My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Lucy would like to thank you all for friending her on Facebook. I think her goal is to have more Facebook friends than I. She doesn’t . . . yet. Still, she must have spent most of the day responding to friend requests, judging from the number of friends she now has. I hope she doesn’t get carpal paw syndrome.

She was very excited when Charlene Butterbean wrote on her wall, because she is a big fan of Charlene and the Itty Bitty Kitties.

Anyhow, enough of this silliness. I need to start working on setting up auditions for my girl group, The Shawlettes.

Today, Michele Obama visited my workplace but I did not see her. I was in meetings for most of the day. It was Meeting-paloosa! Wheeeee!

I did a bit more work on the To-Be-Named Shawlette last night, but I’m still working on the same section so it is still somewhat boring to see.

To amuse myself, I’ve revised the next section of the lace five times. So far.

I’ll not be posting on Sunday — I’ve got an all-day event at which I am teaching. But I’ll be back on Monday.

That is, if Lucy doesn’t take over my online presence completely.

“Be afraid.”


  1. Love that pic of Lucy. Shawlette looks great!

  2. Thanks so much for starting this, now Slick is meowing at me to make him a Facebook account so he can friend Lucy. He may be a Bengal, but he has a *very* Siamese voice … sigh. I better dig out the chicken treats and distract him!

  3. I got a good chuckle from Lucy’s threatening look picture.
    .-= southparknitter´s last blog ..Cleaning off the kitchen table =-.

  4. Kate Lathrop says:

    OMBob – that pic of Lucy is priceless! She looks like my third grade teacher – stern and no nonsense.

  5. <>

    You just put that in there to make me feel better, didn’t you?? 🙂
    .-= Sheri at The Loopy Ewe´s last blog ..Back from Market =-.

  6. Ok – so my quote didn’t work. I was referring to the part where you said you re-vised the lace section five times….
    .-= Sheri at The Loopy Ewe´s last blog ..Back from Market =-.

  7. Just love Lucy’s “be afraid” stare down. Sally

  8. Oh dear. Lucy may have just convinced me to join facebook.

  9. Lucy looks like one scary kitty in the picture.
    .-= Ida´s last blog ..Thank You =-.

  10. And I thought it would be Carpawl Tunnel Syndrome! Happy teaching!

  11. Is that the top of the Unnamed Shawlette? If so, I’m in love already — I like some solid stuff at the top to keep the neck warm, and pretty lace at the bottom to look pretty.
    .-= Cathie Jones´s last blog ..Arbors Records Invitational Jazz Party =-.

  12. My newest fav Lucy pic!

  13. (sings) “Shoop! Shoo-waah! Doo-lang, doo-lang, doo-lang! Ooooh! Bop! Bop!” I wanna be a Shawlette! Do we get sequined dresses or are we draped in beautiful laces and wearing cabled socks? 😀 Ok, I have to wonder, is it my imagination or does Lucy’s eyes somewhat resemble the beautiful lighter blue of that shawl?

  14. Is Michele Obama a friend of Lucy, and if not, why not? Michele, you are missing a biiggg opportunity there…
    .-= kmkat´s last blog ..The biking continues. =-.

  15. I never really could get the hang of Thursdays.

    Especially not today.

    Have fun at your all day event on Sunday. I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it to that one. It sounds like a blast!
    .-= Virginia´s last blog ..Oops, forgot one! =-.

  16. Silliness??!? Silliness? ‘Snot silliness…..more Teddy please……he makes a good secretary; he told me so.

  17. I LOVE that Lucy picture!! She is delightful! That face says it all!

  18. How about the Lucette Shawlette? The colour is as blue as Lucy´s eyes.
    And I´m honoured to be your friend on Facebook, Luce. I can´t wait for you to take over the world!
    .-= Johanne´s last blog ..So You Think You Can Knit? =-.

  19. I love how you “amuse yourself”!

  20. Remember the photo of the omni present leader in 1984? Yep – Lucy can replace Big Brother any time she wants.
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..Smart or Stupid? =-.

  21. I think I’m qualified to be a backup singer, especially if you want someone with a tenor to soprano range (or plan on merging jazz and Gilbert & Sullivan).
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..knit, knit, knit =-.

  22. oh, I busted out laughing at Lucy’s photo and your comment “be afraid”. Loved it. Enjoy your weekend!! I’m Lucy’s friend on facebook and now want to friend you but couldn’t find you. Am I an idiot?

  23. I´d love to be friends with Miss Lucy on Facebook…

  24. Wow, Lucy has certainly asserted herself now that she has her own facebook account!
    .-= Michele In Maine´s last blog ..Rock ‘n Roll Project Bag =-.

  25. Carpal paw?! I just about snorted coffee all over my monitor.

    And the colors in your shawlette of the moment are just stunning!

  26. Rachel Peterson says:

    Instead of a girl group, how about a Ravelry Olympics Team called “The Shawlettes”?

  27. myra Harrell Fleming says:

    I could see Michele Obama interested in being a “Shawlette”, go girl!

  28. Shawlette: gorgeous color 😀

    Miss Lucy: gorgeous as usual 😀

    Michelle Obama: the possibility of a Commemorative Shawl in her name, in the future? 😉
    .-= Sandra´s last blog ..ManyhorsesMane shares Itty Bitty Kitty Commitee Just TOO KEWT! =-.

  29. re: Michelle Shawl: heck, why not-Martha had a poncho when she got out of prison!! 😀
    .-= Sandra´s last blog ..ManyhorsesMane shares Itty Bitty Kitty Commitee Just TOO KEWT! =-.

  30. fibercrone says:

    I’m loving what I can see of the latest lace project.

    It’s a real bummer that you have to go to work and Lucy has all that free time to work her social networking magic. I feel for you.

  31. I really like the looks of this shawlette pattern a LOT! Must friend Lucy, too.