My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



I’ve been working away on things unbloggable all day, so haven’t yet picked up the project I showed you yesterday morning, but here it is, as it was when I stopped knitting last night:

As some of you guessed, it is a Swallowtail Shawl.

I’m using Hand Maiden Sea Silk, in the Rose colorway, on a U.S. 5 (3.75mm) needle. I’ve got a 150-gram skein (600 meters), so I’ll be sizing this up from the pattern so as to make use of my extra yarn. The laceweight version of the pattern calls for 400 meters. It also suggests a U.s. size 4 needle. I went up a needle size because Sea Silk is a slightly heavier laceweight.

Now I must get back to it. Lucy has very handsomely offered to entertain you by striking a cute pose:

Look at those cute little legs!


  1. Those are absolutely adorable little legs! I like the Swallotail lace pattern. Pink is not my color, but I’m sure it’ll be gorgeous on Gwendolyn!
    .-= Cathie Jones´s last blog ..Jazz Cruising =-.

  2. She’s pointing her toes! Pretty new shawl!
    .-= Mary´s last blog ..Rest in peace, Mom =-.

  3. Celestine Getty says:

    Well you have inspired me. I started Ishbel today. No it will not be completed this week. Unlike some people I know who knit like the wind, I am a very sloooooooow knitter…. 8<)
    Hey Lucy….what gams!!!!!

  4. I just love Lucy and her entertaining attitude!
    .-= Muriel´s last blog ..Visit from 3am and Tempted @ 3AM club info. =-.

  5. Lovely!

  6. That’s a fun shawl to make. You can add 10 extra repeats of the bud motif without having to do much/any extra math. It does a nice job of enlarging the shawl.

  7. Lucy looks like Puss ‘n Boots!

  8. crazycrafter says:

    This is a very pretty shawl! You do gorgeous work! Blessings,

  9. Great gams on that broad…beautiful shawl…

  10. hahaha, our fat cat lays around like that, too.

  11. I think that cute pose is saying, “Wendy, scratch my tummy”, and I bet you did, too.

    Lovely shawl. Is there a shawl book in your future?

  12. That’s a very lovely and very pink shawl you’ve got going there! ….wondering how often Lucy strikes cute poses…..they are most likely too numerous to count!
    .-= Cindy K´s last blog ..The Day After Christmas =-.

  13. myra Harrell Fleming says:

    Swallowtail, another beautiful shawl…love the color!

  14. You are such a productive knitter! Very cool.
    .-= pdxknitterati/MicheleLB´s last blog ..Post-Christmas Post =-.

  15. Kitty pantaloons! Lucy is so cute!!!

  16. Very pretty. I love that colorway. I have something similar in silk from Alchemy.

    And nice pins, Lucy.
    .-= Virginia´s last blog .. =-.

  17. When I saw this lolcats, I immediately thought of you and Lucy:

    (Tried to send it via your “contact me” on your site, but it kept insisting I had typed the wrong capcha letters.)
    .-= kmkat´s last blog ..Want to scare the kiddos? =-.

  18. They say great minds think a like…I working this same pattern in Handmaiden Sea Silk, Rose Garden!

  19. Lucy.. is soooo cute!!!! ( I whispered, so that my cat couldn´t hear..)
    //Maria , Sweden

  20. I really need to remember the Swallowtail Shawl. I have a skein of Habu laceweight bamboo that would really love to be used that I bought a few years back.
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..silver lining =-.

  21. The Swallowtail is beautiful. I must cast on. Lucy’s so cute and those paws are adorable.

  22. Excellent choice of colour. You have my approval!
    .-= Johanne´s last blog ..God Jul! =-.

  23. The Swallowtail is breath-taking in that colorway.

    And, yes, very cute legs!

  24. I TURNED A SHORT ROW HEEL! It only took me since last summer when I started the socks, then took Wendy’s class here in Mpls. in August, but after studying the notes and holding my breath, I did one complete heel last night (it helped that the Vikings were being crushed by the Bears so I didn’t have to pay too much attention to the TV!). I’m doing two socks at once on a 40″ circ, so now I can go do the second one before losing my confidence. Then it’s easy street to the end! Thanks Wendy for just great directions in your books. My goal for 2010 is to do 3 pairs of socks, but a billion other knitted things, of course, but definitely 3 pairs of socks!

  25. I have never had the courage to attempt a lace shawl, but I must say, ‘tempting, very tempting.’ I love the diagonal leaves going up the side. The definition in your picture seems excellent for being unblocked. Did you give it a little stretch, or is it a factor of the heavier yarn?
    How’s the clean eating going?

  26. crazycrafter says:

    Beautiful! You MUST write a book of lace shawl patterns, for you do such beautiful work! Is that pink the same pink you used on your Wimple a little bit ago? Blessings,
    Hannah, age 12

  27. Love that color. Love it. So pink!

  28. Lucy looks like she is stretching those legs for some New Year’s Eve dancing! Your shawl is gorgeous as always. You are THE most amazing shawl knitter. And such an inspiration for me to try new things. A very happy 2010 to you and Lucy!

  29. What cute little legs!!!

  30. Oh the little legs. Look at the legs! Lucy is so sweet.