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Sundew,by Martin Storey, knit from Rowan Softyak DK, using 3.25mm and 4mm needles.

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A Pig Like That

Allow me to tell you all a joke.

A traveling salesman stays overnight with a farm family. When the family gathers to eat there’s a pig seated at the table. And the pig has three medals hanging around his neck and a peg leg. The salesman says, “Um, I see you have a pig having dinner with you.”

“Yes,” says the farmer. “That’s because he’s a very special pig. You see those medals around his neck? Well, the first medal is from when our youngest son fell in the pond, and he was drowning, and that pig swam out and saved his life. The second medal, that’s from when the barn caught fire and our little daughter was trapped in there and the pig ran inside, carried her out and saved her life. And the third medal, that’s from when our oldest boy was cornered in the stock yard by a mean bull, and that pig ran under the fence and bit the bull on the tail and saved the boy’s life.”

“Yes,” says the salesman, “I can see why you let that pig sit right at the table and have dinner with you. And I can see why you awarded him the medals. But how did he get the peg leg?”

“Well,” says, the farmer, “a pig like that–you don’t eat him all at once.”

Ahem. I told an abbreviated version of that joke when I was in Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago. It was at the end of the day and we were being silly. Keri decided it would be a good idea to cast on for a three-legged pig (using as a base the nose-up catnip mouse pattern I provided in the handouts for my Leftovers class).

Okay, maybe you had to have been there. 😉

Anyway, here is that pig. Keri sent it to me and I got it yesterday.


I love its three little legs.


And curly tail.


Keri included in the package some treats for Lucy from her kitty, Slick, and this:

A limited edition Petite KIP Bag in my favorite Dala Horse fabric.


And check out the handle!


Thanks, Keri!

(Psst! As I write this, there are a couple of Dala Horse Petite KIP Bags in Keri’s etsy shop.)

Tomorrow I’m off for a fun weekend in the mountains with friends. I’ll return home Sunday, but it’ll be late enough so that I’ll not feel like blogging, so I’ll talk to y’all Monday.

Meanwhile, Lucy is in a post-treat state of bliss.


Paw Floof

Yeah, we gotcha paw floof right here!


Sidra Vitale asked in the comments:

Because her paws are so furry, does Lucy ever ‘hydroplane’ on linoleum surfaces?

I live in a high-rise condo, and the only parts that are not carpeted are the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the entry foyer. And each of these areas are rather small, so Lucy really doesn’t have room to work up a good hydroplane.

Though no doubt she would given the space to do so!

Last night, overcome with fatigue and ennui, I did little knitting on my sock, so not a lot of progress since yesterday.


I really really love this yarn — Alchemy Juniper. I first heard of it when Clara Parkes did a review of it on Knitter’s Review. Here’s the review. If you are interested in this sock yarn (and if you aren’t, why the heck not?0 go read the review. Clara does her usual thorough in-depth review and explains how such a lovely soft squooshy yarn can be a good sock yarn.


Lucy sez:


“I’m soft and squooshy and it is all good.”

I Have Already Booked My Flights

For what?

For KnitNation!


Back in July, Socktopus Alice asked me if I’d be interested in going to London in July 2010 to teach at a knitting expo she and Cookie A were putting together.

Would I? You bet your Addi Turbos I would!

So yes, I am on the teacher list, and in very illustrious company. The event is July 29 – 31, 2010 at the Imperial College in London. There will be three days of classes, two days of shopping, and a Ravelry party.

The class schedule will be up in a couple weeks’ time, and class sign ups will be open on the 1st December.

You can go to the KnitNation Website to sign up for their email list to receive notifications. There is a Ravelry group: Knit Nation Summer Expo 2010 Group and a Twitter feed: KnitNation.

The end of July seems a very long time to wait, but I’m guessing it’ll be here before I know it.

Meanwhile, I’ve made some very nice progress on my Cloister sock.


Amazing what one can accomplish when it is the only thing one is knitting. But that will soon change — I’ve got a number of projects lined up and I will likely start at least one of them this week.

Lucy has taken to sleeping on her sheepskin, even though it seems way too warm in my condo. It’s averaging about 74 degrees in here and that is at least 5 degrees warmer than I like. The outside temps during the day have been in the 60s  and I just can’t get the temperature any lower inside. But it’s supposed to be a bit cooler over the next few days. I live in hope.


I zoomed in on that peaceful scene to catch this:


Paw Floof!

All Blocked and Ready for Action

I’ve released the Two-Thirds Shawl from its bondage. Here is Gwendolyn modeling her new shawl.


She’s stylin’.


Thanks for all your lovely comments about this shawl. It was great fun to knit, and not particularly difficult. The only arduous bit was that by the time I bound off there were 605 stitches on my needles. I confess to having a few hateful thoughts at that point.

But off the needles it is, and I am very happy with it. I love the way it stays on the shoulders!

And I’m down to one bloggable project (though that will change in the near future). This:


Wheeeeee! A sock! It’s a sock knit from one of the yummiest sock yarns around: Alchemy Juniper. The colorway is called “Tea Party” and I think it is just lovely.

I’m calling this pattern “Cloisters Socks.” If you do a google image search for cloisters, you may agree that it is a good name. Well, you’ll be able to tell better when you see a more up-to-date photo. That pic is from yesterday.

Lucy seems to have taken sleep to an art form:


Before and After



It measures 24″ down the center back and has a 60″ wingspan.



After a bath in warm water and woolwash, pinned out for blocking, it measures 30″ down the center back and has a wingspan of 70″.


To recap, this is the Two-Thirds Shawl (my own design) knit from Handmaiden Mini Maiden in the “Periwinkle” colorway, on 4mm needles. I used approximately 900 yards.

I did indeed finish the Bamboo Socks on Friday.


And Lucy is off for a nap with a friend after the excitement of helping me to block the shawl.


Have a great Sunday, and welcome to November and Standard Time. Wheeeeeeee!