My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Change of Plans

Well, I sat down yesterday afternoon after posting to my blog to knit the first row of my Enchanted Woods shawl and after knitting across approximately 360 stitches (out of 375) discovered that there was an error in the first row of the pattern. I emailed The Unique Sheep and alerted them to it, and they corrected the pattern on the pdf that you download.

(By the way, they posted about this correction in the Ravelry group but did not send out an email for this error as they did for the previous error in the cast-on. So if you downloaded the first clue within about 14 hours of it being initially posted, you need to download it again to get the corrected pattern. The latest pattern as I write this says “updated 2:04pm 1/10/10 at the bottom of each page.)

Anyhow, I sat down to tink back and discovered my work was pretty much, well, un-tink-able. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The combination of the somewhat “sticky” yarn — I was using the Luxe, which is a wool/silk blend — with the lace cast-on used in the pattern meant I had to suck it up and pull it off the needles to rip it out completely.

At that point I lost interest.

I was planning on doing this knit-along purely for entertainment, and I loathe ripping out, so I decided to set it aside until such point as the pattern is complete. Hopefully all errors will be caught by then.

(There was a question in the comments about the lack of beads on my cast-on — I was doing the unbeaded version as I’m not a big fan of beaded knitting.)

Anyhow, I conveniently had a draft pattern of one of my own designs waiting in the wings, so I dug out the yarn I’d bought for it and cast on something different.

The yarn is Madeline Tosh sock yarn in the “Baltic” colorway. I believe made a brief appearance on my blog after I purchased it a couple of weeks ago.

And the pattern is going to be for a shawlette. I seem to be on a shawlette kick lately, don’t I?

Speaking of shawlettes, my Aestlight accompanied me to work today. I wore it over my coat like a big scarf — this is one of my favorite uses for shawls. It was pretty darn cold today so I was happy to have it!

Lucy sez:

“Darn right it was pretty darn cold today! It’s a good thing you got me this sheepskin!


  1. I like and appreciate your honesty concerning your loss of interest in proceeding with the Enchanted Woods Shawl. On the whole, I find that there are too many mistakes being published on patterns. For me, that is a big turn off! I like your honest expression of your feelings. This makes you number one in my book.

  2. Celestine Getty says:

    I no longer do large KAL’s for the very reason you discussed today. I now wait until the knitting is done and then I start my work. I do follow along with the discussion about the project just to learn from other knitters. Unlike you, I can follow directions but I can not tell when the directions are incorrect.
    Stay warm!!!

  3. margieinmaryland says:

    Gwendolyn is looking mighty sharp with that Aestlight (?spelling?) – and warm too.

  4. Move over Lucy, it’s cold here too!
    .-= Elysbeth Carson´s last blog ..Chasing the Frog =-.

  5. Speaking of shawls/shawlettes, when is the shawl book coming out? What scares me is despite the prodigious output you share on this blog, there are myriad stealth projects behind the scenes – is there possibly enough stealth shawl output? Personally I am hoping you are working on the manly sock book next….

  6. I was thinking Gwendolyn looks about ready to to brave the cold of the north with all those beautiful layers. Come and visit us in MN again!!

    I am liking the new Madeleine Tosh shawl. The color is striking.

  7. I hate it when the whole mistake in pattern/ripping thing happens. That pretty much makes me lose interest immediately.

    But the madelinetosh shawl looks like it’s going to be a winner!
    .-= Virginia´s last blog ..Professor, what’s another name for pirate’s treasure? =-.

  8. I have to admit, if there is a huge screaming error in the first clue its going to put me off of continuing with the project, even at a later date. I understand mistakes happen, but since the enchanted KAL has been advertised for so long I would have hoped that someone would have test knitted in advance to catch these niggling errors.

    I haven’t done a large KAL in a while myself…

    I do love the Madeline Tosh yarns, I have a few in my stash marinating, waiting for inspiration to strike ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. That sucks about the kal. Can’t wait to see the new shawl as it progresses!

  10. Dr. Jackie says:

    Aren’t you worried that Gwendolyn might suffer from over-heating under all those shawls? I guess she’s ready in case the heat doesn’t get turned on! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Dr. Jackie says:

    Oh…I’m going to do the Enchanted Wood KAL…hope I don’t get discouraged too. I’m waiting for a few more of the errors to get ironed out before starting. I’ll keep you posted…

  12. What I hate even more than an oops in a pattern is not being able to tink back or rip out. “Sticky” yarn usually is more expensive than a basic wool and it grates against my cheap nature to have to cut off part of my yarn and toss it. I’ve had to do that a couple of times and once there wasn’t enough yarn left to complete the project (I literally had only a couple of feet extra according to pattern requirements).

    Your change in plans seems to be perfectly suited to your current whims. LOVE the colorway!!
    .-= Ruthie´s last blog ..One of Those Days! =-.

  13. Whenever I start a pattern, even from a pattern book by an established designer, I automatically go to the publisher site to check for errata. I learned to do that the hard way.
    .-= Ida´s last blog ..We Have a Winner! =-.

  14. I am in a major grumpy mood about pattern errors. I just finished a sweater from the last Twist collective. I’m WEARING it today. And I receive in my inbox an email about a ‘major pattern update’ which changes the proportions of the waistband by having you make it, apparently, shorter – joining each band stitch with 2 body stitches more often than the directions originally suggested. Gee, thanks a lot, shall I knit it again? I think NOT. I was already cranky about some ‘features’ of the pattern’s presentation, and now they tell me the waistband instructions need a ‘major’ update? How about my money back, instead?
    .-= CarolineF´s last blog ..Cambridge Cables =-.

  15. Nancy in CA says:

    Second vote here for a shawl/shawlette book! I just did my first shawlette and I’m hooked. Please Wendy, please?

  16. I’ve been involved in two “mystery KAL’s” and refuse to do another just for that reason. In the first it was a “jacket”, which ran late, ran small and looked like something the cat dragged about the basement when it was all done. Totally unflattering, it sits in a drawer, waiting for me to rip it out and repurpose what yarn I can for a charity knitting project. In fact, the leader of the KAL never even did the whole thing, but slogged on, cheerleading us through the horrors!

    The second was a shawl that started needed 1050 yards for the “larger” size and ended up needing about 1600 yards for that size. I am so glad I waited as it was “plug ugly” in the end. Yarn still sits in stash, never even wound ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..Smart or Stupid? =-.

  17. oohh, madelinetosh – yummy. I love all her colors.
    .-= Michele In Maine´s last blog ..Rock ‘n Roll Project Bag =-.

  18. I agree with *Nancy in CA*. I’m ready for more shawlette patterns. Here in SoCal scarves are popular, but full shawls not worn as scarves, not so much.
    .-= Cathie Jones´s last blog ..Back to Work =-.

  19. I saw the *actual* TEW shawl at our Guild meeting last night, as Laura from the Unique Sheep was there with her trunk show and a HUGE bag of yarn.
    I considered it largely because YOU were so excited about it.
    Thanks again for your honest updates.
    I don’t do many KAL’s any more due to those issues…I think there is just too much RUSHING to get to press.
    I read two crafty books in Borders yesterday, and as each had major, multiple errors in the text, I won’t buy them for the projects therein.
    Your books on the other hand….mmmmmm, shawlette collection?

  20. gretcheng says:

    Gwendolyn is looking cozy in her multiple layers. Good thing she’s so skinny to start with! I, on the other hand, pile on the layers and resemble a revolving clothes rack.

    I’ve only done one KAL, for the Girasole. Luckily that was a previously published pattern and everything came out fine. It would indeed be annoying to join a mystery KAL which immediately contains errors. I’ve been tempted by those, but I guess I won’t be anymore. Thanks for the warning!

  21. I completely agree about the ripping. I don’t like taking things off of the needles to work back a mistake, because it feels too easy (even with a lifeline if you go for those things, which I don’t) to rip back too far. I’d rather tink a row or two or try my hand at dropping the stitch down to the point it needs fixing.
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..knit, knit, knit =-.

  22. How unfortunate for you to have experienced such disappointment.

    I absolutely LOVE the kals sponsored by The Unique Sheep, and have some gorgeous shawls to prove this point!

    Mistakes/misprints are inevitable for pattern designers, whether they be in kals or books.

    The gals sponsoring TEWS are on top of things the moment you ask for assistance.

    I hope you will be forgiving enough to give this project one more try…