My current work in progress:

Sundew,byΒ Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softyak DK,Β using 3.25mm and 4mm needles.

A LYS Visit and a Contest

Hey, guess where I went today?


If you said Fibre Space, you are right.

Fibre Space is a new-ish (opened last summer) yarn shop in my hometown — Alexandria, VA. And I finally made time for a visit. It’s located on North Fayette Street in Old Town. Great location — there was plenty of street parking within a block of the shop, and there is a Five Guys across the street. πŸ˜€

Here are a few images of the shop. The street view:


They just decorated their front window for the holidays:


They have excellent taste in the books they have for sale:


They have a great classroom off the main room:


And they’ve got lots of yarn!




The owner, Danielle, kindly allowed me to photograph her behind the counter:


I’ll be doing an event in conjunction with Fibre Space in a couple of months (more on that next week) so it was about time I stopped by to check out the shop.

A Contest!

Y’all remember that I did a sock design for the Dye Dreams Four Seasons Sock club — right? What you may not know is that the lovely ladies at Dye Dreams have also started a Four Seasons Mitten Club — and they asked me to do a mitten design for the first club offering — the winter mittens.

And I need your help.

I’ve created the mitten pattern and love it but I have one problem — I can’t for the life of me think of a good name for the pattern. Here’s the mitten design:


Another view:


We want a winter-themed name. Any ideas?

Leave your suggestion for a name in the comments to this post by noon eastern time this Sunday, November 29. We’ll pick a name from the suggestions and the person who suggested the winning name will win a kit to knit the mittens!

Lucy sez


“Those of us with floofy feet don’t need mittens.”


  1. I love Angels Wings!
    .-= BreannaS´s last blog ..Bethal World Sheep Festival =-.

  2. Cathy Smith says:

    Stained Glass Mittens

  3. The first thing that came into my mind when I saw those mittens was “crest fallen”. I don’t even know if that makes sense but thats all I got! Love the mittens by the way.
    .-= Chante´s last blog ..It took a trip to Oregon to get me out of hibernation =-.

  4. Linda Marston says:

    Celtic Storm

  5. How about – “Taking the Crossroads to Grandma’s House for the Holidays.”
    .-= Tammy´s last blog ..My cats will soon be happy because… =-.

  6. icicles

  7. Frosticle Mittens
    .-= Kristen´s last blog ..Thanksgiving Eve =-.

  8. Midwinter Mitts

  9. Kate/Massachusetts says:

    Morningstar Mittens
    Wooly Pause Mittens
    Celtic Snowbird Mittens
    Noname Mittens

  10. Celtic Ice. Ice Queen. Shiva Mittens (Shiva was Goddess of Snow and Ice). Celtic Ice Castle. Lumi Mittens (Snow Queen name).

  11. great suggestions! 3 faves are “Narnia” and “Knot Ready for Winter” and “Tangled Lights”. Whatever their name is, we’ll all be making them! Unless we can grow Floofy feet like Lucy….

  12. Hi there,
    I suggest First Snow as the name.
    It’s all the tracks in the snow, at dusk made by people happy to see snow again. Somehow we don’t have that same enthusiasm for snow in March/April. tee hee.


  13. Elsie Hughes says:

    my name would be ” Celtic Frost Mittens “

  14. How about “Nanook Braided Mittens” or “Boreas Braided Mittens” or “Wendy’s Winding Way Mittens”

  15. Laurie Assid says:

    How about “Winter on Galway Bay” for the mittens name?

  16. Vancouver Olympics Skating mittens
    .-= Cathy´s last blog ..actually posting on a Saturday! =-.

  17. They remind me of pine cones-how about Frosty Pine Cones??

  18. Those mittens look like they’d keep you warm in the worst weather. How about calling them Nor’easters?

  19. Shannon Mitts

  20. Melissa McKee says:

    As I was looking at the pattern they reminded me of the turrets of Angkor Wat. I’ve only ever seen them in pictures, but it would be a dream trip. I’m not sure that this leads to a winter themed name at all, but the thing that is coming to mind is Dreaming of Angkor. They are very nice looking mittens by the by.

  21. Leslie Burns Richter says:

    I love this pattern, and the yarn choice! It also reminded me of Celtic braiding and spires, so I thought of Noble Fir Mittens. The Noble Fir is the most common Christmas tree species in Ireland.

  22. Love the mittens. They’d pair nicely with the socks I’m making!
    Think I’d have to go with “Ski Track Mitts” for a winter theme.

  23. Icicles!

  24. Snow Arches
    .-= Evelyn´s last blog ..From the Torrance Craft Faire =-.

  25. Eira: snow in Welsh because it looks very feminine and celtic

  26. The way the cables are done make me think of two things: The infinity symbol, and the double helix of the DNA chain. So, how do you combine those two together? Let me count the ways:

    1. Infinitely warm mitts
    2. Double Infinity Mitts
    3. Warmth to the nth degree
    4. twisted infinity
    5. From here to infinity

    I could go on but I think I was only supposed to leave one.

    Lucy looks good today. Ok, Lucy looks good everyday.

  27. Michaelmas Mitts!

    Michaelmas is 29 September, and if I had these mittens I would put them on as soon as the weather turned the least bit chill…around the end of September where I live. It’s a beautiful pattern for the protection of hands…and St Michael is the protector of all who call upon him.

  28. How about “Highland Frost” as a name for winter mittens featuring a Celtic pattern?

    Oh, thanks for showing pictures of your LYS. Looks like a comfy place.
    .-= annalilly´s last blog .."Ribbit" =-.

  29. Even though there are a lot of similar responses, when I first saw them I thought of Cathedral Arches. The winter connection is that a lot of people go to a cathedral in December….

  30. Maybe –
    Frosted Church Windows

    Iced Church Windows

  31. How about “Northern Lights” or “Frosted Windowpanes”

  32. reminds me of ‘snowshoes’

  33. Bonnie K. Hall says:

    These are gorgeous mittens! I’d like to suggest “Icy Trellis” as a possible name.

  34. Dulcimerlady says:

    I just love the design and the first thing I thought of was Downhill Tabbogning

  35. How about “Moonlit Snow Mitts”?

  36. nan swanson says:

    Four Seasons Winter Mitten…what else COULD it be?

  37. The cables on the mittens remind me of an icicle, since I’m sure there are many English varies of icicle names suggested for the mittens already. Here the Italian word for icicle “ghiacciolo”, I think it’s a pretty word.

  38. Springerle.
    Like the cookie; the design has an embossed look as if you had used a special mold or rolling pin.

  39. They remind me of Ireland and a lovely place called ‘Barley Cove’….so that’s my suggestion. Beautiful mittens too.

  40. Very unoriginal, but how about just plain ‘Frosted’ – also has connotations of being ‘cool’ as in trendy πŸ™‚

  41. Love the mittens.
    (Wendy’s) Winter Blue Mittens.

  42. I,m from the Space Coast, and the mitten design reminded me of a rocket set to blast off….Space Mitts?……. Moom Mittens??

  43. How about “Ceridwen’s Twists.” Ceridwen (said ker-RID-wen) is the celtic goddess of wisdom and often depicted as an old crone – she also tended as a result to be associated with winter.

  44. Frosted Garden or Frosted Garden Path is our suggestion. Whatever you end up naming them, they are elegant and lovely.

  45. Icicle Twists! πŸ˜€

    I absolutely adore the colour πŸ˜€
    .-= Ryan Beaton´s last blog ..It’s been a busy week =-.

  46. Celtic Winter Ice

    Beautiful mittens!

  47. Celtic Wind

  48. January Pine.

    It reminds me of the days in January when it’s really cold and the snow is heavy on the Scotch Pine trees in my yard. Their branches are weighed down with snow and frost, making them resemble your cables rather than Christmas trees.
    .-= Dorothy´s last blog ..Forgive me, Reader =-.

  49. The first thought when I saw them was that they looked good for catching snowballs, so my name suggestion is Snowball Catcher Mittens. They’re pretty! πŸ™‚

  50. The many names are fascinating to read! I immediately thought of “Gothic Frost”. This type of arch is a gothic arch and the knots remind of patterns of frost on windows.

  51. Celtic came to my mind first thing too…Celtic Night or Celtic Wind

    I like Celtic Knights but can’t think of a knight or dragon related connection at first glance other than the point and center design reminds me of they tablards??worn back in the middle ages πŸ™‚

  52. Paula in Iowa says:

    I didn’t read everything else, so “Ski Trail” may already be in the mix. Or maybe just “Moguls” Very pretty however they become named!

  53. Ooops, you wanted a winter -themed name (I have a cold and its affected my brain) so my earlier suggestion is no good.

    They look like the type of mitts you might wear on a sleigh ride, so how about ‘Troika’.

  54. Lexie Condit says:

    thought my comment went in, but I can’t find it!
    Lovely mittens! I suggest

    Celtic Winter Princess

  55. Toasty Icicles!
    .-= Steven´s last blog ..Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Felted Military Belt =-.

  56. pat finnegan says:

    how about “igloo residents – “all the eskimos are crowded into the igloo shape (dome!) you have some very imaginative “knitter’s” suggestions!

  57. Debbie Allison says:

    Lovely mittens and lovely names suggested so far, but how about something unusual like ‘Barberry Blue’ after the winter blue berries of the barberry bush.

  58. What a lovely set of names…so creative, everybody! Here’s my 2 cents… what about Cross country crystals, or cross country cables, or jingle mitts…I think a few of these are already thought of…have a good start to the holiday season everyone… maybe holiday seasonal mittens! Cheers…

  59. The design and color are both lovely! How about “Frosty Paw” mittens–something miss floofy paws Lucy will never have!

  60. I like “Frost on the mittens”

  61. I like “arctic twist” and “celtic ice” so I’m kinda voting as opposed to suggesting πŸ™‚

    beautiful mittins.

  62. My choice for a name: ice blue cathedral.

  63. Brrrraided Mitts

  64. Beautiful mittens! I suggest “Winter Lights” or “Snowshoes”

  65. I would name them “Spicicles” since they resemble spiraled icicles.

  66. I think the mittens should be named “Luge” the cables are reminiscent of the winding luge tracks in the winter Olympics! I love them by the way.
    .-= sarah´s last blog ..Bean Flowers =-.

  67. Winding Winter River Mittens

  68. Tangled Up in Blue Ice Mittens
    just listening to bob dylan on the radio….or here’s an idea i stole from some lady that designs socks and mittens and other stuff and has a great blog and a cat with flooffy foots….anyway she posted a link to photos of the cloisters to show where she got the idea for some socks..anyway
    Icy Cloisters Mitts, Icicle Cloister Mitts, Winter Cloister Mittens or a variation thereof. wouldn’t they make a neat knitted gift set? even if they weren’t designed in the same colors to begin with, those socks in a wintery blue color could be the winter version while the orginals are more of a multi season vision of the cloisters without the weather.

  69. I’m thinking Solstice or Twilight.

  70. Well, considering they’d be knit in colors other than blue, I’d suggest calling them “Moguls” because of the kind of skiing path and the “moguls” created by the paths of the cables. It’s a name that will work no matter what color (or colors) they’re knit in.

  71. I like the way the cable section moves right along to the top of the mitten. It makes me think of “Slip ‘N Slide”.

  72. Pat McDonnell says:

    Brittany is Celtic, therefore. Breton Neige for a “different take.”

  73. When I saw the mittens, the cable reminded me of the webbing on snowshoes. So, I think Snowshoe mittens would be a great name. After all, winter means snow and snow means snowshoeing….there are several pair sitting in the basement waiting for it to snow in Wisconsin!

  74. Dr. Jackie says:

    Winter’s Journey

  75. They are beautiful and look so warm and immediately made me think of riding in a horse drawn sleigh through the snowy woods. How about “Steeplechase”?

  76. These are my ideas:
    1.Fir in Winter
    2.Knotted Winter
    3.Winter Woods
    My favorite is Fir in Winter because the look like evergreen trees. Love th mitts!

  77. I will say “Winter’s Window” and how lovely.

  78. They remind me of windows in a Cathedral.

  79. I think “Warming Knot Mittens” would be an apt name.
    Love your blog,

  80. Libba Hicks says:

    “Frosted Cables” or “Snowy Cables” or “Winter Cables”

  81. love the mittens, how about ‘cross winds’

  82. Twined Trails

  83. Winter Whispers – love mitts by the way! πŸ™‚

  84. Icy Branches
    .-= woolizard´s last blog ..HAPPY GOBBLE GOBBLE! =-.