My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Giving in Gracefully

Because I have once again ripped out the project I started with my lovely Seasilk, I have decided to set it aside for now. Perhaps after resting a little while, any bad vibes that are hovering around it will gracefully disappear. I’ll revisit it at a later time.

This last rip-out was my own stupid fault. Cast on eleventy-billion stitches, join into a round and start knitting. However, I was not careful enough in my checking to ensure that I had not twisted the cast-on before joining into a round so after 3 rounds, found myself knitting a mobius.

So rippity-rip-rip went the project. Well, actually, I just ripped one round then cut it and threw away the rest. It was starting to look a bit seedy from being over-handled.

So I need to look about for something else to start. I do have a sort-of stealth project I’m working on, so it’s not like I have nothing to knit. Just nothing bloggable.

It’s been a long week.

So here is a picture of Lucy.

Have a good weekend! Perhaps next week I’ll even have some knitting progress to show you.


  1. Lori Beard says:

    I hope you have a chance to rest and relax tomorrow and over the weekend, Wendy!

  2. Linda Hillin says:

    I have some seasilk in perhaps that same colorway. I cringed at the thought of snipping some off and throwing it in the trash. I haven’t started mine yet because I could only afford one skein. I’m going to need every inch. I don’t have the courage to cast on yet.

  3. I think these setbacks happen to keep us humble. I’ve garnered enough humility to last for the next dozen or so years…

  4. It’s comforting to know that these things happen to pros as well as the rest of us! But I’m still sorry you had to go through it. If you’re like me, it kind of sticks with you and casts a bad vibe over everything for awhile. Forget it, and you and Lucy enjoy the rest of the week.

  5. KateinIowa says:

    There are not many situations in life where a do-over is so easily accomplished, one of the many things I love about knitting. Have a restful weekend, Wendy.

  6. Don’t you hate it when the plan doesn’t come together? I hope to spend most of my weekend on two of your patterns. My basketweave sock is coming along nicely after I decided to follow the picture and not the text. (I’m the lefty that knits lefthanded!) I have also started a Lady Bertram shawlette in some Madelinetosh (clover) I bought at Fibre Space on the 2nd. Love the pic of Lucy!

  7. Just love your blog, took my first toe up sock class…will never make another sock from cuff down. Just opened my amazon mail- and have your two books to look at tonight to plan the attack of the yarn in waiting!!

    Very excited!! This is going to be a great birthday weekend for me!!

    Take care, and love the lovely photos of Miss Lucy!! ~Amy

  8. fibercrone says:

    Looks like it’s been a long week for Lucy, too.

  9. When a projects got to go, it’s got to go! I look forward to whatever the seasilk turns in to.
    .-= amyp´s last blog ..New Theme: Inuit Types =-.

  10. Lucy is so very pretty. I remember her pictures when you brought her home. She was pretty then too but so very tense and worried. Now she is happy. I enjoy her pictures. Your knitting is the reason I read b/c you are so creative and skillful at the same time. I admire your skill and creativity in knitting. I also admire your ability to make a home for Lucy.

    Rip if you must. We all have those projects. Something will develop.

  11. Man, I so hate that! If you’re lucky enough to find it on the first row you can correct it but,as you know, it doesn’t generally stick its tongue out at you until about the 4th row. So, it didn’t want to be that project. Putting it in time-out is a good idea. Now go figure out what to do with that gorgeous WM lace-garn Single Malt.

  12. Yeah, It’s miserable when a project pictured perfectly in mind refuses to behave perfectly on the needles…for whatever reason! Shame about the yarn wastage too.

  13. Ummm…you weren’t knitting a mobius. You were knitting a loop with a full twist. A mobius has a half twist (180 instead of 360 degree twist). A mobius only has one edge (and one side, that is what is so cool about them), and when you knit a mobius you end up with no cast on edge, just a doubled loop of live stitches, so one row builds both edges (which is only one edge…oh it hurts my brain) at once.

    I’ve done a couple of these, and they are great, and neat, but they do tangle up one’s brain. Cat Bordhi is a nut and a genius.

  14. Lucy is gorgeous and obviously happy and relaxed. We adopted two cats; Lucy reminds me very much of our Theo, who was dropped off at night in an emergency drop box at the SPCA, poor thing. He’s got a lot of Maine Coon in him, so he and Lucy share the fluff thing. Anyway, when he came here he was tense, very scared, and timid. There’s no telling what he went through, and he had a hard time learning to trust and not bolt whenever he heard a noise or saw us move. Now he’s a purr machine who adores his people. Enjoy your kitty. The knitting will come in time. 🙂

  15. Get lots of rest, maybe some knitting, lots of Lucy time and you will feel more revived by Monday. It has indeed been a very long week!!

  16. Ouch! I hope to learn some of your grace as I also learn your toe-up techniques.
    .-= LoriAngela´s last blog ..Chugging Along =-.

  17. I was a bit distracted reading your blog due to three pictures of young guys. The flexing th muscles and the relationship, men’s pictures left, Lucy to the right. The add seems a bit wierd.

  18. Knitting time out for that yarn! I hate it when that happens. I know you’ll come up with something fabulous after it has a chance to be idle for a bit.
    .-= pdxknitterati/MicheleLB´s last blog ..More April fun =-.

  19. Lynne E. says:

    One great benefit of being such a fast knitter is that you get to cast on new projects all the time!

  20. I’ve done this (twisting at joining a circular cast-on) often enough that I now usually knit the first row — occasionally more — flat, and then join. This works nicely for simple patterns, but for anything complex one has to be very careful to remember to knit the flat rows “backward” and to remember which is the wrong and which the right side. I’ve not yet done lace from a circular cast-on; don’t know if this would even be possible.

    Finally got your new book; thanks again!!

  21. Oh No! That has happened to me too. Hope all the negaive vibes evaporate and your knitting mojo returns.
    .-= Meredith´s last blog ..Best Sister =-.

  22. Oh nooooooooooooooooooo……..

    Time for SeaSilk to be in the time out chair and think about the error of its ways. (Not operator error. No.)

    I’m sure you’ll come up with something!
    .-= Cathy-Cate´s last blog ..Eye Candy Friday from Elsewhere =-.

  23. Umm, just how many projects do you need to have going at any one time? There’s your stealth stuff and the un-named Demi Plie project. (I always have multiple stuff going but that’s because I’m cursed with startitis and rarely finish anything.)

    Would love to see an updated pic of the Demi Plie project. Am dying to see how far you’ve gotten since the book signing at Fiber Space….

  24. MamaLana says:

    Always happy to see a picture of Lucy. She is an absolutely lovely kitty; you are lucky she found you. But you know that!