My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Back to CeCe

I managed to tear myself away from playing iFish Pond on my iPad last night long enough to get a few more rows in on CeCe.

I think I did about an inch. Doesn’t seem like much, but that is the entire body of the sweater I’m knitting across. The rows seems to take forever to knit, but that’s okay, because the lace pattern is easy so I’ve memorized it, but entertaining to knit. And I love Rowan Calmer, the  yarn I am using to knit CeCe.

But Calmer is a sneaky yarn — it can be difficult to get gauge. Do you remember the Audrey sweater by Kim Hargreaves that was published in Rowan 35? The Ravelry link is here.

Back in the olden days, way before Ravelry, there was an Audrey knit-along in the knitblog world. It seems that there must have been an online group associated with it as well — wait — I think there was a special blog, just for Audrey-knitters. Anyone else remember that?

Anyhow, I remember people having problems getting gauge with Calmer. So it surprised me that I actually got gauge for CeCe using the suggested needle size. I generally have to go down at least one size because I am a loose knitter.

Hopefully I’ll make some good progress on CeCe over the next few days. I’m going away this weekend (see my travel page for a link to the information about the events at Charlotte Yarn, where I’ll be teaching and hanging out) and at this point I’m planning on taking CeCe as my “downtime” knitting, rather than the stealth project I am working on.

Lucy is working on lounging in my lap.


  1. Lucy looks very comfy! CeCe is coming along nicely – it’ll be too big for you by the time you finish!
    .-= Leslie´s last blog ..Tornados: Oh my! =-.

  2. CeCe is super cute! Have a great time in Charlotte and give Aimee a hug from me!

  3. Susan Murphy says:

    What is a stealth project or rather what does that mean???? Sorry…may be a dumb question. I am new to this blog.

  4. Stealth means it’s probably a new pattern/new book/new exclusive for some club/new secret release, so she can’t show us the goods yet.

    Off to play with Ifish- which she “talked” me into buying. : )

  5. Wendy I am confused by one of the patterns from your first book, actually it is just the slip stitch heel that I am worried about. After the short rows and there are 63 stitches on the needles you k47, ssk blah blah whenever I come back on the purl side the math doesn’t work out so that I am picking up the side stitches. They sort of hang there while I go back and forth and then once the other side stitches are all picked up when I come back to that there will be a big hole if I join it then. I am not sure if any of that made any sense. Please Hellppp!

  6. Never mind I figured it out on my own, I wasn’t reading it correctly thank you.
    .-= Lee´s last blog ..To The Gusset! =-.

  7. Won’t be able to make Charlotte this weekend. 🙁 May try to come to Richmond and spend the night. Know quite a few Richmond knitters.

  8. You would be remembering the “Audrey-a-long” that Becky and I and a few others orchestrated in 2004 — I think we were one of the first collaborative knit along blogs. At the time it was pretty exciting. When I changed blogging software I stopped maintaining it, but if anyone should want to see the archives, they can start here:

    I wish I’d saved the main index template… Becky did such a nice job bringing all the pink and black glamour together!
    .-= Theresa´s last blog ..Blooming 9 Patch Quilted =-.

  9. Just curious what cast-on you use for these really long ones. I’ve recently pulled my hair out over one, since I usually use a long-tail, but the knitted cast-on is beginning to look better and better.

  10. I was in the Audrey Knit Along, too. Funny how “Before Ravelry” seems like the Stone Ages, when it was only 6 years ago!

    I still wear and get compliments on my Audrey!

  11. Hi, Wendy,

    I’m usually a loose knitter, too, and I also got gauge on my CeCe. Maybe Bonne Marie is also a loose knitter? I’ll find out when I knit Ariann.

  12. I think Lucy is doing such a great job on the lap sitting that she needs a merit bonus when it comes time for her next review.

    I’m not an HR specialist and I don’t play one on TV. ^_^;
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..月曜ばか =-.

  13. Have a safe trip to Charlotte. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.

  14. I am hooked on Flowerz on my iPad. The first thing I did however, was watch The Knit Girllls episode 3 on iTunes. Then I got my gaming on.
    .-= Beverly Love´s last blog ..Time Turner =-.