My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Oh Well

That little bit of knitting with Seasilk I showed you yesterday? I did a few more rounds, took a look at it, and ripped it out.

As I feared, the pattern I had worked up just wasn’t going to be a happening event.

Of course if I were a sane and rational person, I would have started with a swatch and figured out it wasn’t going to work before casting on many many stitches. But I’m not, so I ripped everything out last night and started over.

Note, please, that once again I did not start with a swatch, but jumped right in. I think that at this point in my life, I am not trainable.

So what you are seeing tonight looks like negative progress.

Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky

Denise in Kent, WA commented the other day (about clean eating):

Avoiding processed foods, sugar and white flour seems easy enough (and is something I already practice) but I can’t help wondering – how difficult is it to find foods with no additives and preservatives? You’ve gotten me curious, darn it.  😉  Will have to pay more attention next trip to the grocery store…

That’s the key — pay close attention at the grocery store. I am lucky in that I have two relatively well-stocked grocery stores very close to my home. And both of them have a lot of organic products. But you still have to be careful and read labels carefully. I found on the label of a jar of organic spaghetti sauce that it contained “organic cane sugar.”

Sneaky, no?

Here is Lucy, trying her best to look sneaky:

Or something. Possibly that is simply her “I’m ignoring you” face.


  1. Do you ever doodle on stitch charts to design a project, or do you go right to the yarn? I won’t ask about the swatch. By now, you must have tried every sock yarn out there and a good percentage of the lace yarns, so you probably can anticipate the performance of the yarn, which is a primary reason to swatch.

  2. picadrienne says:

    By the position of the ears, I would say that is her “where are my salmon treats?” posture.

    Looks like some kind of lace by the number of stitch markers. A lace tunic perhaps?

  3. I LOVE seasilk. Shall look forward to seeing it whenever you get it done. My nephew and his wife started the clean eating regime this month as well. Will be interesting to see how they manage. You’ve kept it up quite awhile now so that is impressive!
    .-= Wool Free and Lovin’ Knit´s last blog ..Knitting Show and Tell =-.

  4. That Sea Silk looks so rich and shiny! I’ve seen it at Loop & Leaf in Santa Barbara, but seeing actually on needles makes me tempted to get some.

  5. Wendy T-C says:

    Please also be careful about the soy products you may be eating. I recently discovered that many soy-based products are made with soy bathed in hexane, a petroleum based chemical that is a by-product of refining oil for gasoline. You can search for “soy hexane” and will see many recent articles.

  6. Clean eating definitely sounds like it is worth looking into, but I have a massive sweet tooth and cannot imagine forgoing chocolate! Are there sweet alternatives that fall under the clean eating banner?

  7. Willa Jean Dooley says:

    You certainly know Lucy better than I do, so I wouldn’t dream of contradicting you, but when my cat made that face it meant, “If you don’t know what’s wrong, I’m certainly not going to tell you. Hrrrmmmph.”
    I miss him like crazy.

  8. Lucy’s body position says ‘I’m not too interested in what you’re doing’

    however the ears say otherwise.

    Ah the language of the ears !!

  9. You are not the only one who jumps in, whole hog, and starts something with little idea of what’s going to happen. After the 3rd try (with a co of 100+ stitches) my husband suggested I try something else as I was stressing HIM out!
    Also, it’s very difficult to eat healthy and clean. Unless you take the time to make many things from scratch and can find ingredients that haven’t been modified or added to!

  10. Lucy is not amused.

    One of our passed-on cats LOVED tomato sauce – and had somehow acquired the privilege of licking the spaghetti plates when we were done.

  11. Helen Wyld says:

    Swatching? I’m not trainable either!

  12. I keep trying to train myself to swatch, but I’ve always been the type to start the project, measure a few inches in and rip out if it isn’t right.
    .-= Laurie´s last blog ..Here’s something I haven’t seen in a long time =-.

  13. Adrienne S. says:

    That story about neurotoxins in veggie burgers is suspect.
    Plus veggie burgers aren’t clean anyway, they have about a zillion ingredients many of which are unrecognizeable.
    I will say, though, it still bothers me that they’re using a petroleum byproduct to process soy even if I’m not eating it!

  14. I mentioned to my OB/GYN that I was trying to eat more soy and she warned me that too much soy (on the order of 3 glasses of soy milk a day) prolongs perimenopause.

  15. Ooo, shiny! Lucy can’t be ignoring you, check out her ears. Just like with horses, you gotta watch the ears for clues.

  16. I’m just as bad in swatching as you are 🙂 I love Lucy’s sneaky look.
    .-= Worsted Knitt´s last blog ..What I knit while travelling in Japan =-.

  17. As a type 1 diabetic it really frustrates me when folks put sugar in the oddest things. After all who would have thought that there would be sugar in organic chicken broth. It’s worse than having to rip out 1000’s of stitches cause you don’t like what you started,

  18. Lucy Williams says:

    Hi Wendy,
    Your new book has just looks really exciting – I’m going to knit manly Aran socks first!
    Thank you for sharing your clean eating experience – it has inspired me.
    I was hoping to come to your class at knit nation here in London but we are going to a music festival that weekend.
    Have a good weekend,

    Lucy x

    Lucy x

  19. i always put a little brown sugar in my spaghetti sauce when i make it from scratch. so i’m not surprised that organic sugar made its way into a jar of sauce.