My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


What to Do

It’s always a quandary to come up with something to blog about . . . when I have nothing to blog about.

What to do?

I’m currently knitting on something that is sort of a stealth project, so blogging about it is out. I could cast on a separate “bloggable project,” which is what I usually do, but I haven’t. I’ve been too busy lately to try to figure out something bloggable. My knitting is all in a tangle! Worlds collide! Eeeeek!

I can post a link! I did a podcast this past week with Lara of Math4Knitters. You can access it here.

I can post a picture of how pretty it is outside. Last week’s unseasonably really warm weather has made Spring burgeon forth with a vengeance.

Interesting side note: I, who always have horrendous seasonal allergies, have not been affected at all by the extremely high levels of tree pollen we are having in this area. I attribute this to my clean eating regime, as all my respiratory issues have cleared up since I started this. Nice side effect, eh?

And of course, a cute picture of Lucy is always a solution.

She leads a rough life.


  1. I want to live like Lucy, she gets to sneak peeks at all the unblogable projects and nap all the time, not to mention the wild salmon.
    .-= Stacy Little´s last blog ..Not To Be Outdone =-.

  2. Shirley. in PA says:

    Wendy, your improvement as far as allergies and sinus problems is a wonderful incentive to eat clean. I have eliminated junk from my diet, and dropped almost 20 pounds and my allergies, while not completely gone, are so much improved I want to dance. I don’t completely follow the eating clean regimen but do better than before. You are an inspiration.

  3. Lucy is always bloggable!

  4. Wendy in Cambridge says:

    I love your patterns and I love reading about your knitting. This blog has always been my favorite.

    That being said, though, I’d be content with just a photo of Lucy every day!

  5. I thought the clean eating idea was great before (I could stand to lose some weight), but the allergy relief could be what pushes me closer to it. Thanks for letting us know that effect!

  6. I enjoy your blog, and the fact that there will be something here most every Sunday through Thursday. And when not, you usually tell us there will be no blog. We blog readers and lurkers love that commitment.

    Best – when there are stealth projects, there will usually be new patterns or a book!

  7. Do you have any guesses about what it is about clean eating that has helped your allergies and sinuses so much? Have you cut out dairy? Do you think its processed foods / chemicals or do you think its sugars? I’m just wondering if you have any insight, I’m sure its all working together and you can’t pin it down exactly.

    Loving the new book so much by the way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I’ve always found my allergies are cyclical. Last year my allergies were nonexistent- but this year I’m having issues. Nothing compared to 3 years ago though when I thought I was going to die of allergies. (Dramatic a bit? Yes. But oi.)

    So… I guess next year is going to be bad?

  9. KateinIowa says:

    Wendy. I appreciate that you always check in, even if you feel you have nothing to blog about. Do so enjoy reading your blog and the daily picture of Miss Lucy! Lucy and Oliver say “Meow” from Iowa! Have a wonderful week!

  10. Spring is something that Maryland/DC/VA does so very well. It’s so astoundingly gorgeous here at this time of year. Although the 90F weather in April wasn’t my favourite, at least it was not humid. That’s what kills me here.

  11. How high are you from the street? Today it looks quite high. I am so happy that you are not having allegry problems. Good eating.
    Thanks for all you write. Lucy pics are great.

  12. Always good to see a photo of Lucy! That makes my day! What constitutes a “stealth” project? Just something you’re knitting for yourself or someone from a pattern?

  13. There is nothing wrong with sparse blog content. My blog has been pretty bare bones of late, because it is more fun to stay outside than sit at my computer with my knitting.
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog favorite thing about knitting (psst, it isn’t finishing) =-.

  14. It is always nice to hear from you, Wendy.

  15. That’s amazing about the clean eating!

  16. Can you recommend any blogs that are about the clean eating regime you’ve adopted?

  17. crazycrafter says:

    Lucy, it’s a dog’s . . . er, cat’s life, ain’t it? How’s that comfy-lookin’ chair treatin’ ya?


  18. Wow, congratulations on your clean eating and the results thereof!

    Could you please give us a brief review of this clean eating, or send us a link? Thank you so much.

  19. Hope your allergies stay away this season! Good for you! Is there a clean eating regime for cats? Don’t tell Lucy I mentioned it. I know someone whose dog is a vegetarian…

  20. You meant to say that Lucy ALLOWS you to blog about knitting on this blog now and again – right? It ain’t a knittin’ blog – it’s a LUCY blog (as well it should be) ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Jenifer´s last blog .. =-.

  21. Glad your allergies are better this year. I’m suffering from spring allergies for the first time in my life. Usually don’t get them till mid-August, if at all. Scritches to pretty Lucy.
    .-= Laurie´s last blog ..Visual Aids =-.

  22. Hahah you’re the second person I know working on a stealth project… I wonder if you are oth working on the same one!?! Agh feeling left out xxxxxx
    .-= Pinkadele´s last blog ..Hello… hello?!… is this thing on? (Scroll down to bottom for title inspiration) =-.

  23. Good job on the clean eating. I noticed the same effect with my allergies when I eat whole foods.

    I always smile when I see Lucy sleeping in her chair.

  24. You could repost about a project from the first year of your blog and see if any of your readers figure it out ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’d be interested in some clean eating updates. I subscribed to the magazine of the same name after your post about it and will be making one of the recipes tonight.

    Enjoy your stealth project (you’re like a spy!)
    .-= Mary´s last blog ..Weekend parrots =-.

  25. jane wileman says:

    Hi ๐Ÿ˜€ I’d love to win that yarn as I love chunky fast knits ๐Ÿ˜€ xx