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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Snowpocalypse 2010

What I have been doing for the past 24 hours or so.

February 5, 2010, 4:30pm:

It’s been snowing for a few hours, but the street in front of my condo is still passable.

February 5, 2010, 7:10pm:

The crew at my condo getting a jump on plowing the front lot. (My car is snug in the garage.)

February 5, 2010, 11:00pm:

It is still snowing like crazy and the intrepid crew is out there clearing the sidewalk!

February 6, 2010, 12:10am: My cable and internet go out for a few minutes and I experience some mild panic.

February 6, 2010, 2:30am: My cable and internet go out for a few minutes and I experience some mild panic.

February 6, 2010, 8:00am:

Someone has been gamely clearing the sidewalk all night.

February 6, 2010, 10:00am:

If you are going to take a stroll down the center of the street, don’t forget your umbrella.

February 6, 2010, 1:30pm:

It is still snowing.

February 6, 2010, 2:00pm:

A snowplow driver obligingly stops for a photo op.

All the same, I don’t think we are going anywhere soon. There have been reports of 18″ of snow in my area so far and we still have a few hours left to go for this storm.

Lucy doesn’t mind.

If you are in the path of a storm, I hope you are warm and safe. We are snug at home, I’ve got the heat on so Lucy is happy, and we’re well-stocked with all the necessities of life, that is, food, water, and yarn.


  1. Aussie Rosemary says:

    From down here,that looks like bliss.

  2. You know I did hear this snowstorm also called the Snowmageddon! You guys keep cozy during the storm πŸ™‚
    .-= Olivia´s last blog ..Project Bag =-.

  3. Heard from a friend up in New Windsor who can’t get out her back door ’cause it’s blocked with the snow. She’s joining you in the Cozy Knitting pursuit!

  4. Lynda Hitt says:

    So what evil are you concocting while you sit in your 10th story condo all snug and war m with Lucy and the yarn?

  5. We just saw the sun – long enough for it to create a few shadows in the living room, then it was gone! Now the wind is blowing bringing with it much colder air. This snow is going to be around for awhile! Enjoy your coziness with Miss Beautiful!
    .-= Cindy K´s last blog ..Another Snowy Day…. =-.

  6. Up here in Western NY we’re basking behind the cold front that kept that 2′ of snow south of us. Sorry for you, glad for me! At least you are well-provisioned and have good company!! Tigre (my marmelade tabby) is curled up on a wool shawl and I am going to knit on!

  7. I am so jealous! Rochester, NY is supposed to get snow like that not DC! Enjoy being snow-bound for a day or so!

  8. Thanks for the rare Saturday post… I’ve been thinking of you while watching the news. Just a few weeks ago that was us in CA getting whacked by huge, unseasonal snow & rain. Hope you do well and the yarn holds out until the thaw!

  9. CaroleP (ohio says:

    “This to shall pass”. And we didn’t get as much as you all will. They said it was going to snow and by golly it sure did!
    Today where we are it finally ended with 12″+, and the sun is shining. Beautiful sight and a very good day to stay home and play with sticks and string and fuzz balls. Mine is doing what she usually does – 1 guess?
    Stay in, stay safe.

  10. We had 3.5 inches of rain over night and occasion cells are still passing through. The
    burned foothills (Station fire) are sliding. I go out in the rain though, because I grew
    up in a place with real weather, and snow that keeps all winter. Miss K stayed on
    top of a warm network device all night!

  11. CaroleP (ohio says:

    make that “too” – or also – blame it on the snow?

  12. Oh what beautiful pictures! It is a dreary day in Texas. Having a heat wave of 40 degrees! LOL I am sorry that you all have to endure being snowbound, but I am so glad that you all are prepared. I am thinking no work on Monday(?) for all of you in the east! That way you have extra time for your weekend project. πŸ™‚

  13. WHAT!?! No wine, dark chocolate or Fancy Feast? Me thinks we need to send a Care Package and quick!
    Stay safe!

  14. 24″ here 24 miles northeast of downtown Pittsburgh. It’s pretty quiet in the neighborhood, but thank goodness for neighbor’s snowblower that can blow this deeply; for, ours won’t handle over 8″ at once! Still have power but satellite dish just went out this afternoon.

  15. Here’s hoping the cable and internet stay up! πŸ™‚
    .-= Chris´s last blog ..Ebook Giveaway: My Everything by Julia Rachel Barrett =-.

  16. When the internet goes out at 2:30 am, perhaps it’s a sign that it’s time for bed? Glad you guys are staying warm and dry. Still snowing down here, too! πŸ™‚
    .-= Mary´s last blog ..Rest in peace, Mom =-.

  17. even though we’re “used to it” here in Friggncold, WI, 18″ + is still a LOT to have dumped on you all at once.

    Have fun πŸ˜€
    .-= Sandra´s last blog ..ManyhorsesMane is trudging through the snow to neighbor’s house for a glass’o wine~ PLY! =-.

  18. We’re between rain storms right now. Feeling sad for people on the other side of the mountains who are suffering from mud slides.
    .-= Cathie Jones´s last blog ..Jazz Art Wearables =-.

  19. I just can’t imagine that much snow…I know when I was around 5-6 N.Alabama had 17″ of snow, but other than the 6-8″ we had while living in Nashville, I’ve never seen that much snow. I’d love to see it just once, no ice, just snow πŸ™‚ I am a January baby after all!

    You forgot one thing, KITTY TREATS for the Princess! πŸ™‚


  20. You have a Knitter’s Dream Weekend.

    As a Wisconsonite, I can imagine this. We (knock on wood) have had a pretty mild winter so far.

    I look forward to seeing all your knitting progress next week. Stay warm and safe.

    May the Cable and Internet Gods be with you.
    .-= JoAnn´s last blog ..Doggie Daycare Dropout =-.

  21. Glad y’all (including KOARC?) are snug/safe the umbrella made my day.

  22. The staples to purchase before a snowstorm are milk, bread, bananas, and peanut butter. Why? I have NO IDEA, but in Massachusetts, that is what people stop in to buy on the way home the night before a storm is due! Go figure πŸ˜‰

  23. Here in the Netherlands all snow has melted. Today was mild with SUNSHINE

  24. Something went wrong with my entry. I wasn’t finished :-).
    I don’t envy you. I long for spring, you must too!!! And Lucy wants some sunshine I presume.

  25. I have seen the reports on the news of your snow. Glad you and Lucy are tucked in with plenty of yarn. We have had several hours of snow, preceded by several hours of rain, so I have several inches of slush!

  26. Looks like the storm we had here in Iowa at Christmas. And it has snowed ever since.

  27. New Windsor says:

    Yep, I’m hanging out up here near New Windsor watching Legally Blond, downloading podcasts and updating software, and knitting my toe-up VanDyke pattern socks for Beth. πŸ˜‰

  28. Why were you still up at 2:30 to know that the internet went out?? I would have gone to bed after the first outage.

    Enjoy your knit-in!

  29. Melissa in KS says:

    We get socked again tomorrow. Stay warm with lots of yarn.

  30. Teresa in Virginia says:

    Wow! You guys really got slammed just north of us (I live about 3 miles east of downtown Richmond, VA) and we had snow yesterday that did not stick, then rain all last nite that washed the roads clean. We have about 3-4 inches on the ground now after today’s snow and I don’t envy you a bit. Stay safe and hug Lucy for me πŸ™‚

  31. fibercrone says:

    “My cable and internet go out for a few minutes and I experience some mild panic.”

    I know what you mean. Cable internet is like an umbilical cord.

  32. Glad you’re all snug, safe and warm. Happy knitting!

  33. Storm passed through here yesterday. We were on the borderline between rain and snow. Greensboro was mostly rain, here in Reidsville we had freezing rain and major power outages. I dodged that bullet thank goodness. Stay inside and stay warm. Hopefully next weekend will be warmer.
    .-= southparknitter´s last blog ..Mats and Mitts and Pics…oh my! =-.

  34. Wendy, Glad you are all safe and have all the necessities you need. We are too her in Alexandria as well. Pretty awsome storm, I remember the 1979 Washington Day snowstorm (year a graduated from HS) . Hope you getting lots of knitting in this weekend.

  35. Good to hear from you. Hope the power stays on over the weekend.

    What a relief to have a garage!

  36. Just keep the power and the interwebs on & it will be a v. cozy weekend! They are starting to panic here, as two storm systems are supposed to collide (COLLIDE!) over the midwest early next week. We shall see….
    .-= PlazaJen´s last blog ..Yet Another….Facebook, WTF? =-.

  37. I’ve been thinking about you since I heard about the storm… last year we got dumped on (Spokane, WA) and I guess this year you guys get it worse while we have had maybe 2 inches the whole winter. I do miss how beautiful everything looks with all that snow.

    Glad its the weekend and you and Lucy can stay home and enjoy.

  38. So glad to hear that you and Lucy are safe and warm during this snow event. Pedro and I send best wishes for snuggles and lots of knitting. I plan to do the same tomorrow when it starts here in Colorado. πŸ™‚
    .-= DonnaW´s last blog ..Cupcakery Comes to Town =-.

  39. What a wonderful, snuggly day!

  40. I moved from D.C. to California two years ago, and I have friends living in the Wash Metropolitan area and worry about them. Thanks for the great up-to-date pictures of the Snowcalypse. Hope you and Miss Lucy stay comfy cozy!

  41. Snowed in — welcome to my world!
    .-= kmkat´s last blog ..Talking cat. =-.

  42. Peggy-Frankfort, Illinois says:

    Thought of you when I heard all that snow forecasted for the DC area — when you’re a knitter though, it can be a gift! Glad to hear you have cable and internet. Had a few inches here in Chicago over the last day — nothing like what DC was hit with. I’m sure Lucy is just content having you home with her! Keep Knitting! LOL

  43. please forgive me: I’ve never lived in snow country, also,myemail provider has a bunch of ad space so the reading panel is really narrow.
    I saw your header, “What I’ve been doing…” and half the first photo. I thought you’d been cleaning dust bunnies –or maybe dust rhinos–from your refrigerator coils. roflmao

  44. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! any chance Monday will be snow day, or will it be clear?

  45. No snow for NYC. Grr.

    I wanna be snowed in. With my cat. And my knitting.

    And soup. Soup would be nice too.
    .-= Virginia´s last blog ..The good news =-.

  46. Dr. Jackie says:

    We’re hoping for a similar day on Monday. I have lots of yarn! And hot chocolate. And a fireplace.

  47. I thought of you when I heard the news of the heavy snowfall in your area. Ironically, they are trucking snow in to the Olympic venues right past our place.
    .-= LoriAngela´s last blog ..Home Sick =-.

  48. THANK YOU for your snow shots. You are the only one I know in the DC area and I really wanted to know what it looked like out there….keep cozy..

  49. We got around 8 inches here in Central Indiana and the weather people say to expect another storm Monday night/Tuesday. Joy. I, too, have food, heat, and yarn, but I also have stuff to do. Looks like I will have to rearrange my calendar. Again.
    .-= Ruthie´s last blog ..Knitting Olympics =-.

  50. Looks like we have about 20″ here, although I haven’t had the guts to go outside and actually check. Lucky for me I have lots of knitting to keep me occupied and my newly finished Argus to keep me warm. Can’t wait to see your weekend progress. Snuzzles to Lucy!

  51. While you get blasted by snow yet again up here in Toronto Canada we’re having an unusually snowless winter while we watch all around us getting socked. Hope you have power and I’m cheering on your shovelers (been there, done that) We still have lots of winter to go (it always snows in April) so our number is bound to come up too.

  52. I’m hoping no new post doesn’t mean you have no power…and if no power that your usually hot building holds its heat so you and Lucy stay warm. You can always insulate yourselves with wool. πŸ™‚

  53. WOW you are really getting it bad. We had about 8 inches here in Kentucky and I stayed in with all the necessities ( as you mentioned) It was beatiful out here in rural country and rather enjoyed it. Of course had I had to go out I would have had a major panic attack. Kitties all warm and snug, ferrets all cosy and warm, and the mouse snug in her bag!!! It was a good snow time!!
    Stay warm and safe!

  54. fibercrone says:

    Yeah! Thanks for posting Miss Woodhouse. Stash, here I come.

  55. Hi Wendy, Upstate NY escaped the storm’s path. How is the clean eating going? If I was marrooned here in a snow storm I would gravitate toward comfort food. And I’d dive into my yarn stash to create something fun. Lucy has the right idea:-)

  56. OH, and coffee. I’d need copius quantities in that kind of weather. I’m glad you and Ms. vonRagdoll are snug and cozy and have plenty of yarn.

  57. It looks pretty much like your pictures here in Indiana. We didn’t get quite as much snow as you did but we got plenty! Time to hole up with some clean food, a hot cup of tea and the knitting.

  58. I’m about 30 miles east of you and we got a little over 2 feet of snow. Our poor dog doesn’t know what to make of it; all his favorite spots to do his business are inaccessible! But we never lost power, thank heaven, and so I’ve been getting lots of lovely knitting done. My silly husband thinks the government will be up and running tomorrow. I’m betting on liberal leave, at most.

    And we’re supposed to get six more inches of snow (or more) Tuesday! Whee!

  59. anne marie in philly says:

    “we’re well-stocked with all the necessities of life, that is, food, water, and yarn.” what, no beer? tee hee!

    we got 2 feet of the white stuff up here. bah humbug! at least our snowblower works…and it’s the powder stuff, not the heavy wet snow/ice.

    hope you have the day off tomorrow! I don’t! BOO!

  60. Kathie Brownlee says:

    We are in Lewes, De…just got shoveled out today as it did not stop snowing until 7:00 last night.

    Some day I’m going to put a pic pf my kitty Kibby on here…I think he is Lucy’s cousin. The expressions and how they hold their bodies are so similar its striking.Kibby and Oregano, my other kitty, are busy having their nightly “chase” time…amazing how much noise two cats can make running.

    Where in DC are you?

  61. 2.30am? Suddenly I know how come you get so much knitting done! lol

  62. My sister lives in D.C. as well, and has regaled me with photos from her office window. It was an idyllic little tree with snow falling in the first one, and just like the progression in your pic, by the 4th pic, the poor little tree’s branches gave in to the weight of the snow. I sometimes miss the “snow days” but not that much! I’m glad you’re surviving the storm…Nor’Easter’s are a bitch.

  63. Oooh I’m jealous! We just got a dusting of snow here in St. Louis. Hope this next round dumps on us and leaves you guys in the clear! πŸ™‚

  64. pittsburgh got a bit. We just got our power back after 2 days.
    .-= pmoys´s last blog ..A day off for once! =-.