Amazon today. Looks awesome!

  75. Please count me in the drawing for the book. That stole is lovely!

  76. Those designs look absolutely gorgeous! *Crossing my fingers that the Japanese design trend continues*

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  78. Beautiful book! I’d love to add that to my collection. Count me in! Love the “Wimpilicious!,” too…when will the pattern be available?

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    BTW what is a Russian bind off?

  80. Looks like a great book – count me in!
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  81. What a beautiful book!

  82. That looks like a lovely book. I’m an ageing hippie too, but would wear anything in it nevertheless.

  83. That book looks stunning!

  84. Beautiful book! And I love Habu Textiles. Sign me up for the giveaway!!

  85. Love the photography in that book – as well as the Japanese styling.

  86. I think the patterns are great. They look easier to follow than the Japanese patterns from Habu textiles. I have a lot of their yarn that would work for this book.

  87. Bridgette says:

    I also love the pullover, put me in for the book!

  88. I’m aging! I’m a hippy! Count me in!

  89. Ooooh, baby, count me in! I’ve written Haiku. Maybe I could knit some too?

  90. The book looks pretty. Thanks for sharing!

  91. It looks like a beautiful book. I can’t believe you would give it up!

  92. I’m an aging hippie so here’s hoping I win.
    .-= Twilight´s last blog ..Wool Fest goodies =-.

  93. What a gorgeous book! I love the simplicity.

  94. Ohhh! I would love that book. The patterns look so pretty! I wish I only ever had three WIP’s at a time, maybe I would finish something every once in a while then. : )

  95. I just stumbled across your blog and your review of Haiku Knits. It looks beautiful and I, too, love Japanese-inspired patterns.

  96. fairytalefrog says:

    The photography really is beautiful. When I photograph my knits I aim only for something that is neither blurry nor a funny murky mud colour, but my inner photographer aspires to take photos like that!

  97. Always inspiring to see all your works-in-progress and live a bit vicariously through your fantastic productivity. The Haiku books looks a treat – generous of you to offer it up. Cheers!

  98. Well, I am sorry the book doesn’t seem to be your style, but it is most certainly mine! I’d love to own it, either now, should the random number generator so decide, or later, should I have to buy it myself (or ask for it for Christmas).

    Hope you’re having a good weekend!
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Snip, Snip =-.

  99. Ooo, that book looks absolutely lovely. Count me in, please.

  100. Antonia Cangemi says:

    Know I’m getting this in just “under the wire,” but love that beautiful blue stole/scarf. Count me in.