My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Much Better

If I’d been thinking (for a change) I’d have taken a “before” photo of the wollmeise knit with size 7 needles. It would make the photo with the size 5 needles below much more dramatic.

But here it is:


If anyone can identify the pattern I am using (apart from L-B who knows) I will be suitably impressed.

Not much blogging time today so I’ll leave you with a photo of my favorite view in my condo:



  1. It looks like the fountain pen shawl from interweave knits spring 09 but I am not sure of that.
    .-= Elizabeth C.´s last blog ..Bedizen! =-.

  2. Cathie Jones says:

    If you look at the right side, the small designs look like bees. The larger ones look like a muppet . . . I think it was an alien . . . that’s just a big triangle shape with eyes on top. I like it!

  3. Aha! It’s the shawl you and I were thinking about simultaneously while sitting 99.36 miles apart! 🙂

  4. Wendy, I have no idea what your mystery pattern is, but just wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading your blog for about 6 months now and just love it. Also – I had 2 Himmies years ago that looked just like Lucy – love her too!

  5. Celestine Getty says:

    I can not guess your lace pattern, but it sure is pretty. I love the yarn too. You do tempt me to purchase some of that wollmeise. Maybe after christmas.
    I wanted to tell you how pretty your lavendar sticks are. Making them is one of my favorite summer pastimes. They make lovely gift package decorations too. As always Lucy is pretty too!!! She does have a tough life!!!!

  6. Looks a bit like the Fountain Pen Shawl from Interweave Knits…but I’m not positive on that.

  7. Rhubarber – I have rarely seen a colorway that so closely resembles what it is named after, at least in a photo. Amazing!

  8. That is a lovely view in your condo. I like it.

    Nothing like a peaceful cat. And if I keep saying that, maybe mine will take the hint.
    .-= Virginia´s last blog .. =-.

  9. looks like space invaders to me…..put Teddy by it and then I’ll know what it is

  10. It looks rather like Evelyn Clark’s Hyacinth Shawl, but I think the stitch pattern is just a bit different. Lovely in the Rhabarber!

    (BTW, a discussion on Ravelry recently, unrelated to Wollmeise, led to the etymology of the word rhubarb, which had to do with barbarians (and their plants, apparently) from the banks of the river Rha, which is the Volga. Wild!)
    .-= Cathy-Cate´s last blog ..Flower Salvage =-.

  11. It looks like Anne Hanson’s Artichaut shawl to me… whatever it is, it’s lovely!

  12. I do believe you are knitting the Forest Canopy Shawl. I am knitting it right now too! It’s my first attempt at lace.

  13. Wow! I’ve never seen lavendar wands (or sticks) anywhere else but in crafts magazines. I was pleased to read that another reader recognized them and also likes to make them. They are the most fragrant of handcrafts.

  14. And what a view that is . . . . .

  15. I don’t know the pattern but I love the yarn color. I am using my rhubarber lace to make Anne’s Boxleaf Wrap. It’s ‘resting’ while I finish other things at the moment, but your progress inspires me to get back to it soon!

    Lucy looks like she’s finished up her Christmas shopping early!
    .-= Michele In Maine´s last blog ..Olive Circles Anna Clutch =-.

  16. Hm. It looks like the beginning of Fiddlestick’s Peacock Feathers Shawl, but not quite… but that reminds me that if I ever actually get under 50 UFOs (I’m at 51 right now, and I only have two EASY projects to finish in 2 weeks… it might happen!), I need to knit the Peacock Feathers Shawl. Or the Pretty as a Peacock Shawl… somewhere, I have some Claudia Handpainted Silk Lace for either/both!
    .-= CraftyGryphon´s last blog ..A Lovely Finish (finally!) =-.

  17. It looks like the Fountain Pen Shawl to me – from the spring 2009 Interweave Knits. Having made it, it looks very familiar! And how different the variegated yarn makes it look!