My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Getting There

I am now five rows away from starting the next pattern on my Swallowtail Shawl. Woo-hoo!

I thought I’d be further along at this point but time just got away from me today . . .

More Questions! More Answers!

Knitty commented:

Perhaps you could offer advice for a friend of mine. She was given 200 yards of qiviut by a well meaning friend for Christmas. Is there anything she can make with that amount?

Off the top of my head, without knowing the weight of the qivuit, I’d say wristwarmers or a lacy neckwarmer would work. Anyone else have any ideas?

Allyson asked in the comments:

How was it coming off the Diet Coke? Are you caffeine free too?

I’m not caffeine-free — I have one cup of coffee in the morning, always in a fun mug, like this one:

I’ve read that coffee, in moderation, has some health benefits, so a cup a day for me.

It was surprisingly easy for me to kick the Diet Coke habit. I actually did that a few weeks before I started the clean eating regime. Now the only beverages I drink are water, green tea, and coffee.

Tina S. asked:

I was wondering what Clean Eating program you are following. After losing 30 lbs through exercise and feeling so much better this past year, I’ve decided to step it up and try a healthier eating program. I’ve looked at several options, and they each have a little different take on clean eating.

I bought this book and have pretty much been following it. I found it rather poorly organized and hard to follow, but there is some sound nutritional advice in there, and the diet does work.

I’ve mentioned before, but will again — we have an Eat-Clean Knitters group over on Ravelry. It has over 250 members right now. some of us are Eat-Clean Newbies, some are veterans, and some are wannabees.

Of course exercise is an important component of the “clean” lifestyle. I’ve slowly started working out with free weights again, something that has been successful in the past for me.

Lucy Sez

“She posted that pic of me wearing the shawl. I’m so embarrassed!”


  1. I am so jealous of Lucy and you. I want a pink shawl and to weigh 12 lb. less instead of 12 lb. more after all the holiday cookies I have consumed. I think I need to buy some pink yarn, that is likely to get me at least one of the things I want!

    Way to go!
    .-= Alice in Richmond´s last blog ..12.30.09 Once in a Blue Moon =-.

  2. Regarding the qiviut: If the person can afford to purchase another ball of the yarn, I would recommend doing so. Thus, there would be enough yardage to make either a lace scarf or a hat. (Refer to the book, Arctic Lace.) I lived 15 years in Alaska and can tell you that my qiviut scarf and hat, purchased from Oomingmak (the Native cooperative), are absolutely the warmest items I own. Qiviut is made from fibers taken from the undercoat of the musk oxen. If those guys can endure an Arctic winter, you can imagine the qualities of a hat or scarf made from qiviut.

  3. Some other suggestions for the smaller amount of yarn I can think of are cup cozy(s), ipod/cell phone cozy, if you’re feeling really generous cat toys, and fingerless mits uses less yarn than fingered gloves (I’ve gotten away with making 1 pair of decent length out of a 50g ball of sock weight).
    .-= Deinera´s last blog ..Damn Good Food =-.

  4. The Yarn Harlot’s Pretty Thing (Ravelry link) would be lovely in qiviut, if the yarn happens to be lightweight. Regardless, I think I would want a cowl, and have that yummy yarn next to my neck.

  5. BuckfastBee says:

    yes, I know, it’s not fair to mention another bloggers pattern but I have to support the Yarn Harlot’s “Pretty Thing” cowl, which uses only about 150m.

    @Wendy: Congratulations for sticking at “Clean Food” , I’m just hoping that you are seeing it as lifestyle than as a diet.
    I’m on organic whole foods about 3 yrs and have never been before in a better condition – tomorrow I will start at a Silvester 10km run…*yeah*
    Please give Ms Lucy some raw chicken wings from me – I KNOW she will be in exstasy..*g*
    And a wonderful 2010 for everyone: “May your best day in 2009 be as the most bad day in 2010!”
    All the best to all of you 😉

  6. agrees with the ‘pretty thing’ by yarn harlot, it’s pretty accommodating to yarn wt.’s beyond just lace.

  7. But Lucy you looked so pretty in it!
    .-= southparknitter´s last blog ..Christmas Knitting C minus 30 =-.

  8. Guess what I got in the mail today . . . . . give up? The Four Seasons Mitten Club kit for the “Celtic Frost Mittens.” Thank you Wendy and Dye Dreams! The yarn is blues and greys and I can’t wait to finish the Ishbel shawlette so I can start the mittens! [Insert Banana Dance here]
    .-= Cathie Jones´s last blog ..Adult Jazz Camp =-.

  9. Was just looking at that book in Target today.

    Love that shawl. I seriously doubt my skills and/or patience are up to the task, but I will keep it in the back of my mind for a little ways down the road.
    .-= Virginia´s last blog .. =-.

  10. How about a cowl with the quivit?
    Can you have white tea? I like it much more than green. Snowbud is my favorite-
    My Sandvik shawl is on the needles in Socrates alpaca- I love knitting this pattern. Thanks

  11. Check Ravelry for the pattern “198 yds of Heaven” for the quickest, loveliest shawlette, perfect for the qiviut.

  12. Thanks for the good food example.

  13. The yarnshop I used to work at sold those skeins of Quivet. The most popular use for them was a skinny scarf. It was wider at the ends and had a double yarn-over hole about where the widening started, so that you could pull one end of the scarf through the other. Thus, you didn’t need to waste scarf length tying it. It’s a great way to use up a smallish bit of leftover lace yarn.

  14. Wendy, I’m not sure of the exact title of the clean living book you’re following, so I’m sending a few questions directly to you. We switched to using a significant amount of organic food in 2009. I wasn’t sure if organic food was part of the clean living progream. If not, I’d strongly recommend it. I’ve been told for years that I’m lactose intolerant. Once we switched to organic milk and free range eggs I no longer had problems digesting milk and eggs = no lactose tablets needed. Organic meat, fruit and vegetables are the other best changes. Apples and bananas are two of our favorite items. It is substantially more expensive to eat this way, so there are some items I don’t use – certain boxed items like some dried pasta. Some items we’ve tried and just don’t get the value for the cost increase.Overall we have found that we feel better, want to eat out much less (our home food taste much better :>) and we’ve lost weight without a good workout plan.

    Hopy you, Ian and Lucy have a great new year!

    From Carol, Gary and Pretty Girl (to Lucy).

  15. Lucy..!! You´re sooo cute wearing that shawl!!!
    Happy New Year to you, miss Lucy and your Momma!
    Maria & Sissela the forrestcat.

  16. Congratulations on the eating plan. I’m going to check that out. I started an exercise regime called “Couch 2 5K”, available as a podcast. Finished it and really enjoy running now. It starts you with a very manageable 30 minutes of walking/jogging intervals and the Ullrey Podcast instructs you so no thinking is involved.

  17. Lucy – you do look adorable in pink. My kitties are jealous their mom hasn’t knit them shawl/blankies, just catnip mice!

  18. That’s the same program my trainer was recommending! I’m going to spend New Year’s Eve making a plan….thanks for the response and Happy New Year!

  19. I too received a skein of qiviut for Christmas. It is most likely a laceweight yarn. Mine is 218 yards for about an ounce. There is a lovely beaded scarf that will use about half of the yardage (it’s mostly eyelets), Yarn Harlot’s pretty thing, and a cloche pattern that is two layered with lace on top of stockinette. If your feet or hands are really cold, adding it to socks or mittens is also a possibility.

    I plan on making the beaded scarf (
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..a little rant =-.

  20. I am sorry I forgot to mention the weight in my question. It is lace weight. Thank you for your suggestions. I have directed my friend to Ravelry. She joined last night and may have stopped reading…finally…many hours later. 🙂
    .-= Knitty´s last blog ..Happy New Year! =-.

  21. Regarding the qiviut: my mom brought me back about 200 yards from Canada over the summer after she fell in love with a knit shell she could not (more like would not) afford. After staring at that little ball of soft, squishy lace weight yarn, I decided to make the Pretty Thing cowl. It only uses a little more than 150 yards, but the chart is such that you could add a repeat to use up the extra yardage if desired. Considering the warmth of qiviut, a cowl seemed like the perfect little item to show off such a luxurious fiber. I have 50 yards or so left over from my cowl, and I will probably use it to add a pretty edging to some hand warmers.

  22. I was the fortunate recipient of 3 skeins of qiviut for my anniversary this year, and I’ve been stretching it as far as possible. It is such a warm fiber that even though it is really fine I knit it a loose gauge and used it as a liner in a fingering weight fair isle hat. It is warm, soft, and even better used only a third of a skein of yarn. Future plans include lined mittens, and I’ll probably have enough left for a nice sized cowl or small shawl.

  23. Congratulations on keeping up with the new food plan! I’m not sure I could do it, but I have cut back my soft drink intake to one or two a week at most. Can’t drink the diet kind, since it gives me headaches, so that was a big calorie thing for me. I’m not ready to go for the full-blown clean eating thing, but I’m all for those of you who can!

    And Lucy looks lovely in the shawl!
    .-= Connie B. in Ohio´s last blog ..Merry Christmas =-.

  24. Lucy, that shawl sets off your eyes so nicely, though!

    Happy New Year, Wendy and family!!
    .-= Cathy-Cate´s last blog ..First Rose of Winter? =-.

  25. ONE cup a day??? Horrors! Amen and God bless girl, how you get that constant knitting mojo I’ll never know – but it sure is purty 🙂 ::laughing::
    .-= mia´s last blog ..So, did everyone survive? =-.

  26. I could get down to 1 cup of coffee a day. If the cup held a half gallon.

  27. Just in case you didn’t know, green tea has caffeine. (I found that out last year, I think.) Obviously this doesn’t apply if you’re buying decaf tea, but it seems like the decaf process might not be so good for someone eating clean…

    My husband’s food allergies forced me to get rid of (most) processed foods when we started dating. It was pretty great, actually. 🙂