My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I Heart My Droid

This has absolutely nothing to do with knitting, but I got my new Motorola Droid phone yesterday and I love it.


I had an LG Voyager previously and the difference between these phones? Wow!

The screen resolution is amazing, and once I got used to it, the phone is incredibly easy to use. Just a matter of learning how to do things. And there are a lot of great apps for it. But no knitting apps yet.


I set it up to use my wireless network at home, which it does automatically. Both on my network and on the 3G, it is VERY fast, unlike the Voyager.


The desktop mount is apparently not available yet — I’ll get that as soon as it comes out. Then I can get rid of my clock on my nightstand and use this instead. It does have a very nice alarm clock app pre-installed — very customizable.

And it’s great how it syncs with your Google account. I have all my contacts in Google, so those downloaded without a hitch, as did my Google calendar.

Speaking of Technology

A couple of you asked what type of camera I used for the weekend photos I posted yesterday. That was the little point and shoot Canon that lives in my purse. It does a very nice job, doesn’t it? It’s the Powershot SD770IS.

One thing that annoys me about a lot of the newer point-and-shoot Canons is the lack of a viewfinder. They have the LCD screen only. I need a viewfinder. If I try to take a photo using the LCD screen, I have to hold it a few inches from my face in order to see that shot, and I invariably shake the camera. With a viewfinder (which this little camera has), I rest the sides of my hands against my face while I take the photo and that stabilizes the camera so I don’t shake it.

Does anyone else have this problem or am I just a shaky old geezer?

Yes, I’m Still Knitting



This is the second sock of the pair, so this project will be done in a couple of days.


Lucy Sez


“Yes, it is a little warm in here.”


  1. No you’re not a shaky old geezer…lol…I do the same thing…but never thought about using the viewfinder instead of the screen…duh…great socks…and love the new phone…

  2. For me it’s an HTC Hero, i felt in love with Androïd, can’t back to Windows mobile. Congratulations, will i have more and more fun with your new phone.
    .-= Clau76´s last blog ..Il me reste…. =-.

  3. My hands shake midair, too. All the good photographers say to use a viewfinder…so why are they eliminating them?????

  4. Thank you Wendy. I am the one who asked what camera you were using. I will most definitely buy one for myself. As far as the shaking is concerned, I do not believe it has anything to do with our age! The tip you gave on how to stabilize the camera with fingers against your face is an excellent one.

  5. I so agree re the viewfinder. When I purchased my daughter’s cameras (for their 21st) I made sure they had viewfinders … and they’re both Canons. Canon still makes them like this (I bought the most recent one April of this year).
    .-= Susan L´s last blog ..Project 365 Mon 9 Nov 09 =-.

  6. Many of the newer camera have an image stabilization feature because of this very problem. My old cameras that didn’t have this feature took lousy pictures b/c I shook too much (and I’m not a shaky person actually). But my new one has it (& doesn’t have a viewfinder) but the pictures are great.

  7. Nope, you’re not a geezer. When I went shopping for a point and shoot this was at the top of my criteria list, too. In addition to your reasons, a screen can be hard to see on a sunny day.

  8. I certainly don’t think age has anything to do with shaking when making photos. I have a LCD and have to place my arms at my side. LOL! The socks are great!
    I love the color and the pattern.

  9. The Droid looks tempting! Your tales of speed make me covet the thing.

    No, you’re not a shaky old geezer. I like having a viewfinder, too, but I finally caved and bought a camera without one because I wanted a super zoom (12x). The perfect camera would a be a tiny superzoom with a viewfinder and AA batteries. It doesn’t exist, yet…
    .-= pdxknitterati/MicheleLB´s last blog ..Verdict? =-.

  10. I agree with the viewfinder thing… if it is sunny, I can’t see what I’m taking a picture of!! It is hard to find a camera now with a viewfinder though…

  11. I bought the last Sony Cybershot that had a viewfinder. I love it, but it also came with image stabilization, which I also super love as I use the flash almost never now.

    I can’t wait for my phone contract to be up so I too can enter the world of data-phone…And as much of an Apple-fiend as I am…I want a droid. Mostly cuz my friends’ iphones don’t acknowledge me as human…
    .-= Mary´s last blog ..11-10-09…Countdown Day… =-.

  12. Tina slave to four says:

    “Does anyone else have this problem or am I just a shaky old geezer?for a true


    You’re not alone. I’m even more old school. I have to have an SLR feature (Single Lens Reflex) this allows me to look through the lens for a true WYSIWYG experience. Not having binocular vision I find that using the viewfinder makes setting up the shot a whole lot better. Plus the screen (on the back) never seems to hold still when I try to take pix using the screen

  13. Tina slave to four says:

    I forgot to tell you an old photographer’s trick. It’s for when one is using a very slow speed of film with the aperture wide open.

    It should work with a digital.

    When taking the shot don’t breath. breathing in and out can cause shakiness. Don’t hold breath just simply don’t breath. Not only does it allow you to be aware of the shot, but it helps you to hold your body even stiller.

    Yes do anchor your hands on your cheekbones. also tuck your elbows tight against your side.

    I’ve taken a lot of slow wide open shots to reassure you that these tricks should help a lot!

    But then again using an SLR allows me to feel as if the camera is an extension of me. vs a tool that I hold way out in a stiff manner!

  14. I must have a viewfinder, too. I have a Canon and cannot see anything on the LCD in the daylight. I can’t understand how other people can. Of course, I am an old geezer.

  15. My husband and I stood in a short line to get the droid when our local verizon store opened last friday. We both are enamored of the phone, it is awesome.
    .-= TheBon´s last blog ..Great Horned Owl =-.

  16. i got my droid on saturday and love it too, the screen is excellent and the google maps gps is great…

  17. You need a viewfinder to be able to take pictures in sunlight. I’ve loaned my daughter my older camera to take on school trips because it DOES have a viewfinder, and therefor is handier.

    As a long-time Verizon customer, I finally gave up on them improving coverage near where I live when the Alltel merger didn’t cure it. We’ve switched to Sprint (gasp!) and so far it has been just super – giving us coverage in our daughter’s school (where we spend an inordinate amount of time) and better coverage where I work. Verizon classified us as a ‘marginal coverage’ area, with no interest in fixing it – and therefore cancelled the contract without penalty. No, we’re not that far out of the center of things, but there you go. I’ve got the HTC Touch Pro 2, and since I’ve had several flavors of Windows Mobile, I’m very comfortable with it. I did consider swapping during the last couple of days that I could for the Android Samsung Moment, but with the issues overits Android version, decided not to. I’m not surprised at the difference between the Voyager and Droid – that’s a shift from a ‘feature phone’ to a smartphone.

    It does figure that as soon as I leave them, Verizon brings out a bunch of cool phones – but I’d have gone broke since I wasn’t near the end of the contract. Please keep us up to date on the phone – I don’t know anyone with one at this point.

  18. Another shaky old geezer here. Amazing how often I have to re-shoot in broad daylight.
    .-= Dorothy´s last blog ..Happy Thanksgiving Canada! =-.

  19. I agree about the viewfinder, I have the same problem, so please don’t call yourself a shaky old geezer! I prefer geezerette.

  20. The only criteria for the phone I bought was that it have a viewfinder, and be small. i bought a Sony, because it seemed to have more intuitive menus and it had this feature where you could take fast pictures one after the other by holding down the button.
    .-= LoriO´s last blog ..Fantasy Vacation – Day 3 =-.

  21. Love my ancient Canon A520 point and shoot – it does a decent job but it’s getting worn out. I shove it in my pocket when I go out to do chores, always hoping to get a candid shot. I must have a viewfinder and can’t manage pictures with the screen at all.

  22. CathieJones says:

    Ahhhhhh . . . you have no idea how jealous I am of that Droid! I checked to see if I can get one, but my Verizon contract isn’t up until next October . . . so if I want it now, it’s $579.00. Don’t think so!!!!!!

    I have the big Canon with stabilizer, but still get fuzzy zoomed pics.

  23. I have been seeing the droid ads and wondering if the phone was any good. My last phone was a Motorola, but I hated it and it died on me before my contract renewal came up. Now I have a Treo I bought used (and cheap) from eBay, which does everything I could want… though I do still get new phone lust occasionally. Please keep us updated on how it wears.
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..nasmuwrimo =-.

  24. I can’t stand shooting though an lcd screen. I must have my viewfinder!
    .-= Michele In Maine´s last blog ..Lavender Flowers Project Bag =-.

  25. I thought I was the only one who needed a view finder. Apparently not! I’ll have to try the hands on the cheeks trick.

    It must be nice to live where you get a cell signal. I feel like the phone world is passing me by.

  26. DR-OOOOL!!! But then what would I do with my little iTouch? sigh

  27. Thank you for the post about the Droid! I have been waiting to see how “real” people like them… now I REALLY want one.

    And… a viewfinder is MUST! The shakiness when held away from the body… the fact that you can’t see the screen in bright sunlight… I could never have a camera without one.
    .-= HipDroppedStitches´s last blog ..Middle Eastern Dance Night at Holly’s Restaurant – Photos! =-.

  28. Rhonda L Smart says:

    I hate the screens because I wear polarized sunglasses, and most screens work fine when the camera is in landscape mode, but turn it 90 degrees, and blammo – completely black and useless screen. My point and shoot was recently stolen so I’ve been looking for a replacement since insurance is paying. Finding one with a viewfinder has been hard and I still haven’t made a purchase.

  29. Lee Cockrum says:

    It is not being an old geezer, it is common for most people. I will not buy a camera without a view finder, that is how much I hate using an LCD screen!
    I have a Cannon elph, which is my “purse camera”, as well as a lovely Nikon digital SLR. Rhonda, I love the cannon, and it has a view finder, although it is a couple years old, so I am not sure about the new ones. My husband got it at a good price from

  30. Geezers unite! I too take much better photos with a viewfinder!

  31. About those socks… why am I fantasizing about Werther’s candy now??? yummy!

  32. Wendy — have you tried using the stabilizer function on the Cannon powershot? My hands shake enough these days that using the stabilizer is the only way I can take pictures.

  33. I too had to have a viewfinder when I bought my new “purse” camera. Even with the new technology, it can be really difficult to set up a photo on a sunny day, using the screen.

  34. I’ve only owned Canon cameras all my life. I’ve gone through 5 Powershots in the past 10 years and I always get one with a viewfinder cos I need it on a sunny day. As far as shaking – the image stabilizer should help – which your camera has (IS).

  35. Nope. Not a shaky geezer. Just shaky.
    Both of us.
    Off to look for your camera…

  36. What I tend to do when taking a picture is to find a horizontal or vertical line to keep the picture straight, use the video window to center what I’m taking a picture of, get my finger ready to push the button, and tuck my arms against my sides.

    That done, I still have to take more than one picture, because some of the pictures always wind up too bright, blurry, or just wrong when I open them up in a picture editing program.
    .-= madonnaearth´s last blog ..Making a few more charity hats =-.

  37. Gotta have a view finder. That missing-view-finder-feature bugs me about some of the new cameras.

  38. Hee! I am happy to see the whole Droid thing becoming more widely known. I’ve had a “droid” phone since last November and I lurve it. I’m thoroughly enjoying watching other people discover what a great phone OS it is.

  39. When our grandson was born this summer we decided that we needed a new camera, and ended up with a Nikon Coolpix P90. It was one of the only ones that allowed you to switch between a view finder and the digital screen. It was on sale besides and I was pleased with the price…

    However..we are still on dial-up in Northern Ontario Canada…we dream of 3G..LOL

  40. How’s the web browsing on the Droid? Can you access Ravelry?

  41. I like having a viewfinder for those bright sunny days when the screen has glare – it is also useful if you want to conserve battery power – the screen sucks a lot of juice.
    .-= CatieP´s last blog ..Blocking =-.

  42. totally agree on viewfinder and have seen that same criticism on Pogue’s Posts from NYTimes, so you are far from alone on that. ALSO the viewfinder on my larger Canon has a diopter (??) so you can adjust for taking your glasses off, and since I am the only one who uses it, it is always adjusted.
    NOW about the DROID, I am thinking seriously about it but I don’t have google mail, and I do not have mail on my computer to “push” or forward or whatever, I just use Yahoo, think this is a problem??? I want it for the navigation functions when walking especially, and also to be able to email while traveling without having to carry computer.
    Do they give lessons like iPhone does??

  43. Got my DROID today, steep learning curve, no time for demo at store–at least have Gmail–why did Yahoo pick today for their email to go screwy?? THANKS for the tips Wendy!!

  44. I agree with you 100% about the viewfinder thing. My point & shoot Canon is a few years ol so it does have one as does, of course, my Nikon D40. But I find I use my iPhone for taking pictures a lot (since I always have it) & have the same problem with “shake” – it is almost impossible for anyone to hold something still at that angle. Normally you use your facial bones (cheek mostly – maybe some jaw) to steady your hand when holding a camera up to your eye. Having to hold something a few inches in front of your face takes away your ability to do that. Very few people can hold anything up in the air & keep it steady without support.

  45. PS – the iPhone has several knitting apps – maybe you could contact the designers & ask them to write them for your Droid.