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April Winchell, Where Have You Been All My Life?

Yesterday I got a review copy of a new book: Regretsy: Where DIY Meets WTF, by April Winchell.

I had no recollection of requesting this book for review — either I did and forgot (very, very likely), or the nice Random House publicity person sent it along knowing I’d like it.

I sat down to flip through it yesterday and ended up reading it cover to cover. Oh my gosh — this was the funniest thing I have read in a very long time.

Apparently, April Winchell has a blog — — where she posts horrific items she finds for sale on etsy, along with pithy comments. How is it possible that I did not know about this website?

Apart from the items pictured in the book in glorious full color along with their descriptions from the original etsy listing (which in and of themselves make the book worth the price of admission), but you get April’s comments on each item, as well as a wonderful intro to each section of the book.

A concept book like this could have descended into a dark, bitchy, snarkiness, but there is something quite wonderful about April’s prose. It’s just plain funny. here is one of my favorite items from the book:

If you read the reviews on Amazon, you’ll see that most people agree with me. The single 1-star review said the book was obviously for “insiders” who had been reading the blog. Well, I had never heard of the blog before yesterday and I loved the book.

I do think to fully appreciate this book you need to have a sense of humor with an “edge” — so be forewarned. There is plenty of not-safe-for-children language in the book so if you are offended by that, steer clear.

But me? April Winchell, I adore you. Call me, we’ll do lunch.

Oh, and you can blame April and her book for my lack of progress on CeCe. I spent a good deal of knitting time yesterday reading!

I did take this project to the Spring Fling with me but spent the weekend working on a different, non-bloggable, time-consuming project. I continue to work on the mystery project, so progress on CeCe continues to move slowly. But I am working on it and loving it.

Lucy sez:



  1. Regretsy is awesome, I’m so envious you got an advance copy of the book!

  2. i have been following regretsy for a while. luv it! that’s so funny about the book though, wil lhave to look for it!

  3. KnittingKnails says:

    Hmmn- it was humor karma, finding it’s way to an appreciative audience.

  4. I love regretsy, and I really want to rub that cute Lucy tummy!

  5. I love regretsy esp. when they put art in a room
    .-= LaLa´s last blog ..Meanwhile, At the Knitcave =-.

  6. That non-bloggable thing you were working on at the Fling? I love it. Love love love. Hurry up, pattern!!
    .-= Sheri at The Loopy Ewe´s last blog ..Spring Fling Recap & Update =-.

  7. patricia says:

    Thanks for the much needed mid-afternoon laugh! I enjoyed the ‘sheep’ earrings and the taxidermy rat rug- glad I wasn’t drinking my tea when I clicked on ‘view it in a room’!

  8. Why did you do this to me? Another ROFL blog to read each day!

  9. Beth Aalberts says:

    Oh my gosh, I had to go look, that might just turn out to be one of my new favorite blogs to read!

  10. Y’know – there have been lots of things I’ve seen for sale in various places where I could not fathom who would buy/wear/use/own them. This book and website appear to be a collection of ones I wouldn’t even have guessed at.

    @patricia – try clicking on the link above ‘view it in a room’ – but not while kids are around.

    I do however, have to wonder how the publisher got permission to publish these – or will April and the publisher’s next release be from the hoosegow? I mean, if these were yours, and they weren’t a total put-on, would you want to see them in a book? Which of course raises the question – are they on Etsy as a put-on?

  11. This sounds hilarious! So glad you mentioned & linked it.
    Thanks – Penny

  12. I got a copy last Saturday. It certainly is–interesting.
    .-= Ida´s last blog ..Knit & Crochet Blog Week–Day 2 =-.

  13. Mwknitter says:

    I recently discovered Regretsy on Facebook & became a fan. One thing that I love is that the proceeds from any Regretsy merchandise sold go to paying Etsy merchants to make items for charity.

  14. What a hoot … and what a treat to get the book for free. I’m for anything irreverent and this fits the bill!
    .-= jayayceeblog´s last blog ..Post-It Note Tuesday – 04/27/10 =-.

  15. People, my holiday shopping just got a whole lot easier!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT =-.

  16. I need to go look at that website now….
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..CEY Knitalong – Soft Linen Sideways Lace Vest =-.

  17. I had intended to do some errands after checking out a few blogs this afternoon. I clicked on the link to Regretsy and have done nothing else since. It was so hard to stop looking!

  18. That was the FUNNIEST thing I have read in a LOOONG time!!! Thanks!

  19. Is anyone else concerned that those spats were also listed for the tidy sum of 80 whopping bucks…really??

  20. Hysterical! If only I had yellow knitted spat to wear to the office. People might finally take me seriously!

  21. I was looking at my Etsy stats one night on Google Analytics, and saw that there were 2 links to my site from regretsy? What was this I wondered? So I connected through the link provided and searched for my shop name…didn’t find it (whew!) but in the meantime, had the best laugh I had all day. Well, “art” has many expressions!

  22. I’ve seen some posts from regretsy-they’re awful and hilarious! Regretsy is great for a laugh.
    .-= biomaj5´s last blog ..Knitcroblo day 2: Inspirational pattern =-.

  23. Kathie Brownlee says:

    I jsut linked to Regretsy and the first item to come up was…”Hello Kitty Nipple Tassles”….gotta love that!!!!

  24. Regretsy is one of my favourite websites – I’ve been a reader since its first week on the net. It never fails to shock me or make me laugh out loud! April Winchell is quite the wordsmith, isn’t she?


  25. OH MY! How hysterical! I have to go read that!

  26. That Lucy, she always knows what to say.

  27. Never heard of regretsy but checked out your link. Look at the Hello Kitty tassels people – you couldn’t make it up! Absolute genius, I’m adding to my favourites now!

  28. Oh my, I had to add regretsie to my favorites. And I’ll probably look for the book, the next week I have more than grocery & gas money. After all, laughter helps us cope with a lot of c–p that might otherwise be unbearable. My boycat TomTom sends soft purrs & a trill to Miss Lucy!
    .-= AnnBan´s last blog ..Good news day! =-.

  29. Wow. I didn’t know about regretsy, but I will have to hope that I never make anything bad enough to go on there (or maybe I do. There is something to be said for more people looking at what I make).
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..a bad influence =-.

  30. Y’know, if you go to Etsy and search on ‘regretsy’, you get 157 hits.

  31. I love the Regresty site and book–My Bacon soap is featured in the book 🙂

  32. Laughter is good for people. Thank you Regretsy. Can’t help but feel how the people spotlighted in Regretsy feel though…

  33. Wendy- Where have I been?
    .-= Lorraine´s last blog ..Does That Come in Size "Huge"? =-.

  34. My kind of humor… lol