My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Publication Day Plus One

Thanks for all your wonderful comments about the new book. I love hearing that some of you have received it and have already identified some “must-make” designs. I’ll be honest — this book took a lot out of me, so I am so very very happy to hear that so many of you are pleased with it. Very.

There is a new group on Ravelry for this book, btw.

A bunch of you commented on and asked questions about the ring I showed in yesterday’s post. It is not vintage, but brand new. I bought it from Bimonte. They are in Italy, but if you email a query, you’ll get a very nice response in excellent English. You won’t find my ring on their site because it was a one-of-a-kind, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be making more similar pieces.

I have a particular fondness for cameos of subjects other than people, and found this website via an extended google search late one Saturday night. They will size your ring when you order it (there’s a place in the online ordering process to leave them a note) and the ring ships via FedEx a couple of days after you order it. I had mine within a week of ordering.

Here’s a traditional cameo brooch that I possess:

It is well over 100 years old (it belonged to my grandmother and most likely her mother before her) and the lovely lady depicted is Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers. Isn’t she fabulous?

Back to knitting, I have made some progress on the second half of the stole.

And I’m thinking about my next project, which will not be socks, nor will it be a shawl or stole.

Whatever am I thinking?

Lucy sez:

“Beats me.”


  1. I bought your book yesterday and am looking forward to quality time to study it.

  2. Lovely cameo.

    Could it be a kitty item? A new toy for Lucy?

  3. I pre-ordered your book from Amazon last June or July. It shipped on March 20. Amazon tracking says scheduled delivery is March 30. I also ordered your yogurt maker from Amazon on Sunday. It’s at my house waiting for me today. Go figure.

    Anyway, from the pictures I saw last year and on Ravelry, I’m very excited to get the book!

    I think you might be making a new sweater . . .

  4. I agree with Tammy – I think it could be a sweater. And I’m looking forward to getting your new book – there are some great socks in there.

  5. anne marie in philly says:

    beautiful cameo…antique jewelry is fantastic!

    could you be thinking of a spinning project? a sweater for the KOARC?

  6. patricia says:

    I’ll go with a sweater or light jacket- something light for spring/summer evenings. Or a tablecloth.

  7. crazycrafter says:

    Maybe . . . mittens? Or, I agree with the others, maybe a sweater? Um . . . another sock yarn blanket? How about . . . hmm. I am about out of ideas. Pray tell us what you mean??!! And congrats on your new book! I really want to get it!

    Good bless!

  8. constant reader says:

    Just got the book yesterday and love it! Congratulations.

  9. Today today! i got the book today! It turned out most lovely.
    .-= Alice in Richmond´s last blog ..3.9.10 Overshot is not on the floor. =-.

  10. Beautiful cameo! All themore precious because it is part of your history. I am still waiting on my order to be delivered. I thought I would have your book by now. Lucy is looking quite playful!!

  11. Summer is approaching, so I think it might be a lacy knit top or cardigan.
    .-= Sidra Vitale´s last blog ..sidravitale Cool: DNA identifies new ancient human. =-.

  12. I bought your book yesterday and didn’t even bother to look through it before I paid for it–I just knew it was going to be great. Wendy, you exceeded my expectations. I really, truly would knit at least half of the book RIGHT NOW. I love the patterns so much. Thank you for another great book. I put a little review on my blog, btw.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Duck poop and other crap =-.

  13. I got your book in the mail from Amazon today. It’s great! I’m looking forward to making several pairs in the next few weeks.

    I hope your spine is improving.

  14. picadrienne says:

    Beaded pulse warmers?

  15. technikat says:

    The brooch is really lovely. I like how the flowers have some color to them similar to the background.

  16. I’m thinking it’s sweater time!

  17. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    Your cameo brooch is incredible. Just beautiful.

    I used my Fasta Pasta tonight, and wow! The pasta was perfect. I could hardly believe it–I am so not a cook. Thanks again for blogging about the Fasta Pasta–I can see a lot of pasta dinners in my future…

  18. I also have a cameo from my grandmother, but it’s not nearly as old as yours. Congratulations on the new book. I have three projects in my TBK (to be knit) queue. Your new stole reminds me of a Toblerone bar with all its peaks (in case you don’t have a name yet).

  19. The book arrived today and it’s fabulous! Congratulations to you AND Lucy since I’m sure it took a lot out of her too, having her human so distracted ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. You haven’t knitted a sweater in a while–so my guess is sweater.
    .-= southparknitter´s last blog ..Visiting the frogs =-.

  21. congratulations, the book is great! thanks for including the menfolk and kids. Now when I recommend sock books, I’ll suggest buying the set! Wish you would make it to the west coast, you have many fans here.

  22. A non-S knitting project???!?



  23. perhaps it is a snood. (only secretly hoping because i am in need of a nice one, haha). I have a feeling you will be doing another sweater. The gansey one you did last time was lovely.
    .-= pmoys´s last blog ..The Big Snow of 2010 =-.

  24. Beautiful jewelry, Wendy! I love how the flowers on the ring are so close to the flowers on the brooch (I suspect that was your specification). I have an antique cameo necklace, but the carving is not nearly as refined as your Flora.

  25. Wow – – not socks or a shawlette – – DO TELL! For me, I’m a sock, shawlette, hat, mittens, scarf kinda gal – – I’m soooo over sweaters (well, at least for now) ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. I think you are due for some cables, so maybe something with less air and more texture?
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..pumpkin to cure my ills (and geekery) =-.

  27. I’m betting on a sweater – it’s been ages since I saw you working on one!
    (the cameo is amazing…)

  28. I’m so excited – I just ordered my copy!!!!! Is it here yet? ๐Ÿ˜›

  29. Marietta says:

    The book came in the mail yesterday from Amazon – – I love almost every single pattern in it. I always have at least one pair on the needles (2 pr. at present) & now I’m set for a long great spell of “travel or wait” knitting. Thanks – can’t wait to see what that next (neither sock, shawl, or stole) project will be!!!
    Knit on –

  30. The cameo brooch and ring make a gorgeous set. And the color suits you so well. Nice of Great-grandmama to have had such foresight!

  31. OMG! please tell us you’re not making those knitted underpants/short shorts in the new issue of knitty…

  32. YEAH!! I received my book today and just love it. No wonder you were so worn out! knitting and designing these patterns, keeping everyone who reads your blog watch for a new shawlette every week and then working full time!! When ever did you sleep!! It is a wonderful compliment to your last book!!! I plan to make several of the projects in this book. I have not tried colour work in socks yet and there are several I really like in this book. I think you deserve some special R&R.

  33. Dr. Jackie says:

    Perchance a sweater of some sort? Thanks for the book!

  34. WooHoo!!!! I pre-ordered the book from Amazon about eleventy-two billion years ago, and it was waiting for me when I got home last night!!!! I am also a member of the Loopy Ewe sock club, and I am using the March pattern to whip a skein of Socks That Rock in the Chapman Springs colorway into shape. I had started at least three pairs of socks with this yarn, and even though I loved the colors in it, it wanted to pool in the least attractive ways. It’s amazing to me how adding a slip stitch pattern can totally change the way the yarn looks. So cool! It is interesting to me, too, that when I started working the gussets for the heel, the yarn started to pool, and when they had been decreased away, the pooling stopped. I have already put the pattern in my binder of favorite, go-to sock patterns, and I see many pairs of “March Mosaic” socks in my future.

  35. Celestine Getty says:

    I was so excited about your new book, I ordered it twice!!! You would have thought I would have remembered that I already ordered it…Congrats on your new book and beautiful new ring. You have inspired me to get out my grandmother’s cameo and start wearing it again.

  36. I got your book Wednesday night, and it’s beautiful! I’m not sure I’m quite ready to knit such adventurous socks, but I love looking at them! Well done, Wendy! Can’t wait to see what the next project is!
    .-= Connie B. in Ohio´s last blog ..Am I blue? =-.

  37. Rosemary says:

    I got my copy of your new book in the mail yesterday, I LOVE it. There are so many patterns I want to do!! I knit kilt hose so am very interested in your increases for over the calf I can add fancy tops and have kilt hose, wow!!

  38. Hi Wendy, I got your new book today and it is fabulous. You did a great job, so many wonderful patterns. Love the cameo broach and ring. Have a wonderful time this weekend. Mickie

  39. Your book arrived today from Amazon, lots of great socks! I just have to say how much I love the index page that has thumbnail pics of all the socks, that’s so handy. All pattern books should have something like that!

  40. Suzanne Antippas says:

    Wendy, what a fabulous new book. I’ll make many of the designs, but what I want to thank you for is (a) your inclusion of multiple sizes for the socks , along with some sox for children, and (b) your discussion in the beginning that includes basic ways to alter patterns to fit. I think that as it became more popular, sock design/pattern writing has evolved (thanks in great part to you) to make it so much more useful and adaptable than those first 1-size only (7 1/2?) patterns. With your Toe Up book and now this book, you’ve made it so any knitter can make a great variety of sox that fit well, and I appreciate it! Thanks again!!

  41. Nadine Enberg says:


    I ordered your book and am excited to get it! However, I am anxious to try out the patterns NOW! Is it possible to buy any of them through Ravelry so I can get started while I wait?


  42. I am very excited for you (but more so for us!- I’m selfish that way!) on the release of your new book! Seems like I’ve been waiting forever! – while you, of course, collapse from exhaustion! I know without seeing that it is fabulous. I went to the local bookstore to get mine and was VERY disappointed that it was not in yet. So, off to order online – too impatient to wait any longer!
    The jewelry is beautiful and as to the next project, not sure, but I know we will all love it!
    Thanks so much, Wendy!

  43. This is a bit off topic but I started the Seaside Shawlette this weekend and am loving it. As advertised, it is easy novice lace and really fun. I am learning to count and not getting too far off track. Suprised how quickly it is coming! Am using the last Socks that Rock Happy Go Lucky (lightweight) and it is a very cheery and happy thing to be holding in hand. Thank you for the wonderful and clear charts!