My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A Very Good Mail Day Indeed

Upon arrival home today I found in my mailbox a present for Lucy.

This is a new mousie that the very wonderful Keri made to replace the mouse (also made by Keri) whose tail Lucy bit off. Keri’s kitty Slick carefully tested it for Lucy before it was sent off. (If you click on the link above, you can see proof of this.)

Keri included a gift for me too! A wrist tag:

Don’t you love the fabric?

Thank you Keri and Slick — we love you!

There was something else waiting for me when I got home — a large heavy box.

What could it be?

It is full of advance copies of my new book, Toe-Up Socks for Every Body! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!

Publication date is March 23 — just a little over 2 weeks away.

Want a copy now? Leave a comment (don’t email me, don’t use the “contact me” form, but leave a response at the end of this blog entry by clicking on the “x responses” link you will find at the end of this post and filling out that form) by noon Eastern time this Sunday, March 7, and the Random Number Generator will chose a couple of winners to get a copy asap.

Lucy sez:

“Huh. I like my mousie better than this silly book.”


  1. Yay for lucy’s new mouse toy and can’t wait for your new book!!!!! Congrats to both of you! I love your shawlettes by the way. After my wedding I will have to buy and make a few of your patterns!!!

  2. Gretchen says:

    I’ve enjoyed your first book and would love a copy of the second. Good luck with it!

  3. MEMEMEME πŸ™‚
    I’d love to have a brand-spanking new copy of your book πŸ™‚

    Please give some snorgles to Lucy from my kitty Joon.

  4. Congrats on the new book!!! Would love to own a copy of it!!!

  5. Shirley says:

    Looks lovely!

  6. I can’t wait for the new book. I’m holding my credit card wiating for it. I want to try getting it through a LYS. Better to support the little guy than the big box. They already get enough of my money.

  7. Congrats on the advance copies! How very exciting. I would love to win a copy but will likely buy it anyway if I don’t win!
    .-= Michele In Maine´s last blog ..Sugar Skulls Accessory Case =-.

  8. I’ll start haunting the postman for my Amazon order of the book!

  9. Guru Nam Kaur says:

    Congratulations on the new book. I’m working my way through “Toe-up!” right now. Gull wings for my sister. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Advance copies are exciting! πŸ˜€
    .-= Julia´s last blog ..February’s always busy =-.

  11. loved loved loved the previous books – can’t wait to see this one πŸ™‚

  12. Jen In Ypsi says:

    New knitting books are always a good thing! Here’s hoping I’m lucky!

  13. Anxiously awaiting your latest book!!!!!! If I’m one of the lucky ones in your drawing, I’ll spend the money put aside to buy more sock yarn.

  14. Me! Pick me! (even though I’ve already pre-ordered)
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..Warmth =-.

  15. Meghan Sheldon says:

    Love when a big heavy box arrives! Congrats on it be officially done and in print!

  16. karen w says:

    Lucky Lucy. πŸ™‚ How lucky is she that Slick’s mom shares fabulous prizes with her (and her mom).
    Congrats on the new book.I’m sure I’ll love it as much as I love the last one! πŸ™‚

  17. Oh! I love your socks! I can’t wait to get you book, since even if I don’t win your lottery I have it on kind of pre-order. I can’t actually pre-order it from the e-store here but they send me an e-mail when it’s available =D
    .-= Rose-Marie´s last blog ..Sock KAL and Ravelympics =-.

  18. Ooh! Me, please!
    .-= sprite´s last blog ..congratulations, d.c.! =-.

  19. Mary YB says:

    The thought of a new Wendy book makes me want to twirl.

  20. The mailman was good to you today! I would love to have one of the advance copies of your new book. Count me in.

  21. Christina says:

    I’d love to win a copy of the new book

  22. Glad the mousie got there okay – I was a bit worried that the Post Office kitties might have sniffed it out and made off with it … And I can’t wait to see the book!!

  23. I would love a copy of your new book, please. Thank you!
    .-= Roseann´s last blog ..Knotty Gloves =-.

  24. I saw your post on Plurk but thought add to my odds. I got your first book for my birthday last year. With reading that book almost a year later I am knitting socks. Most of them are based on your patterns too. I have to have a sock to knit and can say there are days that the sock keeps me sane. It would be really cool to win a copy of your new book.

  25. Ooooh, I so want to read the new book and add it to my collection of Wendy books..
    Cheers from Belgium

  26. Oh yeah you’re new book is coming!!!! πŸ™‚
    .-= ann-marie mackay´s last blog ..Hi from sunny/not sunny Florida!! =-.

  27. Congrats on your book! I bet it is as awesome as the first and I’m so excited to see it!

  28. Pick me! Pick me!
    And when are you doing a Lace book?

  29. I wouldn’t be too upset if you wanted to send me an advance copy of the new book. πŸ˜‰

  30. Oh, yes, indeed! It’s my birthday tomorrow, and what better present than a new sock book!

  31. Janet Lewis says:

    I would love to have a copy.

  32. knitopia says:

    Contest? Thanks! I need some sock inspiration.

  33. Lori Beard says:

    I think it’s a nice silly book! Or, I know I will, when I see a copy. I hope I win.

  34. Would love to have your new book to match the first one. Can’t wait. I agree about the lace book.

  35. I’d LOVE a copy! Actually, I pre-ordered it but if I won a copy, I’d still get the 2nd copy and give one to my mom, who’s also an avid fan of yours πŸ˜€
    .-= Mandi´s last blog ..Completed Sweater, Planning Next Projects =-.

  36. Ooo new Wendy book?!? How could I not want a copy? I do have one actual question. What on earth is a wrist tag?

  37. Windy Brown says:

    I would love a copy of the book!!!

  38. Jenn C. says:

    Would love a copy of that book!

    My kitties wish that anyone loved them enough to knit them mousies.

  39. Blinkie says:

    I was total fail at socks until I got your first book. Now I’m completely addicted to them! The new book is already on my Amazon wish list, but my birthday is so far away … πŸ™‚

  40. Congratulations on your new book! Does it feel more “real” when you finally get your copies?

    (Also glad to see Lucy wasn’t mouseless for long!)

  41. Congrats! That’s so exciting, I’d love to receive a copy. =)

  42. Lauren W. says:

    Congrats on the new book!

  43. That is a wonderful mail day. Congratulations on your new book!
    .-= kchealy´s last blog ..Two Top-Down Hats =-.

  44. Karin Roepel says:

    pick me pick me – i just finished my first pair of Wendy’s socks

  45. Oh, I can’t wait for your new book!! πŸ™‚
    .-= Lee´s last blog ..My nook… and ebooks in general =-.

  46. Congratulations on the new book. I went to the LYS this week to scope out new yarns that might be good for the new patterns. If I received a copy of the book I could then afford more yarn and do more patterns quickly.

    Love your patterns and instructions. I had never done toe-up before and I am hooked.

  47. It will go great with the other sock book I have by you!
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Whiskers on Wednesday =-.

  48. Yay! New book!

  49. can’t wait to see the new book!

  50. you must be so excited about your new book being so close to release–I know the boys and I are anxiously awaiting the day!!!!

    congratulations to you on what I am sure will be another success!

  51. Blossom says:

    Wendy, while I’d LOVE to have a copy of your new book (I use your techniques etc when creating socks for myself and my husband) – I really want to say THANK YOU for bringing math and sensiblity to socks πŸ™‚ especially toe-up socks πŸ™‚

  52. Marissa Shindell says:

    Congrats on the book! Can’t wait!

  53. Looking forward to reading the new book. Congratulations!

  54. Look at all those books!! I cannot wait to have one of my very own! I’m really excited for you and all your fans; me first!

  55. It looks beautiful! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!
    .-= Caffeine Girl´s last blog ..Two Tiny Victories =-.

  56. Melinda says:

    I’d love a copy of your new book. I am just learning how to knit socks from the toe up by using your feather and fan pattern. Good luck with the book!

  57. Carolyn H says:

    I love Lucy’s mouse – my cat had a mouse that sadly became fodder for my sister’s dog. Her replacement was never quite the same, but I hope Lucy enjoys hers as much as the original mouse!

    Congratulations on the arrival of your book!

  58. I can’t wait to see your new book Wendy!

  59. I had to giggle at the mouse’s tail incident because I live with a mini Dachshund who so totally kills and disembowels his toys that Lucy’s mouse should deem itself fortunate to only live with a cat.

    I’d love a copy of the new book!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..did I mention that I love speckled puppy tummies? =-.

  60. Congratulations on the new book!

  61. Love Lucy’s comments on the new book. She sounds so much like my cats. Can’t wait to see the new book!

  62. Congratulations!!! How very exciting! Hope to win a copy – I have supplies at the ready to implement! Thanks for the offering.

  63. Kate Lathrop says:

    Oh – congratulations!!!!!!!!!! What pen will you be using this year to autograph your new book? I am still on the search for just the right pairs of shoes to bring to the Fling this year πŸ™‚

    Ear scritches to Lucy!


  64. I loved the last book, and can’t wait to see the new one!

  65. Oh, please, I use your other books all the time….

  66. RedfordPhyl says:

    Can’t believe that it’s time for the new book. Congrats! Let the fun begin!

  67. Jessica says:

    Me Me!! πŸ™‚ I loved your 1st sock book and I know I would love this one! πŸ™‚

  68. Melanie says:

    I am so looking forward to seeing the inside of the new book!

  69. Yea, new book!

  70. I finally started knitting out of the last one, and I love it. So excited for more!
    .-= jacicita´s last blog ..[With Glowing Hearts] =-.

  71. MzMelly says:

    Oooohhh!! I am contemplating buying a copy of your new book, but gee, wouldn’t it be nice to win one??!!

  72. oooooooooohhhhhhhh me me me please!

    My cat Kramer is very jealous of Lucy’s mousie…………
    .-= Kramer’s mama´s last blog ..Pink Kitteh hat =-.

  73. I would love a copy of your new book. I love your designs!

  74. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been debating knitting a toy for my lab… she does seem to like the feeling of wool in her mouth! (Also bamboo “sticks” that happen to be connected to said wool!) But I fear any toy would end up missing more than just it’s tail! Can’t wait to get a copy of your new book. I love the last one!

  75. SimplyMe says:

    I would love an opportunity to win your book. πŸ™‚ Please add me. I love your designs.

  76. good mail day indeed
    .-= Lori´s last blog ..Let’s see if I can figure this out =-.

  77. catspaw says:

    Gonna respond here too. Stuffin’ and Diddy have destroyed all my kitties’ toys.

  78. I think that Lucy will love the book once she delves into it. Just needs to get over the excitement of the new mousie.

  79. Its so exciting to see your new book. I bet you are bouncing round the room. Well done you!

  80. Oh pick me! I can tell that Lucy likes the book.
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Wednesday Wonders =-.

  81. Hooray for good mail! The book looks wonderful. πŸ™‚
    .-= Karen in Toledo´s last blog ..The Day After The Day After =-.

  82. Exciting mail, indeed! LOL Prezzies for both of you! Now if your random number generator cooperates, I, too, can get some exciting mail. LOL

  83. Me please! I love your last book, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the new one πŸ™‚

  84. Congrats on the book Wendy! I’m in.

  85. Isabelle says:

    Congratulations on the book! I’ve got the release date written down and will head off to the nearest bookstore as soon as I can that day! πŸ™‚

  86. Orghlaith says:

    I wonder what Lucy will do with this one?

  87. I would LOVE a copy of your new book. I have just finished my second pair of socks from your book!!


  88. wheee! i just finished my first pair of toe-up socks from your first book, i can’t wait to see the 2nd!
    .-= kristen´s last blog ..Lord, I was born a travelin’–er–woman =-.

  89. Bks4JHB says:


  90. I have thoroughly enjoyed your other books and your shawl patterns. Would love to have your new one. (will purchase if I am not one of the lucky ones here!) Are you going to have a signing locally?

  91. I would love to win 1 of your books. I have 1 of you books that I bought.

  92. My bookshelf needs a Wendyknits threesome so please save me the money by picking me!! I paid for the first two, does that get me any brownie points??

  93. Congratulations! I can wait to see it since I loved your last book and use it quite often.

  94. Diane S says:

    Would love a copy of your new book.

  95. New book looks great!

  96. Squeeeee!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!

  97. Frauke Ahrens says:

    I love these toe up sock because of the gusset heel and they fit perfectly. I’m so happy you’ve produced a book for everyone as I was dreading trying to do the math for a size 13 man’s sock I have to knit. Thank you Thank you. So another thank you for sending out a copy as I would welcome it in a big way.

  98. I’ve got my knitting needles crossed that I will win. πŸ™‚

  99. Exciting! Who can ever have enough sock books? Congrats.

  100. Throwing my name in the hat for the new book! Can’t wait till it’s release! πŸ™‚