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Long Line Slipover designed by Lesley Stanfield, knit from Jamieson & Smith Jumperweight and Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift  on a US 3 needle

A LYS Visit and a Contest

Hey, guess where I went today?


If you said Fibre Space, you are right.

Fibre Space is a new-ish (opened last summer) yarn shop in my hometown — Alexandria, VA. And I finally made time for a visit. It’s located on North Fayette Street in Old Town. Great location — there was plenty of street parking within a block of the shop, and there is a Five Guys across the street. 😀

Here are a few images of the shop. The street view:


They just decorated their front window for the holidays:


They have excellent taste in the books they have for sale:


They have a great classroom off the main room:


And they’ve got lots of yarn!




The owner, Danielle, kindly allowed me to photograph her behind the counter:


I’ll be doing an event in conjunction with Fibre Space in a couple of months (more on that next week) so it was about time I stopped by to check out the shop.

A Contest!

Y’all remember that I did a sock design for the Dye Dreams Four Seasons Sock club — right? What you may not know is that the lovely ladies at Dye Dreams have also started a Four Seasons Mitten Club — and they asked me to do a mitten design for the first club offering — the winter mittens.

And I need your help.

I’ve created the mitten pattern and love it but I have one problem — I can’t for the life of me think of a good name for the pattern. Here’s the mitten design:


Another view:


We want a winter-themed name. Any ideas?

Leave your suggestion for a name in the comments to this post by noon eastern time this Sunday, November 29. We’ll pick a name from the suggestions and the person who suggested the winning name will win a kit to knit the mittens!

Lucy sez


“Those of us with floofy feet don’t need mittens.”


  1. Cindy Rego says:

    First thought was: “Celtic Ice”

  2. Celtic Crystals

  3. Hi! How about Celtic Path. My first thought was Celtic Dream, but then I thought it over and thought Celtic Path is best. Rosalia

  4. How’s about “Frosty Knots”, nice wintery mittens!

  5. How about Skadi’s Tracks? Skadi is the Norse goddess associated with skiing.

  6. The blue kind of goes with the Judaica theme I’m about to suggest, but the braid looks like a Havdalah candle-Havdalah being the Jewish ceremony marking the end of the Sabbath and beginning of the new week.
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..Alleluia =-.

  7. So, my suggestion… Havdalah.

  8. Winter Embrace

  9. Cindy L. Ferver says:

    The pattern looks like a pine tree to me, so how about “Oh, Christmas Tree”.


  10. Ruth Schoof says:


  11. Cathedral Braid

  12. Sheryl Goldberg says:

    Tangled Snow Flakes

  13. Wendy, love those mittens. How about “Cabled Frost “

  14. I always think of winter songs: How about Winter Wonderland Mittens?
    .-= KozyKitty´s last blog ..The power of music! =-.

  15. Along with Katie, before I even saw her suggestion, I thought of “Celtic Blue Ice.” Great pattern.

  16. Celtic Icicle
    .-= Aponi´s last blog ..Whidbey Island Fabulous Fall Fiber Festival =-.

  17. Black Diamond mittens.

  18. Icicles or blue snow OR PATHWAY HOME

  19. Celtic Snowflake

  20. Eisgitter – It’s German for Ice Lattice (I love the big cable!)

  21. CaroleP (ohio says:

    How about “Icy Blue” or “Blue Ice”?
    All the suggested names are good.
    Good Luck choosing.

  22. Hi Wendy
    I think a good name would be:
    Himalayan Warmth

    hima (Sanskrit) snow; alaya (Sanskrit) an abode I think that is describes the essence of the mittens.


  23. Wendy, How about “Winter Frost” . I’ll have to check out Fiber Space one of these days.

  24. Winter Morning Mittens

  25. Lexie Condit says:

    It appears that maybe be a five cable braid, which can be called the “Celtic Princess” Braid. So I would suggest

    Celtic Winter Princess mittens

  26. My first thought was “Chain Link Mittens”

    They are lovely!

  27. Druid’s Ice–it looks Celtic to me too.
    .-= Constance´s last blog ..Ah, college….. =-.

  28. Carole Jones says:

    the mittens are gorgeous. how about Cool Blue for Cool Weather!

  29. I want to say “Knotty and Nice” but that’s too corny. The Celtic winter festival is Solstice a great time to mark that the days will be getting longer. But “Slolam” really suits them.
    .-= Angie´s last blog ..Neglected But Not Forgotten =-.

  30. The mittens are beautiful. How about Spiraled Icicles.

  31. geri actor says:

    How about ‘Cathedral Mittens’?

  32. Toboggan

  33. icy blue mittens. I really like Celtic Ice though.
    .-= southparknitter´s last blog ..Fee Fi FO WIP =-.

  34. Elizabeth A. Buckley says:

    Name: skimaze (ski-maze)
    Happy Thanksgiving, Elizabeth

  35. All the names are inspirations!

    My contribution: Stars in Ice (assuming “Stars on Ice” is tm’d)

  36. Cindy Holben says:

    Mitten name: Cathedral Window since it looks like an arched window in an English church.

  37. Alpine Tracks. Or (something) tracks…..yep.

  38. Lovely mittens! How about Braided Winter Warmth!

  39. Shirley Ryan says:

    I’m going with simplicity!

    Winter Icicles

  40. toboggan mitts. Because the cable is the shape of a taboggan.

    Beautiful, btw!
    .-= boutrosbabe´s last blog ..Business News Update =-.

  41. Shirley Ryan says:

    Or maybe…

    Frosty Windows

  42. I would call them “Qanik ” which is the Inuit (Eskimo) word for snowflakes.

    Very pretty.

  43. I think the cables look like a Christmas tree, so I would suggest “Blue Spruce”
    .-= Mandy´s last blog ..Great Lakes Fiber Show =-.

  44. Looks like a BLUE ICICLE!!

  45. How about “Ice Cathedrals”?

  46. Blue Ice

  47. How about Aran Winter Sky

  48. How about A Celtic Snowfall.
    Love the look of the LYS. It looks really nice! Lucy looks cuddly as usual.

  49. How about Snow Path Mittens?

  50. Irish Ice, a play on words for Irish Eyes.

    Whatever they are named they are lovely.

  51. The pattern reminds me of cathedral windows. How about “Christmas Cathedral” to give it a winter twist.
    .-= Caffeine Girl´s last blog ..A Great Birthday Present =-.

  52. Tina slave to four says:

    Snowflake Dreams

    Snowflake Delights

    Snowflake Dance

    Ice Crystal

    Winter Love

    Hope some of these help!

    I got it… how about Floofy Hands

    Nods to Miss Lucy for the inspiration!

  53. How about “Knotty Mittens”. They remind me of Celtic Knots.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  54. When I was growing up, we had a great ski area the locals called “Table Mountain” because the top had been cut flat for parking, and you just skiied down from there, taking the lift back up again. Your cabled mittens remind me of those wondrous ski slopes, so I would name them “Cable Mountain Mitts.”

  55. okay, not very romantic. But the color reminded me of antifreeze. And isn’t that what mittens are supposed to do? So my suggestion:

    The Antifreeze Mittens.
    .-= ami´s last blog ..How silence can help you find your calling =-.

  56. They are lovely!
    How about Azure Frost Mittens?

  57. Celtic Storm – and I think they are beautiful!

  58. I’m not sure why I looked up the translation for “winter” in Icelandic, but I did and I liked it: Vetur.

  59. Jasmin Nyack says:

    Reminds me of the trails you make when sledding. Going down toboggans at lighting speeding, racing you’re sister, as you both sever to avoid each other (and mom is yelling at you to be care.) It would call the “Tobogganing Trails” in my mind if I mad them 🙂

  60. Well, I don’t really have any suggestions for a name, but I like the pattern.
    .-= Ida´s last blog ..That Time of Year–and a GIVEAWAY =-.

  61. I looked at the lovely pattern and thought “Snow Birds”

  62. I couldn’t make up my mind, so here are my two choices:

    Twisted Glacier Mitts

    Winter Dream Mitts

  63. Maybe I’m just hungry, but I thought of pretzels when I saw the mittens. My title suggestion is the German word “Brezeln”. I will be purchasing the pattern, no matter what the name. Snow is forecast here for later this week. I’ll be needing mittens very soon.

  64. picadrienne says:


    A braided Christmas bread.

  65. martha in mobile says:

    Pretty! How about:
    Kell Frost (as in book of Kells for the celtic cable)
    Eira (means snow in welsh)
    Neiva (means snow in spanish)

  66. Well I was going to say icicles, but since that’s taken, how about Ice spirals?

  67. “Icicle Braid Mittens” the cabling on the back reminds me of icicles.

  68. Hot Knots? They’re gorgeous!

  69. Luge mittens. I think it looks like a luge on a track.
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Almost Thanksgiving & A Giveaway! =-.

  70. Handy Eggnog Holders

  71. Schlitz Mitts

  72. Mitten name…how about “Icicle Castles”

  73. Jack Frost mittens……like the frosty patterns on your windows 🙂

    ooooh – a newish yarn shop! Will have to visit on Friday!

  74. Peggy Sands says:

    Wishbone Mittens.

  75. S(mitten)ed by Celtic Cables

  76. Snow Fort …. beautiful mittens

  77. Aspenglow as in the John Denver song: winter snow, aspenglow because the cable closest to the fingertip looks like an aspen leaf.

  78. I just keep coming up with the Olympics coming! My guess would be:

    Olympic Ski Tower

    It is what It looks like to me?

  79. Ice Hotel

  80. Skadi’s Blues? Skadi is the Viking Winter goddess.
    .-= Leah´s last blog ..Travel Knitting =-.

  81. Frosted Paths

  82. How about Ski Slope?

  83. How about “Winter Lattice” or “Winter Arbor” since they look like a grape arbor with all the leaves gone?

  84. How about Jadis…named for The White Witch Queen from C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books…since she preferred to have her world encased in snow and ice! It also works into the Celtic-y cables as the geography of Narnia was inspired by Ireland. 🙂

  85. Here in Minnesota, we actually have a winter carnival, and I think that those would be perfect for our Queen of the Snows, Aurora. So with that in mind, I suggest Queen of the Snows mittens (it sounds so much nicer than snow queen and aurora sounds more colorful)
    .-= Eli´s last blog ..Successful Organ Transplant! =-.

  86. “Chartres”? l like this name because the cathedral at Chartres really emphasizes elongated windows, with its two spires and the lozenges pointing up the rosette window.
    Wonderful braid, terrific framing. Congrats on another knitting success!

  87. My first thought after looking at your pics of the mittens was “Winter Sky” – that lovely light blue sky one sees on a crisp cold day in December and the following winter months.

    If one wants to get generic and apply a name to all color choices, how ’bout “Cable Dreams”, “Centered Cables”, or “Dreaming in Cable”….

  88. Celtic Winter, Knot!

  89. Bluetoespinner says:

    In honor of one the ski resorts in Virginia the name I suggest is:

    Massanutten Mittens

  90. I don’t have a name for the mittens, but they are Beautiful!!

  91. Natalie Doyle says:

    Have been yearning to visit that new LYS too, and your pictures only increase my desire. Looks really well-stocked.

    As for the lovely mittens, “Lacets” (as pronounced in French – “lahs-SEHS”). The word evokes laces (as in shoes), fancy ski maneuvers, and hairpin turns on mountain roads.

    Just a thought… the cables made me do it.

    Cheers, and a Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  92. lol, i want a t shirt!! love their logo, cute!

    as always great new design wendy! It makes me think of two things,

    Ice Houses
    or Crossed Skiis
    or Ski Confusion
    .-= turtle´s last blog ..check it out! and rememberance day =-.

  93. A twist on winter.
    Winter’s surprise

  94. Forever LOVE-ly Winter days(nights, stars, lights, etc not sure on the last word per se)
    .-= Sarah O G´s last blog ..Lydia Underfoot Oldencia, June 2008 – October 2009 =-.

  95. Celtic Sky….referencing the color and cables.

  96. Mary Ellen says:

    Icy twisted roots

  97. Oliver Twist
    .-= Chantelle´s last blog ..Still here… =-.

  98. I think “Hoska” – for the braided Czech Christmas bread ( As soon as I saw the cabling I thought of the braided bread I made in primary school for the Christmas tree, and did a quick search on what it was called.

  99. My idea is “The Snow Queen’s Plait”. And I love them 🙂

  100. Figure Skating Mitts

    It looks like the ice after somebody did a bunch of figure eights 🙂
    .-= Logan Culwell´s last blog ..Back from the dead! =-.