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Happy Birthday to Lucy

When Lucy came from a rescue organization to live with me back in May of 2003, the only thing I knew about her birthday was that is was in February. We decided to make her official birthday February 14.

So today Miss Lucy is officially 9 years old. Here is what she looked like at a bit over 2 years old on her first day in my home:

And here she is today:

As you can see, she was not fully matured when I first adopted her. Her points were chocolate brown, but her body was pure cream-colored. She developed her cafe au lait shading over the next year.

She has a new bowl to celebrate her special day:

Here’s the inside:

And she is getting lots of hugs and kisses today. Between her naps, of course.

And because it is also Valentine’s Day, the KOARC has been presented with a new pair of socks:

These are the “Manly Aran” socks from my upcoming book, Toe-Up Socks for Every Body. The book comes out on March 23. 🙂

And the red blob I showed on my blog last week? I ripped it out completely and started over.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t forget — if you are in the area, I’ll be at fibre space in Alexandria, Virginia tomorrow from noon to 2pm. Fibre space will have copies of my one-skein shawlette patterns for sale (Argus, Seaside, and Miss Woodhouse), and I’ll be there with the original shawls for you to see, fondle, and try on. I hope I’ll see a bunch of you there!

And the five winners in the Crazy Aunt Purl book contest will be announced in tomorrow’s blog.

Now excuse me because I want to go play with my precious little birthday girl.

ETA: Doh! winners in the contest will be announced on Tuesday Feb 16, since y’all have til midnight Feb 15 to enter. Sorry!


  1. Happy Birthday to Lucy. She is a beautiful cat. And a Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you.

  2. Happy Birthday Lucy!

  3. Happy Birthday to Lucy, and Happy Valentine’s day!
    .-= biomaj5´s last blog ..Ravelympics: Day 2’s progress =-.

  4. Happy birthday Lucy!
    .-= Rose-Marie´s last blog ..Swap package from Keri! =-.

  5. I want to wish Miss Lucy a very Happy Birthday! And those socks are awesome!
    .-= Deinera´s last blog ..There was a long pause… =-.

  6. Happy Birthday Lucy, you are getting more and more beautiful as the years go by. Happy Valentine’s Day to your Mom.
    .-= Meredith´s last blog ..Oh No A Cold! =-.

  7. Happy Birthday, Lucy!!!
    .-= PlainJane´s last blog ..There’s A Hole In Our Home & Our Hearts =-.

  8. Happy Birthday Lucy – Gizmo sez if you like your guy a little older, he’s available! And Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LUCY. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. I like your socks too.

  10. Happy birthday to Lucy. Who would give up such a gorgeous kitty? Rescue cats are special, and so are the people who rescue them. Happy V-Day to you too. Can’t wait for your new book.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Happy Valentine’s Day! =-.

  11. Give Lucy an extra hug from me please. We lost our beloved Figaro yesterday after 17 yrs of love. So Happy Birthday Lucy and many more more spoiled years to come!

  12. Happy birthday to Lucy! and Happy Valentine’s Day to you!
    I’m so looking forward to your next book. I like the manly socks, as I have 2 manly men to knit socks for – my 12 yo son likes hand knits much more than my hubbo – not that knitting for the boy really saves any yarn or time, he’s already a size 11. At this point in my sock knitting, I should be writing my own patterns, but I still enjoy the “plug & play” of using a tested, well-written pattern.

  13. I’m so pleased to know that Lucy shares my birthday! (I was there first…)

    One of our early Siamese (sealpoint applehead) was essentially a rescue cat. A friend of mine was working for a vet, and someone had brought this kitten in and said he was vicious – either give him away, or put him to sleep. He was a rather rambunctious kitten, but grew into a really sweet (and large 17lb!) adult, but he was very strange about men with beards. First growled at them, then tried to crawl under the beard!

    We always wondered what his early owners had done to him.

  14. Happy birthday to Lucy!

    We did the same with our rescue pup, Miele. We know she was born in March, so we’ve chosen the first day of spring as ‘her’ day. Now we’re trying to figure out her favorite treat with which to celebrate. We know she loves socks, but we’re not considering that as a viable option…
    .-= (formerly) no-blog-rachel´s last blog ..Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon** =-.

  15. Happy birthday to Lucy! She is well loved, for sure.
    .-= pdxknitterati/MicheleLB´s last blog ..Franken-tar, redux =-.

  16. Happy Birthday to Lucy! Gypsy and I decided on her birthday being the day I adopted her from the shelter as she was “about 2.”

    Glad you have a wonderful beautiful fur girl in your life. And that she has a loving mommy like you!

  17. H♥ppy Birthd♥y, Lucy. H♥ppy V♥lentine’s D♥y, Wendy and KOARC!!
    .-= Cathie Jones´s last blog ..New Summit Jazz Venue in 2010 =-.

  18. Happy Birthday, Miss Lucy!
    .-= Cathy-Cate´s last blog ..Casting-On Ceremony =-.

  19. Happy, Happy Birthday Lucy! You always have been a beautiful girl. Wishing you many, many more. You are so lucky to have gotten such wonderful, loving parents. Love your bowl…hope mama fills it with something special.

  20. Happy Birthday, sweet Lucy! May you have many more.

  21. Happy Birthday, Lucy! Gung hay fat choi!
    .-= Chris´s last blog ..It came from the phone… =-.

  22. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Happy Birthday, Lucy, and Happy Valentine’s Day to you, your Mom, and the KOARC!

  23. Happy birthday, Lucy! You are the prettiest cat on the internetz 🙂
    .-= kmkat´s last blog ..Happy heart day! =-.

  24. I’ll never forget the love-at-first-sight you had with Lucy!
    So her Valentine birthday is perfect!

  25. Happy birthday, Lucy! Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day to your mama.

  26. Kristine M. says:

    Happy birthday, Miss Lucy!!

  27. Happy Birthday, Miss Lucy.
    .-= Ida´s last blog ..Mason*Dixon Snow =-.

  28. Happy Birthday Lucy! CafeAuLait is a much nicer maturity touch than gray. : )
    .-= Elysbeth Carson´s last blog ..Two sizes of socks =-.

  29. josephine Goodwine says:

    Happy Birthday, Lucy…I thought I should paws and send out a wish.
    from Jo and Guiness (my Scottish Fold)

  30. Happy Birthday, pretty Lucy! And Happy Valentine’s Day to you both!
    .-= janna´s last blog ..Black Cats =-.

  31. anne marie in philly says:

    steven and meredith say: “meow, cousin lucy, happy happy birthday pretty girl! make sure momma gives you extra turkey or wildside salmon today!”

    {{{{{hugs}}}}} to you and the KOARC; his sox are ruggedly handsome (just like him)! 😉

  32. Happy Birthday to Lucy!

  33. Happy Birthday Lucy! You are beautiful. Happy Valentine’s Day to your family.

  34. Happy birthday Lucy!

  35. Happy birthday, Lucy! We’re celebrating here, too, since George and Gracie came to live with us last year for Valentine’s Day. They’re lynx-point (or tabby-point) Siamese-blend siblings, who were 2 last August. They’re happy that we give them 2 celebrations, their Forever Home Day and their birthday, since they get especially good foods.

    They’re sending you virtual catnip toys and Kitty Kaviar ( for prezzies.

    .-= CatBookMom´s last blog ..Time to Give =-.

  36. Awwwwwwwww………please tell dear Lucy my boys wish her a very wonderful birthday!!!
    .-= Debra in NC´s last blog ..We finally have an answer!!! =-.

  37. Celestine Getty says:

    Happy Birthday Lucy. Your birthday being Valentine’s Day is appropriate since you are a furry bundle of LOVE. Wendy, not to be personal but what does KOARC stand for? I have been trying to put words to the letters without success.
    stay warm.

  38. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Lucy!! What a pretty girl.

  39. Jake, Zander, Tyler, Sammy Blue, and Ophelia would like to extend Birthday paws to Miss Lucy! Happy Birthday, and many more.
    .-= Jeanne B.´s last blog ..It Might Be Winter =-.

  40. Happy Birthday to Miss Lucy! She is one lucky kitty. My cats are jealous of her pretty new bowl!

  41. Julie in VA says:

    Happy Birthday Miss Lucy!

  42. Happy birthday, Lucy! It’s my Mom’s birthday, too, and hope your day was as good as hers was.

  43. myra Harrell Fleming says:

    Hap-e B-day Lucy, Valentines Day is love your body day. The best thing we have going for us!

  44. Happy birthday Lucy!

    And Happy Valentine’s day, Wendy!

  45. Happy birthday Lucy-girl! February is the best month!

    Play with lots ‘o catnip
    .-= Catraggedy´s last blog ..My little handmade life =-.

  46. Happy birthday Lucy! She is such a picture of elegance.
    That is a cute bowl.
    .-= Jocelyn´s last blog ..Go, Team Amiras! =-.

  47. From Jasmine… meow! meow!!

  48. happy birthday Lucy!!
    .-= turtle´s last blog ..Awe! =-.

  49. Kathie Brownlee says:

    Happy Birthday Lucy!!!

    Love, Kathie, Kibby, and Oregano

    Kibby didn’t develop his darker coloring until he was older either. They must be cousins.

  50. stephanie reynolds says:

    It’s 12:01 in the morning and I can’t sleep so I am up drinking wine and hoping I can win this book. I am having trouble typing so maybe the wine is working!

  51. Theresa in Italy says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to Lucy!

  52. Birthday kisses to sweet Lucy!!!
    .-= Dianne´s last blog ..Happy Valentine’s Day! =-.

  53. Happy Birthday Lucy! I like your new bowl. My kitty can’t have bowls that have pictures inside them, because he keeps “digging” the water out to try to “hunt” the picture – sigh.

  54. Happy, happy birthday Miss Lucy!! The socks are gorgeous. KOARC is one lucky dude.

  55. happy Birthday Lucy! her coloring developed beautifully. You are lucky to have such a lovely knitty cat.
    The socks are great. Hope KOARC wears them in good health and tears them in good health!
    Looking forward to the new book.

  56. Happy Birthday Lucy – from your friends Sofie and Molly.

  57. margieinmaryland says:

    Happy B-day, Lucy.

    The Manly Aran socks are WONDERFUL!

  58. Happy Birthday, Lucy! We love you!! ♥

  59. Happy Birthday Lucy!! My baby girl, Oy, will be 3 on March 27th!

  60. Happy Birthday Miss Lucy. Your red blob looks a bit like an anatomical heart- very Valentines.
    .-= LoriAngela´s last blog ..On a Break =-.

  61. Happy Birthday Lucy!

    You don’t look a day over 3.

  62. Happy birthday Lucy

  63. I havde your book re-ordered and am counting down the days!

  64. Happy Belated Birthday to Lucy! The socks are really nice as is Lucy’s new bowl.
    .-= Dorothy´s last blog ..Knock, knock! =-.

  65. Happy birthday Miss Lucy! We picked our rescued dog Billie’s birthday the same way. We adopted her around August 14th and they told us she was 6mths old so Valentine’s Day became her birthday. She turned 10 this year. No new dish but she was allowed to bring her tennis ball inside to play with it and got lots of treats and hugs.

  66. Happy Birthday Princess Lucy! *smooches* ♥♥♥

  67. Happy belated birthday, Ms. Lucy! Hope you enjoy your new bowl. My Lucy and Owen have two of those nice big bowls and love them!