My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A LYS Visit and a Contest

Hey, guess where I went today?


If you said Fibre Space, you are right.

Fibre Space is a new-ish (opened last summer) yarn shop in my hometown — Alexandria, VA. And I finally made time for a visit. It’s located on North Fayette Street in Old Town. Great location — there was plenty of street parking within a block of the shop, and there is a Five Guys across the street. ๐Ÿ˜€

Here are a few images of the shop. The street view:


They just decorated their front window for the holidays:


They have excellent taste in the books they have for sale:


They have a great classroom off the main room:


And they’ve got lots of yarn!




The owner, Danielle, kindly allowed me to photograph her behind the counter:


I’ll be doing an event in conjunction with Fibre Space in a couple of months (more on that next week) so it was about time I stopped by to check out the shop.

A Contest!

Y’all remember that I did a sock design for the Dye Dreams Four Seasons Sock club — right? What you may not know is that the lovely ladies at Dye Dreams have also started a Four Seasons Mitten Club — and they asked me to do a mitten design for the first club offering — the winter mittens.

And I need your help.

I’ve created the mitten pattern and love it but I have one problem — I can’t for the life of me think of a good name for the pattern. Here’s the mitten design:


Another view:


We want a winter-themed name. Any ideas?

Leave your suggestion for a name in the comments to this post by noon eastern time this Sunday, November 29. We’ll pick a name from the suggestions and the person who suggested the winning name will win a kit to knit the mittens!

Lucy sez


“Those of us with floofy feet don’t need mittens.”


  1. Snow Tracks.

  2. Love your mittens! How about “Winter Tracks”?

  3. I think the patterns look like “Carved Ice”.

  4. Snow Drift

  5. I pick, “Paired Crossover” (because it looks like what ice skaters do with their legs when they’re moving together and, well, that’s what the move is called).
    .-= Deinera´s last blog ..Alright, how about some NanoFail instead =-.

  6. Ice Cables Mits

  7. The cable work reminds me of a Celtic knot. How about Celtic Winter?

  8. Stacy and the five rugrats says:

    Hmmm…how about “Winter Frost”. A nice blue for the winter sky with a hint of the light blue that could look like the frost in the shade during the winter.

  9. maybe “frosting” ?

  10. Cathie Jones says:

    It looks Celtic to me, too, and also like a frost pattern. How about “Celtic Frost.”

  11. Winter Moitog.

  12. They have a cathedral look to me. They look cozy. Cozy Cathedral?

  13. The cable reminds me of a spire, so I’m suggesting either “Snow Spire” or “Winter Spire”. Or, in either case, it could be “Spires”.
    Whatever you name them, I like the design very much!

  14. I’m no good at names…Celtic Crystals?

    I am so excited about the new yarn shop. I will check it out next time I’m in town! (heheh, Floofy Feet! heheheh)

  15. Karen in CPH says:


  16. Drat! Someone already said “Celtic Frost.” Now I look like a copy cat.

    So I’m going to say “Irish Frost” to be different.
    .-= Ann in CT´s last blog ..Hubby’s Sweater: Maintaining Focus =-.

  17. Mid-winter mittens
    .-= lynneth´s last blog ..Another FO! =-.

  18. How about Istapp? Its swedish/norwegian/danish for icicle.

  19. Kristine M says:

    I like “Winter Windows”. They remind me of medieval cathedral windows in winter. Very pretty!

  20. I suggest Ice Skating Mitts – I see a frozen pond with skating tracks crisscrossing over it. Or perhaps Blue Ice Mitts. Or Skating on Blue Ice Mitts.

  21. “Ice Dancing”
    .-= Jenifer E´s last blog ..Too cute =-.

  22. I think I’d go with “Wonderful Time”. It’d be short for that Andy William’s Christmas sond, but also that you’ll have a wonderful time knitting them.

  23. How about
    Winter Solstice- The pattern reminds me of a winter night when the snow sparkles in the moonlight.

  24. “Twined Branches”

  25. How about “Cold Snap Mittens” ?

    To me they really look like something Lucy or Susan would have worn to Narnia…and yes, of course there’s the idea that one mix “Lucy” from Narnia with our favorite photogenic feline…but I couldn’t come up with a short enough phrase.
    .-= Abigail´s last blog ..Shameless Self-Promotion =-.

  26. I like “Celtic Blue”.

  27. I also thought of Snow Tracks or Tracks in the Snow. They kind of look like Snowshoe Tracks.
    .-= Estella´s last blog ..Ten on Tuesday =-.

  28. I was at the store last night (ostensibly to buy two skeins of yarn; I got four, plus two balls, plus some teeny-tiny nine-inch circular size 1s), and they were chatting happily about your visit! (I vaguely recall conversations that were approximately like this: “Yeah, she’s from around here. Super sweet.” “Really? How cool!” “That’s her book, right there…” “Ooooooo!”)

    How about “Chalet Cabled Mittens”?

  29. “Path through the Winterscape” is my suggestion.
    .-= Kyrana´s last blog ..Petite KIP Bag – Holiday Stripe =-.

  30. How about Tinsel Tips? And they would also look lovely in Dream in Color Starry!

  31. Robin Pearce says:

    I agree on the Celtic idea. What about Siobhan’s Snowflake or Snow. Siobhan’s Snowy Mitten. Siobhan was always my favorite Celtic name and the yarn does look very snowy.

  32. They look like cathedral spires to me. How about Cathedral of Ice, or Ice Spires. They’d be beautiful in white too!

  33. That design reminds me of what my christmas tree lights look like when I open the box (hastily put away from the prior year) “Tangled Lights”

  34. Before I checked the comments, I was thinking “Celtic Cozies”, but I agree with another commenter that they look like a cathedral window — so how about “Celtic Cathedral”?

  35. I LOVE this pattern! The mittens are perfect for winter.

    I’m going to suggest………Winter Wonder Mittens!

  36. Season Premier!
    .-= Mo´s last blog ..Kangaroo in my pocket =-.

  37. Celestine Getty says:

    How beautiful…When I saw your mittens, I thought of a quote from William Shakespere’s A Winter Tale because the design reminded me of a blowing wind:
    Blow, blow, thou winter wind
    Thou art not so unkind,
    As man’s ingratitude.
    So my suggestion is to call them: Winter’s Wind

  38. Braided Icicles

  39. My Blue Heaven.

  40. So many wonderful suggestions already! I’ll try …
    Pointing North
    and then of course will want to eventually try the pattern!

  41. Cathedral Window

  42. Cornwall Mittens.
    .-= Annika´s last blog ..To Do =-.

  43. Hmmmm… Winter Window
    .-= Karen in Toledo´s last blog ..Gratitude =-.

  44. Windy Brown says:

    How about Guinevere’s Icicles?

  45. Winter Paths – and I got your Socks from the Toes up today. ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Tiny Tyrant´s last blog ..Thankful Thursdays =-.

  46. Rats! someone said Winter Window… How about Snow Clouds?
    .-= Karen in Toledo´s last blog ..Gratitude =-.

  47. Oooh – Mitten Wonderland ๐Ÿ™‚
    (just beautiful btw!)

  48. Celtic Ice!
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Setting Heaters and a Miracle =-.

  49. BunnyQueen says:

    For some reason (maybe the upcoming Olympics), the “tracks” make me think of ice dancing. How about Ice Dancer’s Dream?

  50. How about Jack Frost? I like Siobhan, too (my DD), so maybe Siobhan’s Frosty Mittens

  51. How about “Blue Christmas” after one of my favorite Christmas songs?
    .-= Jen M.´s last blog ..Day 24 =-.

  52. Celaine Killingsworth says:

    How ’bout Aspen Trails

  53. How about “Twinkling Blue Christmas” Mittens?

    Elly B

  54. How about “Double Slalom” or “Triple Slalom”? There are just three “Slalom” sock patterns currently on Rav.

  55. I also thought of windows, so how about Frosted Panes?

  56. Ice fishing.
    .-= sprite´s last blog =-.

  57. How about “Ski Tip Mittens”? The purl stitches around the cable remind me of ski tips!

  58. Ice floes.
    .-= E. Engman´s last blog ..CRAFT IN AMERICA SERIES =-.

  59. How about Iced Lattice?

  60. How about Snow Angels?

    Did you take those great pictures with your new Droid?
    .-= Tamsie´s last blog ..Boundaries, Parents, Kids, Needs, Wants, Feelings =-.

  61. I thought of Breaking the Trail, like you do when you cross-country ski, for what it’s worth.

    Looks like a nice yarn shop!

  62. I think “Celtic Icicle” sounds right. Lovely mitten.
    .-= Barbara-Kay´s last blog ..Memories of Christmas past, and an honor =-.

  63. I love the mittens – gorgeous! How about Glacial Crossing for a name?

  64. I can’t suggest a name for the mittens. Seems like everyone else came up with a good name. I’ll only say this – they are beautiful! Wish I had a pair!

  65. Beautiful Mittens. Love the color.

    Here is my suggestion, “Knot Ready for Winter”

  66. Arctic Twist

  67. Mitaine Neige

  68. the pattern makes me think of icicles so how about TWISTED CICLES

  69. I like “arctic braids”
    .-= Carola´s last blog ..En svensk blogg och hemsida =-.

  70. Sorry – I meant to also comment on how lovely they are – looking forward to the pattern when it’s available.

  71. I’m not the only one seeing church windows, am I? “Cathedral Arch” came to mind. Very beautiful!
    .-= Jeanne B.´s last blog ..Re: NoAnn’s Fabrics and a Spout-Off =-.

  72. Entwined …. love the color btw.

  73. The cables mind me of a snow-covered fir tree. Wintered wood?

  74. My first thought was Celtic Ice, see a lot of Cetlic suggestions so this may have already been suggested.

  75. Toasted Snowflake, Cabin Fever, or Winter’s Dawn?

  76. Great Color. How about Ice Breaker.

  77. Winter Crossing Mittens.

  78. Reminds me of the arches at my alma mater–what I would wear to hear the a cappella groups that gather under them for impromptu concerts. So I suggest “Arch Sing Mitts” Here’s a little audio-visual sample to get a feel for what I mean.

  79. I like Beira, (the Queen of Winter). A Celtic winter goddesses.

  80. Mistletoe Mitts. When the fingers are pointed down, it looks like mistletoe to me.

  81. Ice Dance

  82. Lovely mittens!

    To me the cable work suggests a tall fir tree … so, to get the winter theme in, I’ll suggest Frosted Fir Tree Mittens.

    Hans Christian Andersen wrote a fairy-tale entitled The Fir Tree:

  83. Lovely mitts. How about Toboggan Run? Sledding Hill? Ski Slope?

  84. Twisted Icicles

  85. Cold Snap mittens
    .-= biomaj5´s last blog ..I have a new MO for holiday knitting =-.

  86. Well, the Jeanne B s beat me to “Cathedral Windows” and “Cathedral Arch”, and I haven’t quite found the right combination of words for those big ol’ icicles that dangle from the eaves outside the windows with the morning or evening sun shining thru them. I am sure someone will!

  87. Alpine Glacier Mittens – the colors are glacier blues, and the pattern is reminiscent of flowing glacial ice.

  88. I always like a strong description (so I can find them), so forgoing the poetry, how about CABLE TOPPED MITTENS.

  89. How about Snow Maze Mittens? Or Ice Labyrinth? The mittens are lovely no matter what they will be called.

  90. Challah Mittens

    I bake a lot of bread for the holidays and these reminded me of a recipe I wanted to try for braided bread. When I googled it I got the formal name of Challah Bread which I think is Jewish.

    Love the pattern ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..Finished Object – Cable Blanket =-.

  91. Amy Montagna says:

    snowflake dance?
    They are beautiful, many great suggestions to pick from, you have hard choice ahead of you.
    Love Miss Lucy!!

  92. Shucks, such lovely mittens and equally created names. All I can think of is “Cross My Heart Your Hands Will Be Warm” mittens.

    Yea, I know.
    .-= LizAnderson´s last blog ..I Was Where? =-.

  93. Winter Hoarfrost. I don’t know why, but the mittens remind me of the trees here (Fairbanks, Alaska) all laden with snow because we don’t have enough wind to blow it off. They are very pretty.

  94. Yuletide Knots

  95. I thought of Challah Mittens for the bread that I eat every friday night. But someone else already thought of that one.

    My other name for them is Icicle Cable Mittens.

    Those are my winter/Jewish thoughts.

  96. They are lovely mittens. How about Ice Castle Mittens for a name?

  97. Cathedral Mitts

  98. No kidding, both of my first-thought names are already listed-here is my third idea; Braided Garland Mittens.
    .-= Cindy in FL´s last blog ..Entrepreneurism at Work =-.

  99. Diane Tetreault says:

    How about…. “Cross My Hearts”
    They’re gorgeous and lovable.

  100. Iditarod
    Celtic Ice
    Slippery Slopes